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I have a NodeJs app that I am using as a server for my we application. The NodeJs handles my database calls to Firebase Realtime Database. When I tested everything using localhost everything was

I have a data csv file with first few rows are storing information. format like this: info1, aa info2, bb info3, cc col1, col2, col3 x1, y1, z1 x2, y2, z2 if I use

I am passing a method through props export default class Layout extends Component { constructor(props){ super(props) this.state = { className: 'container tray' } } handleClick(

Trying to add a span class next to the price of 25 in the below description props. Is there a way I can correctly add in a span there. Currently getting [object Object] when running the below code.

I'm trying to iterate through every date in a range using CarbonPeriod but it keeps showing the exact same date in every iteration of the loop if the start and end date are the same. $startDate = new

~$ sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start [.] Starting mysql (via systemctl): mysql.serviceJob for mysql.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status mysql.service"

I'm modifying some swagger to add aws api gateway integrations and am currently stuck on this problem. Using this code, I'm unable to generate the security object. I'm getting the error: jq: error:

I've embedded a pair vector within a pair vector in order to be able to have 3 data types (all ints) within a pair. I am now having trouble sorting by the embedded pair vector. Can anyone tell me

I am trying to open a simple map in XCode using MapBox. The build is successful but the simulator is only a black screen with the mapbox logo and the i at the bottom, no map loads. Simulator When I

I started an Android project with Blank Activity and added some Fragments of CardView and RecyclerView. After that, I created NavigationDrawerActivity by right clicking java->New->Activity->

One retrieve the modification time in MATLAB via: >> f = dir('my_filename.dat'); >> f.date Is there a clever way to set the create date? I ask because I would like to change the create

I'm trying to merge 3 lists into one dictionary and I'm having some trouble with TypeError: 'float' object is not iterable import csv from itertools import product, combinations,

I am trying to read a text file using read.table() in r. r does not read anything that follows a #. However, there are pound symbols in the text that have nothing to do with the comments. I want to

I am using an imageField in my Django model and the photo is not being recognized when I try to display it in the html. Here is my models.py from django.db import models class LatestRelease(models.

I'm new to Sagas, Use to come from a redux-thunk background, So I'm not sure what is the best way to pass arguments to my final action. I will appreciate some kind of "For dummy answer" The thing is,

By subclassing in java, does that mean a subclass must be within the same code block as the class the subclass is subclassing? Or can it be within its own class block? Example: public void MyClass(){

So my code is relatively simple, I am just attempting to get a double from a file (input.dat). I am getting the double, however when I return in to main, I get a different value for some reason. Here'

Is it possible, using jackson, to set the name of an element depending on the class of a generic? Given the following scenario: public class Room<T> { private int roomId; private

An injective function from type A to B maps distinct inputs to distinct outputs, but might not cover the entire range. e.g. f : ℕ -> ℕ f = λx. 2*x I'm trying to figure out how to express such a

So i'm supposed to convert Babylonian characters to number values so that: "<" = 10 T = 1 \ = 0 when I put the values in, it should add the sum of those numbers, so babylonian( "TTT") would

I have written the code below to grab a string of text from the source code of a website. As denoted, the first findall works just fine while the second returns an empty list. I am trying to get the

Can I have a hyperledger fabric consensus without ordering service? I'm working with vehicles and I have no idea who can play the role of ordering service during v2v communication of mobile vehicles.

I have few services in my application i.e. Service A Service B Service C While installing I want to give user the option to select which services he/she wants to install. How can I implement this?

I was wondering if it is possible to substract 2 hours from the TODAY() function so that when I use it in cell A1 let's say, if it's 01:30 AM Time 22 September it considers being 21 September (11:30

I have some mongo documents like this: { "worker_id" : "x", "minutes": [ {"min" : 10, "capacity" : 15}, {"min" : 10, "capacity" : 12}, {"min" : 12, "capacity" : 13}, {"min" :

I've googled around and hear it has to do with AJAX. If so, how do I turn it off, or still have it for my layout and still have my javascript working? I made a simple slider that won't work if you go

In my Laravel application, I try to access the text within the array within only one element, but it gives me error. $account_id = DB::select('select id from chart_of_accounts where type =\'Expense\'

I have a problem when update the mongodb database using $cond and condition is not work. This is my code.. Book.update({ _id: { $in: keys } },{ $cond: [{ $gte: ["$item",1] },{ $inc:{

There are a number of examples with a good explanation on how compile time polymorphism works. You can do it either by method overloading or constructor overloading. I can understand how constructor

My spark Kafka Direct Stream job when started will only consume messages which were produced before the job was started. Any messages produced once the job is running will not be consumed until the

so im writing a function that will find the second largest key in an un-ordered symbol table using a linked list implementation, the code I have so far isnt working right and was wondering if someone

Using Java I have conducted an experiment to determine which sorting method's (bubble or selection) runtime is faster. The program prompts the user to enter a number n which is the number of items in

I am new to this Bootstrap Affix. I am going to try to be as clear as possible when I ask this: I have this new website I am developing. In the header, I have a picture on top and then the navigation

Am using Java 1.7 and Spring 4.0.3 RELEASE There's an external API that is URL encoded and looks similar to this: curl -X GET \ https://api.myservice.com?query_id=

I want to compare the performance of two methods on the same dataset. To get multiple comparison between them, I'm using Bootstrap, so I think it may be a good idea to use parallel computing. Since

If a function f(x) is O(g(x)) does that automatically mean that g(x) is Ω(f(x))? I know O(f(x)) is the upper bound(worst case) of a g(x) runtime but does that automatically mean the opposite, that g(

I have an existing mercurial repo in my home directory, but Winginx UI only seems to allow me to point to, or create, a blank source directory.

The problem is Get Buffer Size Methode ,i send a buffer size 40 it returns some weird number 54124 ,why is this dose the java int byte code different from C# int byte code ? JAVA CLIENT mBufferOut =

I hate to come one here and ask what is probably a stupid question, but I'm a coding student and my teacher has offered very little information on the subject of interfaces but I have an assignment

Once per month I get from my work a spreadshhet containing a list of Companies (in column A) and respective website addresses of those companies (in columb B). And since beginning of time I ask my

This is an example of a nested array I'm working with. The "keys" representing locations are 720, and 715. The nested array values are services at said locations. As you can tell from the values some

I have a table with values like this, here i need to have one row for each Trans Id. I can have min of Trans data for that record Trans Date Trans id Name 12/1/2017 14:44 T1 12/1/2017 16:44

Are there any resources which dive into this subject? I can point out 2 distinct places recently where i feel inhertiance is useful. I have an Angular component at work which is essentially a

I am using pandas. How can I transfer a column for every 20th trading day, that is, day 0, day 20, day 40, …, day 120. The column labels should be ‘01/02/18’, ‘01/31/18’, …, ‘06/25/28’, and make the

I have two targets in my app, the main target for the app and a share extension: platform :ios, '10.0' target 'MyApp' do use_frameworks! pod "DTCoreText", :git => "https://github.com/

The code seems okay to me but keep getting an error that expression must have pointer to function type at the hashFunction() call. Code shown below: #include "myincludes.h" void myFunc() { char

After executing systemctl start docker, I got: Failed to start docker.service: Unit not found. And this is the output for systemctl status docker -l: docker.service - Docker Application Container

Lets say I have http://example.com as my website. Now, when I do http://example.com/api/login, the login script works. But when I do http://example.com, it goes straight to the default switch cause

I have a simple neural network in Keras with 16 inputs and 1 output. I want to be able to find out which of these inputs is the most important in determining the output (i.e. varying which input would

I was trying out a problem at codeforces and got stuck while printing the solution.The Problem link is:-Problem Link Igor has fallen in love with Tanya. Now Igor wants to show his feelings and write