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private void tapToAnimateEasy() { final Animation animation = AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(this, R.anim.bounce); MyBounceInterpolator interpolator = new MyBounceInterpolator(0.


I am using jest to perform integration tests to firestore. I have narrowed the error to come from the code below: const response = await fs.collection('collection1').where('field1', '==', field1).


I am trying to test a http client using gtest. I want to test this client with my own http server. I have a small python server. Test cases would be client sending various requests to this python


I would like to have a simple button inside my google spreadsheet that will upload the selected file to the specific folder on Google Drive. Without applying google forms. Just one upload button. Does


I am developing a nodejs backend for an application in which a user will be able to see the posts created by the users he/she follows. I want to do this using mongoose. My userSchema: const

Tomcat 9中的默认HTTP连接器是什么?

Apparently jio (java io) or bio (blocking io) has been deprecated starting tomcat 8.5. Starting tomcat 9, what is the default connector for http ? Here is what I see in server.xml file. It does not


I have a text file that looks something like this: Name : <John Doe> First field in group Rank : <Private> DOB : <1/25/92> etc etc etc 55 more fields Retired : <Y>


In order to acces my employers gitub repos, which are part of an organization in github, I linked my personal account to my employers organization account. Now every time I push to my personal repos I


I'm trying to do a two way repeated anova in r and I have unbalanced groups. I have one response variable and two factors (treatment and time) on 3 different species. Any advise on how to go about


I am using the following command to delete all text before a match in a file: sed -n '/sweet/,$p' file It works perfectly, but i need to change 'sweet' to a variable, as its a variable i assume i


I'm trying to add Apollo to an app. I'll be using it for fetching data, and want to follow best practices and use the new API (as of Apollo 2.5) to store local UI state as well. I've been looking at


I am developing a user registeration form using Symfony4 and followed this documentation: https://symfony.com/doc/current/doctrine/registration_form.html. However, when submitting the form and


I am trying to pass a json array object from my server to my page as a Table for a homework assignment. I can't get the loop to work. I tried a loop that created a bunch of empty tables in the


At a past company I worked for object destructuring was handled by doing the destructuring in the initial declaration of the function. So in essence, they would pass a standard object (a shopping cart)


I am making a Music Player app. MPMediaQuery returns duplicates. For example, when I get the list of songs from a certain album, 1 song shows up twice. I don't know why. Maybe I had sampled my old


I'm writing an I/O library where the user needs to supply blocks of memory to be read from or written to. Having my library accept a span<T> seems the most natural fit since: It does not


I need to implement the following functionality. 1) Client side: iOS (or Android) App calling a web service 2) Server side: Web service on Goolge Cloud. The server side should have HTTP/2, TLS 1.3


I'm wondering what is the proper way to create a symbol table for a parser (I'm using Bison) that supports multiple value types (string, boolean, numbers). For example if I have something like var a =

Webpack Karma无法处理样式

tldr; Webpack config using a Karma framework isn't outputting SCSS files specified in the module.exports Working to update a legacy framework of Wordpress built by Bedrock, at some point someone had


I'm looking to use link preloading with angular, but most of the users of the internal web page will probably use internet explorer. I've seen that preloading isn't completely supported on many


So lets say I have the argument pyautogui.typewrite(["tab"]) and I want to remove the [] brackets to switch from a key to a string, when I click in-front of the last bracket is shows the first bracket


ionic cordova build android --prod This is the error: What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':app:processDebugResources'. > Failed to execute aapt https://developers.google.com/android/


Retrieve data from firebase firestore and customize it to an object then the method must return all of these data as an array of object public static ArrayList<QuestionDataModel> getQuestions(


The problem is not anything major, but I am unsure if I lack the knowledge to understand a specific comment given to me. This is part of a assigment where I have to use pointers. I recieved a


I use powershell V3 and / or powershell V4 it's been a few days since I'm on this issue but no solution so far. I explain, I have a vulgar powershell with an input file (list of servers) on which I


I have a piece of code that is as below: import os, fcntl with open("testfile", 'w') as tf: fcntl.lockf(tf.fileno(), fcntl.LOCK_EX | fcntl.lock_NB) some code that does some stuff


I'd like to determine whether words arise in a specific order in a series of strings. The correct order= green, yellow, orange, red, black. All the data is in lower case and has no punctuation: #

壳牌VS终端与命令线VS BASH?

So I've read a lot but am still confused. is BASH specifically Unix while shell, terminal, commandline are all 'generic terms'? For example, if I say "shell", it is not yet determined that if I'm


I'm writing an angled application that should get multiple rows and on each line it should be possible to auto complete the ID field. the way I was able to do is to automatically populate all rows


I have a Docker image that I processes an image with and get the resulting image using curl. I exposed the port in my Dockerfile FROM debian:latest RUN apt-get -y update && apt-get install -


I have a problem, namely, I would like to display some kind of statistics from each month: |--------------------|----- |-------| | passed | no_passed | none | month | |--------------------|------|----


I have a list of strings as below -Name -company -addr1 -addr2 -addr3 -Name -Company -Add1 -add2 -Name I want this list to be split based on availability of addr3. I want to check the


I have tried to format my output in table using print function but it not readable. Can someone help me to make a proper table format using pandas? for rule in source_rules: sim_scores= ds.


I have an app that I want to distribute on Google Play, this app will be uploaded with an X company account, while, I would like to upload it to my developer account to do upload tests. If I change


Get location of element from html string I've tried parsing the java script and calling the position method. var html= document.createElement( 'html' ); html.innerHTML = event.data; //this is a html


I have a table, let's call it user_connections, this table is something similar to the example below: user_connections: | id | location_id | user_id | ip | created_at | | 1 |


So, I have a bash .sh script, that making a lot of magic, as well as starting some docker-compose builds in the following way: export $(cat ./environments/${STAGE}.stage.env | xargs) docker-compose -

Azure App函数(函数2 .x):通过HTTP函数在COSMODB中创建新文档

I'm trying to implement an Azure HTTP function which gets some JSON data and creates a new object in my CosmoDB database. I've read the following questions, on Stackoverflow: Azure function C#:


I have two tables user and like. The relationship is many to one, a user can have many likes. I want to count how many likes a user has and return an object with the user's name and a column count


I have two tables: 1)Planets id, name, from_sun, moons_number, planet_class 2)Moons id, name, planet_id (is equal to id of planet from


I have a problem to return the value of the pointer in my program, the value of the pointer is not being saved, and when it reads it is returning null. Header Code: class PlayerHK : public Player {


I'm trying to use a SQL query I wrote in SQL Server Management Studio with SPSS Statistics Syntax to import the results directly to SPSS as a new dataset. I found a few links that helped me get the


I need to generate a list of 100 random integer numbers. However, I need to create the values in such way that large values occur only in 5% of cases, while the rest of values are equal to 0. This is


I'm using a SharePoint list with a "When Item is created" trigger to start a MS Flow. In one specific step of my Flow, post the item creation in the trigger SP list, is to create a Task in another SP


Say I have variables with multiple time points and I want to do some operation for all the time points. How do I do this in a more efficient way than doing it for each individual time point? In the


I'm attempting to figure out a way to make internal request to a name (my.name.io) resolve to but also have those requests made to my.name.io point to I've added an entry

SNS KDEPLOT - Y轴的情节是不受欢迎的

I'm trying to plot a distribution graph in Python using sns.kdeplot. You can use x = np.random(size=100) to generate a sample data, but my actual data has completely different values (I don't have


I have a dataframe of text documents: structure(list( rowname = c("1", "2", "3", "4"), Datetime = c("2017-06-19", "2017-04-19", "2017-11-17", "2017-11-03"), content = c("aren t you absolut fed up


since in TensorFlow 2.0 they plan on unifying all high-level APIs under keras (which I'm not much familiar with) and removing Sessions altogether, I was wondering: How can I create a custom keras


I'm contributing to an extension for VSCode that displays a list of files in a QuickPick dialog. The filter box starts with a path based on the current file they're viewing (e.g. /foo/bar/baz/) and