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I've been stuck with this issue for the past 2 hours and I'm on the verge of tears. I have read many answers here and on other sites but I have no idea who to solve it. I have a site where I have a

Scenario: view/hello.php <?php <h1>Welcome</h1> <p>User is <?php echo $name; ?></p> app/hello.php <?php $name = 'Bob'; include_once ROOT . 'view/hello.php';

I am new to programming, and am working with an Array of objects for the first time. I have a class called Account, which is to represent a bank account. In the main method of my ATM machine class,

let arrayA = [Card]() let arrayB = [Card]() let newDeck = arrayB.filter(!arrayA.contains(where: (Card) throws -> Bool)) basically I want to check if arrayA contains arrayB and every element in

Code: import pymongo client = pymongo.MongoClient("mongodb+srv://Myuser:Mypass@database-ljaij.gcp.mongodb.net/admin") db = client.Database lista = db.tests result = lista.update({"_id": "

I'm using the slider on codepen at this link and I'm trying to migrate the jquery code to js vanilla. I am not able to migrate if ($group.is(":animated")), is there any properties that allow me to

I am trying to implement a list that has some email addresses in it. After that I want to create a loop that iterates addresses one by one and hashes them one by one. email_allowed = ('monga@yahoo.

So I have been experimenting with docker in eclipse and I have latest version of Eclipse and Docker Tooling which seems to work fine. I am wondering when you check Build inside docker image in

for an university project I try to download tweets and analyze them. Unfortunately, every time I run the code for a high number of tweets, I get the following error: File "C:\Users\Pasca\Anaconda3\

I am building an IoT device that will be producing 200Kb of data per second, and I need to save this data to storage. I currently have about 500 devices, I am trying to figure out what is the best way

Just updated my cli, npm, ng and nodejs to latest versions. An ng v gives this: Angular CLI: 7.0.2 Node: 8.12.0 OS: darwin x64 Angular: Package Version --------------------

Which type of parameter to set for function get() in class? class InjectedClass { get(e: any) { } } class A { // This is component in Angular public method(){ this.injectedClass.

I was wondering how I could use something like the print() function, that will print to a set location. For reference for anybody who knows TI-Basic, something like Output(y,x,"Text") would be nice.

Weirdly I can create the font correctly, but the uiFont is null on the first file below, I get a font and a uiFont for the second file. Both files are in a folder called Resources with a Build Action

$query = 'SELECT "'.$_POST['start_date'].'" . ' from users'; $end_date = date('Y-m-d', strtotime(".$start_date.", ' + 365 days')); echo "you registered on ".start_date." ; echo "Your membership

Let me preface my question by saying that I'm a beginning software engineering student in an Intro to JavaScript course. I'm having an issue with an assignment for the JavaScript course. Here is the

I am working on a project were I maintain a CMakeLists.txt file to keep track of the dependencies when I need to compile. I recently, started using a new library that I need to integrate in my

I built this React App, that allows users to add todo item, and mark an item as completed/active. Todo items are stored in cloud firestore. I want to enable full-text search on the app, and one way

For fun, I made some code to simulate some really basic stock market scenario for a class. Though the stock market is really unpredictable what the second and first derivative would look like when

I'm trying to fetch specific data from a API, something like that: I have that JSON after response: { "id": 5, "url": "", "title": "Obama Offers

In the code below, queue_it alters the type signature in an unexpected way. How do I resolve this? module foo = type MBase() = member __.id = 42 type User() = inherit MBase()

I have a settings.js file that is imported. It has this at the top: var stripe = Stripe('pk_test_123454'); function mountStripe(stripe_mount_id="mount-stripe") { // Create a Stripe client. .

I have a table with data in which i use pipes to filter results. When filtering my search results in my table it works to filter. I also have method to arrange the data in the table from ascending to

import re plus_op = re.match(r"\+|\-", "*5+(3+4)") times_op = re.match(r"\/{1,2}|[*%]", "*5+(3+4)") power_op = re.match(r"\^", "*5+(3+4)") plus_op is None for some reason. I don't understand this,

Goal: make a scrollable image-gallery web-component. Make the Layouting work without script-intervention. Requrements: the size of the web-component has to be fully responsive and/or adjustable. the

I am trying to develop a web application where the user enters data and retrieves it in a formatted manner in various sub applications within my site. Basically, it's a form heavy application. I use

How can I access the variable s from outside the jbutton? JButton Inserare_Cheie = new JButton("Inserare Cheie"); Inserare_Cheie.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void

I am trying to convert a char pointer to a string pointer but I am not sure if I am doing it correctly. I just wanted to post what I was trying and see if it was correct. For context, I have a char *

I make a simple LibGDX game using CircleShape for person and Rectangles for ground. Each ground brick is Rectangle in my TiledMap. The problem is when the player jumps on an angle of this ground brick

I'm a little bit confused all of a sudden, I may be tired now so that may be the reason. Anyway consider the following using interpreter: > x = {'hello':'world'} > y=x > x= None >y

When I try to upload an image file form my computer in my html file it doesn't show up in browser. But if I link a image file from the web it works. I've copied the file path correctly and made sure

How can this thumbnails video hover effect be done using Semplice on Wordpress: https://objectanimal.com/ Any ideas from anyone with some understanding on how Semplice works? Thanks coppa

Given the function below, recursively move all the values to the left side that are less or equal to the value k. No helper functions are allowed. vector<int> shift(const vector<int>&

I have a scene with a globe, where the camera rotates around the globe. I need to clamp the position and rotation of this movement in certain instances of the game. I have tried several methods but

I'm following the guide here (admittedly it's a little dated) to deploy my first Symfony 4 project to production. It was going all good until I got to the file permissions. I did the steps

I'm sorry if I'm not using the correct terminology, I'm new to this. I want to stack two divs side by side horizontally, the image and the message content. I have coded a messaging UI. It all worked

I currently setup my Django project in Docker. I used pipenv so far, therefore I don't have a requirements.txt but a pipfile. Anyone knows how I have to adjust my Dockerfile in order to install all

I try to validate if the two parameters of the request are not null but it does not work, enter the else condition What is the problem? if (! is_null($request->datestart) && ! is_null($

I have an iPhone I’m putting into my testing lab. I recently restored it because this phone was originally mine. Now as you are most likely aware iOS 11 and up requires pressing the home button to

I was asked to make a Bug Simulator project that asks for the position of the bug, and then it proceeds to do the following. It will either go left or right depending on the amount you put for the

I am accessing a website using WKWebView and on that website there is a download button. On Chrome using a laptop that downloads the file, when I click download on the iOS simulator it displays the

From this answer to the question "When should static_cast, dynamic_cast, const_cast and reinterpret_cast be used?": C-style cast and function-style cast are casts using (type)object or type(object),

this code doesn't work for me pic = 'https://www.adidas.ru/dis/dw/image/v2/aagl_prd/on/demandware.static/Sites-adidas-RU-Site/Sites-adidas-products/ru_RU/v1539799067924/zoom/DA9159_00_plp_standard.

There are some methods natively supported such as basic auth , X509 certificates and webhook tokens. Is there some workaround/project to use LDAP for user authentication with Kubernetes. I need users

Im having trouble decoding this Json string in swift. Im needing to decode JSON so I can see the data in the two labels. Everything is working on the server side. I can receive the data running curl.

Whenever my code gets to getModel() it throws different errors. "Malformed Input around byte xx", "Protocol !=BGS" I use BIMServer 1.5.109. Did anybody encounter this problem with 1.5.109?

I have a numpy array like below :- array([[2], [3], [4], [5]]) I want to square and cube each element and then append it in numpy. and i want the output like below array([[2,

So I have the following class as such: class foo{ public: unique_ptr<someClass> pt; Foo(){} //Copy constructor Foo(Foo& f){ someClass * copy = f.pt.get(); pt=unique_ptr<someClass&

I'm trying to write QImage using SYCL, but I can't make it to work. My guess is that the cl::sycl::buffer is not created correclty. The code compiles fine. int imageWidth = 400; int imageHeight = 300;

I'm using CSS grid for a timeline. The grid is yielding about 1300 divs, which is really bad for performance. I need to have each of these cells to be clickable and show a different color on hover. I