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Why can an attribute definition only be of types string, number or binary. See java SDK class com.amazonaws.services.dynamodbv2.model.AttributeDefinition or documentation. What if I am trying to


Recently I've started to use gitflow and I really like its feature methodology. Mostly I do something like this: I start a new feature, I implement its logic in a separate file, I git add > commit


I'm using WSO2 API Analytic 3.1.0. I'm always seeing below exception in my log file: TID: [-1234] [] [2018-08-20 15:20:45,020] ERROR {org.wso2.carbon.analytics.spark.core.AnalyticsTask} - Error


I am working on an enterprise web project for our government but the important phase is it's security. I haired something about HDIV that secure our websites. but I don't know how to configure/


I have a storage class in Typescript, that implements Storage interface, say MyStorage. But it has too many methods, so I want to use it instead of MyStorage.getCandy - MyStorage.Candies.getCandies.


From the docs (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/xamarin/cross-platform/get-started/introduction-to-mobile-development): On Android, Xamarin’s compiler compiles down to Intermediate Language (IL),


I trying to run my application service by using docker stack deploy command. With this command I get following error: "starting container failed: error creating external connectivity network: cannot


#include<iostream> int func(int, int); #define func(x,y) x/y+x int main() { int i, j; scanf("%d", &i); scanf("%d", &j); printf("%d ", func(i + j, 3)); printf("%d\n",


Does IBM APIConnect work with 3rd party gateways other than IBM Datapower gateway?


I prefer my own style of code formatting as opposed to Visual Studio's default settings. Curious how I can turn off "Apply all C# formatting rules (indentation, wrapping, spacing) Wasn't able to find


I'm using fullcalendar.io v2.4 in my project. and I'm tried to figure out how to change the date format. I looked in https://fullcalendar.io/docs/slotLabelFormat and I understood that I need to change


I have built a to-do list app in Javascript as all learners will at some point, and I am attempting to use local storage to store the values when the app is closed or refreshed. I'm storing them in


We write a selenium script to open a chrome browser, in the below line of code we are getting error messsage-driver cannot be resolved or is not a field. WebDriver.driver=new ChromeDriver();


I'm currently refactoring my code to be be compliant with component-base architecture (for further migration to Angular) Do I really need the 'ngInject' string and the $inject at the end? In my

确保FixBaseHTTP OnCalk函数的安全性

I have replaced my old unsecured, http-request-functions with with onCall-functions. I have read the documentary about the new features and that the client is automatically sending auth data in the

从对ODATA端点异步调用的Web API返回JSON

I am building a Web API which makes a asynchronous call to the Odata endpoint. The odata endpoint returns JSON, and I am trying to return the same JSON from the Web API too. Since I am calling the


I have saved my html file into google cloud storage with public read permission. When I am trying to open html file, Chrome automatically downloads the HTML files locally and does not open it in a


I want my Woocommerce Downloadable products to download from google drive. I have google drive direct download link Like this: Download but When I input this url in 'File url' on woocommerce product,


During build Angular generates hashes for asset files. In other projects I used to us webpack-manifest-plugin for generating a manifest file which contained mapping between original filename and


I want to draw several charts with loop by columns in VBA. And here is (pretty dumb I know) way where I select data to use in chart. And oddly enough, it was working perfectly when there was range


I want to operate on numpy arrays to use their indexing, and I want to include the 0-dimensional case. Now I came across a strange situation, where a type conversion appears, if I don't use in-place


The middleware is called, like this, keycloak.middleware({ admin: '/callback', logout: '/logout' }, This redirects to the 'host', but i have a varying slug, 'example: '/abcd', '/bcde',. is a


Using angular 6 user clink on radio button (yes),the browse button will enable,otherwise it should be disable (Browse) input type='file'.


Table bo_sip_cti_event_day has columns: uuid, hangup_clause but I have many the same uuid in many records with other hangup_clause for example: a, ORIGINATOR_CANCEL, a, NO_ANSWER, 'a, ALLOTTED_TIMEOUT'


In our application redux state is being saved even after refreshing the browser. I know that redux state gets reset when the browser is refreshed (application restarted). So my question is what is

Python的所有DEV类似的Python 3.5包

Following this thread I'm trying to install pyaudio library for Python. It works for python 2.7 but not for python 3.5 and I think that is because this packet python-all-dev is just for python 2.7


It's the first time i have to configure a mail server and i don't know what i have to configure. I have read so many differents things that i must ask you guys. I can already send mail with on my

当执行一组Windows API调用读取托盘图标工具提示时内存泄漏

I'm using the following code sample to scan the tray icons in the taskbar tn extract their tooltips and return them as a list of strings. class TrayTooltip { public static List<String>


So I'm having a problem with this guide https://docs.aws.amazon.com/elasticbeanstalk/latest/dg/php-hawordpress-tutorial.html specifically with mounting the EFS. The directory /wpfiles doesn't seem to


I have an result fetched by mysql join like: Array ( [0] => Array ( [job_card_id] => 1 [repair_order_id] => 1 [customer_request] => test


I need the code for the problem write a program that user prompts a positive integer and whether it is divisible by 11 or not please help I need this answer now


I've updated my application to the new Android App Bundle. I've uploaded a new App Bundle in the internal test track. And now when I add a new language to my phone, it doesn't download the associated


I have this little Spring Boot OAuth2 Server class: @RestController @SpringBootApplication @EnableAuthorizationServer public class MyOAuthServerApplication extends WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter {


Need to show the multiple markers of rides on the map in PHP There will be multiple rides and every ride have 2 points (Source, Destination) There will be new rides come on the map in between to show


I have table td with contenteditable and in a cell td i want to update time in the format eg. 1230 and not 12:30. So how can i set new time without edit the two points ":" Here my code: <table&


I’m new to Azure Event Grid concept and currently I am doing research on Event Grid to implement in my project. But I have few questions about Azure Event Grid: My Student Registration Service will


Here given the dataset of temperature, light, air quality, sound, humidity and dust measurements of different cities. Check the data.csv file (https://drive.google.com/file/d/


I made a new class that extends InputStream. but when I defined a new object "iStream" as following IoExceptionOnReadInputStream iStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(databytesArr); It will throw an

在写入文件并断言CyPress .IO测试时,系统抛出

While writing to a file and then asserting a Cypress.io test, the system throws 'expected undefined to equal..'. The 'data.json' file is written successfully into the path with name and email values.

Mango Spring如何基于嵌套数组中的值排序结果

I am having documents in mongodb like below Please click here for sample document I can have multiple objects within searchQueryAnalysis object .which contains searchKeyword , searchKeywordScore and


I have an Image View 'V' and an image 'I'. My task is to place 'V' on the top right corner of 'I'. As like below the 'semi stitched' image is an image need to place on main image. I have a class '


Consider the following example. The example is contrived but illustrates the point in a runnable example: class MultiplicatorMixin: def multiply(self, m: int) -> int: return self.


I am having some trouble removing 'required' field validation from a field on a form that is using jQuery validation and jQuery unobtrusive. I have the following razor view - <div class="form-


Here is my sample snippet which I use to write file to hdfs import java.io.BufferedInputStream; import java.io.FileInputStream; import java.io.IOException; import java.io.InputStream; import java.io.

The following code no longer behaves in Swift 4.2 (Xcode 10) the same it was behaving in Swift 4.1 (Xcode 9.4.1): let key: String! = "key" let dict: [AnyHashable:Any]? = ["key":"value"] let val =


According to the standard, it is always undefined behavior in C++ to make, for example, a float* point to the same memory location as a int*. In the application I have, there can be a buffer filled


I'm using latest Plesk. I've installed nginx on my webserver. Hosting settings for domains are: with php 7.0.31, fpm with apache (switch to "fpm with nginx" doesn't change the behaviour). After a


I cannot retrieve data from the ArrayList https://github.com/injecti0n/TheNoteBook/blob/master/src/be/intecbrussel/the_notebook/service/ForestNoteBook.java mainclass: https://github.com/injecti0n/


This is no duplicate of any other questions about angular material table with this context. All these others refere to angular 2-5, not 6 I'm getting this exception: Can't bind to 'dataSource'

有人看节目Sa50 50与RBSI EQ电子银行兼容吗?

Looking to see if a company has created import/export files that are compatible with eQ electronic banking.