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Ok, so at the moment I have this working code; var request = require("request"); var assert = require("assert"); var testUrl = "https://www.dev.motorcyclenews.com"; request(testUrl, function (error,


I need to convert value received by the server (bytes to MB). Only option I have is to embed script tag and run the jquery function that converts that value. Problem is that inline script doesn't


I have a value ccu_set.all.first.player_count Which works perfectly, but I want to change the verbose name so that in the table it doesnt say "ccu_set.all.first.player_count". However when I do


I downloaded lpsolve and placed in their respective directories. I can run from the command line . But when i try to run from jupyter notebook(pyspark kernel).It keeps showing me the error "


I have listed all running EC2 instances across all regions. It gave me a single list "LIST 1" of all running instances(including spot, ondemand). I filtered and made another list "LIST 2" of "Spot


I'd like to recover the output shape of any given frozen .pb tensorflow model in a python script. Using the Google API for going through the node structure of the graph I am able to recover the input


I am import from c++ header file into python .py file.can i access the c++ header file #define into python In pyhton code, import sys sys.path.import I am expected #define's value in running


I'm using Lambda to run through my AWS account, returning a list of all instances. I need to be able to print out all of the 'VolumeId' values, but I can't work out how to access them as they are


I'm reading a file using streamreader, reformatting a date field and overriding the file with my changes. The only problem is that decimal fields such as 0.00 or -3.60 are being truncated to 0 or -3.6


Here are many solutions of checkbox keep checked but in this method, these solution does not work. I've trying in AdminLTE to keep layout-options work after reload the page, but this whole coding of


I'm trying to insert Google ADs in my first App. The compiler shows me this error: Undefined symbols for architecture arm64: "_OBJC_CLASS_$_GADMobileAds", referenced from: objc-class-ref in


Using win32com.client. The import isn't the issue it is the delete. I know there is an issue when you move or delete where it only moves half. I have been trying to rectify the problem unsuccessfully.


NSNotification.Name.NSManagedObjectContextDidSave needs to be called on the same thread as to which it is called. Now I'm getting unreasonably confused. Does managedContext.save() need to be called


I am working on a project which has both Struts and Spring MVC(co existing). I have a fileupload operation to be done on both a spring based jsp page and struts based jsp page. Could somebody please


I need to take this image and rotate it 90d and print it in black and white colors. I need to do it with matplotlib or scipy. import scipy.misc import matplotlib.pyplot as plt from scipy import


First of all I am new to using react. So I have to create a React Component for appending HTML to SVG and as far as my research goes in react it is only possible to append HTML, if you create a class


Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.springframework.util.MultiValueMap.addAll(Ljava/lang/Object;Ljava/util/List;)V Got this error while building a DataSource: return new


I have a pb file in $GOPATH/src/github.com/cs/p/a/a.proto, and another pb file in $GOPATH/src/github.com/cs/p/b/b.proto. And a.proto import b.proto like this: import "b/b.proto" Now I enter $GOPATH/


enter image description hereHi! I tried to deploy nextcloud in a cluster kubernetes I used this helm chart: “https://github.com/helm/charts/tree/master/stable/nextcloud” with ingress controllers


i use PHP SDK Facebook to get all conversation from a page. I checked page_id and access-token everything was right when I retrieved some of the page's data fields, but the conversations didn't $


I have JSON data in an array and I can display an individual part of the array in my HTML code. However, i am unable to display things like display all of names in the full array (for eg i can only


I would like to update the percentage of process of a AWS Lambda function. I have also modify my python script to write in database the process percentage. I now would like to get it from my


Our application is successfully built with jboss-fuse-6.3.0.redhat-187 version . Now we are upgrading to jboss-fuse-6.3.0.redhat-377 as per redhat case recommendation. When we start our bundle using


I am trying to convert a large parquet file into CSV.Since my RAM is only 8 GB, i get memory error.So is there any way to read parquet into multiple dataframes over a loop?


I have a question regarding Debian and node installation. On this line in my Dockerfile: RUN curl -sL https://deb.nodesource.com/setup_8.x | bash - && apt-get install -y nodejs, building a


I had my Google calendar application almost working, I am still able to list all the events on the Primary Calendar and I can edit on Google and see the updated results on my calendar. The problem


I need to install CUnit on Windows. I already had a CUnit folder with headers, but it was in Linux, and i don't have the lib for windows. So i downloaded CUnit-2.1.3 and tried to install it following


For school I'm having to filter an HTML Table. The code has some CSS in it and iI have no idea why getting the .value isn't working - it always gives me undefined. function filtern() { var


I am trying to use face book feeds in my application , so that i have integrated the javascript SDK with my application and created access token, now i am trying to get the feeds from face book. but


I need to do a foreach in the middle of the xml code but I cant close the foreach i tried to do: foreach(.. as ..): endforeach; ' <Details>'. $encomenda='SELECT product_id,


Everyday I start my computer, open git bash and type ng serve. I go to localhost:4200 (also tried alternative ports) trying to get to my project, but out of nothing there is no redirect, its just


I am getting a Null Pointer Exception. I want to retrieve a random quote from this Quotes Api - https://quotes.rest/ to display in my android application. Where am I going wrong? (I apologize if I


I have a viewpager2 with multiple fragments in FragmentStateAdapter. Whenever I try to open a new fragment and then go back to my current one with viewpager2, I get exception: Expected the adapter to


I've created a script to create random passwords in the same format as Microsoft use in O365 when resetting a password. If the randomly generated password contains any of the specified values which


I'm creating a some sort of online shop with JSF. I have a product.xhtml page that displays the product by ID. I'm passing that ID as a param (/product.xhtml?id=3) and I'm getting the ID with <


I have facing a problem in Dropzone and Laravel 5.7. I am currently upload excel file to via dropzone. But it is not working correctly. For example If I add 10 files then In my database there is 10


I have a python script that downloads files from Google Drive using pydrive. This is the relevent bit of code: def get_drive_object(): gauth = GoogleAuth() gauth.LoadCredentialsFile("


Am using some method i need to some method complete to start to another method so that am using thread function, How to start one thread follow by to second thread start? Thread thread1 = new Thread(

Django -继承服务器不工作

I have the following simple models.py file: from django.db import models from model_utils.managers import InheritanceManager class Clique(models.Model): created = models.DateTimeField(


I have a string, and I want to cut some characters and store it to a new file. I tried this code, but it still error. $a = ";Code=NB" $b = $a -split "=" $b[1] $Save = "[AGM]", "CR=JP", "LOC= $b[


I'm building a tool that can target both on Prem and AzureAD Active Directories and that amongst other things searches for user objects. For on prem, I can do an LDAP search using ambiguous name


When trying to compile my project using Maven, I get the following error: An unknown compilation problem occurred. I tried running the following command to get more details on the error, but I still


I am creating a program to determine if a specific vanity URL on steam is already taken. I need to read the first line from a file which contains a list of potential vanity URLs and check if the URL

在处理C’^’和‘SQL Server’之间的日期时,不降低精度(毫秒)的最佳方法是什么?

I have a problem with DateTime in C# and the value that is being saved into my database SQL Server. When the applications sends: 2019-06-14 17:10:39.0192950 Saves into SQL Server this: 2019-06-14


Need to achieve 3 donut chart into one in the single chart. I see that it doesn't have any particular documentation for achieving multilevel chart in angular kendo UI.

路由53 -将类型更改为AAAA

I have terraform script that works well for type=A record DNS. So when I execute this: data "aws_acm_certificate" "this" { domain = "*.${var.CERTIFICATE_DOMAIN}" } resource "aws_security_group" "


I want to extract a string with regex. Example : -<174>1 2019-06-18T10:22:36.406+02:00 - WildFly 24419 org.cesecore.keys.token.SoftCryptoToken - INFO [org.cesecore.keys.token.SoftCryptoToken] (

如何在特定的模式和随机的时间内获得NoDE.js API响应?

There is a timeline in my app which shows images uploaded by the admin. The images added by the admin are either square or rectangular in dimension. The images shown in the timeline are shown in a

使用PrimeX从Python DATAFRAME中仅从列中的字符串中提取文本到另一列时出错

I am trying to extract only text part into a new column from a string data in rows of a column in pandas dataframe. When I tried something like this: import pandas as pd import re df = pd.DataFrame(


I want to build a new list based on a dictionary. So I try with set_fact and a loop but the variable only contains the last value (not the list) I try simpler example without dictionary. I use this