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I'm trying to login and get a response. But i can not do it because of password encryption algorithm of django Is it possible in other ways? payload = {'username': self.request.user.username, '


I'm trying to plot a 3D curve on top of a 3D surface in Matplotlib, but when the curve is in front of the surface, it is barely visible (the curve is the image of the unit circle): There should be a

I have a list of pages obtained from an API that I stored in an array. I want to convert the array into JSON data so I can access the objects and store them in a state variable. I've tried fetching

客户端错误:“POST HTTPS://Gras.MySoop.COM/V1.0/ME/EvCES”导致“401未授权”

I'm currently working on a calendar which needs to be synchronise with Outlook. I'm using Microsoft Graph API to do so. Before using pool, I was just using Promise/All from Guzzle to send all my


For an vuejs application. I need to emulate, in local, a production environment in witch deploy is on a subfolder, like www.domain.com/subfolder1. How can I configure my local node server so I the


I am plotting 2 Graphs in my ViewController and want to plot another Graph in another ViewController(Events) using the data from my Matrix saved in ViewController. Somehow my code does work when I


I have to two tables in the postgresql database. In first one I have all descriptions of a vulnerabilities and in the second one I have all the product that are affected. Tables are conected via

使用其名称- python查找特定文件夹

I have a project called "HeartImaging" - this is a folder where I have other folders with data and scripts. I want the code to automatically find the "HeartImaging" folder on the machine that it is

未找到Python 3,VSCODE教程

I'm trying to create and activate the virtual environment, but cmd tells me: Python 3 not found! Installed Pythons found by py Launcher for Windows No Installed Pythons Found! Requested Python


Im using role guards . A user can access certain routes only if user has certain rights. The user rights are fetched from backend using a service called login service inside app root component and is


We use Azure notification hubs to send push messages to our customers mobile devices. Sometimes we get several System.Net.Sockets.SocketException. These exceptions are for Android devices (FCM/GCM) as


We have a bunch of gitlab CI/CD jobs defined in a git repository. They run fine on the gitlab server (UI Web interface), but my question is: Is there a way to trigger such a job via the (Linux)


I want to fetch the value after 1st comma in the record. Example- I want to fetch 'CCU' from 'Kolkata,CCU'. Please help me with Teradata/SQL query.

源于英特尔SLES12 SP4的KESTWORKV7.0.0版本失败。这是已知的问题吗?[暂时搁置]

We are trying to build keystone v15.0.0 from source on intel on sles12-sp4. But when we try to run the pip install command with requirements.txt it fails with the error python.h not found. Error log


I have to find the code coverage of a project, for that i need an executable jar file but the current project generates a .war file for deployment with tomcat. Is it possible to change the pom.xml


There is 2 ways to set background image with opacity. HTML: <section class="img"></section> The first way to do it would be: .img{ background-image: linear-gradient(rgba(0,0,0,0.8),


I want to extract the minimum number of rows of a dataframe to cover all elements of some columns. Here is the example : dataframe: |progject_id|location|checklist1|checklist2| |-----------|--------|


Editing some of previously created data models does not generate errors. Always when I create new data model or edit some of previously created and go to Properties → Data sets → Data and press View


I would not only check a string for any occurrence of a substring using regex but also get the result ("45" in my example) of the found regex. I tried: DO. FIND FIRST OCCURRENCE OF REGEX '[$][0-


I m doing with HTML and JS an homepage for send variable to another js page. I did this in page index i create button with index.js <a href="index.html" id= "button1">Easy</a> in

如何在ASP.NET控制台应用程序中使用PASASYNC和Read SraseSyc在其他服务器上请求和响应?

I create a one Web Service to get token to another server. Another server is created on Node. I use the username and password for credential and grant-type is client_credentials and get token for the


I don't know how to fill with black part of frame using openCV in python. I'm analyzing frame by frame video. In some region of this frames i need to fill with black. Position of region is same on


I am creating some unit tests to test some Linq expressions against my unit of work, and I would like some help setting up my mock unit of work I have tried the following but unfortunately this is


Unable to make the variable pass to another if block within the html template file. Looks like some scoping issue with jinja2 template or may be another way to do the same The key:value list has


When i try save double from Unity3d in "Firebase Database" it always rounded to 4 decimal places. I need to save it with at least 8 decimal places. I don't have any problems with doubles when i save


I want to make a date with string but I have a problem with the string concatenation, I do that : @MyVariable ='1'+ ' '[email protected] +' '+year(now) But this is not work so i tried to use something like


I would like to know how I can certain files based on generated variable names. I've created a function, which should generate the names of the files that need to be imported in that specific case.


I created a CustomNotebookPanel class, which extends NotebookPanel and creates a SplitPanel, containing the default NotebookPanel and a CommandPalette. I would like Jupyterlab to use this class


this java code is not return true in if else statement.. public class DecimalComparator { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(areEqualByThreeDecimalPlaces(25.367876,25.

WFP连接重定向——如何在Windows 7上从用户模式获得原始目的IP地址和端口?

I'm programming a callout driver for Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2. I'm trying to make a kernel-mode callout driver that would redirect TCP traffic to a usermode service. I've registered a callout at


I'm trying to fix my table header once it is scrolled down that it fixed at the top position. I've managed to fix the header by making a javascript to detect the scroll position and then apply css to

硒为何提供Safari 11

I'm using BrowserStack for Selenium testing and sending this set of capabilities for testing with Safari 11: os=OS X os_version=High Sierra browser=Safari browser_version=11 But when I


private void displayNotification(RemoteMessage.Notification notification, Map<String, String> data) { Random generator = new Random(); String id = data.get("element"); String type =


I am using nested loops in API.one loop is simple for loop and other are async await Foreach loop, on execution, it outputs duplicate records I use a simple function to loop through the iteration


I'm doing an exercise with excel. The article requires me to read data from 2 files and combine it into a single file. Then, divide them into sheets (limited to 3 invoice codes for each sheet).


I want to get ip from a post request. var ip = req.ip || req.headers['x-forwarded-for'] || req.connection.remoteAddress || req.socket.remoteAddress || (req.connection.socket ? req.connection.socket.


while searching for hints about merging text files in VBScript, I came accross this example: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/Merge-multiple-txt-files-cbe9625c Const ForReading = 1


Currently new to c# and im trying to do the following: I have a text file which looks something like this "A1": place at 0x08000000 { ro section .intvec }; "P1": place in [from 0x08000000 to


I think there is a bug in implementing the at:put: LinkedList method. I detected the problem when using the Stack class, a descendant of LinkedList. When using the at:put: method to assign a value to


I have bought an html template from themeforest, the main slider has 3 images, with next and previous buttons, but the icons are not displaying in the next and previous button instead box is shown as


I'm working on bash script to get some information about an external network. I want to get mac address of a Raspberry connected to my cellular router but I can't access to raspberry due to company


I'm looking for a way to know what's the last patch (KB number and date of release) installed on devices based on their build extension. I've found that information on the support microsoft web


This may seem rather insignificant, but how do you set a financial or academic year, say 2018/19 or 2017/2018 in a Django model and reference the current financial year for querying, in this case 2019/


My Redux store is configured with redux-thunk and an axios middleware to handle api requests. I have an action that works perfectly in development but I'm failing to test it with jest. Here is the


I have been trying to convert the following code to PyQt5. After changing QtGui.QTextEdit to QtWidgets.QTextEdit and making other small modifications, I am stuck at the line: self.connect(self,


I'm trying to install Symfony4 on my work computer. There are a lot of access restriction to public depositories so there is a nexus with packages on it. I've been struggling for weeks with it and I


I have enabled compass in mapbox using mapboxMap.getUiSettings().setCompassEnabled(true); but I want to move compass icon direction with device direction. I mean when a user changes his direction,


Currently, I'm using only 1 Firebase product - Firebase Messaging. (I didn't use Firebase Analytics) implementation 'com.google.firebase:firebase-messaging:18.0.0' According to https://firebase.


I have this class: export default class Player { constructor() { this.scores = []; } // Insert a new score and keep top N insertScore = (score) => { this.scores.push(score);


I have written an application which i want to publish in a market. The problem is that market asks me to delete "android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" and "android.permission.