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Since two days I habe this problem I try a lot, https://stackoverflow.com/a/51764198/10392572 https://stackoverflow.com/a/46457518/10392572 https://stackoverflow.com/a/51218715/10392572 If I

I have a Json array, that I'm parsing into a javascript object array. btn.addEventListener("click", function() { var request = new XMLHttpRequest(); request.open('GET', 'http://localhost:8084/

I have developed an out-of-process Net COM Server. This COM server will be called by a C client and by a Net Client. I do not want reference directly the COM server as a DLL by my Net Client because

mozhiazhagi@muthulakshmi:~/Documents/BLOG/jayamuthu.github.io.source/posts$ git push fatal: No configured push destination. Either specify the URL from the command-line or configure a remote

So my app contains Java programs. These programs are stored in SQLite with each code having unique ID. So what i want to implement is : The user must be able to share these codes to others via

BAD_REQUEST -- Error authorizing update: Error validating DeltaSet: Policy for [Groups] /Channel/Application not satisfied: Failed to reach implicit threshold of 2 sub-policies, required 1 remaining

How to Design My table according to below picture . its contain code then some record, then hotel details in list i highlighted in black line.. how do this ..help me this <table class="table

I want to click this item, I tried many ways, by selenium webdriver, id by xpath in many ways but always receive a note that item not exist ?? <td id="td_MapToolsDrawByCoordinates" class=""

How to wait until a previous method completes before continuing execution? I thought this would be easy, but it's not turning out that way. I must be doing something really dumb even though I've

So ive been trying it for 1 hour, I already tried every solution already posted here regarding this problem, I have a logo which I named img in CSS, and as you can see in a picture I want to edit “

I want to create a folder that no one can access except me from my app, I mean no user can open the folder and use its contents. And I am not talking about adding a . before the name of the directory.

I am developing Facebook like functionality with asp.net MVC with C#. I am using the Javascript facebook SDK but also flexible to use Facebook C# SDK. JS Reference <script src="https://connect.

There are similar questions on this topic. But I still have unanswered questions about them. Some people say Association is 'has-a' relationship. Some poeple say Aggreagation is 'has-a' relationship.

I am attempting to implement a Jdbctemplate query method that will take a named parameter map and a row mapper as additional arguments. So far I have the following: final SqlParameterSource

In an application I've been writing, one of the methods in the DAO layer is supposed to query the database (MySQL in this case) returning a list of records that match the criteria. The table to which

Here's a simple piece of code. What I want help with is the two places I've writen "???". The goal is to pass a temporary pointer to the container-class which then becomes the unique owner of that

I am writing an app in objective-c and have problems with MPNowPlayingInfoCenter and MPRemoteCommandCenter. The app plays music on a remote server and I am trying to display this information in the

I'm trying to make extremely simple Lambda function. I am just calling API and want to return the results, however it's always returning me "Internal server error". I have no VPC This is the code I

Alright let me formulate my question as best as possible with a scenario. on start up of app i want to load loginScreen.js so hopefully i can in theory login. i want to load right to the login screen

I am using Apache Solr in a project I am working on. I have all the setup done and I am also able to perform SOLR queries. However - I am puzzled by one behavior of SOLR - and even after searching on

I wanted to create a dictionary with first names as keys, and allow for duplicate first names. I am handling this by using mutable objects as keys. The thought is to allow for first names to be used

I have been learning sql online. can someone help me to write correct query. I didnt get correct data from table. Refer this diagram My query is select unique u.user_id,u.name from users u join

I have a bunch of files aaa, aab, aad, (note, no aac) or generalizing in terms of a glob all the files matched by a?? where not every file is present, and I'd like to rename them in a more compact

How can I input number (int) without spaces? I want to stop the input while the number isn't zero. How can I do it? #include <stdio.h> int main() { while(num!=0){ printf("Enter the

the errorSorry for my bad English. But I'm locked in a part to generate the ios generic package. Can someone help me? Thank you

I have Numpy array with the shape (774743, 135), and when I run pca.fit() with this data, I get Result not set error during the SVD process. What should I fix to remove this error? Here’s the code:

What is wrong in the following code? I want to get the position of a match in a document. The match should be approximate. use String::Approx 'aindex'; my $line="non-binding instrument means an

I am using an animated builder to build the layout. I use a Raw material button in the layout in the following manner VoidCallback _buttonPressed(){ print('button pressed'); } Widget

I have this methods which sends http.post message and returns an Observable. But I am a bit confused about how the program flow works. Am I correct that in the following code, the Observable which is

I am using fluentd as my log concentrator for all my docker containers. I would like to monitor my redis instance with the data from the info command (https://redis.io/commands/info) All the articles

I have a df entrydate exitdate ddmax 1 2012-02-15 2012-02-17 -1 2 2012-02-18 2012-02-19 -2 3 2012-02-20 2012-02-21 -3 4 2012-02-22 2012-02-22 -2 5 2012-

Table 1(pending_order) Table 2(user) Query: SELECT DISTINCT * FROM user,pending_order WHERE user.id= pending_order.user_id Expected o/p: Only 2 rows as there are 2 pending orders from user 1,2.

After solving my model in GAMS, I have 2 value, val1 and val2. How can I export the value of these variable(val1 ,val2) to text file , e.g. to .text or CSV format? Thanks

I have some problems with group by with multiple columns and max value. This query is correct and returning what I want. SELECT A, B, C, D, E, MAX(F) FROM mytable group by A, B, C How it can be

As you know that Facebook upgraded it API to V3.1 and now killing old APIs and Apps slowly so we have to migrate on there new API where they took some hard decision that is good on SPAM site but hard

I want to restrict access to my Firebase Database, so that only the users I authorize can write to it. But the solution almost everywhere proposed doesn't seem to work for me. I tried two ways of

I'm having some problems with discord embed i have 3 embeds: embed1, embed2, embed3 but when i try to send an embed with a message with this code: message.channel.send({embed1}) i get this error: (

I am not a magento developer and I know basic PHP (not the best start I know), but I said I would help a friend out with some front end changes. However, I downloaded a magento website from a server

The configuration file is configured to redirect http -> https. Tell me what I need to change in the file so that the site can be accessed both by http and https at the same time. server { listen

My laptop resolution is 1600*900 but on my external LED it is showing 1024*768.I attached the LED with VGA cable. i just install ubuntu 18.04 before updating it is working but after update it not

I'm working in React Native Application. I'm trying hard in Android to make use of Notification Services & BIND_NOTIFICATION_LISTENER_SERVICE. I'm trying to read the incoming notifications using

For Example Like This if (DB.posts.Any(x=> x.coursecode == ps.coursecode && x.title == ps.title)) { ViewBag.Error = "Post Title And Course Code Already Exist";

I am attempting the printf() format parameter exploit where providing the user controlled data directly as the sole argument of the printf("user input") allows for the user to provide format

I created 3 collections and want to use random objects from one to another. I need to have a random instructor in the instructor field in classes and the random number (between2-10) of random users in

I am trying to write a plugin that uses an action from the LearnDash plugin, like so: add_action("learndash_topic_completed", "ld_award_topic_points", 5, 1); This triggers when a quiz is marked as

I have a list of Strings containing Day-of-week name, start time and End time in the below format: Wednesday 13:00 to 14:30 Saturday 14:20 to 18:10 Monday 09:00 to 14:25 Saturday 11:00 to 12:30

Issue Description I am using Parse Server 3.0.0 and trying to get it to work with Facebook's Account Kit. I have followed the instructions in the docs and done the following: Configured

I'm doing a simple java application that uses jdbc to connect to mysql public class DataBaseHelper { private ResultSet data = null; private Connection connection; private Statement

R version 3.5.1 trying to load library xlsx to read excel file but showing error likeenter image description here

I'm developing a small project and i want to be able to use namespaces to avoid getters, mutations, actions, with same names. As described in docs, the modules must be imported to store, and maps