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无法使用DOCKER Java查看容器进程

I'm using the docker-java libraries to handle start up of a Docker image: DockerClient dockerClient = DockerClientBuilder.getInstance("unix:///var/run/docker.sock").build(); CreateContainerResponse


I’m trying to resample data at a given start time my program: sales = [{'Timestamp': '2018-06-22 15:15:00', 'Jan': 150, 'Feb': 200, 'Mar': 140}, {'Timestamp': '2018-06-22 15:44:00', 'Jan':


E-commerce transactions can be reveresed in Google Analytics so that a shop can accurately track its revenue. For example when an order is placed but subsequently not paid or cancelled the shop can


Below code snippet the (A a = new D()) why the instance D with reference A Object Called Class A method that statement D object override Class A(virutal method),then why its hides the class D


How do I make an input line with the text and the box out of it same as the picture? : https://imgur.com/a/A7DXxC1 my code if need:


forms.py: class TestPicForm(forms.ModelForm): x = forms.FloatField(widget=forms.HiddenInput()) class Meta: from .models import TestPic model = TestPic fields = ('file'


we want to track link. for eg : http://yellow.live we are not receiving any referrer when open it through stackoverflow


I have an asp.net MVC application. The javascript code below is in production since 10 days ago. The idea is to intercept the submit event and call an ajax event to check attachments size before

如何使WPF AutoRealEtBox接受多个过滤属性

I want to search in multiple fields in AutoCompleteBox, I want to search in ClientName if the user start typing characters, and search in ClientNumber if the user start typing numbers. I searched on


I wrote a pharo program that generates my daily task non stop. The program works fine, however I always need to instantiate my object in the playground to run it. Is there some other way of doing it

APACHE FLink动物园管理员检查点冲突升级后

I recently upgraded an Apache Flink cluster from 1.3.2 to 1.4.2 and now I get following exception in Zookeeper Logs 2018-06-19 18:45:34,658 [myid:3] - INFO [ProcessThread(sid:3 cport:-1)::


I have been trying to convert a string array from firebase to an actual array but it comes as a single string from firebase. To clarify it, this is what I have on Firebase: and I am trying to


I have the following XAML in my Page: <ScrollView Grid.Row="1" Grid.Column="0" Margin="20, 5, 10, 5" VerticalOptions="FillAndExpand"> <StackLayout


Some 3 Locations are connected in Triangle Shape in Open layer Map. I am trying to get all the 3 Locations Latitude and Longitude with the help of Open layer and React JS. But Unfortunately , I am


Hello I wonder if it's possible because I've done the example of a sidebar in the google script tutorial I've put a link to google website when we click a tab is opened with the google search My

Apache 2.4需要IP范围

yes I read all the other questions and recommended answers but I still can't figure it out how require works in apache 2.4, so I hope someone can help me. I want to give access to my site only from


Is there any way to have a conditional expression in the fileName parameter of the file:// endpoint in Apache Camel? I am using Java DSL (can't change this) to build the route, and the definition


I want to make a bot that automatically sell all coins in my Coinbase wallet. Using the API documentation, I made this script : from coinbase.wallet.client import Client client = Client( '


I am trying to create a list of all varN variables , where N is a number. Let's say I have 6 varN variables and I want to create a list vars_lst containing all the values belonging to the varN:


I'm trying my best to avoid using cursors- the amount of data is really huge. There is a table that looks like: |Data| Multiplier| -----------------| |A | 2 | |B | 3 | |C | 0


I'm developing a Xamarin Forms application and I have implemented an IOS custom renderer for a content page. I generate the page from laying out the native controls programmatically where ListEntry


Orignal Question So, we were discussing this question here https://gateoverflow.in/221722/os-kernel#c221800 and the question arises will the file associated with an old process which is going to be


I want to convert 2018 to only 18 using PHP. Please let me know the possible solution. thanks.


I have been trying to train Tesseract 4.0 to recognise "customized" font from an engineering blueprint. I've followed the necessary steps using Training Tesseract from here - https://github.com/


Not sure why this is happening. On postback the captcha disappears so after reading some articles i have the below code which resolves the problem (captcha still displays after postback) <script


I have a need that I'd like to solve with a UITabBarController but I'm struggling to understand if it's actually possible. The primary reason I want to use the UITabBarController is because I get all


I'm using Angular 5 on dev mode (port 4200) to POST data to my Flask API (port 5000). I've set the Angular's environment to redirect post requests to: export const environment = { production:

不能在Mac上运行PANAHO BI服务器

I've been trying to install Pentaho BI Server (Community Edition) on Mac but I did not manage to make it run: Does anyone know a good matching between the Java version and Pentaho? When I try to run


I would like to highlight rows with pvalue lower than 0.05 The code belows is how i render my table. My table is a classical anova table. The pvalue is the column "Pr(>F)" output$tablepermanova <-


Hi I'm using Mosk font in my web application and hosting those fonts. Fonts seems to be loaded correctly via font face and webpack file-lodader for (.ttfs). @font-face { font-family: "Mosk";


category_amount| paid | balance| Stdnt_id 12 200 - 12 18 200 - 12 i want to subtract the paid from category amount and store the result as balance


Can anyone please help or suggest to simplify the following condition: if (null == parentInstruction.getQuantity() || (null != parentInstruction.getQuantity() && ((parentInstruction.

生成正态分布的累积分布函数(Python 2.7)

I have written a python code for generating CDFs of normal distributions but the shape I acquire every time is the same. def norm(x,mean,std): return 0.5 * (1 +erf( (x- mean)/(sqrt(2)*std)))


I'm wanting to find each instance of ".simple-product-tile" on a page, then for each append part of the href (the product code at the end of the url) to the nearest forms value which is blank by

'TrimeTeNeTyCudio.EvestStudio '至少需要8-12秒才能触发

Just wanted what is the possible reasons why my persistentEntityRegistry.eventStream takes an approximately ~8-12 seconds to be emitted.


I have two base routes that each use a parameter "/categories/:category" and "/types/:type". I also have a navbar that has a dropdown menu for each of the routes and their child params. If I use the


i'm trying to start a consumer using Apache Kafka, it used to work well, but i had to format my pc and reinstall everything again, and now when trying to run this: bin/kafka-console-consumer.sh --


Hello so i have a select to choose car origin (european, asian , american) accordingly i want to populate the scrollview under it with the relative brand images so far it works yet only the first


For the purpose of documenting several projects written in C, Python, and JavaScript, I set up an own readthedocs server and an own server running Git. I adapted the configuration inside of the


How to open link like viber://chat & tg:// in React Native with standard Linking. <TouchableOpacity onPress={() => { Linking.openURL(`viber://chat?number=0123456789`); }}


Working on a product adding page using PHP OOP and mysqli, at this point i'm working on prepared statement implementation but can't find information on how to add them into such code. Any guidlines

如何用Python MayCHIMAPI API发送电子邮件

how would I use Mailchimp python package to send email to a list of email id's. I have searched around but have not been able to find a complete solution that shows how to send the email. I have got


I have a custom EditText. It has a non editable prefix and suffix, and an editable middle part. The issue is default cursor position is always in the starting of editable text, as seen in below

如何使用VUE JS和Laravel发送邮件

Can anyone explain how to send emails using Vue.js and laravel, I have seen many tutorials, but they only show how to send them through blade.php. This is my form code in Vuetify: &


In my code igniter application I want to convert the English input to Urdu & Turkish. Can some one please tell how can I do that?


Estou desenvolvendo uma consulta no Simples Naacional, mas ao dar um HTTPPost no site http://www8.receita.fazenda.gov.br/simplesnacional/aplicacoes/atbhe/consultaoptantes.app/consultaropcao.aspx me


im looking for some help on a simple formula that i cannot get right. if A6= bluethen cell A7 to display 1 or A6= green then cell A7 to display 2 or A6= red then cell A7 to display 3 anyone


We have a series of desktop applications which are C# WPF ones. These applications connects to DB servers which are stand alone servers. Now we are uplifting the db servers to cloud and there are


What is the best method to store multiple access token that I get for multiple resources when authenticated against an Azure AD. When i have only one resource registered with Azure AD , I could store


I have followed the DigitalOcean tutorial to deploy a django app at DigitalOcean, the guide is: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-deploy-a-local-django-app-to-a-vps Question: