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在部署到App Store时,在存档中不需要XCODE配置文件

i keep getting No Profile Required in my archive. What am i doing wrong? /Users/stephenholland/Desktop/Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 11.47.22.png


l have tried the code below function wc_login_redirect( $redirect_to ) { $redirect_to = home_url(); return $redirect_to; } add_filter('woocommerce_login_redirect', 'wc_login_redirect',


I have two classes: ClassA and ClassB ClassA instantiates an instance from ClassB Is there way to get access inside ClassB to the instance variables from ClassA ? class ClassA(): def __init__(


I have changed a query in my code because I wanted the users to select a specific value from a dropdown list, rather than a free text search. In this case I have to adjust for the fact that if the


I tried to send a POST request to a website using WinHttp. After sending the request, I captured the packet using WireShark to find that all the contents have been automatically appended by "\r\n". I

如何使用VUE JS从URL获取参数

I have URL adresses like this: http:://www.mywebsite.com/myapp?brand=nameOfBrand&user=0123456&type=comm I have to use that info to show the logo of 'nameOfBrand'. So if I get brand=google,


I am setting a cookie for the domain: .domain.com or domain.com but the rewrite rule below is changing the cookie domain to be: dev.domain.com. Can I prevent the rewrite from changing the response

如何在Spring Bug批应用中使用多行记录读取固定长度文件格式的CSV文件

I am new to Spring-Batch-Boot application development. I have input like this: MAINHEAD HEAD UK21341EAH4121131.11customer1 UK21341EAH4221232.11customer2 UK21341EAH4321333.11customer3 UK21341EAH4421434.

Apache从HTTP到HTTPS的Amazon Linux AMI重定向

I've struggled with this for a couple of hours now and I just feel it shouldn't be this hard. I've got 3 domains that I want to redirect to https://www.shimara.com I'm only hosting one website on


I have a rectangleshape that can change size in a program of mine (I won't copy it here as it is too large), and I have assigned a 64x64 pixel texture to it. The shape itself is much larger than the


I was searching for java code, to calculate total OS run time and to calculate number of folder that are opened. Kindly Please Help.


I have a shapefile of polygons with their geometry, a column of time and a column a value. The data looks like this: data The Nan value means that this specific polygon does not have value. I want to

熊猫Read HTML不适用于几个网站。我得到一个403 HTTP错误

IS the website doing something to block the read ? requests.get works fine on the same site. Can someone help me on this ? import pandas as pd import requests import html5lib url1 = "https://www.

I'm studying css flexbox. I found this example of usage of flexbox. If I delete .cards__item { display: flex; }(line:32). the height of card is shrink!. And I can't understand why .cards__item {


I'm working on re-writing/porting my huge slideshow project to React and Redux, which used to be a big jQuery project with business logic stored in large classes. I'm going to dive straight to my


I would like to pipe standard output of a program that is running inside a docker container while keeping the output in the docker logs (i.e. stdout). Another stackoverflow question (How to pipe


I used ng add @angular/pwa to init PWA artifacts. But the service worker seems to work only for /index path and not /. How can i set service worker client url to /? ngsw-config.json { "index": "/


I'm using mac High Sierra on a virtual machine on ubuntu and I have a problem when I connect 'iPhone' to run on it instead of simulator it doesn't appear in Xcode


I am using ReactJS on client side and NODEJS on the backend and nginx as a reverse proxy. My nginx file looks like this. server{ listen 80; server_name www.trusting.com;


i've created a sub folder with test_*.py files and additional .py files which hold addional mehtods which are being called. in the root directory of the project i've created main_test.py in which i

包含问题标记的Python 3变量

I'm trying to make a python3 sqlite3 database function that determines the amount of column with a for loop. During this for loop I want to add a "?" to a variable for each column. So what I'm trying


I have this function template: template <class TemplateArgument, template<class> class TemplateType> TemplateArgument f(const TemplateType<TemplateArgument>& arg) { return


I'm building a crowd-funding app and every campaign on my app has a target date. How do I write a function to automatically delete that campaign or shift it elsewhere once the target date is reached?


In Swift, why can't I pass the name of a function in place of closure in NotificationCenter.addObserver(forName:object:queue:using:) for example NotificationCenter.default.addObserver(forName:


I have created a mobile hamburger menu. It looks good on each phone device I have checked, but on Safari (Specifically tried iPhone x and iPhone 6) a part of the menu messes up. I tried working my way


I have a Bitbucked repo, and I want to satrt my Jenkins pipeline job only afrer commit with tag like "release-1.0.*" So, I seted my job up with pipeline script: pipeline { agent any stages {


hello I search change the color of the mapview pluggin for flutter. Here is the link https://github.com/apptreesoftware/flutter_google_map_view If I understand, the plugin call android and ios


I have figured out how to save my excel file to the specified directory, but when the SaveFileDialog box opens I would like to be able to save anywhere I want. How can I do this? private void

WebRTC GainNode不在iOS(iPhone)上工作

The code below works on Windows and Android, but when I tried to execute inside of Safari on my iPhone SE, it's now working, I'm still hearing the my own voice. Link to the demo: https://unrupt.


In my ViewPager setup there are total 3 fragments. -> Initially all the three are visible but they goes invisible after scrolling when revisited. This ViewPager is itself inside an fragment and is


I am new to python and currently doing a project in it. I have Audio and Lyrical data of songs. While training the model with audio features, scaling was done easily. but when i use for lyrical i.e.

Perl 6是否具有与Python相当的值

I can't find bytearray method or similar in Perl 6 doc as in Python. In Python, the bytearray defined as this: class bytearray([source[, encoding[, errors]]]) Return a new array of bytes. The


I'm using bootstrap to construct a sidebar menu on my html web page. At the same time, I'd like to communication with database so that I wrote all the html and php scripts in a php file. The following


I am new to Python, I am trying to convert Numpy array file into Matlab, but I am not sure how to convert the file, is it possible to advise me.


php Fatal error :- require(): Failed opening required '../oops/classes/UserClass.php' (include_path='.:/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/lib/php') in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/oops/


I am working on mysql connector using python i am using dict {'invoice.approved_on': {'to': '2018-1-11 23:59:00', 'from': '2017-5-13 00:00:00'} but i'm not sure how to reference it on query i tried


Please refer this image attached below.


For the context, I send an email for the verification of the account of my user. By clicking on a button, it triggers a /verify-user route on my laravel routes. At the end of my activation action


Actually, I have this select field to select the option which initially contains data "1".But if click on Add button then "2" should be added to the select field dynamically. I have tried but at first


I would like to Tensorboard the results of this CNN from tensorflow page https://www.tensorflow.org/tutorials/layers what should I add to the codes: https://github.com/tensorflow/tensorflow/blob/r1.


Question: I'd like to know how ICMP packets travel in a network? Are they encapsulated within IP datagram? I don't know if it's right but here's what I have arrived at so far: Internet layer of


I am trying to detect the lines within an image using the Hough Transformation. Therefore I first create the accumolator like this: from math import hypot, pi, cos, sin from PIL import Image import


I am using python 3.6 and requests library to call SOAP service. I am getting RAW response but I want xml data as a response. Can anybody please help me out if there is any option to set in requetst


I recently started setting up firebase's cloud functions. I started with a simple helloWorld function const functions = require('firebase-functions'); const admin = require('firebase-admin'); admin.


When using remote copy/file_get_contents without an Internet connection, PHP fails as follows: Warning: copy(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: nodename nor servname provided, or not


I'm using react-router-dom for implementing routing of my reactjs App! but I have an issue with this , in which I can't find any working solution for scroll to top on page changing. can any body help


When an exam question asks for this In the language of your choice show an implementation of the quick sort algorithm. does this mean that I have to write the whole code including main class and


It seems like Java is ignoring one of my for loops that's nested in the following code: (Java only adds the last Array of GLines from the ArrayList arrayListGLines - and not all Arrays from the same


I would like to remove all the rounded rectangle boxes from the below image I have tried cv2.approxPolyDP() with cv2.findContours() but looks like something is missing . Here is the code I used


I have 2 tables having OneToMany realtionship, and created entities as below Table 1- Network is having primary key as networkId Table 2- NetworkAttributes is having FK as networkId, but records