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I want to do a query using eloquent that gets the email of all users that did a registration in a specific conference. The email is stored in the users table. The registrations table has the column "

如何在Android Studio中导入病毒总API?

I am a beginner and want to create an Android based antivirus. I saw Virus Total provides API but I do not know how to import the API into my Android project.


select season,violation_code, cnt, RANK() over (Partition BY season order by cnt desc) AS rank from (select season,violation_code, count(*) as cnt from ParkingViolations_seondary group by season,


I'm trying to implement an example project on DZone (https://dzone.com/articles/cv-r-cvs-retrieval-system-based-on-job-description) and running into a problem. In this case, I've set dir_pca_we_EWE =


I need to increase the GROUP_CONCAT_MAX_LEN, after a research I saw that is possible do this using: SET SESSION group_concat_max_len, but I didn't find any tutorial or article that allow me to do this


I have this rule in web.config in the root of website which redirects to HTTPS: <rewrite> <rules> <rule name="HTTPS" enabled="true" patternSyntax="Wildcard" stopProcessing="true">

从可空列表创建Java 8流

Is there a way to check the null in java8, if list is null return null, else do the operations. public Builder withColors(List<String> colors) { this.colors= colors== null ? null :


I have been facing a simple sql connection error, and i m tired of fixing it. I installed sql server 2014 and then sql server 2017, add rules to firewall and even turned off the firewall. services


I used certbot to create a SSL certificate for my domain. It modified my Nginx configuration automatically. Below is the section which redirects http (80) to https (443): server { if ($host = domain.


I am just getting started with WPF and MVVM, and am a bit confused where to put IO (in the broadest sense). For example, I am listening for USB device events and want to show the number of certain USB


I am trying to reduce the time the application spends computing the same thing over and over again This sounds like a caching use-case, but it may require an architectural change instead. The


Here is an example of what I want to do: var dom = tinymce.get( 'content' ).dom; var newel = $( '<p/>' ).html( 'some html with text' ); var oldel = dom.get( dom.select( 'oldelID' ) ); dom.


I've been using a UserControl to display a list of controls. I initially had AutoScroll enabled, and then opted to not using it. I chose against using it as it stood out and simply didn't 'look' good


While searching for arrow functions I came across this example let labels = []; repeat(5, i => { labels.push(`Unit ${i + 1}`); }); console.log(labels); // → ["Unit 1", "Unit 2", "Unit 3", "Unit


Why Tomcat server down? AND solution please. enter image description here


I have such a snippet of ajax request: <div> <h4>Comments</h4> <!-- <form action="/article/comment/create/{{ article.id }}" method='post'> -->


In my .net MVC project , there is requirement to by-pass login. (Link is calling from my window application and user is already authenticated here) I am calling following function to authenticate


I am trying to integrate ionicons while it shows '?' only. Here is the use case: import Ionicons from '@expo/vector-icons/Ionicons'; <Ionicons size={20} name="star-outline" style={styles.


I am trying to send large amount of log files (around 700 files) from logstash to Elasticsearch. But when I start logstash, logs are not sending to the elasticsearch. It throws error something like


I am using Alibaba Cloud Direct Mail for my project triggering the mails for the events like signup, password reset, etc.. and Batch emails for informing discounts, etc.. I want to show how the


Phone: Vivo V7+ Version: Android 7.1.1 Nougat I have tried automatically installing the drivers by uninstalling them in the device manager, and plugging it back in. Including downloading the driver


i use django 1.1 and python 3.6, i make view show detail for one product but when i send id for product to view it not work but when i change in urlpatterns the regular expression to be different


I get an error: C2664 'void display_string(int,int,char*,int): cannot convert argument 3 from 'const char [32]' to 'char *' Code void display1(void) { glClearColor(1.0,1.0,0.1,1.0);

在项目GDelt BQ中,用户没有BigQue.Jas.Cube权限。

I am trying to connect Google Big Query with Tableau Desktop. My steps: 1. Allow Google Bigquery to access Tableau Desktop Step2: I connect the project: gbelt-bq/ data set full and choose the table


My Neo4j database is built importing an XML file, where is occuring the following pattern: <?xml version="1.0"?> <Model> <Entity id="1" name="one"> <SubEntity ref="2"/> &


Hy i want to toggle a content in an amp-list, I followed the instructions of the following post: AMP: easy way to toggle a CSS class?, and it works fine. The problem is that i'm in an "amp-list" and


I need to connect two bluetooth devices to my arduino. How do I go about doing this? Is it possible without using multiple bluetooth modules?


I'm trying to transform this DataFrame date foo1 foo2 foo3 bar1 bar2 bar3 0 2018-06-01 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 1 2018-06-02 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 into this


IronPython outputs the exception: "Python exception : Cannot import name _remove_dead_weakref". Here is my python code: import sys sys.path.append(r'D:\Program Files\Python2.7\Lib') import

AWS WordPress HTTP到HTTPS重定向不工作

I am having issue with Wordpress HTTP to HTTPS redirection. Currently I set up AWS EB application with Godaddy domain. I asked for help HERE. But currently I am having problem with redirection. I


I'm trying to update my cursor while my program is busy. This snippet works: import tkinter as tk def button(): root.configure(cursor="watch") root = tk.Tk() root.geometry("300x500") button_1 =


When I set the backgroundColor property of my Xib-instantiated subclass of UIView, the view's background color doesn't change but rather stays the color set in the Xib. Reproducing the issue I have

gRPC is based on http2 which must be use ssl. But I found I can create use insecure server. I want to know insecure means that don't use ssl or use predefined certificate for http2?

CSS定位2 div滚动到短的一端

I got problem with positioning 2 divs - idk which one will have larger content, but when scroll it down to end I want to stop moving at end of shorter one. I show it on image(attached it here)


I have an win32 application built with runtime packages. I have enable {$SetPEFlags IMAGE_FILE_LARGE_ADDRESS_AWARE} in my .dpr file. I assume the executable file should have the flag set. I then

MungDB NoDEJS驱动程序中唯一的密钥

I am trying to create a new collection service. I would like the name field to be unique. This is my code to create a index, then insert the document. try { await collection.createIndex({name


i have been trying to show adbob banner ad in one of my activities but i keep getting this weird error, i tried doing different things but none of them helped fix the problem, i am stuck on this


How to convert java.time.LocalDate into java.util.Date. Example 2018-06-24 to 24/06/2108 Sun Jun 24 00:00:00 IST 2108


How can I change the return button to some other native buttons ios has? Now it shows the grey return button and instead I want it to be blue with some other text like the example below: EXAMPLE:


A third party monitoring app expects the host header to be set to a certain value in order to recognise the message I send it (it defaults to localhost when sending locally). So I need to set it


I built my website with node.js and I want to show blog posts on homepage. I have already built blog posts section on homepage. It shows latest news from MySQL database. When users click on a picture


I have two tables, items and categories, every item has one category, and one category has many items. All working fine with me but it shows only one item for every category id how can I display all


I’d like to get YouTube sharing short link and embed if possible with a PHP script, starting from keyword (as title of video) Possible?


I have a problem that simmilar to SubSetSum problem, But not 100%. I getting: array of Numbers in ascending order,The numbers can appear several times, but each number can be used once. array of Sum'


I am trying to train a model for classification. My dataset has 42 features, some are string values and the others are float value. I want to use preprocessing.StandardScaler() on the dataset and


I have a problem with tabLayout in fragments, here there is a very good solution to adding tabs inside a fragment, but right now I have some annoying issue, it is when backward button from devices


This question has been asked many time but none of them consider all cases. Could you please please tell me exactly where each const variable in below code is stored. For standard gurus , please

Python -池不

I'm using Pool from multiprocessing package (from multiprocessing.dummy import Pool). I wrote a function that reads a text file and preprocessing it for a future function. I have about 20,000 such


I am begginer , so I have a tabbedPage , and I want to create a MENU , when I click to button the menu to shown from the left. How can I do that ??


I have a use case in which the user should be able to click on a slider that has its data served from server. The data contains some information that would be used to: a) Open another view and