vscode中的Jupyter Notebook问题(所选解释器中未安装kernelspec模块)

So, I was trying to use a jupyter notebook in VScode but it suddenly stopped working. I've verified my jupyter version: jupyter core : 4.7.0 jupyter-notebook : 6.1.5 qtconsole : 4.7.7 ipython : 7.19.0 ipykernel : not installed jupyter client : not installed jupyter lab : not installed nbconvert : not installed ipywidgets : not installed nbformat : 5.0.8 traitlets : 5.0.5 Alhto, when I try to install ipykernel or jupyter lab, my cmd returns that the requirements are already met. What should I do?

DataFox There has been some issues with VSCode and Jupyter for me aswell recently. Normally these sorts of things you have to quit VSCode and restart it. If this doesn't work, you can try to copy and paste all your work/code into another .ipynb file. This worked for me.