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so I am importing (row[3]) from excel which prints the prices set on the spreadsheet but I'm trying to calculate all the prices and find their average. I have them totalled up but I can't print(

On the latest version of Grav CMS,I am trying to have a blog post URL as RTL, how can i make that please? Thanks.

After dispatching SEARCH, I'm trying to cancel an AJAX request but also to keep the observable listening. I'm using takeUntil and waiting for an action of type CLEAR_SEARCH_RESULTS to cancel the

I want to use Vis.js in a React based project. Since none of the Vis Network implementations work for me I have to use the plain library. This is my test React component import { DataSet, Network }

while True: # if touch the key board for event in pygame.event.get(): # event handling loop if event.type == QUIT: pygame.quit() # close the game elif

The guidelines I was given is that all IO should be contained in the main function "def main()" so I did my best to do that. I am having an issue printing function output from "small_loan" in the

I am trying to right align the <div class="right-align"> (last <li>) using CSS. I did try to do the following but it did not work. I need to be able to make the height of <ul class="

I have components/Header/index.jsx looking like this: import React from 'react'; import PropTypes from 'prop-types'; import Breadcrumb from '../Breadcrumb'; // import styled from 'styled-components';

I have two questions about this Symfony bundle that allow to get an access token from a resource owner (Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Github etc.) I have configured the bundle to get

public class Acc{ private double balance; public Account() {

I am not sure how or if this can be done. I have a home network and would like to see a computer,not the server, via a remote location. I have Apache on my server. Example: the network computers I

hi lades and gentlemen, todey i crete suum new attempt library ini read n rite bt it slow i do sme test need tips to improve pls, weel bee apprecited thank also new way to do it ples lyk if i shud

I have 2 spreadsheets. Spreadsheet "B" has multiple arrays defined. I use a vlookup statement in spreadsheet "A" to extract values from arrays in Spreadsheet "B". I have a vlookup as follows: =

What i want is to scrape a table, and save data in an Array like: result= [tr] [ts]. How can i make the result i want? I'm trying something like this : const row = await mainframe.$$eval('#

I'm at a loss with using the cache policy from the Polly project. I've set up all according to the examples, and it basically seems to work. I've written a unit test, where the value is successfully

The shortcut of a tool open the URL https://URL1.com I want to change the target of the shortcut to https://URL2.com Target is disabled (greyed). Does anyone know how I can change it so that the

Given a collection (users in the snippet below) with sub-collections, and another collection (organizations) that contains properties I need merged into the sub-collection of users, what is the most

I have a Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit computer. I am running the stable Android Studio 3.2.1 with the JAVA_HOME environment variable correctly set to the stable C:\Program Files\Jaba\jdk1.8.0_191.

I'm using pycharm 2018.2.4 and I have multiple pipfiles. I don't know why or how but when I first deployed pipenv, I got a pipfile in /project_root/pipfile same location as manage.py At some stage I

I need a bit of help with finding minimum number of jumps needed to reach the end of an array with constraints. I have an array of 20 numbers randomly selected between 0-100. No repetition and

In my main navigation I have links to each static page of the website. Each webpage file has a .php extension and I have removed the .php extension from all the links and the following entry in my

I am new to the forums, and am very inexperienced when it comes to coding. I am interested in coding however, and am using an idea I had for an app to learn! I currently have my app connected to

I am a complete newbie to Oracle SQL Developer and I'm trying to make my database accessible remotely. I have a virtualbox setup with my database and I can access it in My Sql Developer through my OS

I'm new to Java and I'm constructing a springboot application where different classes require data from the same source. The source is a couple of files, but the important thing is that it takes quite

I have 10 binned columns for feature X and another 10 binned columns for feature Y. If I want to feature cross it, what is the use of hash_bucket_size in tf.feature_column.crossed_column? To my

I have been working on Google Drive API. Is there a way to get page size of the documents?(PDF, MS Docs)

I am newbie in Swing library. My program have a JFileChooser for choose a directory. And I will show all file in this directory by JList in a JScrollpane but when when i choose new directory, my list

Trying to make use of psycopg2. I have a ready piece of SQL script that works in pgadmin4. I literally copy my SQL into my python script. When I run this python script it does not give me any error.

I have a list of sparse matrices, constructed from the columns of three separate data frames: adjmat_list = list() for(k in 1:length(df_i)) { adjmat_list[k] <- sparseMatrix(i=na.omit(df_i[,k]),

when I export a RStudio generated figure as image it works fine (attached png file) plot(2,3, ylab="cannot export as I see it", xlab= expression(paste(delta^{13}, "C (\u2030)"))) but when I try

I have a form where I take data as input in a form and sends it as post request now want that it should send a response as request received and continue processing data at the background so my

I'm working on an assignment, and while my code appears to compile with GCC, running it gives a segmentation fault. As far as I've been able to read, this issue stems from using memory that hasn't

I am trying to upload/update images that users upload using django/ajax/jquery. my front-end code seems to be working. But the django model does not upload/save the passed image. here is my profile

I have two tables, One is my Master Menu table and other is my order table. I want to get all orders that was purchased based on a category set by me from Master Menu table and exclude those orders

I am trying to make a contract in Google App Maker. This contract features text boxes for people to enter their names. The issue I ran into is that it's not enough to just add the person to a SQL

at the top left of the main activity of my Xamarin Android app I currently have a simple text that is set with the command below. [Activity(Label = "Activity Name", MainLauncher = true, Icon = "@

I'm building a barcode scanning app and it works great most of the time. One problem I'm having is one item will refuse to scan under normal most lighter lighting conditions but will scan when

I've make a follow button on a regular WP page using the following code but when click on follow button the page doesn't refresh back to that page, a blank page comes. i've install both buddypress &

Hi I have this error when try to run a command: sudo ionic cordova run android --prod --release Error: ionic-app-script task: "build" [16:58:40] Error: Metadata version mismatch for module

My Java spark program ingests a file of 3.7 GB. When I launch the spark program and go to the Spark UI on port localhost:4040 The input size shown for the load stage is 7.3 GB??? That's really

I have a pointer to class initialized by the new operator. Then I use this pointer to setup a std::unique_ptr. Now, as far as my understanding goes, the following code has double delete, once the

This program normally works fine on different computers, but suddenly it started giving me the java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused, exception. Its the same network, and no problems if ran on

I'm working on a custom implementation of MPI_Alltoall, however it doesn't seem like the irecieves are picking up the data being sent by the isends. I figure that I need an MPI_Waitall for the send

I have multiple input that need to be validated. Eg: Enter number of instances: Enter number of IPv4 available: Enter number of IPv4 available: Enter number of IPv6 available: Enter number of user:

I have a mapView with 4 pins as shown below. When I'm zoomed out, it clusters all 4 perfectly fine.. The problem arises when I zoom IN as far as I can. 2 of the 4 pins get removed from the cluster

I am practicing linked list programming questions in java, i have a working solution for the following question but cannot understand how it works. I have commented beside each line what I think

Hello to begin i'm a complete noob regarding PHP, and I have taken all this code from PHPmailer. My problem is that this code only adds ques1 to the mail, how do I add ques2, ques3 and so on? Would

I've been working on some code to generate bitcoin addresses on the client side using JavaScript. I know there are lots of repos for doing this, but I wanted to make my own from scratch for

I want to copy all the contents for github repo 'X' to a new repo 'X-new' within the same org using github API's to generate the same code to run for different configurations. If someone could point

i am building a site for home valuation. i have all data that is important. this data needs to be combined with user input. example: https://www.planethome.de/home click on "los" user enters