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The program I am making is just a simple library for manipulating images. I wrote my own image class that has a bitmap property and was testing it's speed at creating new images and drawing to them

I have a Flask project, and some settings files to define configuration related settings per environment (so one for prod, one for dev, etc). These contain values like db-related settings such as the

I've been learning channels and the text book examples seem simple and easy to understand. However, i'm unable to understand the following behavior. func main() { message := make(chan string)

I want to know if there are any consequences to starting an AsyncTask in another AsyncTask's doInBackground() method. I've read that it's not recommended, but I'm not seeing any consequences thus far.

I have a client server situation where each side is measuring time, only there seems to be an issue in that the times measured are mismatched. Long story short, the idea is that there is a countdown

I've a chat app in which I'm showing messages in table view. When I pull to refresh and show more messages at the top I want to remain on the same screen where pull to refresh is triggered i.e. no

I am making a CNN that predicts 3 classes. If I put the batch size small enough (and even when it is larger sometimes) I get an error that like stems from my custom ROC metric (see function and error

I often want to "pretty print" (include extra white-space to make it easier for humans to interpret) JavaScript objects, and JSON.stringify(myObject, null, " ") usually suffices for this. However, in

I have an Angular 4 app consuming web api built with Express & MongoDB. Is there a way to convert this existing app into Android app using cordova or something like that. Please, note that I don'

I got an app.get like that: app.get('/orders/:pizzeriaID/:status', async (req, res) => { try { const requestedOrderByPizzeriaID = req.params['pizzeriaID']; const requestedOrderByStatus =

I have 3 custom controls, all of them have a property with a name "MyCustomProperty", let's say i need to use foreach (control c in this.controls) how can i reach MyCustomProperty through the

I'm currently going through validation hell for an EV code signing certificate. (4 weeks so far since I ordered, and at this time of year I don't expect to receive the dongle for 2-3 weeks at least.

I have this problem, but all of the rest function after this code is execute normally. the problem in console log show as "Invalid Argument Supplied For Foreach() Line 170" {"readyState":4,"

I started to learn Go yesterday on the Tour of Go website and i thought that i was understanding everything well; But then, i was totally confused on the exercise Stringers: https://tour.golang.org/

I want to pass json object as a query string parameter (not from body) to ASP.NET Core Web API url from postman. Kindly let me know how to pass? below the sample JSOB object structure : here, 'names'

I don't know why have 2 NullPointerException. I am asking for help in finding an error :( :( package pro import java.awt._ import java.awt.event.{ActionEvent, ActionListener} import java.util

I have got a function that takes an array, a position and a number k. The function creates all numbers from zero to k, and then uses those numbers as replacement of the element in position pos for k

I am getting random internal server erros. It started 3 weeks ago randomly, I didn't change anything on site during that period. It happens maybe every 10th visit to the web site, admin panel is also

I use the code below to detect when a client connects to the server and to assign that client a socket: // setup const io = require('socket.io')(server); io.sockets.on('connection', socket => { //

Here's the html for icon which is supposed to be displayed when the user is logged in: <mat-icon class="logout-icon logout-spacer" *ngIf="(isLoggedIn() | async)" (click)="logout()" >exit_to_app&

I have stored the below in settings table: Array( A => 2, B => 2, C => 0, D => 2, E => 2, F => 0, G => 2, H => 0, I => 2, J => 0, K => 0, L => 0, M => 0, N => 0, O => 0, P => 0, Q => 0 ) and would

I have written a wrapper class that encapsulates ClientWebSocket to provide events and message handling. It connects to the production target server as it should, but when attempting to write unit

I want to build older versions (<=5.4.0) of gcc on Ubuntu 18.04, however I keep running into various compile errors related to changes in the POSIX standard. I want to build many versions, but each

So I'm making a JavaFx ComboBox thats supposed to hold user objects, and I keep getting this error message warning: [unchecked] unchecked call to addAll(Collection<? extends E>) as a member of

Hello I'm having an issue with Google Scripts - Google Sheets, my onEdit code takes sometimes more than 10 seconds to run and it's pretty simple. I've crunched it as far as I could but it is still

I am not very much experienced with build systems, but this got me curious. Most libraries use <type>jar</type> (the default) for their dependencies, but the JavaMoney library uses pom

I am not very much experienced with build systems, but this got me curious. Most libraries use <type>jar</type> (the default) for their dependencies, but the JavaMoney library uses pom

I am trying to deploy my first python flask app to AWS lambda service with serverless framework. But I am receiving following error after I deployed the applicaiton. { "errorMessage":"Unable to

I am using a flow as follows(basically to fetch a file from s3 and then convert few records from the main CSV file n later push it to Elasticsearch) : GetSQS ->UpdateAtttribute->SplitJson->

I need to use Jasper Report server, specifically the version 4.5.0, in the Web site i only found verisons 6, 6.1, 6.2, 7. I have searched in some sites but only 4.2, 5.1 and 6 to 7 versions are

I've been having issue with saving the values from my incoming json payload which is sent over netty4-http component. My aim is: 1) store json values as java variables (using Bean method) 2) write

I'm now looking at the tictoc example code to understand how omnet++ works,and I am confused about how does the .cc file control the message that is send in the simulation.In .ned file,it doesn't

My app login works by sending an http post request to the server with the login information (email and password), receives a authentication token, and then sends back the auth token to get the users

I have a partition F: with a spaces of 220GB. The OneDrive folder is on this partition. Now the free space of F: is only 880MB. I want to backup OneDrive file on an external hard drive partition which

I am working through some of the Exercism exercises. I am running into an issue when I try to use variables as the bounds for a range. The code I am working on is as follows: pub fn sing(start: i32,

I have a sequelize model where 2 column entries need to be unique. The email entry works fine and sends an error if a non-unique email is given. However, the username field will be entered even if one

I'm writing an application in android studio. Device rotate around Y-axis. i want to calculate angle between device and X-axis. In the other words, i want to calculate the amount of rotation around Y-

I recently changed my lambda functions to use the new aws Lambda Layer functionality, to share all the node_modules folder. I created the zip with the following structure: nodejs/node_modules/<

I need to download historical "stock data" and current "option price data" for a ticker. Can someone please point me to right package. I tried yahoo-finance package, but it is not working. Can

I do data analysis, testing and research (things like t-tests, tracking and then analysing the results in r etc). Right now, my new client is giving about 100gb of csv files and adding another 100gb

public class nbaPlayers { int draftRank; String playerName; String playerTeam; int playerAge; int rank; public nbaPlayers(String name, String team, int age, int collegeRank) {

script.py from selenium import webdriver from selenium.webdriver.chrome.options import Options options = Options() options.binary_location = "/usr/bin/chromium-browser" driver = webdriver.Chrome(

We are facing errors compiling against Eigen 3.3.7 (and probably older versions) against the latest versions of GCC 8.2.1 supplied by MSYS2. Strangely, this only happens with the latest builds of the

If a company is Safe-Tec but the domain name is Safetechseats (no dash + extra H) and the Twitter account is Safe-Tec Smart Seats and the FaceBook is Safe-Tech Safety Gear, how damaging is this for

The browser IDE keeps saying “Waiting for Monaca Debugger connection.” I’ve logged in and out of Monaca multiple times, and cleared all browsing history related to Monaca. I'm using the latest version

I'm trying to use sub to rename columns in a large data frame, but got stuck with using replacement and x arguments. I have a data frame like below: df <- as.data.frame(cbind(1:3, 4:6, 7:9, 10:12)

I have an SQL problem. I do not understand where I'm wrong, I've created a group of similar files and that works. In this group it tells me that label_winner does not exist But I have generated a

I'm running MySQL Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.3.9-MariaDB for OSX10.13 and have a bunch of users (around 14) where the username is apparently too long, see below. MariaDB [(none)]> SELECT Host, User FROM

I want to find a positive integer matrix B such that AB = BC, where A and C are positive integer matrix. Anyone know a function in python or matlab that do this? I know I can put this as a linear

I've setup a Service Broker on one of databases to automatically pick up stored procedures in a specific schema (Build) and run them on a daily basis. So far everything has been running fine, however