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I am using angular 5+ and getting error while trying to read list of data from firebase. my code is: import { AngularFireDatabase, AngularFireList } from "angularfire2/database"; constructor(db:

I want to display the page views a particular page has had for the past hour, currently I have the following:- <?php $countVisit = 1; if(isset($_COOKIE['countVisit'])){ $countVisit

I have this two dataframes 1) t1 (Var1(numeric), Var2(string), Freq (numeric)) 2) pref.media (pref.media (numeric) I have this separated graphs, but I want to print like two series in the same

Here the content of the file docker-compose.yml to create an image of database. version: '2' services: myerp.db: image: postgres:10 When I launch the command docker-

I don't know whether I am the only one who is having this slowness when querying using get() method ,I also found out that attaching listener such asEventListener over the query object gives faster

/*here we provide all the information asked by the program and in the department name we provide two different department names and then we find the sum of salary of the provided department */

I create REST API in Visual Studio 2017 Community. I'm adding support for Docker I put on the repository that is associated with Docker Docker automatically builds my image In the code, I use the

Here is Where iam facing NullPoinTerException and my App is crashing ,If i place user.getImageURL!=null then the image is not displayed` public void onBindViewHolder(@NonNull ViewHolder holder, int

I am trying to generate a python(.egg) file of cvxpy and import it. Used the below to generate the .egg file for https://github.com/cvxgrp/cvxpy: python setup.py bdist_egg While trying to import

I'm trying to run the chart given as example for Tile Provider Maps on the Bokeh geo-mapping site. https://bokeh.pydata.org/en/latest/docs/user_guide/geo.html. from bokeh.plotting import figure,

I am trying to build a program for x64, but I keep getting the following error messages: Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets (3049,5): error MSB4216: The GenerateResource task could not be

I am using tslint for the static analysis of my typescript code. One of the default rule does not allow the use of != to check for "not available" values. To explain what I mean by "not available", I

I am getting non-versioning of dll's when i tried to commit the solutions. This causes me showing blue color question mark in the server. Please suggest me how can i make those dll's as green color.

i have GridLayout with 5 columns from zero to infinity. i want to paint only one square in GridLayoutManager/RecycleView if the number is prime number, if this load this work good but if i going back

So this is more or less a theoretical question. I have a single core machine which is supposedly powerful but nevertheless only one core. Now I have two choices to make : Multithreading: As far as my

By compact I mean one that doesn't require you to pull the entire 600+MB monster of a library with you if you only need some capture/cropping/resizing/thresholding/image arithmetic done. I know I

how to optimize product filters for eCommerce or Enable multiple filter values of the same type for example There are number of elements like color, price, dicount, size, etc.. on a product filtern

Has anyone experience this issue: AttributeError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-7-518f3c1ca07a> in <module>() 1 import gmaps ----> 2

I guess I am stuck at the basics with SPARQL. Can someone help ? I simply wnat to filter all subjects containing "Mountain" of an RDS database. Prefix lgdr:<http://linkedgeodata.org/triplify/>

The recent openlayer is purely developed in typescript. What will be the architectural approach when developing an angular application together with ol5?

I would like users would be > 18 years. So birth date entered should be > 18 years. Which is the best way to do it? I have a component for registration and I have the field like this: <mat-form-

I am using Smack API to connect to the Openfire server from Android application. At the first time I have successfully made it work to login user and send message to other user. But my problem is when

I'm trying to test a web application using Jmeter. In a typical web application system, there exist packet drops, specially when the queues are full [1]. In case of such packet droping event, does

does anyone know how I could make an ImageView full screen when user scrolls beyond the very top of a ScrollView and make the image shrink when user scrolls down? -I have included a screenshot of my

When using robocopy you can say if file edited after date: robocopy "%~dp0\source" "%~dp0\dest" /MAXLAD:20180923 /S /E But this isn't specific enough, I was wondering if you could also add the exact

#include <stdio.h> void print(int (*p)[3]); int main(void) { int a[3] = {1, 2, 3}; print(&a); return 0; } void print(int (*p)[3]) { for (int i = 0; i < sizeof(*p) /

If I have a simple document set up with pylatex import pylatex as pl geometry_options = { "head": "1pt", "margin": "0.2in", "bottom": "0.2in", "includeheadfoot": False} doc = pl.

I've created my own custom control for my Xamarin.IOS application and I created a custom property for it. And I want to set value for it property in Visual Studio Properties toolbox, but no VS no

I am using Room data migration. The app is not in production yet. I have define all the data models. My question is should I start writing migration from beginning or just the future changes?

Description One day, a week before Leeta's birthday, when Tutut and Leeta were walking in the Mall Schematics at the NPC clothing store, Leeta's eyes were always stunned by the large bear-shaped doll

I have a problem that CheckSignature on simple signing always fails. I am using SignXml to sign some external data (in my case parts of AS4 payloads) that will be stored as MIME attachments. If I try

I am trying to deploy my react ao mars-create-react-app buildpack following heroku's own guide for this Link to relevant Heroku documentation However, during running of git push heroku master, the

There doesn't seem to be an event for detecting when an item is added or removed from a ListView VERY strange, when it seems to be something that would be commonly used by a developer Am I

I have a following example of HTML code. My target is to adress the prices with XPATH . <div class="product-price"> <div class="Price"> <span class="value">9,99 €</

I have following code snippet to test if I can add HLL values in Redis, This test pass, but when I verify it from redis-command-line, I did not see "HLLTEST" key, instead I found weird key as you can

I have been trying to understand how things work on the stm32f69 micro-controller board with cortex m7. I found a tutorial writing hello world on the display but I can get it to work on my board. Here

What it the best practice in Git to adding the file x for example to the repo staging without allowing it on master repo if we merged the two repos?! How to inform Git that this file related with

currently I'm creating a login & registration page using aws-cognito. Almost everything is done, but now I'm stucked on how to set my values on standard-attributes & custom-attributes of aws-

I am developing an ionic 3 application and I would like to implement a page transisiton animation from my list of elements to a detail page of a particular element. What I mean is exactly the effect

I am trying to hit api locally but onResponse method is not workingonFailure mehtod always runs class Categories : Fragment() { lateinit var categories_recycler: RecyclerView override fun

Could you please explain the concept behind attached problem in image. //DO NOT MODIFY anything outside the below function static int[] calculate_remainders(int[] proportions, int[]

Not sure if this is possible, but I need to display a poster/background image in an MRSS feed where I am playing audio only, not sure if this can be done. As at the moment, when the player accesses

I'm assigning SQL query count result to a variable in Java, for that, I'm using EntityManager. Below is my code. @Data //getters and setters public class Summary{ //varaiable Long count; @

Model: class Rating(models.Model): post = models.ForeignKey(Post, on_delete=models.CASCADE, verbose_name='Post') user = models.ForeignKey(settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL, on_delete=models.CASCADE,

I am not able to query the eleveation of the highest mountain on earth. Can someone help ? My query for starting : select * where { ?Mountain rdf:type dbo:Mountain . ?Mountain rdfs:label ?label .

I'm using Vuex and realy like it. However I've got a weird problem. I've got a module called filters it looks like this: import Vue from 'vue'; import Vuex from 'vuex'; Vue.use(Vuex); export

I'm writing REST API using NodeJS, Express, Mongoose, Ramda. I need to prepare response for client using Ramda's utilities but I am encountering some issues: const R = require('ramda'); router.put('/

How use alert (message box) confirmation in rad studio 10.2? For example on button click I need display alert (OK and Cancel button) on OK need call my function on cancel close confirmation alert.

I have a click function that will change my image to another color. $(document).on( "click", ".cor", function() { var element = $(this); var I = element.attr("data-c"); if(I=="Blue") { var

so i want to set the access by firebase function and then pass this access props to tabs component as props ,but tabs component is get the initial state null,firebase auth funtion is resolving after