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I need to send email to users in my asp.net application. But when I try to send an email I end up in failure because google blocks my mail asking me if it was you trying to signing from another device.

Link to the same question (WASN't ANSWERED): Problems with Pagination on Laravel 5.7 It wouldn't let me comment or bump, I am having the same issue as this user with 5.7 alone. I am surprised after

Background: I currently have large files getting uploaded to AWS S3, these files contain new line characters in some columns which leads to them being read incorrectly. However, the files do have a

I'm new to AppSync, and I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around the VTL resolvers. I'm trying to get what should be a pretty basic resolver function to work. The functionality I am trying

I have a Rails website with react components in some pages. To work with React I use react-rails & webpacker gems. I have react component that displays data about the city from Wikipedia on some

And here is the code pen that I can do so far: <div class="container"> <figure> <img src="https://placekitten.com/500/500"/> <figcaption class="caption-1"><span

The following python code snippet produces the error in the title: job_config = bigquery.QueryJobConfig() # Set the destination table table_ref = client.dataset(args.bq_dataset_id).table(args.

I have taken a heap dump of a Java 8 jvm spring boot application, using: jmap -dump:format=b,file=/myHeapDumpFile 123 YourKit Java profiler shows the following when I open the file. Notice java.lang.

I a working on Google Chart to render Area chart on 'UI' i Have a J SON Data from my back-end which is not exactly the same i want to format that data into required J SON format from JavaScript end.

I am trying to make my first app containing persistent data. The goal of the app is to create a price sheet using entities created by the user prior to making a price sheet. What would be the best way

I have 4 appsettings.json in my .NetCore application: appsettings.json appsettings.Development.json appsettings.Test.json appsettings.Production.json All of appsettings has Do not copy property,

I have the following XML Data in a file "Test1.xml": <TextValuess> <TextValues Name="Value1" Override="true" Type="String"> <DEV>Source=DEV;Catalog=DEV_DMT;Integrated Security=

I am trying to display image using Json API but I am getting Target not null error message. I have three classes one main, adapter and model class. I have already added picasso library and the name is

I want to extend controller from another controller I have controller "ProjectController" and "MembersController"; is it possible to extend Members controller from Project controller. so I can get

I am using 2 ui grids in my angular code. The outer grid is this one. On clicking the edit option, this is the 2nd grid inside 1st grid. While creating this group, i selected names from grid whose

I am new to python and maplotlib. I am trying to draw a scatterplotwith matplotlib that is grouped by industry. However when I iterate over the industries and add them to the figure the output redraws

I have a binary file i want to run this binary file using shell script. This binary file will get the data from a table. This will contain multiple table including table number 2211 when this file

I was just wondering what the run-time and space complexity was for the heap operations removeMin, insert, remove, and findMin in an array implementation in the worst-case, best case, and average case

I have installed ngx-google-places-autocomplete module. After setting i got this error. core.js:14597 ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Template parse errors: There is no directive with "

I am trying to use the react-navigation in react-native with redux as in the documentation but I get this error "Cannot get config because the route does not have a routeName". The code that I tried

java code String path="C:/Users/Ibil/Desktop/line.py"; Runtime rt = Runtime.getRuntime(); Process pr = rt.exec("python "+"C:/Users/Ibil/Desktop/line.py");

I am using many to many annotation of JPA. I have 3 tables postal_master, postal_mapping, and postal_detail. I have to insert new records in the postal_detail table but the entry already exists in the

I need to read calendar data of the Azure active directory users and fetch all the meeting at a particular time. I want to do this inside .NET core WebAPI. But i don't want to have any login page

What I'm trying to do here with this script is to read the information of an specific sheet with one column and three rows, then create a txt file with these three rows and save it into an specific

I need to add RemoveDrive.exe into cx-freeze msi package and tried includefiles=['RemoveDrive.exe'] in setup.py but, it didn't get added to package code: from cx_Freeze import setup, Executable

In the ExtJs's(ExtJs 3.1) CellEditing plugin if we put security string like ><img src=0 onerror=alert(99)> in any of the cell, then it executes (alert will be shown). Can we prevent this

Everything works on my back end with Laravel, however I am not getting the response to the front end. Here is my method in Laravel public function store(Request $request) { $this->

I am creating a theme for google chrome while applying background image how can I set the image to get fit to the screen of the browser. I am stuck here. Can anybody please help me in this.

I'm new to socket.io and I used it with both react and react native. In my scenario Server is emitting a ‘incomingBooking’ event. So client need to catch this event and print ‘booking details’ on the

Basically while answering one of the question on SO related to nested array flattening i have answered question with using recursive flattening. var exampleArray = [ [1,2,3,4], [1,2,[1,2,3]], [1,

I have a button on the page. While clicking, an iframe gets opened. both iframe and button have a different origin. When iframe gets loaded, I need to get the data-id of that iframe from its tag. I

I am trying to access and download some data from a website with API connection. The challenge is that the instrument I want to trace is a future with the usual convention (which is that each month

I am new to JSF PrimeFace. I have a requirement to refresh the form with certain timer if the “Auto Refresh” checkbox is enabled. I have tried using selectBooleanCheckbox with Ajax event and poll but

I am using Slick carousel and want to display 3 photos. I have the 3 photos displayed in the bottom slider-nav pane. Everything works as expected if I set slidesToShow=2 but when slidesToShow=3,

I have a UIWebView set as the view in a ViewController. I would like to display an SVProgressHUD activity indicator while the webpage loads and then dismiss it when it has finished, but I can't seem

I have the following input array val bins = (("bin1",1.0,2.0),("bin2",3.0,4.0),("bin3",5.0,6.0)) Basically the strings "bin1" refer to values in a reference column on which dataframe is filtered -

I have a tab container with dynamic tab panel, each tab panel has dynamic web user control. This web user control contains dynamic grid view which has drop down list and text box columns where user

There are effectively no differences between the following snippets of JavaScript in terms of performance: Link: Javascript callback functions differences Method 1: (es6, define a callback as it's

I ran into this odd scenario while trying to get modules working with python-shell (see issue #7) Demo: https://repl.it/@almenon/FabulousFocusedDiscussion?language=nodejs works: let childProcess =

Sorry for my bad english.. I'm developing a cordova app where I've already installed FirebasePlugin , so I ve login page where user is registering lets say index.html(login page), once the user

#include <stdio.h> #include <fcntl.h> #include <errno.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <unistd.h> #include <sys/stat.h> #define SIZE 4096 static void usage(void) {

I'm currently working on a project that uses Hunspell inside Node. The goal is a cross-platform spell-checking that works with encoding properly (node-spellchecker). I have to use arbitrary

I Copied a Table and an input where user can search or focus on a row by using input field. But there are 2 issues. When user enter a row number, table shows wrong row like if user enters 15, the

I have created a web application in Angular 4. In the application after login, I am saving user security token in localStorage Based on the localStorage value I am hiding few links in the

Given below code, will CPU reorder STORE a and STORE b ? From code logic, a and b are independent. int* __attribute__ ((noinline)) GetMemAddr(int index) { static int data[10]; return &

In PowerPoint, I have Inserted an Excel Spreadsheet table, but the "table" only seems to be a graphicframe without a shape type and returns false when I check for a table or chart: from pptx import

I did the API calls for the recurring charges for the app I created in the shopify with required parameters and got redirected to the given return_url after the user's response and the response

Initially I was using dataset_from_tensor_slices, but since the data is too large (exceeds the 2gb limit) I had to use dataset_from_generator.This is my input function, but i am getting this error :

I have one excel sheet with 7Gb of data. I can't open it directly from ms_excel. I want to cut that excel file into smaller files. I tried online tools as well as offline tools. Any suggestions?

I'm using rails 4.2 I have two db calls that both need to exist OR both not exist, so I'm using transactions inside a method in order to do that. I also want the variable I am creating to be