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I am looking for a solution to covert the dropdown using ngx-translate. I do have following code without ngx-translate. When I insert the ngx-translate. The selected function is not working in the

I am trying to solve the ADDREV problem on SPOJ. However, I am encountering this issue where I get RUN Time error. I have a feeling that the loop could be optimised. Here is the question to the

I am trying to submit my from using $.post with input field and file field. My code is $('#serviceAddForm').submit(function (e) { var url = e.target.action ; // get the target var formData

I can run my little program successfully when no chrome processes are active. On the other hand, I would prefer to be able to run my program without having to close all chrome instances each time.

Consider the following header and assume it is used in several TUs: static int x = 0; struct A { A() { ++x; printf("%d\n", x); } }; As this question explains, this is an ODR

Admin user may create an EC2 instance(Linux) that has to be used by multiple non-admin users. Admin user can connect the the instance: ssh -i /local_to_machine/my_private_key.pem user_name@

I am trying to setup a nginx server. I can access the content on and localhost:80 but not on my public IP (xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx). Here are my configs: /etc/nginx.conf: user rud;

I am trying to develop a laravel site. I am trying to apply a template in the blade files. I have added the necessary folder to my public folder. This file is also working correctly in my friends pc

I have an activity containing an associated view model. the view model loads the data from an online repository. in the same actitivy I have a tablayout containing a viewpager. in the view page are

So, this is the setup: each pod will run one container (java application) each pod provides its own UI for each java app there is a mysql DB which it needs to access for each java app its necessary

For a cross-platform mobile development Which Framework will be faster - QT or Flutter or Xamarin ?

I am trying to create a migration and it throws the following error yarn run v1.6.0 (node:14212) [DEP0005] DeprecationWarning: Buffer() is deprecated due to security and usabil ity issues. Please use

I'm currently analyzing bank loans data and I don't know how to calculate when the loan started. I do have the number o months the person already paid for the loan and I know that the data is from

I installed VS Code to use with Unity. Everything is great except for one small annoyance. When I edit my source code in Code and switch to Unity to run my game, the code is not automatically saved. I

At a high level: I am looking to use Python (because that's the language I am most comfortable using) to create a GUI for data entry to manage warehouse inventory. Does anyone have experience with

I have a pandas data frame 8040 rows and 7115 columns, column names start from 7774 and end at 659. When I am plotting the data with : sns.heatmap(df, cmap='rainbow') It preserves the index but

Please provide sample,how to read outlook inbox mails from commom mail inbox. Thanks Srini

I'm writing a program calculating determinants of a matrix, using pointers, with size up to 3x3. I've started with writing the formula for 2x2 matrix, but there were errors displayed "expression must

is there any reason to set isHidden to false, after updating the alpha value of a view? E.g. UIView.animate( withDuration: 1.0, animations: { self.alpha = 0.0 }, completion: {

I had one WordPress site created locally. Now, I decided to buy a server and upload it. I took this tutorial https://blog.templatetoaster.com/move-wordpress-localhost-to-live-server/ and did all the

I'm trying to right align text in a list with a psuedo icon appearing right before it. The icon does appear before the text, but it's at the left edge of the list item. I'd like for it to appear right

I am running into a strange issue that I have not been able to find a solution for yet. I have just installed Ubuntu-Budgie on a new system and I am setting up a dev environment using Python 3.6, but

I am looking at Prophet package for doing monthly forecast. Documentation only talks about dates as input to the package. Does any one know if prophet can be used for monthly forecasts given you

I am currently making an app where the user can record data to their calendar and was wondering if it is possible to have 2 or more dedicated buttons to add events like running or swimming to the

I can't find on the internet how to use the functor I've written. I will post a minimal code, if you need more contextual information tell me and I'll add, but I'm sure it's really easy to do. I

I have a pdf. As long as I do not make changes to the pdf, I can use the left pane which shows the chapter titles/section names to navigate. As soon as I save the pdf with an edit (like an underline

I am having the following situation. I am using a WebkitView to display some session information. In most places it's generated when the ViewController comes to life, but I have one particular view

Is it possible to open Google Chrome with a specific url on all of your chrome users/profiles? I already tried: open -a "Google Chrome" --args --profile-directory="<profile_1>" "<url>"

I need to find the union of three arrays that get passed to the function union. It took me about 50lines to code to get the expected result. Apparently, the following code works but now I wonder what

Critical error detected c0000374 #pragma once typedef struct node { int value; node* next; node* before; } node; void print_nodes(node* list) { node *current = (node*)malloc(sizeof(node)); //

I got a bit confused about initialization of constant references using {}. So here's my code: #include <iostream> #include <initializer_list> template <typename T> class Test {

According to the docs: https://webpack.js.org/configuration/output/ configuring the output like this: module.exports = { // output: { library: 'someLibName', libraryTarget: 'umd',

Can someone explain why this would happen? I almost think this is a bug in the python programming language. If a default of a parameter is a mutable type, modifying that parameter modifies the

I am building a wizard based on React, Redux and React Router V4. When the widget get mounted, I fetch questions from an API. All these questions should be one step in the wizard. I never know, how

I have tried to Debug this JSON code any help will be much appreciated I have used Json Lint. The problem is around it "_id" and NumberInt I dont Want to parse the NumberInt as String. What am i

I've been going through a lot of sites from last 5 hours and everything created a mess in my mind. Please do correct me if I'm wrong any where. ASP.NET WEB API and ASP.NET WEB APPLICATION. Asp.net

I am trying to execute below code in parallel using multiprocessing but i am not getting proper output. iteration with 1 and iteration with 5 should happen parallelly from multiprocessing import

I am trying to copy the most lastet folder from insde a folder using gradle but I the script is sorting all the folders and copying the files inside the latest folder. Below is the script. task test(

I've been trying for several days now to set up Django under Amazon Web Services' Elastic Beanstalk. I am getting two error most of the time: 1.ERROR - Your WSGIPath refers to a file that does not

I am very new to this and not a coder at all, so please bear with me! I have built my website using the One.com website builder and inserted a code box container with the code below inserted, this is

There is a full screen activity with the following code blocks used to achieve the same: @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState);

The only solution i found was this : cat MyScript.py | ssh username@ip_addr python - the problem with this is that it wont show the outputs of that script live, it waits until the program is

I have created a dashboard Page where the Navigation link will be in the left side and , each navigation link is linked with a page.The dashboard page looks like following When i click on home, its

I have a 2D array, how I can find the index of all repeats in this array ? For example, the data looks like this, array([[116.366 , 39.8673],[116.17 , 40.2865],[112.5628, 37.8964]]), if the

I would like to let user enter two integers (two text boxes) While this condition is not satisfied, i want to let user fill again the text boxes. Here is what I've tried but it's not the right answer:

I'm an absolute beginner to python, this is my first go at coding, so forgive me if i'm being an idiot. I decided to have a go at making my own life simulator similar to BitLife, available on the

I am serving static resources inside my Spring Boot application with my own implementation of a PathResourceResolver. Now I need to conditionally modify the cookies for the response, in which the

I have few files in s3. used glue data catalog to get the table definition. i have field called log_time and i manually set the datatype to timestamp in glue catalog. Now when i query that table from

anyone knows how to make this visualization of Ljung-Box-test in R.

aaa.html <form class="form-horizontal" action="{{ url_for('zzz') }}" method="POST"> {{ form.hidden_tag() }} <div class="card-body"> <fieldset class="form-