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I am trying to call the method deleteSaveCartForId in AccountSavedCartsPageController : @RequestMapping(value = "/{cartId}/delete", method = RequestMethod.DELETE) @ResponseStatus(value = HttpStatus.

I am running the below listed script which fetch's individual files in the blob and create its SAS URL and export the data in a csv file, now the issue is in its initial run the scripts runs and

I have the following response : { "code": 200, "lang": "en-ru", "text": [ "Привет с другой стороны" ] } I try to parse only the "text" using volley using this code: Log.d("

How do i display image based on user input possibly using javascript? eg: page default load text description in cell A, however when user select hyper link of Cell B of car, cell A will display all

I have react JS extension using react-webcam to access camera and make screenshots. In normal webapp it works ok but inside chrome extension, trying to access camera through: navigator.mediaDevices.

I have a membership site made I wp/woocommerce Right now a new user is created when checkout is complete but before payment i complete Payment (quickpay) happens on a separate site after checkout.

I am trying to create a rather complicated LSTM Recurrent Net. Something similar to: I understand I need to use LSTMCell and GRUCell. I have already seen https://github.com/keras-team/keras/issues/

I have a WindowForm Application that inherit IStylusAsyncPlugin in Microsoft.Ink public partial class Form1 : Form, IStylusAsyncPlugin { private RealTimeStylus myRealTimeStylus; private

I have a semantic UI sticky menu. I've used it exactly the same way (same skeleton) on other websites and usually when the scrolling down on the page the menu gets the classes "fixed top" which

I'm programming my first app with concurrency and I have a bug that I can't understand. The program it is supposed to read a buffer and if there is a message print something in a console made with a

I'm new to Java and I'm quite confused on how to return 2 parameters. Am I supposed to make an if statement? For example, for the method below how would i go about in writing a return statement?

I create scheduller for test handling of RejectedExecutionException: @Component public class TestScheduler { private final TestService testService; private ExecutorService executorService;

So I'm trying to use the JIRA REST Java Client Library for my Android Project. However after adding both dependencies to my app build.gradle: dependencies { implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs',

Title sounds confusing but it's hard to word! Here's my HTML <div id="feature"> <div class="container"> <div class="feature-inner"> <h1 class="top">My

I'm working on a project where I need to select a region using my mouse to retrieve the data in that region .I'm using pdf-query (python library) but the result produced by it contain the data which

JSON Structure [ { "Month": "2016-04-01T00:00:00", "Stock": [ { "Name": "DOW", "YearToDate": 0.16, "PreviousYearToDate": 0, "ThisMonth": 0.16, "ThisMonthPreviousYear": 0, "

I'm a beginner in tensorflow. I'm trying to implement simple model by looking at example step-by-step. now I'm trying to using gradient boosted decision tree to build a model. here is the example I

I have an odd issue when retrieving data from the database. This is a project that is being upgraded from .NET Core 1.0 towards .NET Core 2.1. Everything was working beforehand, but the upgrade has

Hello I want to create a server with java where I do some methods (like reading data from a database). I also want to create an Android App that communicates with that server. So I can press on a

Here's an example from Azure Document. However, i found it pretty confusing. startingNumberOfVMs = 1; maxNumberofVMs = 25; pendingTaskSamplePercent = $PendingTasks.GetSamplePercent(180 *

I've been trying to implement a code on fake news classifier using LSTM and I am facing this error, setting an array with sequence in model.fit. x_train is of shape (4434,500) and y_train is of (4434,

I have bunch of data like Model classes, Array list & some other data type based on requirements. Now, I am planning to start flexible & light weight way to communicate with activities &

Need to append text between tag e.g. { text here } sed -i -e 's/<\/Directory>/Hello/g' text.txt But this replace <\Directory> and everywhere. How can I fix this?

this is what i have tried ,i have changed the object-fit to cover.I wonder how I could make an image resize along with the properties increase, here is what I have done so far. Any ideas on how could

I know they are both used to shared information/data using a computing device and/or physically communicate with another person, but I need other similarities which I can't seem to find.

If my understanding is correct there are only two ways to host a web site in Azure. Host it ourself in a VM/Container (IaaS) Host it using Web App Service(PaaS). Is this true? Of course a logic

How can I access iItunes and play music using a Python code? Can this be done without having to download anything extra?

I am trying to load existing .json files at the beginning of my program if they already exist and create them if they don't exist. It was working when I first used it but now that I have split my

So I found this example of recursion in Python on W3 Schools, but am having trouble wrapping my head around it. def tri_recursion(k): if(k>0): result = k+tri_recursion(k-1) print(result)

For ex. I have mylib.jar and there is class com.example.MyClass. I want to create the java class and call there method public class MyClass{ public String getHelloPersonName(String name){

I'm using a WKWebView to load a web page in a test environment where a self-signed cert is present. WKWebView seems unable to load that web page since the certificate has the following issue:

I am trying to create a user from Google Forms and via App Script, the account will be provisioned in GSuite. When running the script, the account gets created but the employee and organization

So we have this Django project with multiple apps, and we use celery for tasks. The issue we are running into is that only the tasks inside the tasks.py of a single app will run, other tasks.py tasks

Consider this simple class: <?php declare(strict_types=1); class Blog { private $user; public function __construct(string $user) { $this->user = $user; }

I'm making a basic citation generator mockup with two columns: one for the list of already-generated citations, and one with a form to create a new one. Each element is in a div. Because the form is

Trying like this: <script src="https://unpkg.com/react@16.5.2/umd/react.production.min.js"></script> <script src="https://unpkg.com/react-dom@16.5.2/umd/react-dom.production.min.js">

While my application is running, lots of OpenGL warnings are thrown in log cat: W/OpenGLRenderer: Dirty 1080.00 1198.00 4135.00 1643.00 doesn't intersect with 0 0 1080 1920 ? I saw this question

I am currently using a send pipeline that contains the flat file assembler. The filename of the output file needs to be configured to a custom format that is not achieveable using the standard macros

I have encountered the problem to write Base64image data on FTP. When I write it on local drive, The photo is appeared clearly. But, When I write it on FTP server, it's appeared like spoiled images.

How can I make configure properly cache eclipselink? I don't know cache working or not. I don't see any caching job.. I haven't worked with cache eclipselink before(( <properties>

The issue that I'm having is that if you input any string the cin will assign the int to 0. An interesting finding is that if you later take cin to a string you get the entire string you put in for

Using LeakCanary, I found a memory leak that made a log like this. HttpsURLConnection$NoPreloadHolder.defaultHostnameVerifier -> MainActivity$16.this$0 -> MainActivity The only part on my

I'm using Vesper which requires paths to .graphql files instead of importable schema. I also write in typescript so everything gets compiled into a build folder which means that I either have to drag

Community, I am trying to "default" some filtering so that users save time / reduce errors for some recurring reports., but stuck on setting the Pivot Field "RT1004 : "Unable to get the

It takes a natural number n and a vector m of k positive integers, and prints the set of all m -constrained k -compositions of n. Note that k can be inferred from m. Let m=(1,,mk) be a vector of

Say I have a variable URL = '' and I use this in all of my calls like this (URL + '/logon') as my path. If you go into Google's dev tools you can find my address and port (the URL

I am trying to make a custom stepper in Flutter. I copied the implementation of stepper.dart, save my file to my own lib folder and fixed the imports to remove the errors. import 'package:flutter/

Recently I have been struggling with a problem that rose up because of NodeJS's asynchronous nature. I have a situation where I try to issue a request to one server, and if it does not work (because

I want to trigger an event only when the check box is tick and then it will remove the event when the check box is unchecked. How do I do this?Currently I'm using (change) to trigger an event but this

i want to create a ansible playbook , that when i enter 1 no then my add user playbook run and wen i enter 2 no then my remove playbook run , so how can i solve my problem i am stuck in the when