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I have an single app (in Vuejs) + axios on client side and Asp.net Core Web Api server side. I have add a jwt token auth. I have configured my server to add a custom header when the token is expired.


Excel 2016 / Python 2.7.6 / XlsxWriter 1.1.1 I'm writing code to select files, compile them into one .xlsx file, and plot them on 2 charts on their own sheets. Ideally, I would like to force series


I have simple REST application in javascript, which uses Node.js, Express and Mongoose. I wrote function in JavaScript, which I hoped would receive data. var id = $('#tourists-dropdown').find(":


Using Pusher with Laravel 5.8 to send messages in real-time generates this error on NewMessage Event file. Steps I took to try and debug: tried removing the line "use Dispatchable,


In a JavaFX application I need to center a fixed-sized Canvas wrapped by a StackPane, then a ScrollPane, within a BorderPane. The problem is that when I include the ScrollPane, the component tree is


I am working with networkx to calculate the k-shortest simple paths. nx.shortest_simple_paths(G, source, target, weight=weight) returns the list of paths in the increasing order of cost (cumulative


I am new to developing chrome extensions and the one that i'm currently developing reads a text file into an array of strings, with this array being checked against another string. My issue is that


My goal is to process user login in a background thread that does not lock the UI thread. It appears that ParseUser.logInInBackground() is a Task, which is an asynchronous operation, but from


I'm using R and I'm trying to parse information from a XML file into a DataFrame. The problem is that I know how to do it when the information is between the brackets like this: <Person><


I am doing a enhancement job to my code. There are arrays of parameter that are passing into my methods. And those arrays of parameters are being passed into SQL query to fetch data. For preventing

使用Python 2.7将CSV导出为Excel在MAC上的UTF-8打开

We are have users who need to be able to export data to a csv, which they open in Excel on mac machines, that support utf-8 characters. NOTE: We don't want our users to have to go to the data tab,


I want to add a linear layout with a plain colored background on top of certain words in a TextView. any idea on how I can do that? I'm stumped..


I am attempting to make a simple room booking application within my office. Users can select a time frame, see the available rooms, and book the room (create an event in their calendar in that time

.NET WebBuffer-VM控件中的JavaScript错误

I have an application that is using the .NET WebBrowser control. It is loading a page that uses a javascript feature that requires at least IE 10. By default the WebBrowser control uses IE 7. The


Maybe time for another coffee, but I am seeing a strange issue that I wasn't expecting to see. I'm reading JavaScript The Good Parts and in the grammar section I am reading: If a number literal

This is odd. I have a Textblock (call it ErrorMessage_Textblock) in .xaml and when I tried to access and change the text of it in .xaml.cs, it throws me an error saying "The name '

线程组在JMIT中的使用,用JavaUTL TracePoLeExtor进行错误处理

I am using apachejmeter version 4.0 and I have multiple http requests inside the thread group, I have initially setup 50 in Number of threads and we have started our load test. There are some fallouts


In Windows, I want my program to output text to console to be red for only one line of the program. But, I want the background to remain unchanged no matter if the program ran from Powershell or cmd.

不在片段中调用Android OnReaQuestPistExistScript结果

I'm using google maps so I need to ask some permissions. I'm requesting the user during the onStart() of the Fragment I'm calling requestPermissions because I'm in a fragment and I also have called


Is there any way to remove double list? Right now I have a list inside a list as an output. target_rule = [ '2.1.1 Context',' Helping Us out','We know that'] target=[] x=[s for s in


I got an example code that uses the abc package for python. I installed abc in my laptop using pip. The route to the package folder is correctly set the in PATH. The example code that I got does: '


I am trying to create a html layout that will be based of many adjacent sections. I want to have, somewhere between them, some divs that would control their appearance. My html would be something


Is there any way to use shared memory in iOS? I'm using Boost library and when I want to initialize shared memory object: shared_memory_object(open_or_create, "sharedMemoryVideo", read_write); I'm


I would like to draw a plot like the figure 2, but I am not able to plot the trend lines for each type of habitat, but only a general line. Does someone knows which command should I write to get that?


I start studying machine learning. I follow google tutorial, but I face this error the answers that I found her didn't work in my code. I'm not sure but it seems that the Python version has made


So my issue is very simple, but still can't get hold of it and it's not performing like I wanted to. sample docker file: FROM ubuntu:16.04 MAINTAINER Manas Samantaray "[email protected]" RUN apt-


I am trying to print the id's in this list with them having a delay in between the start and end of the process, and having a delay between the queue.get(which I implement using a threading.Timer with

世博会- OTA仍在工作甚至更新。

Even I set updates.enable=false in app.json, still clients getting updated versions from expo server automatically (without deploying apk/ios to store’s). I set updates.enable=false in version 1.1.7.


I was learning Rmarkdown for formula to create sequence as $x_b = \left \lfloor{\mu - 5 \times \sigma } \right \rfloor , \dots, \left \lceil{\mu+ 5 \times \sigma } \right \rceil$ for mu = 139 and


Can a compiler optimize a static storage object in multithread program context? I'm asking it to know if a variable declared as static, for instance, generates a side effect when used in a function


I am trying to authenticate via OpenId Connect. So far when a user makes a GET request at /authorize to my application it takes the user to the openid connect login error screen. The error is: "


I am using an ExpansionTile and overwriting the default text color when in a collapsed state. I would like to change the color of the title text when the widget is expanded. I noticed that the default


There are tons of examples to migrate data from Aurora DB to Redshift, but I couldn't find any example or documentation for migrating data from Redshift to Aurora DB. Any suggestion/example/doc for


Testing with Jenkins & Docker, I don't understand completely what is happening with my containers and images. Firstly, I built my first docker container from jenkins/jenkins:tls docker run --


I would like to find minimum of year and month and maximum of year and month from spark dataframe. Below is my dataframe code year month xx 2004 1 xx 2004 2 xxx 2004 3 xx 2004 6 xx

NPGSQL C×多行/值插入

I've been looking at the PostGres multi row/value insert which looks something like this in pure SQL: insert into table (col1, col2, col3) values (1,2,3), (4,5,6). The reason I wan to use this is


We wrote a query that calculates the amount of time it takes to route an email from Gmail, to a third party security service, then return to Gmail. Now we want to graph it in DataStudio, but the way


So, i have table streets[id, name], table ways[id, startid, destid, km]. My taxi system has ways between streets in table ways to show how to get from one street to another e.g. ways[1, 1, 2, 0.6]


I'm running a permutation on a list with len(list)=20. The total result possible cases are 2432902008176640000. That is (20!)20 factorial. This is so big that it exceeds the list maxMemory size. Any


I have many 1-sec emission measurements and have grouped them by event number. However, I would like remove the first 300 measurements from group 1, and calculate the group average from 301 to the

Python 3.6脚本用于墨水插卡

Following www.castel.dev, I want to be able to draw figures in Inkscape for LaTex notes. In running his Python3 script for the shortcut manager (available here: https://github.com/gillescastel/


When I run ember serve while logging out the environment variable in config/environment.js, I see three values logged: undefined development test (This is in an inherited project.) In a fresh app


I have an AJAX call which passes data along with a file to the ViewModel and calls the controller: function fncInsTrainingLog() { var trainingtitle = getValOf("trainingTitle"); var ImageFile =


So far, I know that I, as a human being, can check out my privileges by querying of SHOW GRANTS FOR CURRENT_USER. But now I would like my php software to be able to chech its privileges on its own,


I am trying to test a thymeleaf template that returns content based on the user's spring security role. I am looking to check that some content does not exist @Autowired private MockMvc mockMvc;


Question: Possible to use flatMap to convert inner array to an Object? Background: My code works as intended when I do polygon.flat().map(mapCoordToGeo); // works as intended However it will not


I am creating four columns which are labeled as flagMin, flagMax, flagLower, flagUpper. I am updating these dataframe columns each time it runs through the loop whoever my original data is being


I know there is a similar question already, but none of the solutions solve my problem. Over ssh I am starting a script on a remote client with nohup python script.py & This script contains the


I am checking out my git repository, which is configured to use git lfs, with "git pull" and receiving an error "Numerical result out of range" from git/hooks/post-checkout step. The repository


I have the following code to use to update and existing record in a postgres database using Node.js: var mods = "UPDATE users SET login = '" + now + "' WHERE name = '" + String(req.body.usr) + "';";