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So I'm working on an excel sheet, and this is something i really can't figure out. I want it to be that if the contents of a cell match certain criteria, an entire column of cells will be pasted


I have a list of floating point numbers. I need to perform to certain addition and multiplication operations on these numbers and the logic of the code requires exact answer(Comparison with other


I am making a reading app like iBooks where I need to be able to highlight text (change the background color) and save where the user highlighted the text for next time. Each chapter of the book is in

如何理解PHP DoDoice中的儿童索引号?

I want to create a simple DOM parser to copy tables data from a website. For example I have this code to get table rows : $tables = $dom->getElementsByTagName('table'); $count = 0;


I tried building a collaborative filtering recommendation engine, but i have too much data for it to work. my data looks like this: user_id Game Score 754321 1 0.6 4564123 1


I have a macro which should be triggered when any cell in the range (s1:s100) changes. Range s1:s100 is populated by another macro and the values keep changing I have the below piece of code, which


I got an error while building the android project. Here is my the complete error log which I faced Log- Error:Execution failed for task ':app:transformClassesWithDesugarForDebug'. com.android.


I have an app where I can add input fields dynamically. however my buttons remain on their spot and I create 2 input fields underneath it. What I would like to try and to achieve is: When I add the


I'm completly new in Mayavi python, and I want to make some simulation. The first part of my simulation is to draw a map , and in the second part, I want to set color to a specific part of the map


I am trying to set the fill of a Rectangle to a new ImagePattern in order to display an image over the rectangle, however I am consistently getting the error, Exception in Application constructor


I want to find the line in the file where a particular string is found and then write to (modify) that particular line. Basically what I'm looking for is the equivalent of the command-line : sed -i "/

Python -将不完整的12h数据时间转换成适当的熊猫日期时间

I've got a pd.Series containing datetime-like strings with 12h format, but without the am/pm abbreviations : 64 02/01/2017 12:46:50 65 02/01/2017 12:46:55 66 02/01/2017 1:01:00 67


I have implemented a navigation drawer, but I am unable to show the header/action bar const RootStack = createDrawerNavigator( { Home: HomeScreen, Details: DetailsScreen, }, {


I am working on a cordova app. The debug/release build of android version is working fine. But for ios, the debug version is working fine in simulator and device but the release version when released


I am trying to use mleap-xgboost-spark library in my Java project and I am successfully able to train and save xgboost model. In the below code I am trying to load the model back in memory so I can


I want to plot a simple function against time. The code is below. The issue is when I change the parameter c to be 1.3 the plot does not get drawn to the whole time span that I have specified, where

I'm working with API to get data and bind it to the HTML, i get to show the response on the console but once i try to bind data to the User screen i cannot, nothing is showing My HTML: <ul *ngFor=


i am trying hardware pen testing on IOT devices.i am unable to extract and save the firmware of respective device. i am using UART pins by USB to TTL converter.


I have several separate plots that I would like to align properly. In other words, you should be able to skip through the PDFs with the plots and only the content changes, but the spacing stays the


I'm writing a Spark Streaming application where the input data is put into an S3 bucket in small batches (using Database Migration Service - DMS). The Spark application is the only consumer. I'm


Is it possible to use CSS counter in combination with flexbox order style? I want achieve an effect when counter number is the same like element order. Counters update when some of elements have "

在仪表板中更改站点地址时WordPress 500内部服务器错误

I have not imagined the problem would be this big. Everything is going fine then I changed the permanent site address for the sake of SEO. From then 500 internal server error is displayed even for wp-


What does /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)" mean? I understand -e will include ruby code in command but I don't get the $() part. What'

VisualStudio 2017评估周期在未连接到Internet的PC上过期

I installed VS Studio 2017 community on a computer that is not connected to the internet. Now I got the message that my "evaluation period has ended!. I know that this problem goes away if I sign in.


I want to implement a scala library for graphs. This library should also contain different types of trees. 1 the class tree extends the class graph 2 the class graph has a method getAllPrecursors(


hello friends i am trying to create task in asana with custom fields data but its give fatel error if i am not attach custom field it properly task created but i want to create task with custom field


I want a solution for writing a script for C# Automation using selenium web driver library in TFS, I have to store all disabled values and then click on them. Actually, the validation is like that I


Previously i was able to develop a little framework using the Spring Integration Where developers can specify the URLs, HTTP methods and Request Body and invoke any external REST API. This is the


.try {background-color: aqua; width: 100px; height: 100px; margin: 0 auto; margin-top: 50%; position:relative; } <div class="try"></div> Hello sorry for


I have been looking at schema.org for a while now and I was wondering whether you are able to define certain product bundles. Let me go into a bit more detail here, there are certain add-ons which


I'm writing a C program (g++ compilable) that has to deal with a lot of different structures, all coming from a buffer with a predefined format. The format specifies which type of structure I should


Every time i make a request i create a new Volley Request Queue: public void initializeQueue(Context context){ File cacheDir = new File(context.getCacheDir(), "Volley"); this.queue = new


I am trying to run the TensorFlow Object Detection API. It works when I use it on my webcam with that line : cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0) But when I try to do it on a video with that line : cap = cv2.

RAMBASDOWN -插入括号内的注释

This may seem like a basic question, but I can't seem to find an answer for this anywhere. Is there a way to enter a comment between the brackets of the chunk in Rmarkdown. For example: ```{r some


On one of my pages I want to display a button, whenever this button is clicked I want to display the following in my display "Button clicked". However the following message displays in my console.""


I have a concern. I have to determine the dominant color of an image, but the colors should be picked from a determined list of colors (e.g red green blue red and white). I know that algorithms such


I have below code that should be executed after actionListener. But it seems that even though isValid in my backing bean is set to true, goToHomePage() was not execute. oncomplete="if (#{user.isValid(


I've got decimals and I want to show them without values after the dot. For example 10.00 => 10. I already have N2 formatting. myValue.ToString("N2"); Is there a simple way to combine those two?


May I know JVM handles Thread scheduling? How JVM handles unused threads (i.e) Threads that are not in running state. Does too much of unused threads is burden to JVM?


I've been working on a model that deals with nlp for text classification.The data I have is not too much, so I came across this technique known as Semi Supervised Learning which gives apparently


new to Joomla and WebRTC, I need to create audio and video calling web application on my Joomla website, Please guide and suggest me. Thanks.

WTCF REST服务在HTTPS下不可用访问(ErryCnnutnIsRead)

I have work WCF service (over win.service). Service works through HTTP, but when i switch config to HTTPS then i get ERR_CONNECTION_RESET. I have already learned a lot of information about this

安装LIbXML XSD时,我得到了这个错误,如何安装并修复错误?

make: Entering directory `/root/node_modules/libxmljs-mt/build' CXX(target) Release/obj.target/xmljs/src/libxmljs.o In file included from ../src/libxmljs.h:7, from ../src/libxmljs.cc:


I have a method which will download all the images from tableau database, I have 200+ images in my tableau DB. When I call a method (GenerateWorkbookThumbnail()) it will download the images from


Can anyone please tell me after submitting a web form how can i load the output(result page) instantly. Now if I click submit button then laravel loads all the result on the same page then load the


In the code below after the CancelAll and Stop, the request that added afterwards in the queue, will be immediately execute after the start command. How can i clean the last request/requests that was


Hello I have an error on the code below: the code node.js performs a series of operations in one of these operations I have to change directory with process.chdir, when I run the code on my local Mac


I want to check two checkbox on this web page to delete those rows. However, when I press the delete button, it displays "0 record(s) deleted". Besides, both rows of data that I checked was not


There is some problem with my npm package. my node is perfectly installed. I checked through node -v cmd immediatly spits ut the version, but when i npm -v i get the following error my error However,


I am trying to run a query in php to delete certain entries from a database. The entries to delete comes from an html form. However, when I try it out, the entries don't get deleted from the table. I