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I update my angular and my angular project version to angular 7. But When I try to run I have this problem: Package "@angular/compiler-cli" has an incompatible peer dependency to "typescript" (

Sometimes learning Delphi is really frustrating. I have the following declarations in a unit; TPipes = record InputRead : THandle; InputWrite : THandle; OutputRead : THandle;

I have 2 tables in mySQL DB: A & B. a, b, c columns. Table A: a(1) = 1 a(2) = 2 a(3) = 3 Table B: a(1) = 1 a(2) = 2 So, we could see that in B table there are no row with a = 3.

Good afternoon, I seem to be having issue with calling static C# methods. I currently have 2 DLLs that I inject into an ancient legacy app and then execute a static method as seen in the code below:

I'm trying to create a data mining model using Oracle SQL developer. However, it is not working. I've checked the Oracle docs before posting here but I couldn't resolve this. I'm trying the code

I'm trying to initialize a bidimensional array with this function void initialize(int n,int m, float **v){ v = malloc(n * sizeof(float *));//problem here int i,j; for (i=0; i<m; i++) { v[

So the javascript canvas has been zoomed in at a point, like this: scale = 1.5 scalepointx = 50 scalepointy = 120 ctx.save() ctx.translate(scalepointx,scalepointy) ctx.scale(scale,scale) ctx.

I have a String date and I want to add 00 time to it and make a request in to the API in milisseconds How can I achive this? I get NaN var startDateTime = "15.12.2018 00:00:00";

I'm trying to query for specific issues and pull requests on github, using the GraphQL API. The issue is that other than the "search" term over all repositories, I don't see a way to have logical AND

Can I filter files in a GitHub repository by file content? For example, there is the public repo: https://github.com/xamarin/mobile-samples. I know that I can find file by name using this option:

private void resolveGetterConflicts(Map<String, List<Method>> conflictingGetters) { for (Entry<String, List<Method>> entry : conflictingGetters.entrySet()) { Method winner =

This is my index.html - as you can it has lots of external css and js files. I wonder if there is any way to fix this. See the index.html: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en" ng-app="myapp" ng-

I have some doubts about what I'm trying to do; I have several virtual machines and I want them to be accessible from outside my LAN, I can do something with my fixed IP that my provider assigns me

I am running a code in cooja simulator on contiki. I want to broadcast a structure named ReqMsg. the structure.h file has been defined as below : typedef struct { int id ; int t1 ;

I was just using the terminal, when I realised that my Mac mini's system name is set to DANIELs-iPad, although I have never used said iPad, let alone signed in to anything on it That's the only

I have custom query $paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') : 1; $q = new WP_Query( array( 'post_type' => 'product','posts_per_page'=> 12,'paged' => $paged) ); and I

I have tested this code with tensorflow, tflearn and python3 after running this code by default with 2 block give me accurency of 98% But when i want to change it to 4 block i got this error in the

I'm developing a Just In Time Debugger as an extension for Visual Studio using the Microsoft.VisualStudio.Debugger api. Because the JIT code memory is not inside native modules but inside

I got this error just after converted the adapter code to Kotlin: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Parameter specified as non-null is null: method kotlin.jvm.internal.Intrinsics.

This is the Actual design that i want to make in my tableview swipe

While running npm start command, I'm getting following error: Starting the development server events.js:183 throw er; // Unhandled 'error' event ^ Error: watch /home/ruchit/codes/react/myapp/

Is there any way I can make a shortcut for an .exe-file in a folder without it's name? So that I can change the .exe file in that folder anytime and still open the new .exe file with my initially

Let's say I have the following TextView: <TextView android:layout_width="wrap_content" android:layout_height="wrap_content"/> In the past when I wanted to add a new attribute I

A third party program is needing to access static files from our CDN. The issue is, instead of fetching these files via GET, they are making this request via POST. When testing this POST => cdn.

I plan on making a search website, but don't know how to make something like: A user inserts something in the search box After clicking "Search", gets redirected to a website like, duckduckgo.com/?q=

I have an array of array serving a codeigniter's insert_batch $this->db->insert_batch('customer_contacts', $generic_contacts_data); Last query before this line is executed normally. This

Trying to figure out a way to display each folder sorted by the first words. the data array is random, so it is never in this order. You cannot use the numbers. For example I want it displayed as:

In android without asking for permissions like RECEIVE_SMS or READ_SMS is it possible to know if any new message has arrived within a period of time or not? I don't want to see the content or modify

I have a broadcastReciever which checks an incoming intent. The incoming intent contains a BluetoothDevice. In the BroadcastReceiver I check weather it is the right BluetoothDevice or not. If yes, I

hi i wanted to try very simple strategy in tradingview where buy on open on monday, sell on close on friday; start from 2002 to now >//@version = 2 strategy("buy signal entry",overlay = true) //

I want to do the same as here but instead I want to use images.sample as parameter e.g props:['images.sample'], <template> <img :src="images.sample"> </template> <script>

In Hammerspoon I can execute a timer like so: hs.timer.doAfter(1, function() print '1 second later' end) Can doAfter take less than a second? hs.timer.doAfter(0.25, function() print '250

I am developing a Visual Studio extension (for VS 2017). When the checkbox "Deploy VSIX content to the experimental instance for debugging" is checked, the build takes a ridiculous amount of time--5

I am working on a not so little project in PHP using Eclipe PDT. I find myself wasting a lot of time because typing errors do neither lead to errors or warnings during edit. This means I get runtime

Just playing with Dart: Do you know why this is not working? I just want to be able to run through an Iterable of Futures. import 'dart:async'; Iterable<Future<String>>

I am trying to compile and use OpenCv4 with Intel inference as a static library. to do this, I downloaded and compiled the code by changing the following parameters: WITH_INF_ENGINE = on

Given an array I'm trying to return the last even numbers up to a given "number" of items in a new array, it also needs to be returned in original order. I have written the following code: function

I have a login page in my android app. I save the access token that I get in my login request's response in shared preferences and later use it to load url's in the next activity's webview. The

I have my https://git.example.com/ site to serve static files working well on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. The /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/git.example.com config is like this: ``` location / { # First

Noob here trying to learn Docker by launching some jars and war I did for a school project. I'm trying to have a Tomcat container connect to an RMI server container and using docker-compose to run

As a part of university project I created a topology using Mininet and tried to generate traffic using Scapy. To generate TCP attack on topology a python script named "My_SYNfloodattack.py" is called.

the welcome screen open and countdown but cant load the second layout so am stock with the welcome screen. i try removing the welcome screen but was unable to upload a user id to Firebase but was able

I would like to know best practice or example of how to set this up. My use case is for a React.js client app to upload a user avatar photo to AWS via AppSync API endpoint for processing, replication,

I'm getting this error in VSCode after the latest update of VSCode. This happens in Version: 1.30.0. I think VSCode is looking for wrong directory, the actual VSCode directory is : '~/snap/code/'

In the Contacts (Address Book) part of Outlook for Mac 2011, I use rich text formatting (including links) in Notes. I'd like to migrate away from Microsoft to something that is open source. From what

I would like to pass two text parameters when a button is clicked. I used MultiBinding and that partially works but something's not quite right yet. Converter: public object Convert(object[] values,

I would like to find every combination of elements in a list, by switching the order of the elements, while keeping their count and the length of the list. For example, for the list: [1,2,1,3] I

I have two versions of codes. Version 1 Launcher.java class Launcher { public static void main(String[] args) { LuckyNumber game; game = new LuckyNumber(); game.start();

I needed to define a set of classes in Forth, where certain method names may repeat in different classes. The final solution should work on simple J1B processor in FPGA, with swapforth. Therefore it

I am trying to make source data for X and Y axes in a Plotly chart update automatically whenever the user selects a value from a dropdown corresponding to particular axis: function restyle(chart_div,