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I'm working on this example: https://bl.ocks.org/mbostock/1705868 My aim is to add a button which on click will draw a new circle and make it move as the 1st one without reseting its cycle. So I've

I have the following problem: I'm trying to import a wsdl file and generate the proxy in C# where the namespace contains the following "urn://". However I get the error The string 'urn://' is

Goal I'm trying to inject feed data from one URL into another URL in my cache. Setup This is just a sample code. It's ready to be dumped into a project. What I'm trying to do is use the response +

I have a @Transactional(rollbackFor=Exception.class) annotation on my method using a Spring shared EntityManager. But when I intentially set the username to a duplicate, the transaction does not roll

I always thought in C++ short was an integer type. However, Wikipedia lists it under floating point types in this article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine_epsilon I'm confused. I'm pretty

I just recently started programming and I am currently learning Java. I was working on a project I found online where I need to implement a binary tree into a basic program. The program goes like this:

I've got a small problem with disabling a feature from a free wordpress theme. The theme is called 'Bulan" and adds a yellow glow over the header image but I can't seem to get rid of it in the code.

Hi I'm trying to find out, themes for xamarin app, but nothing, does anyone know where can I get some themes for xamarin forms and a tutorial about creating a new one? the documentation is not really

Two-way comparison operators should be non-members functions if: you want the first operand to be of a type that is not this class you want implicit type conversion any of the two operands The new C+

Let's say I have a root or base url of aws.com/prefix/. I want to run my PWA at this url, but the PWA by default serves at /. I was able to change the assets path in various configurations for css, js,

For some reason I can't seem to get rid of the vertical spacing between these two spans, I know I'm missing something simple but any help would be appreciated. The issue I'm having is the

I have a CSV log file for which each record has double-quotes around the timestamp, in the following form: "2018-10-22 14:38:29", comma-separated values "2018-10-22 13:18:07", comma-

library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; entity mux is generic (m: natural:= 3); port ( x: in std_logic_vector(0 to 2**m-1); z: out std_logic; s: in std_logic_vector(m-1 downto 0)); end mux;

how to move URL configured in NODEJS with MongoDB from windows server to linux server. I have not tried anything as i'm new to linux world

I'm trying to develop a new social app and I'm facing to a new issue. I'm using Firebase and wanted to create a "default" image for each users of my futur database. Below is the error and my code:

I have a text box where the user must enter a text, I want to make a control on the input (ie replace the character 'and' by another character or delete it from the text entered by the user I tried

I have to migrate website. I have the database and am trying to migrated in to Drupal 7 website. But i have to take the images from the old site (from url address) I'm using Entity metadata wrapper

I wrote method for getting max pairwise product but when I test method with input 100000 and 90000, I can't get a long value. I get result 410065408. static long getMaxPairwiseProduct(int[] numbers) {

When storing a hashed password the salt is usually persisted with it. This usually isn't a security issue as it is my understanding that a salt is merely designed to prevent rainbow lookup tables, and

I am using the UIL library to display local images. It works properly, though I want to do a smooth fade in effect. I have found this example here: https://github.com/nostra13/Android-Universal-Image-

Adding new private pages (or simply pages in general), Liferay 7.1 is throwing the exception below : ERROR [http-nio-8080-exec-4][LiferayMethodExceptionEventHandler:54] Unable to execute method

I'm trying to set up a mysql 8 intsall on centos 7 and am having a hell of a time. We have some legacy software that was connecting to old mysql dbs via lowercase names and I want to carry that over

I have a log that looks like this: msg: time=2017-10-25.15:53:07:827 | msg2=somedata:sometitle[{"key1":"value1","key2":"value2"}] I want to get the value2 and here is my splunk query: index="

I am not very good at setting up a project at all. I am working on an application in VS that uses ASP.NET with MVC framework. I am wanting to use a Postgresql database and use it in my project with

I am supposed to write a code where the user can give the program the number of indexes, and then give every single one of them values. The problem is, when I try to write the values out, the first

SQLServer 2012, VS2015, SSMS 2017 I have a query that is currently using an OUTER APPLY that is slowing down the query. I know that I could speed it up by changing the OUTER APPLY into a LEFT JOIN ON

how to add NavigationView abov NavigationBottn ?? Your post appears to contain code that is not properly formatted as code. Please indent all code by 4 spaces using the code toolbar button or the

I recently encountered a problem while establishing data structure in Excel. The format that I need to handle is having the forms below. 1 3 5 7 9 2 4 6 8 10 The data is taking

This is the html from the website I am trying to send keys to like I said I have tried (number = driver.find_element_by_class_name("nsg-form--input") number.send_keys("test") <input class="

I have a game where the player rotates a camera around the globe. Ive tried several methods but none seem to work in order to pan the camera at certain instances. Moving the camera works perfectly,

Every time I request a query to look on our database for more than 1 day It shows a type mismatch but when I do just a day it shows just fine on our webpage. I have a hunch that the columns is not

I have a deadlocked .NET Core process running on Linux. I've attached lldb and I can see that there are hundreds of threads stuck on Monitor.ReliableEnter, and they all seem to be trying to lock the

Using Php, I'm trying to store values of a form with 6 fields to a database table 'vendor'. Every time an user updates the values of the form, existing values will be copied to another table named '

I am trying to compile gmp using C++. first I ran: GMP=/usr/ .././configure --prefix=${GMP} --enable-cxx But when I run: make check It errors out with: make[4]: *** No rule to make target '../

so i want ICON + TEXT, ICON + TEXT, ICON + TEXT in a line, with a different icon each time. what i want it to say is (let capital letter = icon) X Episodes Y Seasons Z Rating also i don't mind

I'm using Laravel 5.7 & VueJs 2.5.* First i'm facing this issue: Adding Dynamic Input Fields I'm want to build an invoice application, so a invoice has many InvoiceItems. When i'm able to

I am attempting to post a workbook to a specific project using a REST call via cURL but am having trouble understanding the requirements of the command. (https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/v10.1/api/

The JMX documentation for OrientDb is very sparse and some of it is from obsolete versions of OrientDb. I am currently trying on 3.0.9 I have figured out how to turn on JMX plugin in the orientdb-

When I try to map this below + add cluster effect to markers I get this error: assert isinstance(figure, Figure), ('You cannot render this Element ' 'if it

I use ServiceNow REST API in my application. I need to resolve existing incident. For this purpose I use PUT method and I can update some fields like short_description. But if I try to update state

//Anom loggin auth.SignInAnonymouslyAsync().ContinueWith(task => { if (task.IsCanceled) { Debug.LogError("SignInAnonymouslyAsync was canceled.");

I am using pymunk to simulate bodies moving. Because I want the bodies to move in a certain way I am setting their positions every time point (I know that this is not recommended for Chipmunk/Pymunk).

Asked already a question about converting functions from Ruby to JS, and now I'm trying to implement with JS to PHP, but something does not work, tell me what I'm missing? The code on JS:

I have a library written in C++/CLI. I want to load a helper library (DLL) which is written in C from the C++/CLI library. I have managed to load it statically (by manually adding the library in the

I've been changing this project: https://github.com/viewflow/cookbook/tree/master/_articles/redux_jwt_auth To get a better understanding of react/redux and how it could be implemented into a backend

Tools Visual Studio 2017 v15.8.7 dotnet core sdk v2.1.403 Scenario I'm trying to implement a persistent cache that stores responses from api calls. It's important that this cache is available

I am new to Javascript. I am working with 2 ball instances that are meant to bounce off each other when collided. I have figured out the collision detection but I can't get the reaction working. Once

My Kafka cluster has the next configuration. Kafka version cluster (v1.1.0) with 3 brokers One topic ("fara2) with 5 partitions and 3 replicas In each partition there are 10.000.000 messages. 50.000.

I have uploaded the unzipped python 3 package larch locally on our server from the school. But I can not either locally installed it by using pip, or know how to use the codes from the package folder.

I'm trying to get ngrok's dynamically generated IP address programmatically by using bash to set globals and env variables. Below is what I have so far. Run ngrok http 4040 Inside your host root