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Question: How can I remove migrations, shown on db:migrate:status, despite already manually deleting the migration files in my migrate folder, in rails? I've been modifying my database using rails

Im building a neural network for the board game Checkers and I've hit a massive block I don't know how to get around. I've built my neural network, but the question/problem is how do I make the output

I have question regarding installing React Native application to WIRELESS LAN CONTROLLER this system like captive portal. Question: How can i install my application to this router? Is this

I'm building a very simple contacts application to get familiar with React and Redux. Right now I am trying to build the functionality to add a contact. I thought I had the action and reducer set up

I am getting an error by making a post request using jerseyclient. Can anyone take a look at the error below? I would appreciate your feedback. And here's what I have included as dependencies in pom.

I have exe file and I want replace file Utilman.exe in System32 folder by my exe file by reg key as below: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows

I have in the template of a vue component: <td> <select id="papel" @change="intervChange(row)"> <option value="Apreciador">Apreciar</option> <option value="

I am parsing data from social media for analytics purposes. I am printing a table of four users at a time. Using texttable, I printed a working table. Now I am organizing my script but I am having

I have a dynamic component being created and on ngAfterViewInit I've done the following code: setTimeout(() => { this.input.nativeElement.focus(); }, 0); This works: it sets the focus on the

Checked out the docs, but found no clue. I'm using Rails and basically following the steps described in Rails Checkout Guide \| Stripe Checkout. I want to validate uniqueness of a customer's email

I experiment on the array In [38]: arr = [] In [39]: for k in

I've tried a number of different techniques to play videos in SceneKit, but none of them seem to work correctly. I've tried assigning an AVPlayerLayer to an SCNMaterial.diffuse.contents and that

I have a simple plugin in magento 2 that modifies the name of the products, but I can not find the function that modifies the description public function afterGetName(\Magento\Catalog\Model\Product $

When the following text it loaded in to an ElementTree Element, the find method is unable to find one of the elements without a namespace assigned to it. import xml.etree.ElementTree as ElementTree

For example (this is not my site but it is similar): https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/3453400-the-upside-down I want to be able to pull all the URLs on this site and have them sorted into different

I have the following regex which should only match line2,I only want to match lines with Revertwhy is the regex matching line 1 aswell?how to fix it such that it only matches line2 and does not match

I'm trying for write UserMedia stream app in nodeJS. The problem is when I want to stream webcam video to the server and get response in different tag as blob link src. I have 1000ms chunks pushing

Im trying to access nest objects and array to concatenate all errors to a single string for each object key separated by dot .. Im able to access the first 2 but don't know how to add the period the

In public\index.php, i just dump $kernel variable like $app = require_once __DIR__.'/../bootstrap/app.php'; $kernel = $app->make(Illuminate\Contracts\Http\Kernel::class); dd($kernel);die; Result

I need to access the context from this class so I can check some data from the database but I don't know how to transfer it to the service below: internal class TimedHostedService : IHostedService,

I am using Apache arrow::parquet in c++ to save a table into file. The default code using SNAPPY compression. I am wondering how I can change the compression code to other methods e.g. gzip. etc.

I'm using a portion LodePNG called picoPNG and its loading times are incredibly slow and I'm wondering if I did something wrong. I followed a tutorial and this is what I got is down below. I'm trying

When a task running on a node fails, Spark will automatically return the task to a different node. My Questions are: What part of Spark is responsible for that? Is it ApplicationMaster, driver, or

For API call I've tried.. In RestClient Works but is wrong: response = RestClient::Request.execute( method: :get, url: 'https://api.data.charitynavigator.org/v2/Organizations?app_id=2b1ffdad&

-- 3 ) List the Sales employees and their sales ytd with the Purchasing employees and their total -- due ytd (assuming the year is 2013 based on when it was ordered). Have the results listed in the

I am creating my first discord bot in JavaScript and since most of the code is a big if statement I am working on the else part and that part isn't working.I can't identify the problem so if someone

I am new to programing in python, as I'm am trying to learn to program because it will be useful when I am trying to get my dream job. So I am trying to make a calculator, but I get this message "

I'm working on data visualization using python matplotlib. I've found so many useful tips so far for producing this picture, but I'm missing the cherry on the pie. I would like to align x-axis of

I'm trying to put a kernel density plot in my histogram but it is not working. Here is my code: import numpy as np import pandas as pd import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import matplotlib as mpl import

Flows are not displayed when the number of Node-red app instances is 2 in IBM Cloud. When I changed it back to one instance, the flows were shown. Is this a limitation?

I am working with some data that has the date in the format 2017.08333. In the process of converting this to datetime objects I got an error when trying to convert the integer years to datetime.

I have several videos I need to process using avisynth then encode to hevc mkv format. I can use avsproxy and open in avidemux but I can't batch it. I have a lot of videos that use basically the

Currently, I want to develop an app that can be opened through voice. For example, user can say “Let me speak/talk to .”, then the app will be opened. In my opinion no need to implement other

I have a page called [Settings->Admins] which will create and manage admin accounts for the site. I have the html form setup as below: <form id="createAdmin"> <div class="form-group row

If somebody could point me in the right direction, that would be awesome. I'm trying to develop an app for children that will let the user search for and watch one video, and when the video is

I would like to plot solutions of: J1(x)/(x*J0(x))+K1(y)/(y*K0(y))=0 using Python If plot_implicit from sympy worked with Bessel functions in this way: plot_implicit(Eq(besselj(1,x)/(x*besselj(0,x)

I am struggling mightily trying to configure Grails 3.3.5 to use HTTP header authentication/authorization on a REST project. I've tried about everything and can't seem to get it to happen. Does anyone

Attempting to add the rows of a 2D list together and then add the summed rows together for a grand total. However, Every tome I try to print I get the error "Traceback (most recent call last):

I recently upgraded my java app to java 1.8, Wildfly14, tomcat-8.0.21, ant-1.9.0 from java1.5, JBoss 4.2, tomcat-6.0.18, ant-1.7.1. And i started to see following errors. build.xml:425: The following

In vue-cli 2.x, when you create a vue object in main.js, I remember that the template option was available. In vue-cli 3.x, however, using the template option causes an error and you must use the

I need to parse the below text and read the value for id and name, and name is optional. I am getting 'txt" name="thistext' as the value for id. input id="txt" name="thistext" This is the regex I

I am currently working on a system that saves items as tasks to do, one of the features is to edit one of these tasks. each item in the listbox is formatted and added like this: listFormat = "{0, -10}

I got CloneCommand.ExecuteClone error while cloning through visual studio from Azure DevOps Repositories

I had to complete the below homework. I lost all the points for this question because I didn't even know where to start. Frankly, we were taught none of this. I received no feedback for this homework,

trying to get my countdown timer when it reaches zero to add a counter with a max of 100 increments to show in a span a tag, and reset that counter once it reaches 100 back to 1. i

I'm all out of whack on my mac apache setup. I ran a tutorial that suggested Brew before I realized Mojave already preinstalls apache. Now no php files load When I run which httpd I get this result:

I have created simple insert code using Android + JAVA where my data save in my MySQL Database successfully. But before that I have taken too many test to save the record in my local mySql database

I'm trying to add a Group using the Google Admin Directory API, from a Java app that's running on Google App Engine. I've looked at numerous other related questions on SO and tried the suggestions

When I use mysqli_query to include the WHERE identifier - it fails. Thoughts? $uid = $_GET['uid'] ?? '1'; $sql = "SELECT * FROM customers "; $sql .= "WHERE uid='" . $uid . "'"; $result_set =

I am facing an issue where I have a number like 5,000.00 and this is multiplied by 1,025^3 = 5384,451 (in calculator) I want to obtain this format 5.384,45 I am using this: var interestValue