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I'm trying to set up the SCIP optimization solver https://scip.zib.de/index.php I use Windows and prefer Java with eclipse. I see there is a Java wrapper and example files, e.g., https://github.com/

I am exploring Google's Sunflower sample Jetpack app (https://github.com/googlesamples/android-sunflower). The NavGraph is defined in a navigation xml file that has a single Activity and numerous

I've been thinking about how I can adapt the bike sharing regression example for ML.NET, see link at the bottom. If you look at the "DemandObservation" data structure used in this example you can see

In https://github.com/jimshowalter/architecture-enforcer, I'm trying to solve "Jacoco excludes in the pom aren't working for the pf-CDA classes, possibly due to the shaded jar. Because excludes aren't

sockets and express request were able to share the session data when my app was running on localhost, but since I have deployed my App on AWS ec2, the sockets are not sharing the session data with the

I want to create a program that when you click the button it displays what's inside the textbox in the window as a new label so far this is what the code looks like XAML <Window x:Class="

I have a table like below: ID | text_field ----| ---------- 1 | ABC-432 2 | ABC-1 3 | ABC-10 4 | ABC-5 I would like to get a list of the top two results based on the text_field number part

int doSomething(char** result) { *result = "455" return 0; } int main() { char* result = "0"; doSomething(&result); printf("The value is %d \n", atoi(((char*)

Ok so I intend on putting multiplayer into my game and there will be multiple player objects with their own cameras. Each player should be able to click on their own selectable objects in the scene

I assigned a keyboard shortcut for remove and sort usings but, I wanna know if it possible to organize usings on save or on format document?

I want to be able to do the following: zi-1.ex.com rewrite to qa.ex.com with DocumentRoot as /var/www/html/zi-1 zi-2.ex.com rewrite to qa.ex.com with DocumentRoot as /var/www/html/zi-2 zi-3.ex.com

I need help to achieve the same effect as in the following link: https://dumbo.design/team when you scroll down the background becomes white and text changes the color. I need the same effect moving

How do i get multiple cookies from the same type? right now theres multiple cookies that are being generated when u click on a notification message, and basically it saves the id number of the one

I'm trying to output the field of a model instance that is a foreign key of a model that I have the context of in my template. Models.py class Product(models.Model): title = models.CharField(

I am new to DX11 and am trying to get Blending to work. Below is my output which was not what I expected. I wanted the entire quad to be the same transparency. Here is my Blend description:

I'm trying to extract some information from the following string: 01/05/2019 KD CART 90045673 FAXED TO INSTITUTION 01/10/2019 JT chq sent by mail on 01/09, follow up on 01/16 01/16/2019 JR form not

When running this in Jupyter notebooks (python): import tensorflow as tf from tensorflow import keras I get this error: ImportError: cannot import name 'keras' I've tried other commands

I am trying to make a post request in python. I have tested the request in postman and it works, but when I try to run it in in a python 3.6 script, I am getting a 403 invalid token error. Is there

So when I get a browser notification, I have 2 choices. If the client does not have the website up, I open a new tab. But how do I send the client to somewhere already on the site? Basically, I want

Good Afternoon, I am trying to use this code to multiply a 64X128 matrix A with a 128X64 Matrix B. It is not working for some reason. When I write out the operations by hand for a smaller matrix,

The sklearn LatentDirichletAllocation LDA produces the weights for the features/words for each topic and it is easy to get top n words per topic from components_ property. Now I would like to retrieve

I'm creating an Inventory System using MySQLi. I have a table called PRODUCTS and I have two columns (stock,security_level) that I want to get some data by Grouping results according to a condition.

I am trying to compile somebody's program that is partly written in assembler and partly in C language. The program is available in compiled version, however I need to change it a bit. The source code

I am using Python 3.7. I have a simple 2-files program. They are both under the same directory. ~/myapp/ settings.py button.py settings.py has basic constant variables: # Define color (R, G,

I am currently trying to loop code beneath $(document).ready(function() { for 5 times with a for loop, but without success. The final code is supposed to add a click function to each of 5 buttons

I currently have the loop shown below. matrix1 is 11x7, and ncc is 7x3. The instructions of what I am supposed to do are as follows: open facility 1 (ncc[row,3]) find minimum between facility

I hosted the google font on my Drupal 8 site. When I scan my site with different tool, I have this error message : Specify a character set in your response HTTP headers No character sets are

I want to find the code for this kind of matter for my School Project. Problem: I want to Proceed to another form When i Select to One of my items in Combo Box. Is that Possible? Or i need to

I'm a beginner when it comes to any form of http and volley connections with android as well as with file download and currently working on a project that requires both for android. I have files saved

How can i get duplicate browsing sessions of a user. I have the below columns in my table Login id Session start details (mmddyyhhmmss) Platform(mobile/desktop) Browser info Ip address I do not have

I'm doing a platformer game in js and Im having problems making collisions in js. I tried to detect the collision and the side that is colliding to do something like : player.y = rect + player.w

I am willing to change the backgroundColor of the drumkey class when clicking on a p element. However it is instantly applying when loading the page instead of onClick. var keyEl = document.

I am working on PHP Soap client. But I get error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object". I thing i get error from DemograficData . I created array : $veriler_SendOngoingEmail =

I'm normalizing some data that I got in a flat file where company and contact info are mixed which look like this: company_id | company_name | person_id | first_name | last_name | sic_code 123 | "

I have an array in Cloud Firestore: enter image description here How do I get one String from an array in Android Studio so that when I click a button in a TextView application, this value is

In Python3 with pandas, I have the following csv format data set like below Salary_Data.csv YearsExperience,Salary 1.1,39343.00 1.3,46205.00 1.5,37731.00 However, I realized when using the iloc

There is a quite similar question here but the answer is not an answer for me. I have this method: @Async public void activateUser(){ if(someCondition){ throw new GeneralSecurityException();

I'm using two adapters for the same list but each is differently sorted. This is the adapterONE (I removed almost everything non necessary for this question): override fun onBindViewHolder(holder:

I am reimplementing something like Python Dependency Injector in D programming language. I want to build a pure dependency injection framework for D. Is overriding of providers considered bad style?

I am quite new to python and i cannot figure out how to solve the problem below: I have two dataframes and I want to use some kind of VLOOKUP function that will match a sentence with a particular

I have a generic method that receives any of the entity class. All my entities have a createDate field of type LocalDate. I want to access and get the field inside the generic method. The method would

I am creating a lottery program that generates a ticket of 5 random numbers, between 1-36. The user can choose how many tickets he wants, which is my for loop in main. I completed most of the code,

I am working on debugging my application and it runs in my local host. All pages of the site can be reached if using Chrome but it gives error if running using Edge for some pages of the site such as

I would like to generate image with text within it , then share it but i still get the error : java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'android.content.res.

I would like to build a Neural Network that at the same time output a label for classification and a value for regression. I would like to do that using Keras. Right now my code is only for

I am new to Swift 4 development and I have what seems like a really basic problem (yet I can’t figure it out) with typing into NSTextFields within my application. The application is structured with

I have this html: <h3 id="this-is-title">This is title</h3> <p><a name="abcde"></a></p> <pre lang="java" class="prettyprint"> class NeoEach { static &

I was doing a quick review of thymeleaf and I saw this UI code snippet: <html lang="en" xmlns:th="http://www.thymeleaf.org" th:replace="~{fragments/layout :: layout (~{::body},'home')}"> After

I have two ranges - 97..122 and 49..57 (they are the letters and the numbers). I can do, for example rand(97..122).chr to get a random letter. If I want a digit to be either or numbers how can I do

I have started experimenting with Apache Cordova in Visual Studio 2017. I built an app that gives you two random numbers and you must find the product of them. The app does as it should when