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Currently I am ingesting few data from Oracle to HDFS using sqoop. I am using Cdh 5.12.1 and sqoop 1.4.6 Whenever I run the sqoop command it runs the Mapreduce engine and this is quite common as all


I have integrate mysql with python. All I need to find the count of particular words in column name data across all documents and store it into variable as 'count' . Total records are 60000. Mysql


I do have some trouble with vba code R1C1 combined with the Isoweek formula The code here =HVIS(ER.TOM(RC[-13]);"-";ISOUGE.NR(RC[-13])) works I I place it in a cell mamualy, but it wont work if I


Dear StackOverflowers, Been trying to get this right for quite a while and think I could use some expert advice. I have a simple worksheet, on the first worksheet there's a table, named Tabel1. If


I am working on a fuzzy convolution filter for CNNs. I have the function ready - it takes in the 2D input matrix and the 2D kernel/weight matrix. The function outputs the convolved feature or the


I have 2 forms on page. And I post second form to external url after I've send one form to server via ajax . Script like this: var data = form.serializeArray(); data.push({name: 'ajax',

Log4j2 StrugMpMeX无法获取自定义消息

Here is my StringMapMessage : object Messages { final case class SimpleMapMessage(id: String, ai: String, runtime: Long, msg: String) extends StringMapMessage { put("id", id) put("ai", ai)

如何将MySQL PHP中的两行组合成一行?

I have create a table having name tour inside it I have define id, package_type and gallery_img. Now, What I actually want. I run a select query through which I get all the gallery_img data according


I have a website built with Flask and Flask-Login, so I know it generates cookies at some point. But my question is more basic than this. Does a Flask application always, and immediately, generate


Is there a way to protect VBA Password protection against a crack such as this one: Is there a way to crack the password on an Excel VBA Project? Or this one: https://superuser.com/questions/807926/


I have stored the Store address using google address(autosuggestion) in database. Now I need to list the store List as Map View.. But Some store have a same address while the google map marker shown


I am working on automating authentication for a website which has 2FA authentication in place. The website has the following work-flow: User provides username and password. In case the username and


When I create a new build definition then build number starts with 1. It gets increment with each build. Can I set the initial build number instead it takes the default value (1)? In the existing


i want to get the values of the first array for an example on picture array marked 1 in green. How do i do that? here's a the array with objects bigger picture if (id === 1) { this.


i m working on an react native app ,i need to show audio visualisation on recording from mic , Is there any library or help about it ,please guide me, thanks already


Following situation: #include <stdint.h> class C { public: C()=default; ~C()=default; template<uint8_t> struct integconst { }; int m1(integconst<8>);


I discovered the following problem when executing an ansible-playbook: I have an include_tasks: command, that is dependent on 2 variables, a string variable and a boolean variable. I first tried to


How to remove/hide the item from ng-option inside ng-repeat if item is selected by another ng-option? <table class="table table-bordered table-condensed"> <tr> <th>


I want to set opacity:0 for some <input type="text"> within a form. However, I still want the user to be able to enter and see their input in these form fields. Is there any way to make <

Android MyTasyle不能正常出现

I'm trying to create notification for my music player application and I have a trouble of making use of media style. First of all bitmap I put in setLargeIcon is not appearing and notification only


Within a pandas pipeline, the best way I know to create a new column row-wise, given a dataframe df would be like: (df . () .assign(new_col = lambda df_: df_.apply(lambda row: my_function(row),


I'm trying to use some custom points for a billboard chart. I can use a <path> element and it will be rendered as the data points. What I want to do is to use some points that may be a


I am using OpenXML to handle a mailmerge. I am feeding in data from a json file to merge with my document. I have this working great, but then I need to take in the formatting that is described in


In my project i need to read a file (csv) fro url eg:link and covert it to json. i know how to read a local file using input tag please help me


I am getting error "but actually found 431" for all my GATLING simulations. After simulation starts only First Request passes and all subsequent request fails with 431 ( as per below log) whether is


I am using spa-prerender-plugin in Vue.js and everything works fine. However, I'll like to pre-render my 404 page as well which in vue goes like { path: '*', name: 'FourOhFour',

Laravel子文件夹- AXIOS POST不工作

I'm trying to built SPA with Laravel and Vue using jwt in subfolder but for some reason i get 405 Method Not Allowed when load the page. Here is code: Method in helper.js export default { check()


I'm trying to extract a number from a string. The string is randomized but must contain one keyword, let's say 'key', and a number. I want to extract the first number behind the keyword. Below is a

使用WebSerial.ASPNETCOR.PWA将PWA应用到.NET Web应用程序时,服务工作者定位是错误的。

I am trying to integrate PWA to my .NET Web Application using WebEssentials.AspNetCore.PWA . I am following this tutorial https://medium.com/beginners-guide-to-mobile-web-development/introduction-to-


I'm trying to make an app with chat "bubbles" and I need to animate a transition between each bubble state. extension UIView { func makeRoundedCorners(topLeftRad: Double, topRightRad: Double,


i'm using tableview with getting JSON data. and i want to convert JSON string to date format in tableview cell and i'm using protocol also string my JSON data format "createdDate": "2018-08-16 11:34:


This is the Airbnb Prediction dataset many have worked on. I would like to print the classification report and export them into a CSV. I have tried methods by print(classification_report(y_pred, y))


I faced with same problem: JS regex freezes my browser(s) ie when I write code with regexp like this(you may check in console): var regex = new RegExp ("(?=^(?:[A-Za-z0-9_\xC0-\xFF!#$%&'*+\/=?^`


Drawing on a Gnome2::Canvas, I want to draw X and Y axes, with a horizontal label and a vertical label. Gnome2::Canvas::Text objects allow Pango markup. A Pango tag like this should work, but doesn't.


I have a bool variable and I want to show different widgets based on that variable, for example, I want to hide the floating button when the bottom sheet is shown. how can I do that?


I'm using NodeJS childprocess to run shell commands on NodeJS / Express server (localhost). Everything goes well with basic shell commands like 'ls' (from NodeJS documentation): const { spawn } =


I have to make a find dublicate game sample for school, I have 16 buttons with each2 buttons have same image. But the problem is, I want to randomely set position of that 16 buttons when I opened the


I try to ask patients for a doctor like this in my service. At first I add some pets to a doctor. Then when I try to get the list of pets, it will be returned, but after records will be removed from


I'm trying to run the following command in jenkins pipeline code def response="curl -D- -u 'AAA:AAA' -X POST -H 'X-Atlassian-Token:nocheck' -F 'file=@${workspace}\test.txt' http://localhost:8080/rest/


You are given a array and you have to delete the element from array so that the sum of deleted element is maximum. Condition for deletion :- 1. You can delete the elements from either end only.

从Spring JDB模板返回泛型类型

I want to create a generic method which should look like that: public<T,S,R> getCell(S column,R arg){ return jdbcTemplate.queryForObject("select ? from PASS_IND_SP_LINK where PASS_IND_LINK_ID=?

Android XML标签栏设计?

How to create Like that Tab bar in Android Please Help


I dont have enough reputation points to upload the picture so here is a link. I'm kind of stuck with this question and I think it is between A and D but im not sure.


I want to produce two HTML tables using tabulate package, but I am only able to produce one table and send mail. Is it possible to put more than one html table into a message sent with smtplib and


I am making a post request through C# to PHP and it taking time between 1600 to 1800ms. I have also test my server side code which is taking on 0.052 seconds to complete. It means that there is


One of my healthcare related service, I want to integrate third party service in Siri Is it possible to add this feature without installing the third party app Google Assistant in Android

const yAML CPP节点多次使用时的变化

For a .yaml, say aaa: bbb: ccc: testOne ddd: testTwo the goal is to find the value for a given parameter path, e.g. aaa/bbb/ccc. When I try to do this twice, although passing a


I am currently sending a file from my app using HTTP to a WAMP server on a PC. The problem is that it is not easy to set up a server (dealing with the firewall). Is there a simpler way (from the user


I have an interface which defines multiple events, some with delegate type EventHandler<T> with T for example <string>. Objects implementing this interface are used in another class, a


Is there a way that a person can understand source code better by getting a bigger view of it? Example a syntax view function in Visual studio? I am a self taught beginner developer in a brand new