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In Windows PowerShell I have used chcp 65001 and chosen a font that includes all of the characters I want. If I display a UTF-8 file with type file.u8 it works fine and I get the desired characters.


When I inspect the html elements created by the following code (using hyperHTML in Chrome, the entire list refreshes (I am assuming this based on all elements in the <ul> flashing purple briefly)


The two codes do not run together at the same time. How? My code for class module Private sub-App_workbooknewsheet (byval wb as workbook, byval sh as object) Application.Run "PERSONAL.XLSB!Open_It"


With springboot 2.0 We can set up in application.properties like this: server.servlet.session.cookie.domain=.XXXX.com server.servlet.session.cookie.http-only=true server.servlet.session.cookie.path=/


Im trying to access a list ive created called Brands. I am then trying to replace information from a user input with information from the list. I am struggiling to print out and replace text of the


First time poster here. I am currently designing a navbar for a site; I made each navbar "tab" a data cell in a table with a background image in each cell. Because my background image is not the


I need to close a PG-Promise database connection after testing a function in Jest. This is initialised in one place(db.js) and required everywhere it is needed. In the case of the code below, it is

如何将数据帧转换成RDD并使用Scala Scala将其存储在CasANDRA中

How to convert dataframe to RDD and store it in cassandra in spark scala. consider example like below, +------+---------+--------+ |emp_id| emp_city|emp_name| +------+---------+--------+ | 1|

LaaVelSqLt[ 22007 ]:无效的日期时间格式:1366不正确的十进制值:

I am trying to update the entire data, but I need to divide the exchange rate by the margin rate on the purchase price, and data format error occurs. SQLSTATE[22007]: Invalid datetime format: 1366


Background: There seems to be a consensus that current versions of Chrome have a domain level concurrent connection limit of 6-10 (I'm having trouble finding specific documentation about the exact


I have Python program sshs into a different EC2 box and run's a bash script however it will only run the bash script if it's in the default directory upon logging in. Here's some code. import boto3


I'm trying to use 010 Editor v8.0.1 as the diff program for binary files in P4V, especially those which I have a template script for (eg, EXEs). According to the -compare documentation on 010's site,

在IIS 6.2中防止XML缓存

I'm running IIS6.2 on Windows Server 2012R I have .xml prevent all caching in "output caching" configured for both user-mode and kernel-mode. I also have <meta http-equiv='cache-control' content='


ask lang po. kasi nageerror sakin when viewing the report. blank lang po nailalabas. tignan nyo lang po yung screenshot. di ko po alam kung ano pong gagawin eh. thanks po sa sasagot. about po to sa


Merchant hasMany(Terminal) Terminal hasMany(Token) Merchant id mid Terminal id tid Token id mid tid token $merchant_info->terminal->token->save(new Token($data)); Throws an error:


Following my previous question here to swap image using OpenGL and Obj-C, I decided to also go with the original tutorial using C++ with shader and texture. What I'm trying to do is switching


System information What is the top-level directory of the model you are using: ssd_mobilenet_v1_coco_2018_01_28 OS Platform and Distribution: Ubuntu 16.04 TensorFlow installed from: source TensorFlow


PROBLEM: Given a lists of transactions, I have to generate box plots for transactions by type as well as for all transactions. BACKGROUND: I am working in Excel 2016. I have a table filled with data


I am very new to cosmos Db and have a requirement of deleting a complete partition. On performing a brief research I found that drop partition is not a thing. Consequently i stumbled on the following


How to load the view page before executing any functions? App Process: 1. User will click login button 2. I will navigate to sync page 3. sync page will execute six (6) functions after executing 6


I have the following code using Spring @Transactional annotation. //in A.java Class A { @Transactional(propagation=propagation.???) public void aMethod() { B b = new B(); b.


For instance, I'd like a column of buttons on the left: Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 And a column of paragraphs on the right: OPTION 1 TEXT PARAGRAPH OPTION 2 TEXT PARAGRAPH OPTION 3

我怎么知道SDK VSON是什么?

I know its might be very simple but i really need know what is the SDK verson ?


Is there a possible way to inject some code in the the following statements (I tried the sleep function and it worked , but i'm looking for a way to get the table's name): PreparedStatement statement


I have a Double which can be positive or negative that I want to display in the following way: For positive values: +$1.10 For negative values: -$0.50 And blank for 0 values I've tried like this:


I'm new to cold fusion environment. I need help in generating total of commission group by person name (seller). Currently only manage to get total for all every seller. Please help.


I have a scenario to send PDF reports to clients (more than 10K monthly). I am looking for a good API Service / Library to convert HTML + CSS to PDF bytes. please suggest me some commercial HTML to


I am getting my head wrapped around pointers, and I get a segmentation fault on this code, for no apparent reason. Basically this works: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main(


I am dealing with a dataset which looks like this below Id Time Location 754005 13:19:00 HK564 754005 13:19:00 IE578 980278 19:51:00 AK177


below is my .py spider file - when I run import scrapy class JobdtsSpider(scrapy.Spider): name = 'jobdts' allowed_domains = ['https://****.craigslist.org/d/software-qa-dba-etc/search/sof']


My python program expects a few environment variables to be populated first (API KEYs etc.) I have a bash script that fetches the temporary API keys, and sets it using EXPORT, and i'm able to call

在Windows 10上使用MySQL转储

I'm running MySQL 5.7.13 64-bit version. On Windows 7 everything works fine. But on Windows 10 the mysqldump operation inserts null characters immediately before each non-null character in the dump


I have 3 tables: trips [id, name, ] users [id, first_name, last_name, ] trips_users [trip_id, user_id] I already have a filtered list of trips but now I am trying to get the users that are


Translated with google: Hello everyone, I've been doing too many laps, to see if someone helps me, I understand that it's not that complicated. I need to be able to be in C #, a list with the urls


I have some troubles on the following question. Valid: abc-456-efg abc-efg Invalid: abc--efg The characters before or after the "-" is fixed and the characters between the "-" can be anything


I have a object like this public class A { public int ID {get; set;} pubic Name PName {get; set;} } [XmlType(Namespace = "somenamespace")] public class Name{ public string FName {get; set;}


I've tried a few times now and was wondering if anyone else was having this issue? Performing an upgrade as per the upgrade instructions on the release notes, but it freezes on this step.


I am using XML and would like to generate a keypress of a certain key. I have searched on Google for some time, but either it's not possible or I'm using the wrong search terms. Does anyone have any


I want to determine a device's orientation correctly on both android and iOS devices. After some investigation, I realised that on iOS devices, the width and height stay the same no matter how users


I have a dataframe like so: df<-structure(list(id = c("A", "A", "A", "A", "B", "B", "B", "B", "C", "C", "C", "C", "D", "D", "D", "E", "E", "E"), expertise = c("r", "python", "julia", "c", "

Pulsk API多重查询502错误

I am working on plesk php api. I am adding subscription. There is no problem in this actions. When I was calling multiple query at the same time. Second query is make unsuccessful. Server sending 502

从出现在Windows 10上的不正确数据的IMFLINE读取YY2数据

I am developing an application that using IMFSourceReader to read data from video files. I am using DXVA for improved performance. I am having trouble with one specific full-HD H.264 encoded AVI file.


I need to make my application open together with return a new window with another url Below ASP.NET MVC code with what I plan to do. Opens external url and then performs redirection to default system


I'm NOT an evil!!! I work on a project for using a pc keyboard for an other pc via socket with java. Everything is fine, but when I press windows key or alt + shift + del or other hotkeys, they works


I want to make a desktop uploader by Python. There will be two steps: Users can upload file to AWS S3 bucket through a GUI uploader. After upload, they'll get the public link of that file in

Test/catch(Office CopyeleExpDebug)vs.

Microsoft recommends to handled cancelled task by using try/catch with OperationCanceledException. At the same time, it is possible to wrap an executed task with continuation using .ContinueWith()


This form has 6 dropdowns with 21 selections and 21 text fields with 4 adjacent text fields on each row, form picture link below. I realized that am not even close to I need, if someone can help me

使用MAP jQuery获取数组中的选项值

$('#btnadd').click(addBulletinBoard); function addBulletinBoard() { var show = $('#show').val(); var show1; console.log("before " + $('#show').val()) if (jQuery.inArray("*", show) !== -


Can someone help me write this function so it works for wide and narrow characters? I've hard coded some string literals as narrow characters (8 bit). How do I create width neutral string literals


I'm doing a project these days. Goal of this project is approximately 200 symbol recognition. Symbols are using in the navigation(turn_right, turn_left etc..) I'm using YOLO model now For traning