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删除同一查询上两个表的别名(PASGRESS 9.5)

i'm not sure what is wrong here : DELETE t1 FROM modified_client_config AS t1, modified_client_config AS t2 WHERE t1.Date < t2.Date AND t1.Client = t2.Client AND t1.Server = t2.Server; I search


I raised a query on Friday (here is the query) which works perfectly as per David Zemens instructions and BrakNicku guidance. Problem I have is that: one of the events I want to use is Enter.


http://rateyo.fundoocode.ninja/ Only in firefox (in chrome is ok) I change: <div id="rateYo" class="pull-left jq-ry-container" style="width: 160px;"><div class="jq-ry-group-wrapper"><


How to join two tables in Power BI on LIKE clause? Suppose we have two tables: +------------------+ +--------+ | Messy_Name | | Tag | +------------------+ +--------+ | red apple |

现在我可以更改root mysql密码到一个空字符串

I wanted to get rid of the password requirement for my MySQL and (stupidly) thought I could just change it to an empty string. I ran the command: mysqladmin -u -p[mypassword] password '' I received


I just installed elasticsearch on ubuntu 16.4 following these links. But, i have an error Lecture des listes de paquets Fait Construction de l'arbre des dépendances Lecture des informations


I need to calculate 3 quarters based on current month in C# for example if current month is August then last 3 completed quarters will be Q4 2017, Q1 2018, Q2 2018. Similarly for example if current


Here is a quick one for JS experts. Using moment like this. return moment(date).calendar(); Work pretty good. This returns things like Today at 11:57 PM and Last Thursday at 11:44 AM What I


Still new to react and redux and have been working on a MERN user registration application which I got working now. In the redux documentation I found the creators recommend splitting their code up


I have a function which should query firebase db and return a result. function verifyToken(token) { var androidId = 'xxxxx'; admin.database(dbDEV).ref('profiles').orderByChild('androidId').


(How) can I cast a derived class type in place of a base class? (I think it's cast I'm looking for - I think this is a simple thing to do but every answer I click on is wrapped in complexity) E.g. if

JAJ.Ajax LaaFurle未命中类型错误:不能读取属性

I'm trying to get chart.js data through AJAX, this returns error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'fontSize' of undefined" tried jquery ajax, same error tried following this tut, tested


I am trying to print Axis Request and response logs(with current date appended) , in order to achieve the same I have created client-config.wsdd but on each web service call a new log file is getting


Please find the below query of MySql: @v_CCommentID=2277,2278,; set @v_value1 = SUBSTR(@v_CCommentID, 0, 0); select @v_value1; // empty result is displaying. How to get the value of @


I have created a new module to add a new step to the signup process to get the user's phone number. Everything works fine, except the fact that after the signup, I need to grab the phone number I have


I have the list of strings: ['bsdf', 'dfgds', 'asdf'] I defined alphabet order: 'dfgsab' I would like to sort my strings according to the order defined in my alphabet. So in this example the


I am attempting to parse a page to find out if it has a string on it that I need so I can take the appropriate action. I would usually use New System.Net.WebClient().DownloadString(URL).ToString


I am using spring email and MIME Message to send an email. I am not able to send an email to the alias when I am putting the alias in TO list. If I put the same alias in CC list then my code is


I am new to Activiti. I am looking to get a work flow setup for and came across the Activiti designer. However from looking at this it seems you need eclipse to get started with it? Can you run

Spring 5——XML配置的组件索引工作吗?

We have upgraded our application to spring 5 recently. Am I right that the component index feature (https://docs.spring.io/spring/docs/current/spring-framework-reference/core.html#beans-scanning-index)


I am running simulations using dask and store my output results in an xarray Dataset. Then I save the data to a netcdf file. Afterwards, I want to reopen the file for further data processing. Opening


I am struggling through a multiple autofill of columns and rows in VBA Excel. I wrote the formula below, however I believe, that it can be made quicker and tidier. Does anyone knows what loop should


I'm a newbie in the use of Firebase Functions. After 7 days (calculated by a timestamp) I would like to remove a Post node from my database and, after that, remove all nodes form Comment and Reaction


How to make a demo Real Time Notification System Using Socket.io And Node.JS


Currently I have a problem with loading xml strings (also tested with loading files) in chilkat. The problem is loadings xml string which have single quotes in some attributes. Chilkat automatically

Android -意大利浓咖啡错误查询(或测试)

I try to make a following test @Test public void testItShowsErrorOnEmptyLogin() { onView(withId(R.id.bluebutton_button)).perform(click()); onView(withId(R.id.bluebutton_button)).check(matches(

ASP.NET MVC中日历/调度程序故障的理解

I'm having trouble understanding how fullcalendar/scheduler works in asp.net mvc. How can i initialize it and show data on it from my model for example my model: [Required] public string


Good day, I'm having some difficulties trying to figure out how to change a specific text in a sentence. I have the following text: Welcome to Strongest Legend  What i have in code: <h1 style="


I am currently doing computer science in year 12 and we have been given and open-ended assignment. Mine is to use a raspberry pi or a microbit to detect sound. When the sound level is above a certain


I have a df that looks like this: number 1 2 3 4 A list that looks like this: lst = [1,2,3,4,5] How do I compare the list and the column in dataframe, while removing the elements in the list that


> Datatype mismatch I got this error with this query (what's wrong with it please do correct me): cursor.execute('''INSERT INTO aioapp_output SELECT username, meaning , NULL FROM aioapp_name N JOIN


I'm building a Cordova app that makes extensive use of the offline support of Kendo dataSource. Most of the dataSources are configured to use serverFiltering, but this (obviously) doesn't work if the


its not redirected from http://domain.cn.com to https://domain.cn.com I am not an expert in htaccess url rewriting, but it seems like the subdomain is only removed for http connections and it


I have a custom collection view, normally it draws fine, scrolling is nice and smooth, generally its okay, Ive built in the ability to move items around using beginInteractiveMovementForItem &


So I'm trying to make a menu for my game in pygame, and it was going well until i started to try and make options or high score screens appear when the option is picked. The main menu just stays on


So, I have tested a number of functions to convert timestamps to different time zones, which works fine when looking at the data. But I can't figure out to group by the local day. I want to group


My Settings.xml has multiple repositories. I would like to set a custom timeout for each repository. How to achieve this?


For example, if have arr[]={57,99,57,30,57,99,28,57,45,30}; and I need to remove duplicates and receive new array arr2[]={57,99,30,28,45}; I need to use a new dynamic array without


I am trying to implement a time picker using html5 input type number in angular2 as shown below: <input type="number" [(ngModel)]="hour" (change)="checkHours();" name="one" min="1" max="12">

Recently I was trying to dual boot my windows with Linux mint. After installing Mint from Live USB I removed my USB before it was prompted to. As the result I found 5 entries in the grub menu : 1.


I have this error message with git commande : fatal: HttpRequestException encountered. git: 'credential-cache' is not a git command. See 'git --help'. I have the error when i use GIT version 2.18

模型拟合中的Keras Deep学习指数越界

I'm trying to run a deep learning algorithm using Keras with Theano as a backend, but the fit method is producing an error. I read that DataFrame is not applicable in Theano, so I converted my data

Im trying to create an Azure AD App programmatically (C#-script) I have wrapped the call to AddApplicationAsync in a try-catch and when I run it I get exception message "Insufficient privileges to


When I compile code: <html> <head> <title>PHP example</title> </head> <body> <button onclick="myFunction()">Try it</button> <br><br> <

ND4J GET行不在向量上工作

Using N4DJ in java nd4j-native-platform version 0.9.1 I am trying to create a subset of an array by only selecting certain rows. I do this using the getRows method. This works fine for matrices,


I am using the following dependency for writing my espresso tests: androidTestImplementation 'com.android.support.test.espresso:espresso-intents:3.0.2' androidTestImplementation 'com.android.


how can I add animation between images when convert images to video using java code and FFmpeg ?


I am getting this issue when I copy project(compressed file) from other machine, Don't know whether the problem with the pods,simulator or library path(using 9.4.1 Xcode). I have tried all the


Recently, I have encountered a pretty strange situation. Please, consider a simple Spring Boot application: @SpringBootApplication public class SampleApp implements WebMvcConfigurer { public


How can I set a timeout for a GET request using axios in Vue.js and Webpack? For example I have this code axios.get("myURL").then(function(response) { // code } I have tried to