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Please I have a hosted java web application at sometime of the day it just get unresponsive, do I have to always restart the tomcat server for it to always remain responsive or should I increase my

AWAlambda JavaScript SDK当我在IAM SDK中出错时,回调设置为未定义

AWS Lambda Javascript SDK when I get an error with the IAM SDK the callback is set to undefined. When there is an error with the iam.listAttachedUserPolices call I get an error with the callback. If


I want to try a regex to match my string of this kind like if (cadena.matches("[0-9],[0-9]")){ Do something} //this being like if the string has numbers before and after the comma wich way can

Culjress Java互操作JavaCass.类

I am using a Java library that frequently references as method arguments JavaClassName.class. For example, it will require a call: document.get(TextAnnotation.class) I have tried a few ways to


If you have a cocos2d-x3.16,and use it to match VS15 with the development environment.Now that you have create a new project,and then in this project,you just have to do one simple thing:which is to


I would like to prefaces this by stating that I am not a programmer however I am a designer and 3D artist who likes to dabble in code every-once-in-a-while. My basic question is if anyone has had any


Feathers/Express is really slow to load static content. Is there any way to speed up without using Nginx? Each request to load an image takes about 3 seconds for a 200-300kb file on a ADSL connection


Scenario: I want to read a large text file fast (e.g. lorem.txt with 200 lines in example below) . I have tried three different ways in code below Non-concurrent sequential processing Channels and


I need to make a python script which generates sine waves of a given frequency and plays them using pyaudio (blocking mode), I also need to be able to change this frequency while it runs, modulate it


[ e | v <- f:fs, q ] reduces to [ e | q ] [ v := f ] ++ [ e | v <- fs, q ] The output of [ e | v <- f:fs, q ] should be a single list. What does it mean to put two lists together in the


I have an Event model in Mongoose as such: let eventSchema = new Schema( { description: { type: String, required: true }, start_time: { type: Date, required: true }, end_time: { type:


I have been googling this for a while already but I did not get the answer. In my JUnit test I set up DynamoDBEmbedded instance and I want to create tables/load test data from JSON files. Thus I am


I didn't implement whole infixTopostFix method yet. but I have a question about it. I am figuring out it still. (notice: My infixToPostfix method is not complete yet) #include <stdio.h> #

简单的Express API错误

I keep receiving the following error when running my express API below shows the error i get in terminal, and have broken the code out in 3 blocks which will be three seperate sheets. if you could


I try to use CM Labs's math engine to build a heavy machine for another Virtual simulation software to use. So far I work on loading CM Labs's value like position/velocity or other values and try to


I am creating a Ruby gem. I am not using Rails (inside of the gem). However, I am using ActiveRecord. I included Rspec and created some tests. But it is using the development database. And the reason


this is a WordPress site using the Avada theme. So, most of the functionality was not coded by me. i am, although, always adding custom CSS to style things. so if you look at the page, http://new.


I have a simple main class with no entity objects, plain SQL needing UUID as output. I get a mapping exception, to work around the mapping exception, I created my own custom dialect, even then the


I'm trying to create a button element in javascript without using jQuery. I keep getting an error "Cannot read property 'appendChild' of null" when I try to append it to the DOM. I've looked


I haven't seem to find this answer anywhere. What I want to do is in my flask front end html display images from any directory and in a way that is not relative to the static folder. So for example,


I've had a good hunt but can't find the solution: the GLTFExport for Three.js allows for specific objects to be exported when they're named in the exporter. My situation: I a random number of


Imagine you want to create a fp library. I know there are many but it's ok. Which way you would go. 1) create module and exports object with all the functions: Var fp = require (); fp.map, fp.


How i can make dynamic image with PHP? sometimes, There are web applications that provide a special feature to generate a picture and when pressed click to open the picture and have data. The data


I'm trying to create a VUE component preview (similar to JSFiddle/CodePen), in VUE. The VUE container that needs to show the end-user how a component looks like: <quickpreview v-html="code">&


I follow the example in https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/python-javascript-communicate-json/. I have a file in HTML where I get the input from the front-end,which JavaScript file uses to process and



I want to multiply many small matrices together on the GPU. First I initialize some dummy data and send it to the GPU: clear;clc; Num=50;%the array is NumxNum blocks SIZE=5;%each block is


One solution I found is to use an <Image> inside a <Grid>, as shown here Another way to add background image to Panel is <Grid.Background> <ImageBrush ImageSource="/


How can I add node addon (which is used in renderer process!) into asar archive with electron-packager? Webpack generate files: ./dist bundle.js addon.node index.html main.css And


I’ve read from the docs and this SO answer that Session objects are thread-local, so you should only have one Session in each thread. You can create a Session object for each thread via sessionmaker


just curious to how difficult it will be to make this into a dynamic xml file this is not all of the code just some for insight to what i am asking. thanks john $xmlFile ='FileZilla Server/

Django VUE JS

I'm currently Using django,highcharts, and JQuery to build a simple data visualization web app. I just moved from JQuery to Vue Js and I'm confused on how vue js to fetch JSON data from certain url.


My friend wants to add a simple shopping cart plugin for his wordpress site. He wants people to be able to add items from a page and then print out the order form or send electronically. But he doesn'


I want to test ROPS(feature descriptor that is used in PCL library) method on noisy bologna dataset. I change x y z values by adding noises but I don't know how the new triangles are calculated.


What could cause the exception Error: SecureChannelFailure when calling a web service from a scheduled background job? I've implemented a Job Scheduler for background sync with our servers. A call to


I'm currently using xcode 9 and ios11.After I add a child view to the parent view (which uses autolayout to determine the frame), the child view receives a warning ambiguous layout.Why is there


import pandas as pd def author_search(): userInput = input('Enter a string: ').lower() result = [] with open ('file.txt','r') as f: for item in f: if userInput in ['


I have a Java list representation like below List representation of data [ { "type" : "Error", "name" : "xyz" }, { "type" : "Success", "name" : "abc" }, { "type" : "none", "name" : "prq"


I am trying to create a command which copies current line to new tab, then breaks it at full stops (.), then adds a blank line below (at end of text) and finally goes to the beginning of the text (


I am currently developing a network Library for Unity as the one integrated is not quite what our game needs. Several things such as too much abstraction and many limitations forced us come up with


I am trying to implement a pause button in my game. However every time I tap the pause button (SKSpriteNode) on my iOS Device nothing happens. I have tried making the button do other actions and tried


Parts of my navbar are static from page to page. For example, the Title is an Image component that gets displayed on every page. When clicking through from one page to another, the previous title


Im trying to follow this Celery Based Background Tasks to create a celery settings for a simple application. In my task.py from celery import Celery def make_celery(app): celery = Celery(app.


I am trying to take a variable use it for a size declarator into an array. I am having trouble getting the data into the array. What will happen then is that I will divide the array into an average


I'm using Room as the database for the app. I`m fetching data from the server using Retrofit. the scenario is i have a class called Photo and annotated with Entity to be used by room, and im using


I have successfully deployed a PHPStorm project to run on a remote server. But I now find I cannot run it on localhost. Is there a way of switching between the two?


Im new to Programming and i have to basic questions. The first would be: I want to know if a destructor function will wait for a query from an extended class to run before executing. For example i

Github Jykyl如何使真实页面格式与预览相同

My github jekyll structure looks like next: after I enter _posts and create .md file, it looks like: We can see that the format is nice, such as it has syntax highlight. I called it preview page


I will show you the text of what I am trying to do echo A ring of sparks appears on echo the ceiling and you fly echo


<div class="stuff"> <div class="this">K/D</div> <div class="that">8.66</div> ( If not clear the two divs below the top div are its children ) I'm currently trying