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I'm using nodejs server with csurf library and it's hosted on Azure. Csurf library send in response cookie with x-csrf-token, but it not saved on Safari. Also in every response Azure sended


I have Proxy ESB service. I am calling that ESB service from SOAP-API service the response status code from ESB changes after reaching API.My response code is 500 from ESB Proxy service,While it

验证表中的字段:DEV Express

I have a tables created using the DevExpress library in reactjs. Now I want to validate the fields of each cell value entered in the cell when the user wants to add or edit the existing data. I have


When I click on .letitre, I want to simulate a click in the child element .mybuttonHTML :<div class="letitre"><div class="mybutton">Button</div></div><div class="

REST API通过连接器或采用者策略与其他厂商API集成

We have set of REST API which built on ASP.NET Core and now we need other third parties should be able to connect their API with our API by implementing a connector, Now we are not sure on how we need


p$cat remove.cc#include <string>#include <boost/filesystem.hpp>int main() {std::string s = "a/b";boost::filesystem::remove_all(s);return 0;}p$ls -R a/b


I am trying to create a voice recognition game in unity. What i don't understand is when i use word such as "left" or "forward", it easily detects it. But when it comes to just using a letter, it


I am looking to generate some random numbers that would sum up to a specific number. Example: Range(10,35)Total(sum): 100Numbers to generate: 5What should be the best way to do this? Tried


I am coding an address book program that creates an file and stores contacts. Upon running it again, it also reads any file saved in a specific directory (one for my address book files), and imports


I understand that this is a complex query, thus I have a separate column for this, but the column contains almost 99% values as null (which is very ineffecient), thus I want to know it its possible to


I want to sort an arraylist in below order-1.On top show items with the Code exactly matching with the searched text.2.Below that show items with the Name exactly matching with searched text.3.


I make a table view and when press in table cell will be display detail view with a button for playing sound. How can I make a button play different sounds dependent on table view. Thanks!


I am attempting to make a customised title bar for use in WPF applications, partly in order to learn / practice using usercontrols. I have done what I believe I need to do to bind a command in the


I have a set of processes which runs on all days or monthly once. The process may run 'n' number of times also on a single day.Need to design a sql table to store this information. What would be the


I'm wondering if I can create an object using GraphQL, instead of manipulating the data that GraphQL returns. I'm using GraphQL in Gatsby. My query looks something like this:nodes {nameurl}


I'm trying to repeat a set comma separated values twice, leading this set to exceed the limit of 32000 characters that REPT allows. Is there any way to use an alternative for this such as javascript


when trying to getDownloadURL from firebase storage i get same issue an infinite requestand this is Mycode:Mycomponent HTML <div *ngIf="(geturlimagefromserver() | async)as imgc ;else

如何在JavaScript Azure函数中使用JSDOM导入脚本

I'm trying to use external javascript in an Azure Function. Since the external javascript (I need to use kendo) depends on a DOM and a window, I want to use JSDOM.This is a simplified example of


How can we call web service from JAVA adapter with NTML authentication?


I am trying to receive a WAV file as the response to a POST request. I use the send_file from Flask, and try to retrieve it client-side in the response. I ultimately convert it to a blob so i can


I have a large gzipped file (5000 columns × 1M lines) consisting of 0's and 1's:0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1.(×5000)0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0.(×1M)I want to transpose it, but using numpy or other methods


I get waiting for console output from an agent issue during the deployment to kubernetes. The message gets stuck for 1 day and after that it fails.It fails at "kubectl rollout" job. I increased

PHPOffice \ PHPWord -模板处理器添加列表

I'm using using PhpOffice library. Is there any option how to replace Variable in docx file with ordered list?With templateProcessor method setComplexValue I can add text with code $title = new \


I've implemented some basic logic to use a datepicker to change a date in state, which is then passed as a string into a variable (json path). My problem is that I need to click the datepicker twice


I have two dictionaries named 'I' and 'J' and I want to iterate it over a for loop and get the value of a variable which is function of both 'I' and 'J'.I={0,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110,120,


Which template should I inherit and extend? Is it sale/data/mail_template_data.xml?I've attached image of how the email looks like now.Outgoing email

动态SQL:OpenRoSET与@ PARAM并插入到@表中

I'm trying to insert into a @table parameter using OPENROWSET with a @param in a loop. I've adapted code from: This Answer, which demonstrates using Dynamic SQL to insert the parameter.Code:


I renamed the A:B node to C:D but in the output I am viewing thecomplete name space of C which I don't requireI tried usingexclude-result-prefixes but it is not working<xsl:stylesheet Xmlns:A=


While running the code of DNN on 20 Newsgroup dataset the following error arises? Expect solution from someoneI have run this code on google co-labTrain on 11314 samples, validate on 7532 samples


I'm trying to build a dropdown menu using react. But I couldn't get it to get the onchange working. I tried few methods but still no sucess. Data loads into the dropdown and when I select one,