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So my code is: But if I run this.I got java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Even if i try to encode some Chinese characters or Janpanese characters like "测试一下" Don't ask me to add a try catch or


My code has saved the attachment file in the WP media library. Now I want to save the attachment ID in my custom table. How can I do that? I have saved attachment ID in my table with a single upload

Visual Studio调试器的Python代码

I have this setting file at Visual Studio Code launch.json: "name": "Django", "type": "python", "request": "launch", "stopOnEntry": true, "pythonPath": "${config:python.pythonPath}", "program": "${

接口读取CSV文件和二进制/ java

I have an Inheritance Bank Account project with 5 classes and it should be able to use interface to read input with different formats(at least CSV and binary)and I don't have any idea about it and don'

如何检测按钮被点击另一个按钮结束后单击“C # WPF事件执行?

I have a simple codes that exectues with a click event. i want to detect which button the user clicks after this. I looked at Google's first 20 results and stackoveflow and couldn't find a relevant


I want to make a background service in java and i have a function to check periodically to database. if there's no email to be sent it will sleep for a few minutes and if there's email to be sent it


Here is the situation, Im clicking my buttons then make it invisble Onclick. Question is: How I can check my if all of my buttons are invisible(no one left) in columns and rows. Then execute another

Running: OSX 10.13.4, brew installed mysql 8.0.11 php 7.1.14 cli I linked the /tmp/mysql.socket to /var/mysql/mysql.socket which is what php wants (mysql.default_socket in phpinfo()) I created a

如何避免这一警告服务= EJB3是未配置,使用传统的解决?

Environment: java 7 javaee 6 jboss eap 6 EJB3 WARN [org.jboss.injection.EJBRemoteHandler] EJBTHREE-1828: EJBInjectionContainer jboss.j2ee:ear=name.ear,jar=backend.jar,name=ClassNameService,service=


while am trying to understand sqlinjection i didn't get this part this is my code in picture vuln scritp with sqlinjection results are fine as u see in this pic results what i dont understand is

Windows Sockets进行线程间的通信

I have a thread that waits on a blocking call (via select) and want it to communicate with the parent thread at the same time. Since, it can be involved in a blocking call when parent sends it a


Im currently making windows forms program (application), and when the user logs into it, he must wait a few seconds before entering it. My question is: How to get the hourglass cursor, so the user


A lot of the more widely known uses of blockchain involve the use of cryptocurrencies and it's my (very limited) understanding the mining is used as proof of work to stop too many coins being


I have a common jade to render on server and sometimes on client side as well. One thing I want to achieve is, onerror of image load, try replacing its src. Here is the sample jade. img.smart-img(


I have a question about Firebase in Dart/Flutter. I have looked everywhere, and looked at this problem for a long time, but still can't figure it out, so decided to ask you guys. I want to show my


If a menu button is clicked and it is currently the active route I want to be able to call a function within that active's route component. So something like this (pseudo code) if (e.target.name ==


Hi i am trying to create a script that will add class active on a tag, and remove others inside the ul. it works now, but when i have more than one navigation it will toggle them all. So how do i


I wrote this line to read three arrays and do some thing, but any thing does not running in these three foreaches! foreach ($x_sort as $key => $x_name) { foreach ($y_sort as $key => $

匹配后id = Python中的字符串的正则表达式是什么

I am trying to match the string after id= from the below selenium exception so that I can use it in a ui pop up to tell the user which is the attribute causing error. selenium.common.exceptions.


I uploaded my application on iTunes, It's also live but on some devices (Mostly iPhone7) I have got SSL connection error after upgrading Xcode or ios version to 11.4. In iphone 6s or ipad is working


I have the following JSON object: comment: "Test Comments Feature<br>" When I display it on my modalBox, $('#myModal #comments'+i+'').text(test.comment); the HTML tag isn't being rendered:


Integration of firebase realtime database was done Following the tutorial https://firebase.google.com/docs/database/android/start/ and I am getting the real time data accurately. But I need the data


I am not a DB guy, Trying to solve one problem. I have a table below: RuleID | Code | Value 654 Branch 54 654 MessageType MT103 654 Currency USD 654


I have a google fusion table with columns and some data. Calling the table from my js script, i want to filter the data based on a column value being available in my js array as follows:

如何在Python 3列出名单吗?

I am trying to get the number of the nested list that contains the particular number. This is my code: listo = [[1,2],[3,4,5]] for x in listo: if 3 in x: print(len(x)) What I am trying to

如何在Internet Explorer浏览器现场会

I know this question has been asked before but that question didn't gave me complete and satisfactory answer so here is my question for Internet explorer I have changed the locale by going in


I have two dates '2017-03-10 19:01:27' '2017-03-11 07:35:55' I would like to get the difference one day. How can I do this with the time zone in mind? Because the time zone of these dates is not


I am new in android studio and want to create lumen api for android studio, I created an simple android project for which i am getting list of array item from lumen web.php file and show to xml


I have a pretty speciffic question, I have an input file, every time I add a file a new li with the file name is added to an existing ul. I want to create a function that will validate the file input


ES6 is great, it reduced number of codes but typescript for everything just doesn't work. If I would want to implement type checking for my arguments, which is already been destructed more than one

意外地发现了一个Mach-O头代码:0x72613c21 Xcode 9.2

First of all, I am new to xCode and have developed iOS app which has already been working in Android perfectly. But when I convert the same into Xcode, I found so many error that I removed myself

使用GPO或类似关闭Internet Explorer 11所有网络实例

Is there a way that GPO or similar can be used to distribute a command to all workstations on a domain at say, 1am, which will shut down all instances of Internet Explorer on those workstations which

RxJs ErrorObservable突破5(迁移—

We're facing an issue while updating our application to RxJs 6 (with rxjs-compat). A referenced library, which is still on RxJs 5 is using ErrorObservable as a return type of a method. public


I am having struggles loading the data of drop downs when loading the page. I somehow always get an error that my object is null. When I debug it seems like the error in the PrepareViewBag() function


I have the follwing image where i have to clean the picture as much as i can. Removing the small dots around the names. I made the following processing but without big results blur = cv2.medianBlur(

Uncaught TypeError:不能设置属性

Am using laravel-boilerplate for my application and i installed hammer.js using npm command. When i run npm run dev command the laravel-mix build is successful, but am getting an error like


I want to achieve that NHibernate queries different types based on a condition. Let's say the condition is false then the query should look like this: var myVar = session.Query<TypeWhenFalse>()

apsaradb API版本无效

I'm trying to connect to Alibaba ApsaraDB service through HTTP API. I'm getting the following error: {"RequestId":"3292ADAB-F4F2-4E5C-BA0C-33208F779FC5","HostId":"rds.eu-central-1.aliyuncs.com","Code"


In VSTS CI/CD , i am setting some variable's value in a Powershell task in CI. During CD i want to access that variable's value to do something , lets say echo. Is this possible ? If so , how ?


The following code doesn't compile, although the documentation says it should be as simple as this: override fun onResume() { super.onResume() async { Log.d("foo", "async") } }

PHP preg_match和ISO-8859-1西里尔字母

I'm facing an issue with regex and Cyrillic symbols. I simply trying to read the file, use preg_match and display its content in a dumb function as below: $regex = '/"(.*)"/im'; $content =

最后得到5 3从列表中最后一个元素的大小未知

I have a list of unknown length which I want to get the 5th to last, 4th to last, and 3rd to last elements from: So if my list is like. a = [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10] I want to get. b = [6,


I've got this snippet of code in react class App extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { data : [], } }


ERROR- am getting as type mistmatch. Here is my code-Please help public void addDetailDescription(List detailList) { SQLiteDatabase db = this.getWritableDatabase(); ContentValues values =


I came across this sorting algorithm called american sort. I read it being a variant of radix sort. Can someone elaborate me regarding this sorting algorithm and also the time and space complexity


I am plotting Amcharts in a particular div in my html.The problem is I receive the data through ajax and try to plot it in that div (mainchart) but I am successfully receiving the data but unable to

如何把GraphView图像然后保存在Android PDF

I have created an app that creates a Graph by using the values given to it. But then i want to save it as a PDF in my external storage.


I am using google places API and trying to parse the JSON response according to types filed. So in the address_components array, I get different results: Sometimes in types, it has the street_address


I have created a bitbucket and some folders inside that with following path: my_bucket\merchant\logos\ Now I am trying to upload a image file inside the my_bucket\merchant**logos** folder but it is

致命错误:libxml / xmlversion。H:没有这样的文件或目录的libxml2

I made git libxml2 which is a xml parser in c (home: http://www.xmlsoft.org/downloads.html) I've got the source using "git clone git://git.gnome.org/libxml2". However, when I was compiling it, there