WeChat QR Code

I have two arrays that I want to shuffle. below you will see the declarations and an example of the shuffle. var highNums : array[1..9] of integer; lowNums : array[1..20] of integer;

When i create an entity (user, cardregistration etc) with use Mongopay\MongoPayApi; $api = new MangoPay\MangoPayApi(); // configuration $api->Config->ClientId = ********; $api->Config-&

I'm using twitter typeahead plugin to make live search engine for my website with ajax and codeigniter. as UI framework, i used uikit and now, i should change the result of typeahead div element to ul

I had made big research before I asked this question because nothing of the answers to this question didn't helped me. I want to render main-page by <router-outlet> but it renders the component

With Cordova CLI, I can't seem to add any plugins from their git repository. However "cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-qrscanner" will work, but for instance "cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-

I am trying to implement Bayseian classifier in Clojure. I am using Collective Intelligence book as a reference. Here is my code: (ns spam-filter.model.classifier (:require [clojure.string :

This is the CDN that I am attempting to use: <script src="http://sdks.shopifycdn.com/js-buy-sdk/v1/latest/index.umd.min.js"></script> This source URL is not secure, but my website is,

I'm trying to parallelize my code. It can be pipelined. I want to do something like: Processor A runs a function on a part of the input, sends it to processor B, and continues running on more of the

right now diving into what one could call baby's first network programming. Unfortunately, my VS Code setup (default install + MS's C/C++ extension) can't seem to find one specific function, namely

I have a problem with a php project using composer. Everything works well on windows (wampserver), but when I tried to run it on a debian server, there are "Class not found" errors for all vendor

Here is an object with three properties: public class myClass { public int score { get; set; } public string name { get; set; } public bool isAlive { get; set; } } after creating an

I am using nativescript for building a sample android app for my android device. The problem comes when scanning the QR code generated from the tns preview command. After resizing the CMD window, the

In Kivy I want to do something like this (1:09-1:28): https://youtu.be/Bhilhg0rQtY How can i deform a 3d object in kivy? I took the official example (3d rotating monkey head) and the first thing

I have been creating a web based chat application using PHP, jQuery and AJAX. Methods that I've researched on use either a database or text file to store the individual messages users post, and use

I have two classes in my application (designed by myself!): 1) estate 2) owner Here's the problem: an estate can have several owners with different shares and the total share must be 100 percent. I

I created textView by code I want to make curved edges with borders of another color but I don't know that this code TextView val name_label1 =TextView(this) Layout.addView(name_label1)

Is there some library / easy way to calculate the bitcoin address for a given publickey? Can this be done by bitcoind (running in the background already)? For example: Pubkey (HEX):

i fetch data from a api. There are three fields: title, timestamp (unix) and a description. I need in the frontend (angular) date and time from the timestamp. How can i split the timestamp from the

when I add a renderer to my remote video track, then the onrenderFrame event is fired with an RTCVideoFrame that contain an RTCI420Buffer buffer. When i do the same on a local video track, then no

How to add a title on Magneto 2 Block something like from tag {{}}. I want to replace "PAGE TITLE FROM TAG" and want to make it dynamic. <div class="item" > <div class="ban ban-effect-1"&

In my code, I want to create three threads one by one. So I use a global variable to control this. But it does not work as I design. It is blocked on a while loop. Here is my code: int main(int argc,

I am trying to cross compile rust from ubuntu to raspberry pi. My cargo config. [target.arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf] linker = "/home/ymoharaza/build-rpi/tools/arm-bcm2708/arm-linux-gnueabihf/bin/arm-

Return an array that contains exactly the same numbers as the given array, but rearranged so that every 4 is immediately followed by a 5. Do not move the 4's, but every other number may move. The

I have a problem with weather list String json_string1 = "{\"list\":[{\"dt\":1471255200,\"temp\":{\"day\":30.04,\"min\":17.35,\"max\":30.04\n" + "},\"pressure\":1018.83,\"humidity\"

Dear stackoverflow community, I spent the past few weeks reading through documentations and articles all around Python, Pandas and GeoPandas. Sadly programming still isn't as intuetively to me as I

What must the htaccess look like in Symfony 3.3, which is / at the end of every URL How can I redirect each URL in Symfony 3.3 with a _ to the URL with -

I am trying to connect to SQL-Server usingJavaKerberos. My Jaas conf file looks like this : SQLJDBCDriver { com.sun.security.auth.module.Krb5LoginModule required useTicketCache=true

I want to apply a shadow on TextInput, like here: I am making this style, using shadow, and elevation for android: shadowColor: colors.shadowColor, shadowOpacity: 0.5, shadowRadius: 3,

What are the efficiency differences between inserting thousands of random elements into a set and into an unordered set? How can I measure them?

I have a question. If it is possible to add rotation to my algorithm. I mean, for example if I want to go from (0,0) to (0,1) first of all i need to rotate and then go to that field. I don't have any

I wish to serialize a Map<Long, Map<Long, List<String>>> (Representing a table where the first Map Long key refers the rows, and each Map<Long, List<String>> refers the

I have to index some data, one row of which is having values: 'c_22': { 'raw': '53095200303310000118800091005', 'integer': 53095200303309998490927497216 }, This is

Hi I have an audio player app which has a timer section.The objective is to make audio start / stop at a specific date and time. I have implemented this using UNUserNotificationCenter.This is working

dT0 = fzero('funzeroproj',1) How do you have more input parameters in an fzero function? I want more inputs than just dT0g. For example, i want TL = pi/2 without having to go in and manually changing

I have a DataFrame 'songDataFrame' with information about songs. There are three columns: 'artist', 'title', 'genres'. The first two are string and 'genres' contains lists of genres. It looks like

I am using simple-peer in angular 7 async ngOnInit() { try { if (location.hash === '#init') { this.peer = new SimplePeer({ initiator: location.hash === '#init' })

I'm trying to implement react mentions text area that starts with one row and if the user types enough text the text area height will grow with the text size, but when I'm using MultipleTrigger

How to display postcode only in Opencart version 3 using twig? I try to customize /admin/view/template/sale/order_shipping.twig {% for order in orders %} {{ order.shipping_address }} {{ order.

I have a large geoJson file (almost 700MB) and I need to load it in my map using mapbox and openmaptiles server. I need to have an external file, so I can't use Mapbox Studio for uploading and

I writing code for adding roles to users in my asp.net core project Here is my Roles controller. public class RolesController : Controller { RoleManager<IdentityRole> _roleManager;

I want to use sql server 2017 in laravel 5.7 but I have trouble to connect DB. the point is I can cannect with simple dbo string like below try { $conn = new PDO ("sqlsrv:Server=DESKTOP-PVSDJ8C;

Using bash script I need to search string like version = '1.8.1-SNAPSHOT' from text file and get value '1.8.1-SNAPSHOT' into variable. I tryed to use the next code, but no result: version=$(grep -P "

I have been trying to download files from an ftp server and having problems. I am using 'ftp.m' to get the ftp object and then using 'dir.m' to list the available files and folders. However, the dir

If any chrome processes are running and the following code is run, stack overflow will NEVER load: options = webdriver.ChromeOptions() options.add_argument("user-data-dir=C:\\Users\\RvBVakama\\

I'm working on adding video recording to an app using AVFoundation. I managed to record the video and then display it, but then I realized that (unlike in the preview) front-camera videos aren't

I'm writing a simple implementation of du command (UNIX). I have a problem with converting units. Example output from du command: du -a -b 6 ./f1 16 ./f2 4096 ./testdir/

I am using retrofit with gson , i have and getting FullName from server in JSON , now i want to add two property to this Pojo class , and i want to extact firstName and lastName of user . i am adding

I am querying a MySQL database using a php script based on the start and end unix timestamps (integer) passed to it from FullCalendar.js's ajax load event. A simplified version of the query is as

I am trying to connect a wemos d1 mini esp8266 board to unity in order to send a button status to unity. First I developed the code for the wemos d1 mini and checked by using a UDP terminal and it

check the image and tell me why error continues and what is the solution