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I am creating a socket program in which a screen appears to ON an OFF the server. I have an event handler but I couldn't create a server sockets inside that event handler. Here is my code: public


I'm trying to use values generated by a Scala Future: val x = Future.sequence( for (i <- 0 until 100) yield Random.nextInt(arraySize) ) For each value of x, I want to index into an array: val


I am trying to limit the number of objects the user can see based on his/her user id. I am getting an the object Usergame where it's a linked table for User and Games. So based on the games the user


I want to edit this function so that i can get records using the user and the dateCreated. here is my function : public getTaskWithID(req: Request , res:Response){ Task.findById(req.


cvs data fileI am try to display the csv file data in a html table. I can display the data but in a incorrect formate. I tried to split the column with ",". But the problem has a data in of the row


I am coming to a problem where my table is not being responsive even on mobile. Is there a way to make my table too look responsive on mobile and on web perfectly. Even when I resize my browser I see


I'm learning many-to-many joint tables within EF Core and LINQ. I have the following model: public class ProjectManager { public int ProjectID { get; set; } public Project


I have been trying to connect my program to a non localhost database since it will be used on other computer but I keep getting a Communications Link Failure. This is the Error I'm getting:


I'm creating a list of lists in python (like a dictionary one) and I want to put a simply character in where I want to. dictionary = [ ['','',''], ['','',''], ['','',''], ] I


I'm trying to import a decent size file into Excel (around 8000 lines) but my format has proved difficult to work with. The file looks like the following Alpha 1 2 3 Beta 3 4 Charlie 1


I have a notebook which links to other, local notebooks. Something like this: This is a series of tutorials about X. Link to [Tutorial 1](tutorial1.ipynb) Link to [Tutorial 2](tutorial2.ipynb)


Is hashing + salting of emails not a normal thing to do? Like in a data breach you wouldn't be able to know who is registrered to the service since every field is hashed + salted? Is there any cons to


I'm currently working to develop a companion web application to a main web app. The main web app has a regular ASP.Net identity provider, which I have full access to and can create endpoints against.


I have the below query where I am trying to calculate a percentage based on the SUM of G.MERCHANDISE_AMT divided by the SUM of D.MERCHANDISE_AMT. The PO_ID in this table contains 2 line numbers, and


I have a Google sheet which has two columns. Column F has a numeric value in it and I want column G to contain the value of column G in the previous row plus the value of column F in the current row,

I plan to buy desktop below CPU : ryzen 2600 RAM : Samsung ddr4 16gb 21300 VGA : MSI 2080 gamingX It's enough to run 25 selenium? Selenium don't support threading, so I will run 25 selenium


Everything is fine during development - preload has fonts, images, scripts. But when I build production, the fonts do not fall into preload. There is everything except fonts. render: { http2: {


I have an array "D" that contains dogs and their health conditions. The classifier() method returns either 1 or 0 and takes one row of the 2D array as input. I want to compare the classifier result to

如何在Android工作室中使用FixBasic在应用程序中添加YouTube API?

I've been researching around the internet and i didn't found too many things about YouTube API + Firebase, so here's my question. I am using Android Studio with Firebase as a database and want to


Im practicing with Xamarin forms and I was doing a simple exercise and when I run the program the button did not work . I checked my code and I decided to remove the { } from an if statement and

switch(answer1){ case "draw": player1.add(deck.get(0)); deck.remove(0); break; case "flip": battlefield = deck.get(0); deck.remove(0); break;


Estoy desarrollando una aplicacion en Android Studio y necesito medir cuantos megasbyte se esta consumiendo en el smartphone desde que se inicie la aplicacion, o mejor, desde que se encienda el movil (


i'm a writing a code about snake game but gave me this error i using a python 3.7.2 and pygame 1.9.0 full code: https://pastebin.com/rG56cPga?fbclid=IwAR1oJLvqY3v50FzmVEwPC-DbdKswNd5aWN-


I have a pdf document and I need to extract the pdf starting from the page it contains the string and ending till the string contains below is what i wrote but need more reusable and generic way


I have the following form classes: class FieldsRequiredForm(FlaskForm): class Meta: def render_field(self, field, render_kw): render_kw.setdefault('required', True)

ES6 AXIOS对数组的响应[复制]

I am new to ES6. I'm trying to get response from a axios api to a array, so I can use the data to show the result on my template. The code look like this: FeedModel.js import axios from 'axios'


necesito hacer que una pantalla de login me abra en pantalla completa cuando le de click a un input type button


I know this is very simple question. It worked for me for first query. But I am not sure why it is not working for second quesry. There are 3 tables in my case and I want to make 4th table using LEFT


I want to get active rent's for given month. I have a table where i have rent details. In that table i have start date, end date and how many months. So when i select a month i want to know what are


Im hoping someone can help me through a piece of code that I have as I find it difficult. Assembly language is new to me and I've been reading a book "Practical Malware Analysis" and I find it hard to

.Net Cype 2.1 WebAPI在Chrome上的Windows身份验证中从角7调用HtpStestError返回401错误

Help!!! I have an angular app with POST and GET methods calling different .NET core web apis. GET methods work fine but POST fails with 401 Not authorized error in chrome browser both as localhost


i have a lot of rows with an bigint(length 20) and i have to change every second last bit to 0. For example i have: 0101 1011 and the result i need is: 0101 1001 The Problem is, the numbers are "


I'm creating a simple form page but the labels and the input field are not aligned. What it looks like now Code

我下载的每一个包裹都送到Acon DA,我可以。

Every time I download any packages like numpy, I can't use them in a text editor like PyCharm. Why does the packages go to anaconda? I really don't know what Anaconda is exactly so I don't want to use


This is my first post so I think I wrote all for you to help me. I have a given array [-2 -3 4 -1 -2 1 5 -3] so the largest sum would be 7 (numbers from 3rd to 7th index). This array is just a simple


I was wondering in .net framework profiler, is ExceptionThrown (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/unmanaged-api/profiling/icorprofilercallback-exceptionthrown-method) guaranteed to not


I'm writing a program in cobol and I'm getting the error message libcob: primes1.cob: 51: 'IN-N' not numeric: ' 1' there are also 2 errors appear, not sure if they matter but they are WARNING


Having an issue with react not updating the state right away on the console.log, i have to click twice on the submit button in order for the console.log to show the updated state i checked this, but


Is there a way to create a gradient in FXRuby? If so, how would I implement it? I have tried looking at https://www.rubydoc.info/gems/fxruby/Fox/FXImage and it didn't make much sense to me, I'm


What is the fastest way to duplicate the bits of an integer. For example, 17 -> 10001 after duplication: 1100000011


When user clicks the edit button, I change the url to /posts/(modal:1/edit) which displays a modal dialog. I need to access the query params of that route to get the id of the post. Params are always


I am having Node.js file where in i am creating node APIs to interact with the client side (react). Its working fine with existing APIs, however when i create new APIs, server is throwing 404. P.S:


I hope some Linux die-hard can answer me how I should write portable (POSIX) code when working with time functions. Some SO threads suggest that including ctime would be the right thing to do when

在Excel VBA中使用参数进行表SQL查询

I am trying to create an SQL query in Excel VBA that would create a table in Access based on parameters of a cell in Excel. Usually I could use an execute query to run a pre-built query in the


I'm trying to create a program similar to battleship in python (hobbyist)I've tried a few things and I can't seem to figure out why this program returns miss even when the conditions match. What am I

如何启用ORBUS ISEver中的视图数据下载?

Is there a setting that allows people to download the contents of a view output? I see it greyed out but don't how to enable it to be downloaded download it. This is Iserver 2017


I want to understand better the visibility of instance fields of containing class to an Anonymous inner class (AIC). There have been lots of talks that AIC has an implicit reference to the containing


Under my Angular 7 app i'm using a mat-select widget (of Angular-Material) i'm implementing a search bar at the top of the select drowpdown to filter options: <mat-select placeholder="


In my application when user login first time then on first page username is displayed. But if user logs out and log in again then a new pages comes with following text. You're signed out now. Click


I have a problem with adding a proxy to my firefox selenium browser. I use the code below and change the HTTP ip and port number that I both got from proxy-list.download. When I execute the program