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I have this data frame: structure(list(ABEV3 = c(15.2, 14.9, 15.22, 15.15, 15.18, 15.46, 15.49, 15.5, 15.37, 15.49, 15.64, 15.38, 15.3, 15.01, 14.75, 14.9, 14.77, 14.61, 14.21, 14.07, 14.1, 14.17,


I have been stuck with this issue, so lets hope that someone can shine a little bit of light in this The issue: For this model, I tried the tf.Data input pipeline (first time) fro training a small


after added position fixed with js on scroll , it wont works on safari or microsoft edge look at this real demo : http://verjen.irannovin.co/fa/ scroll down in safari not show menu fixed on top .


Why is this difference between these two codes?:- In [45]: import cv2 In [46]: cap = cv2.VideoCapture(0) In [47]: r, f = cap.read() In [48]: cap.release() In [49]: f.shape Out[49]: (480, 640, 3)


Let's assume I have following directory tree: . |-- foo `-- foodir |-- bardir | |-- bar | `-- foo |-- foo -> bardir/foo `-- foodir |-- bar `-- foo 3

最近的VisualStudio Update引入了用于在键盘上创建关闭卷曲括号的快捷方式:如何找到违规命令?

A recent update to Visual Studio has introduced a new or updated shortcut key that on my non-English keyboard allowed me to create closing curly braces (AltGr + shift + *). This shortcut still works


We have an EditText that is inputType numberDecimal and we can validate the number entered and if no value was entered. Our question is how to incorporate both in to one if statement or is this even


I could not really catch the difference between pointer in C++ and reference in java. what is the difference between pointer in C++ and reference in java ?


We are pushing IIS Log files via API to DB for monitoring via SPLUNK but we are sending the duplicate data since our C# job runs every five minutes and it sends all the lines // Read the file


Hi Guys I am very new to tableau. I cannot seem to a find a solution for a problem I am currently facing. Following is a dashboard I built: I am trying to calculate the clickrate of total like this:

如何在PHP中使用Read Field()创建一个文件夹?

I am doing this: $filepath = __DIR__ . '/../../non/'.$csvName; readfile($filepath); It gives me an error: <b>Warning</b>: readfile(C:\xampp\htdocs\Practice/../../non/testing.txt):


I am working in project where I need to download large JSON response in background (Even if app crashes). I also want to understand internals of background transfer service, i.e. what iOS is doing


Consider the following: #include <iostream> template <class T> class Base { public: virtual ~Base() {} virtual const T fun() const = 0; }; template <class U> class Sub :


I know, this question has benn already asked several times, I read a lot of topics which did not really help to solve the problem. Can anyone provide a tutorial how to extend AspNetUserRoles table


In my Xamarin.Forms application on the iOS platform, I have found that the application freezes when switching through navigation pages for a while. I deduced that the application started changing


I have a new instance I created a month ago for testing and now I cannot remember the password I used. I would like to save the data. Is there any way to either reset the admin pw back to setup or


Trying to use vue-meta I can't understand how to set title based on XHR response. So far I have: <script> export default { name: 'Model', data() { return {


Can someone with experience in Ubuntu provide some help please. Novice user here. I have created an environment where there are three users, Tim, James and Harry. I have created a group called


I did 5 month web development course from some institute. Currently, I am good at core PHP (both Procedural + OOP). I have set my learning path as follows: MySQL(become expert) -> JavaScript(basics) ->


I have a portable GTK Python application that runs in user space. For most use cases it does not require root permission but, for the few that requires it, I would like to give the user the ability to


I am using Xcode and Swift for an app, and am using the single view template. I'm wondering where I can put functions in the ViewController class. I have tried defining a function, and then calling it


I created the following Jupyter Notebook. Here three functions are shifted using three sliders. In the future I would like to generalise it to an arbitrary number of curves (i.e. n-curves). However,

在AWS工作空间上使用APT get?

I am trying out AWS Workspaces with the Linux package. Now I want to install some packages, specifically the Atom Editor. However, neither dpkg and apt are installed on the command line nor


If my functions has to go to "else" part it's acting like "title" is not defined, I've got an error (ReferenceError: $title is not defined) My code: function GetCategories(title) { if(title==


where can I find the file, Series_40_5th_Edition_SDK_FP1_Lite_v1_0_en.zip in 2018? without being by the nokia website in 2018? some valid link to download this file that I said?


I am working on a customer review section of my page where it has a div showing names in a row and an arrow that moves to each name after a few seconds. However, when I type in my jQuery for it to

iOS -如何修复

I've got this annoying error for number of days now: I've tried: Deleting pods folder & pod file & pod.lock file & .workspace file and reinstalling pods again. removing all library

I'm trying to update a class variable (prediction) and then use that variable as data for a segue (AnalyzeSegue). However even if I update the class variable within the function (detectScene), the


I am building REST API with Spring Boot and I use Spring Security. I started here but found some other tutorials and blog posts with this issue and managed to get it work after implementing custom


I'm trying to use a macro to queue up a single log line locally in an ostringstream and then dump the entire contents of that ostringstream when the line is over. I want to still use stream insert


I've been trying to write a function that can take a different number of integer parameters and return the product of the squares of the parameters. output should be: multiply_squares(3,2,1)


I can't find a way to get a firebase entry based on the key(marked in red on the picture). I have the key, and want to get the other attributes of the entry(blurred out here), but I can't make the


public static bool BoxCast(Vector3 center, Vector3 halfExtents, Vector3 direction, Quaternion orientation = Quaternion.


vector<string> missingWords(string s, string t) { vector <string> arr; arr.push_back(s); arr.push_back(t); istringstream parse_s(s); for(auto i = 0; i <= arr.size();


I am using RStudio Version 1.1.456 with Windows 10. I was trying to filter one of the columns, year after I open a data frame but then I ended up assigning values. data$Year = 1960 Is there a way


i'm testing an application that serch items on a MongoDB database. The application works but when I run the test, there is an error. This is the test class: @Test public void

Swing UI在试图从SWIFER中更新时冻结

I've tried to make a simple Swing example which uses SwingWorker to update the text of a Label. Whenever the SwingWorker finishes and tries to update the text, the UI will freeze. After closing the


I am trying to get a list of menustrip items and tool strip items. for toolstrips i have written this: private void ShowToolStripItems(ToolStripItemCollection toolStripItems) { foreach (


I have a firestore DB where documents have users with roles. Only the owner and participants can view/edit the document. I want to send a link (over email, messages, chat, etc.) that someone can


Could I bring in my own APIs for Android Google Maps SDK to use? I want to avoid paying anything to Google or getting a google API key if I could just bring in my own and have the SDK render


Ultimately, I'm trying to use a Strongly-Typed SignalR Hub in Angular 6 using services and interfaces. I'll start with the Hub first. Since SignalR has the option to now strongly-typed commands, I'd


Ok, I guess the right way to start is: HALP! So to start I will give you an introduction to my Problem: I am working on a booking system for Vacation-Rental-Homes. The user is creating new Bookings


I have a group of row classes and I need to print the index of each class as you scroll to the top of them. <div class="row">Hello world 1</div> <div class="row">Hello world 2</


I would like to get the method name of ResourceRepository to be invoked in the RepositoryFilter, so I can get the Annotations described for that method and take action against it. Currently I am


I am using react-native and react-redux to create a simple app. Thus, all of my props are passed in from mapStateToProps, coming from redux. I should have to use mapDispachToProps to manipulate the


I have the following li, and I need the spans to be truncated with ellipsis, which is not happening with my code. I really need the div.column to be display: flex and flex-direction: column. Is there


This is an extension of this question: Is it possible to dynamically compile and execute C# code fragments? But is it possible to reference fields, properties and methods of a certain object? For


Ciao, Here is my reproducible example. #this is the dataset i have d <- c(1,2,3,4) e <- c(7,4,6, NA) f <- c(9,4,3,6) g <- c(10,5,4,7) mydata <- data.frame(d,e,f,g) names(mydata) <-

在Windows 10上安装python 3.7的pythPo安装错误

I used the command pip install pyinstaller to installer PyInstaller for Python 3.7 on Windows 10, but the Command Prompt gave me the following errors: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pywintypes'


The automation Framework will be ran through Jenkins and it should generate report of each test cases(passed/failed) for a Testsuite. a. For communicating with REST services, I am using the python