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I have an object with an element which is a list and the MutableDocument has a .setArray method but this is expecting an instance of com.couchbase.lite.Array. How do I go about this to set my list


I have several links to send out to clients that reference # positions on my html site (http://www.sound.co.uk). I'm using javascript to convert some client-friendlier urls to specific ID tags on the


Good morning SO! I regularly use profvis in R to help optimize my code; however, I am working on a project in Python that takes a while for the code to run. I have been searching Google and SO and


I have a api method, where it will give some result based on that result I have to conclude whether i have to send the response to the request or not. For that i need to enable CORS at runtime in c#.


Two comma separated item added in array list and I would like to group them to count the total. $list_distinct = [System.Collections.ArrayList]@() $list_distinct.Add("Site A,Item A") $list_distinct.

当我在Java中使用@ jSONPROPREYTIORE时,2次显示属性

I am developping Rest API using Spring Boot, I want to have a response such:Desire result but when I run my API this is the result: Result I search and I found that by using the annotation @


We need to buy notebook like ZenBook UX331UN But, I am read many forums and noticed what that or like that notebook all haven a similar problem like COIL WHINE. So, if somebody have notebook like


I use flask-marshmallow and mongoengine. Also flask-restplus for my API server. Here is my api.py class BoardSchema(ma.Schema): class Meta: fields = ('no', 'title', 'body', 'tags', '


Im trying to calculate Land surface temperature estimating with Landsat 8 images, but i stucked in one place and i cant move on. I m following split window algorithm. I calculated NDVI but and I have


I am fairly new to Selenium and am self teaching, I have used a little JAVA years ago I want to add a statement around value1 to perform an action if value is as expected and perform a different


I am new in Vtiger. I want to Set Designation to Lead Source (Dropdown list) .selected Value. But i can not find edit.js file in this path layout>v7>modules>leads>resources>??? here only Details.js


I'm using javascript and when I request data return promise I tried await and then but it did not work. What should I do ? _getMatch = () => { GetMatchesByAccountID(this.state.user.accountId,


I am trying to use Jitsi Meet in my Xamarin app. I tried building the android sdk, got the aar and used it in a binding project. It doesn't work for now, the React Native dependencies are not helping.


I have a service that runs on a MySQL database. The service is written in Java and uses Spring & JPA/Hibernate. We are using an H2 database for the unit tests. The problem is when we run our


I am trying to run a Spark job in Server. It is not throwing error when I am running any normal println operation. I am unable to understand the error. I am trying to deploy the code in yarn client


public class ABC { @Autowired @Qualifier("toSftpChannel") public MessageChannel toSftpChannel; public void handleRequest(String id) { RestTemplate restTemplate = new RestTemplate();


I've been looking for a solution to my problem for weeks, and can't find out anything close to what I want. I need a big grid something at least 10000x10000 and even more if I can. The objective is to

如何编写Python TKTETER文本控件

I have made a text widget in my gui but cannot figure out how to write to it on certain specified lines. Is it possible to make it always have some words in one place when the program is started and


I am trying to create an NN based on the iris dataset. I have an input of four dimensions. X = dataset[:,0:4].astype(float). Then, I create a neural network with four nodes. model = Sequential()


My use case is to sort ES response based on 2 fields, 1st followed by another [In case 1st value is same]. This is unlike Script Sort where i use value of two fields within the query. Wanted to ask


NVDA reads correctly. JAWS read only Link 1, Link 2 (content is Link 1, Link 2), but do not read that is is a list list-style-type: none; html: <ul role="list" class="content-links"> &


i'm creating an application using mvc5 entity framework. I want to pass controller and action name on button click. i create bootstrap model for delete record. bootstrap model created as partial view


I'm new to android development, so excuse me, if me question seems to trivial. I declare a List object in a method of a java class, which gets filled with data inside this method. Now I want to pass


I have a recyclerview with a complex cell UI. I'm trying to check if one of the elements from the cell is visible. As soon as the element is visible, I've to highlight the same. I've tried using Rect


I am trying to run a specific test method with pytest on Python 3.6 with the following command: pytest sanity_test.py::test_check (as mentioned in pytest docs) and it fails with the following


Good morning, my name is Thiago and I need help in evaluating some data model: I want to model the basic density of Eucalyptus wood according to variables such as: Species (3 species), Age, Soil Type


Share link to display apps is working fine in Android device with following code. Need to implement the same in IOS device. Can anyone help? var data = { title: 'Web Fundamentals', text: '

谷歌日历库与Android系统中的FCM和其他谷歌库冲突(CREP APP)

I am creating a business app in android and I want to implement google calendar in the android app I have implemented Google calendar successfully and I have also implemented FCM in my app when I am


I am trying with no luck to create a shape in xml as in the photo below


i followed the documentation of aries blue print for injecting the karaf bundles, but still am unable to inject it. this is the link i am following for it http://aries.apache.org/modules/

在Azure上使用DoCKER图像部署Python Web应用程序

I am trying to follow this tutorial DEPLOY PYTHON WEB APP IN WEB APP FOR CONTAINERS I have cloned the project, tested it manually and it worked fine. The tutorial recommended to push the docker image

I have 3 local saved html files in 3 different languages in lproj folders in my xcode project. In every Localize.strings file there are keys for every html file name: 1)"history_file" = "history_en";


<?php include("connect.php")?> <?php $activityid = "select activity.activity_name,activity.activity_id from activity join


I have a set of tuples in a form of a list: [(1, 2), (3, 4), (5, 6), (7, 8)] Not necessary in such an order, it can be as well: [(1, 4), (2, 6), (3, 5), (7, 8)] These lists have two properties:


I have multiple Angular configurations. To extend the default configuration, I use lodash merge: import { merge } from 'lodash' import { defaults } from './defaults' export const configuration =


I am trying to create a button that creates a new cookie with an increased numeric value as it's name and a different value (which comes from a variable), each time it is clicked. But, I can't get it


I would like to be able to determine outliers from a list where data don't follow a normal distribution. list = [0, 1, 2, 3, 2, 1, , 2, 50, 100, 101, 102, 103, 101, 100, 150] outlier = [50,


When I ran the Julia code below, there was an error: "UndefVarError: globalOptiValue not defined". I thought that the globalValue is a global variable, but it is not. Thus, if I add the command "

Azure WebJob内部的寄存器处理器不工作

I'm trying to take the load off my main server. For that I created a micro service to handle my printing task that was consuming a lot and was trying to integrate both by using Azure Event Hubs. The


How can I estalish height property for the border-right (of the left section with social buttons) ? I created this modal window using grid. Here is snippet of my html code: <form class="form"&


I am trying to run sql with python in atom. When i run a querry, it runs successfully but it asks for a server connection every time, even if i have one. The querry runs, result is showed but a dialog


i am developing one application involved push notification concept using MQTT broker, I can able to get notifications only when my app is in foreground. Also somehow i have managed to get


i have date column in table (documentyear). It has format yyyy-mm-dd . For example 2017-11-17. How can i get only year? i.e. convert from 2017-11-17 to 2017

詹金斯在Kubernetes Cluster上的安装

I am trying to install Jenkins in my kubernetes cluster. When I am exploring I found that in two ways. The first way that I understood is that, To install Jenkins master and slave. Here I found

删除同一查询上两个表的别名(PASGRESS 9.5)

I'm not sure what is wrong here: DELETE t1 FROM modified_client_config AS t1, modified_client_config AS t2 WHERE t1.Date < t2.Date AND t1.Client = t2.Client AND t1.Server = t2.Server; I search


I raised a query on Friday (here is the query) which works perfectly as per David Zemens instructions and BrakNicku guidance. Problem I have is that: one of the events I want to use is Enter.


http://rateyo.fundoocode.ninja/ Only in firefox (in chrome is ok) I change: <div id="rateYo" class="pull-left jq-ry-container" style="width: 160px;"><div class="jq-ry-group-wrapper"><


How to join two tables in Power BI on LIKE clause? Suppose we have two tables: +------------------+ +--------+ | Messy_Name | | Tag | +------------------+ +--------+ | red apple |

现在我可以更改root mysql密码到一个空字符串

I wanted to get rid of the password requirement for my MySQL and (stupidly) thought I could just change it to an empty string. I ran the command: mysqladmin -u -p[mypassword] password '' I received