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I set the env variable, I've installed python, looked in the right folder, but nothing. Any chance someone has another solution? command prompt


I'm sure this has been asked before, but I couldn't find a definite answer to my question. Say we had the two following classes: public abstract class Vehicle { private int gasTank; private


I would like to know if there is a formula that I can use so that when our agent's logs in using RAWR! in any case (Rawr! or rAWR! or RAwr! or etc.) will compute it's duration when a provided time is


I need to take the current local time, including milliseconds, and pass it to some embedded device. This device has now idea about calendar time, but has its own timer with 1 ms accuracy. So, when

无法使用KALI Linux克隆网站

The best way to use this attack is if username and password form fields are available. Regardless, this captures all POSTs on a website. You may need to copy /var/www/* into /var/www/html depending

Python 2.7.5和Python 3.65

I have installed Python 3.6.5 however when i type Python it shows Python 2.7.5. Id like to use Python 3 please help. Please find the codes below. [aravind@aravind05 Python-3.6.5]$ python3 --version


I am developing a VR experience in Unreal Engine. My animations are ready and state machine as well. But my widget buttons have suddenly stopped working. Kindly refer the the explanation below for the


I am trying to access my data in offline mode also using retrofit but its not happening. There is nothing wrong with the code but its not working. log data for both WiFi status is same. OkHttpClient


I've been trying to statically link sfml to a c++ project, but It always gives me compiler errors, does anyone know what's going on here and how to fix it;


I want to scrape only h3 tag's items.HTML is like <h3 class="index_title"> <a href="/test/1112"> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit


I am trying to design a button that when pressed will delete a pre-existing file called "names.txt" which has a directory (at least based in android studio) of: app/src/main/res/raw/names.txt.


I have a textview and a text field on my screen and I want move screen when edit textview. This is my code override func viewWillAppear(_ animated: Bool) { super.viewWillAppear(animated)


I plan to use CNN to identify the labels for the company names. I have a dataset with company logos and the image label indicate the name of the company. I want to get the matching company name which


I am converting to use the FireStore Database as my DB engine, But I need to know the best way to work with it. Should I use a backend language like php or c# to connect and create APIs or just make


I'm trying to recreate something in TypeScript that works in C#. In the code below, I was expecting both response1 and response2 to be a Promise<number>, but response1 doesn't seem to infer the


i am using wix toolset to build an installer, i want to read version from text file, Text file is located in mybootstarpper like below below is the code where i want to read the content of text file


how to change password(like facebook old password,new password,and confirm password these three option are there) how to make it , its third party API using ALamofire in pod version ios, ‘4.0’, using


I accidently deleted all my data on D: drive and recovered the data using a recovery software but this time when i copy, paste or delete something it says 'Destination folder access denied. You'll


When using Orange3 Preprocess widget's Normalize or PCA function on the TRAIN dataset, is there a way to transform TEST dataset using the parameters of the TRAIN set without resorting to using the


image similar <ion-tabs > <ion-tab [root]="tab1Root" tabIcon="logo-buffer"></ion-tab> <ion-tab [root]="tab2Root" tabIcon="ios-folder"></ion-tab> <ion-


First of all, I have two tables!. ci_albums: id, name, user_id. ci_photos: id, name, user_id, album_id. The thing is that I'm building a "media" for registered users in which they're going to be


I am starting off on a React Native project on multiple computers. I'm fairly new to React Native, hence probably this newb question : What is the minimum of files I need to track with Git in order


I have a task with some data in excel sheet and would like to divide the task equally among few members in the team. For eg. we have 100 data rows and team members named A,B,C,D,E. How can I simply

so when I run this code, the print_conclusion function (I'm assuming) seems to output an unwanted zero. Can someone please tell me how to not get this zero to show up by suggesting improvements to my


I was doing a little challenge within a book to create a function that checks a string for the letter B by creating a loop and going through each letter one by one. I think I know what the problem is


After I installed the newest firebase cloud functions update and updated my npm, for some reason I get this dumb error that won't go away. I have been uploading files in the exact same way, without


I'm working with Cloudformation and I'm configuring autoscaling group in AWS::ElasticBeanstalk::ConfigurationTemplate using aws:autoscaling:asg. Now I need to get AutoScaling group name to implement


I'm developing an app using jsPlumb. Currently, if I create a shape, it puts the shape in the top left corner of the canvas. And If I connect from source to target point, it is working. Now, I want

"Class 'CI_Controller' not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\CodeIgniter-3.1.9\application\controllers.." when running a coltroller in codeignitor. can anybody help?

将相同的组ID分配给具有相同值的ID -递归SQL查询

The table contains PID and corresponding values. PIDs with same values should be assigned same group id. PID Value A101 ABC A101 XYZ B101 ABC C101 GHI C101 DEF D101 ABC D101


Example: File will be called "Sentences.dat". It will have these lines. Name #3 is Bob Name #7 is Marie Name #8 is Kate Name #2 is George I want to save these to a dictionary, where their number


I'm using Python 3.5, and I want to make multi-keystroke function. I mean, I want to make a function that notices Ctrl+S and Q. But my program doesn't notice it. Here's my code: import threading,


So I am trying to wire up redux with reactjs to store some information about a component clicked on. After clicking on a certain component the redux store is updated and I wanted it to check the store


So, I'm just an intermediate Android developer. I wanted to make my own resume making app and I noticed that there are many apps for resume building but I don't understand how are they making those


29-12-2018 1st Repayment 12-01-2019 2nd Repayment 26-01-2019 3rd Repayment 09-02-2019 4th Repayment 23-02-2019 5th Repayment Hi I have the above 2 column table dynamically generated using for


I have a bar chart created with d3.js and am trying to display an image tag for each tick in x axis. For example, class Test extends Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state =


There are a total of 15 cc_cate. How can I get 15 values? $result = mysqli_query($connect, "SELECT distinct cc_cate,count(cc_cate)as count FROM cc_text WHERE id='aaaa' group by cc_cate order by

I'm trying to collect some links from a Bing search, and I keep getting the 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'find' error. I have tried various alternatives like findAll and find_all(), but none of


I have been using ruby sdk to connect with FirebaseStorage, Its working all fine but I need to know how I can increase the expiry of that link, its only giving 1 or 2 minutes of expiry. I am


I am working on image segmentation. Here the output of the neural network is a 3D array of logits, it's shape is (batch_size, image_height, image_width, 6) as the output predicts only for 6 labels.


I have some results from a Microsoft Access query in three columns: Publisher, Vendor, and ID. Each publisher has titles that we purchased from different vendors over time. I would like to get a


I am just trying to add some basic configuration to my launch.json file in vscode, but I am getting an error as Property args is not allowed. Below is my configuration. { "version": "0.2.0",

在Windows 10上安装Python 3.3.3 OpenCV时,DLL加载失败

I have python 3.6.3 32-bit version running on windows 10 64-bit machine. python version info Since the opencv found on this official website only supports python 2.7, I read here that I can use the


I am writing chaincode in Java using Fabric shim-client. I read in tutorials that we need to generate the jar by checking out Fabric source code. I did that for development and wrote chaincode. But,

从WSL内部调用Windows Python的路径处理错误

I have a script called "submit.py" and it begins with "#!/usr/bin/env python.exe" which works if I'm inside the directory containing "submit.py". I can run "./submit.py" and the script runs properly.


It simply doesn't save anything to the destination folder i specified. i tried {storage:storage} instead of {dest: 'storage/'} but it didn't work either. the image data is actually sent to the server


I wanted to read this text file which has 6 columns. The problem is in the second column the input is inform of class interval and I don't know how to read that,the last I tried isn't doing the job.


Am using Bean class to get/set value for the attributes. In some cases am gettig Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException error due to the value is null. What will be the best


Using the inbuilt data set iris and ggplot2 package, I plot barchart with Species on x-axis and Sepal.Length on y-axis. How can I add errorbars to this chart?