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I have minimal experience with Ruby and am trying to get my hash to update its values after subtracting the values by three. For example, extinct_animals = { "Passenger Pigeon" => 1914, "Tasmanian

Is there a way to get all the bionic packages from this site locally so that I can send them to a Linux VM (which does not have any internet access) using pscp on my Windows machine? I tried

Im having trouble converting the curl request into a python code request. Working Curl request curl -X POST "http://xxxxxx" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/x-www-

What does the question mark(?) mean in a href tag in HTML? Source Code if (startPage > 1) { System.out.print("<a href=\"?page=1\">first</a>"); } if (page > 1) { System.out.println(

While I was getting ready for an exam I found a question which asks for an algorithm for indirect multiplication. Question : Two integers p and q can be indirectly multiplied by the following

I have an Excel formula which iterates twice over 2 separate columns for different sheets. Basically it matches two index values for rows and columns of these sheets and stores the two values that

I am using the geoip2 API to detect countries in my script. I have written a script for success and error, however the error part never fires. geoip2.country(onSuccess, onError); I checked and saw

So basically I want the bot to join a voice channel and play a youtube video(that I choose for it not the user).

How can I boot the Linux kernel on the rocket-chip emulator? I have a working Linux kernel compiled into the Berkeley Boot Loader. I can run this with spike. e.g. spike bbl boots right into the

I installed sh for native python, and I started using commands to install: $ pip install sh Collecting sh Could not fetch URL https://pypi.python.org/simple/sh/: There was a problem confirming

I want to transfer data of certain conditions from elasticsearch to kafka. Is there any way to do that?

I am having some issues running a piece of Javascript on my vb.net application. I want to execute this in my webbrowser control. javascript:(function(){if(!document.getElementById("nt-mtjs")){var t=

I'm working on improving my powershell and I have been working on over-hauling a script but I'm still pretty green so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I understand the % is

After running the example in the Readme of the pistache git repo I get a lot of feedback from ld about mostly about undefined references to `operator delete(void*)'

I want to apply offsets to both translation and rotation of ArCore's virtual camera pose(displayOrientedCameraPose). Is there any way I can do that ? ArCore's camera only lets me read the current pose

I have been seeing this error, "websockets is already in a closing or closed state", pop up and even though it does not effect functionality I want to fix it. An immediate hit on SO has no solutions.

I have a small issue with my Download folder on my LG V20. Most days I have normal access to the Download folder, which will contain all of my normal downloads, aka the pictures I most recently

I have listingnaples.com (a Laravel app) and I want to have listingnaples.com/blog/ to have a Wordpress install. I can't just put Wordpress in my /blog/ for security reasons so I am trying to put it

My Gradle+Spring Boot 2+Spring 5 project has the following modules/subprojects: web – the Spring Boot web app core – some common classes (DTO) api – a library/SDK for client apps to make calls

React native project working implementation for getCurrentLocation now fails with cryptic error I'm passing through to console.log: TypeError: Network request failed at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.

Is it possible to async a click on another domain so there is a pop up on the second domain to a third? For example user clicks domain A lands on domain B and a popup is created because user first

My database has a job number field that consists of year+month/serialnumber+type. There can be multiple jobs with the same job number: 201812/6Door 201812/6Stair 201812/6Wardrobe When the user

I have a basic script which shows/hides a div. I'm using this for a drop-down menu. https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_toggle_hide_show.asp I'm looking for the div element to be hidden when

I have a question for a final review for a coding class I am taking. Its asking to merge 3 linked lists into 1 linked list. The problem I am having is when merging the lists its only merging 2 nodes

I am trying to take some data off an intra-net site at work. I am testing the code below, which looks fine me, but it almost seems like it is going to the wrong URL. If I right-click on the page and

I'm using request to do API testing, below is the response: response.json(): {u'message': u'\u6210\u529f', u'code': u'100000', u'data': {u'mobileNumber': u'15252896407', u'channelUserKey': u'5||

Im trying to make a calculator app, and im using a grid view in a fragment for the numbers but i cant manage to make the buttons fill the part that they should trying in different devices. <

After scraping a pdf, I have a data frame with a chr text var: df = data.frame(text = c("abc","def","abc","def")) My question is how to turn it into: df = data.frame(text1 = c("abc","abc"),text2=c("

i execute this query SELECT sentiment.* FROM sentiment_fts fts LEFT JOIN sentiment ON fts.rowid = sentiment.id WHERE fts.sentiment_fts MATCH ? ORDER BY fts.rowid DESC LIMIT 200 but it generate this

macOS family tree app. Can happily draw the tree in a NSView and fill all the boxes with text using the text.draw (in CGRect, attributing : NSAttributes). However when I switch the context to writing

Below is the sample canvas-app functions that I have tried, however I would like to convert the below canvas-app functions that can access collection data to use it: If("EC - Empire Complex" in

I have a system with CB (couchbase) and ES (elasticsearch) where CB data replicated to ES through XDCR (couchbase-elasticsearch-connector), which is working very perfect! Now, I need to migrate the

I'm using Python and was wondering if there's a way to have all my outputted data export to a PDF instead of the IDLE console? ANY help is much appreciated :) print ("Figure 1 Notes:") print ("Games

I am working on a small IoT project using a Raspberry Pi 3, running Raspian 9.6 and Cloud Foundry services from IBM. These IBM services include a Python CF App and a Watson IoT service. To get the

I am training an autoencoder constructed using the Sequential() API in Keras. I'd like to create separate models that implement the encoding and decoding functions. I know from examples how to do

I am trying to display list using recycler view but I am getting null value. I have three classes Test, TestModel and TestListAdapter. Below is my Json Output. I am getting error in one place. val

I'm guessing that there is a scope issue here that I missed somewhere. This function squares all of the numbers and adds them together. It should stop if the number hits 1 or 89, otherwise keep going.

Heres my table structure firebase database table questionPosts has two posts the first post has a date of Tue 20th Nov 2018 and the second post has a date of Sat 24th Nov 2018 the latest

I'm generally an R user but I am trying to use to C for some lower level cumulative sums and multiplications. I am trying to generate a cumulative sum of eta and storing the result in tmp0. However,

I was having some problem when trying to extract information out from JSON. Here is the example of my JSON: My responseMessage is just a string. And my code to extract the info out: JSONParser

I am trying to develop a USSD application and require the user to enter PIN. Is there a way to mask the user input, when he is entering?

Whats the easiest/ most canonical way to convert from a multidimensional array into an array of arrays and vice versa? For example, what is an elegant way to convert the following array of arrays int[

I wanted to publish an open source Java library to Maven, so it's easily acessible to other projects. The Git repository is at SourceForge, but I don't quite understand if it's possible to publish

When I open Visual Studio 2015 it opens as Admin. At the top left of the Visual Studio screen it shows: Start Page - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator) I looked in the properties of the shortcut

So I tried making my own contact form and that kind of worked but I really wanted to add some cool features like telling users when they didn't fill in a required form and telling them when they

I have installed a Linux virtual machine A on a host Windows computer(server) B through VirtualBox. Mongodb is installed on A. Now I want to connect the mongodb from my PC C. By using the port

I have import firebase in my web application using javascript tag, but it does not show in my firebase console. Where is my data ?

I'm new to docker, I watched a few tutorials and decided to try it out because I've migrated to linux from windows. I cloned the laradock repo then cd into it, then run docker-compose up -d apache2

I am trying to implement Excel/PDF download using org.springframework.web.servlet.view.document.AbstractXlsxView. My application is configured using org.springframework.web.servlet.support.

Is is possible to combine the Pagination component from antd with Card components to get a page similar to pinterest with pagination? Basic Pagination code from https://ant.design/components/