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Hey guys i was wondering if there is a better way to go about some mysql tables. I have to evaluate (in a php app) how a task was completed based on 9 attributes The problem is that once a year the

I have a function that adds a lot of graphical stuff trough a loop, one thing that I add is a couple of rectangles, after they are created I put them in an array like this: var rectB = new Konva.Rect(

I have a dictionary where some of the values are duplicates. I want to print the Key: Value of each duplicate. So, with the below dictionary: animal = {"cat" : "23", "dog" : "21", "lion" : "23"} I

I am testing a ROS project using catkin_make and make. But I am having trouble finding my test node through my CMakeLists.txt and launch file. My test cases never run because of this issue. The

i want use compileSdkVersion 26. but when i upgrade comileSdkVersion 26, it cause many compile errors. so i change only targetSdkVersion. and it is work well. but android studio say to me "the

I would like to reduce the dimensions of input vectors by a similar procedure like average pooling. The inputs are N vectors of length K*L, and I want to reduce their dimensions by taking the average

All, I'm having trouble understanding where the last half of this debugger description output for a UIView Object in iOS. Here is the Debug output: <myView_inIOS: 0x117f9bbc0; baseClass =

I initiated a new instance from custom AMI and it didn't join domain so I accessed its EC2ConfigLog.txt and noted below. 2018-12-15T00:24:32.418Z: Waiting for background plugin to complete:

I'm new to Flutter and Dart, and I'm trying to build a Flutter app which displays the device information on the screen. For this purpose I'm trying to use this library: 'device_info' from here: https:/

I have a C# WebApi server and in this project, I have enabled cors in my WebAPiConfig.cs var cors = new EnableCorsAttribute( origins: "*", headers: "*", methods: "*" );

When I try to get app only token from nodejs backend server as described here, sometimes roles claim is missing in token, which leads to Authorization_IdentityNotFound or Authorization_RequestDenied

I need some help regarding. Zip files and how i could compress a file once so when i extract it the contents are shown straight away instead of double clicking a newly extracted file and dragging out

This is the html. Here I have two buttons. Update and Find. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Complaints Form</title> <link rel="stylesheet"

I we need to take one value for day X, take second value for day X - 7, and calculate %. The query may look like: select edate, count_today, count_lastweek, round( 100.0 * (count_today -

I have a bash script that backups my files. so I need to mount an external network drive first before I backup. backupMount="/Users/[user]/Volumes/Router_HDD" # Mount the backupdrive mount -t smbfs /

I have a code that sends a string as keyboard presses. Sometimes it doesn't seem to work. Application gets only second half of the keyboard presses. Does anybody know how to add a delay between

I am new to Akka.net Clustering. I am developing a messenger app to learn how clustering works. I have Server [Seed Nodes] and clients (wpf) [Non seed nodes]. I configured auto-down-unreachable-after

I've been working on an location-aware app which retrieves the location using FusedLocationProviderClient. This service is running on an handler thread on a service to get constant background updates.

click on left and click on sela. It is open and automatically closed. What is the reason? $('#left').on('click', function() { $('.sela').appendTo($(this)); }); .parent { display: grid;

on work simple calculator I am currently starting with a simple calculator and understanding the basics of React-native however I find myself not moving with this issue. I have researched that

I want to create code within a website that allows automatically inputed users to be able to choose team based on captains how do I start that. Need help please

//Action Generator export const userActionGenerator = () => { return function (dispatch) { axios.get(`https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/users`) .then((

I just used the below command to trigger the job from different linux box. And Its triggered with default parameters curl -d “token=d9c76b6636dfasdf23211135a” -i -X POST https://ciapi-us-central1.gcp.

I have a list as : result=[[0.0, 12.053600000000001], [0.01, 14.2272], [0.02, 15.314000000000002], [0.04, 18.5744], [0.05, -18.772000000000002], [0.67, -1.54]] I have a file out.txt which contains

I'm using launch-navigator plugin in ionic 3 project. When I launch Waze app with an address, the app opens with search results with the address I passed. Is it possible to open Waze app directly to

I am using cropper.js v0.8.0 I using the below jQuery code to crop the image. function readURL(input) { if (input.files && input.files[0]) { var reader = new FileReader();

I need to deploy Rancher beside cloud platforms also on an Industrial PC with 4 GB of memory. Main purpose of Rancher usage here is to easily deploy stacks from an app catalog. My first tests are

I want to arrange my components folders in a way that makes sense to me. Problem is once I do, the components are not being found by ASP.NET. They can only be found when I put them in Shared/

I need somehow verify that a given image is made with a smartphone using any exif reader. As there is a model endpoint (try metapicz) in the exif data I thought that it could be done by comparing that

assume the folder "images" contains some images files , how to use the 2 thread for accessing the 2 diff file inside loop. need to call a "some fucntion" that process images , thread1 -> should take

I am working on a cryptography assignment with BigIntegers in Java. And I have these two numbers: s1= r mod(N) s2= r * x mod(N) I know the values of s1, s2, and N but I don't know the value of r and

The hex code I am using is #fff4e6. It works fine as a body background color, but for the address bar it stays white. I am sure it is not the meta tag itself that is broken or something since other

How do i invoke function at last element in the *ngFor iterator. Below is the code i tried but it's invoking infinite times. Is there any way to invoke function at last element? Thanks for the help

This is my first try with Tabulator, and I'm using react-tabulator. I'm trying to show a progress bar with a textual legend, but the text is not aligning nicely. Specifically, I see a "top" and "left"

I am developing a flutter android app. It have three screens. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3. When i entering Page 3 from Page 2. if i click phone back button it want to got to page 2. But it is redirecting

This is my first day with SpringBoot, I try to understand the architecture so I started building a hello world application: In my pom.xml, under maven-shade-plugin I state mainClass as follows: <

debug navigator screenshot using Xcode 9.4.1 , there used to be UIViewControllers in the hierarchy but now they are gone , any hint ant how to show them back again

I already went through urls like: http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/kafka-dev/201712.mbox/%3CJIRA.13122118.1512114843000.363224.1512114901107@Atlassian.JIRA%3E, but things are not getting

i am trying to create a store procedure in master in mssql through python code. following is my code import pyodbc conn = pyodbc.connect("driver={SQL Server};server=localhost; database=master;

I have tried CSRF attack on web vulnerability application known as DVWA at my localhost and on kali linux OS. I have changed password on this application by using CSRF. It has collected following log

On triggering flink savepoint as described in the document. The _metadata file gets created but the content is just two chars "I G" .. Tried with flink version 1.6.0,1.6.1, 1.6.2, 1.7.0. No luck

I want to parse Oracle TNS protocol. I couldn't find a good manual or description or rfc for this protocol. What is its structure? Show me a good reference please.

How to write program in awk or in something more appropriate, if it is needed, that will search and write numbers? I have a file SUM OF ABSOLUTE VALUES OF CHECKS IS 0.188070D-10

All the logs from Metalog are printed with underline at the start and end of the log, although I didn't add them in my code. e.g.: Dec 16 10:08:46 [blabla] Debug:_Restarting metalog_ Any idea how

I have created a rectangle of the following shape using sketch. When I hover it I need to animate and rest as the below shape. Is there a way I can animate it using css only from concave to convex.

I have a rest api based on spring boot, but when I test the endpoints it seems very slow. Most of the cases, it takes 450-500ms to complete one request. I haven't found anything about it, what could

The title is as follows. If it is easy to implement with additional packages, it is better than that. It is even better if it is lightweight. Please teach an example if possible.

I'd like to replace a string with a part of itself in a Pandas DataFrame. Example: Change MSc Joe L. Scott to Joe L. Scott MSc So only MSc needs to be moved. I can fix this with a regex but don't

The AssitedInject library from Square is actually an annotation processor that generates Dagger 2 modules. Dagger 2 is also an annotation processor. And as I know there is no way to control the

I have these functions: $('.list-group .list-group-item.list-group-item-action').click(function(e) { $('.list-group .list-group-item.list-group-item-action.active').removeClass('active');