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I have plotted two different plots in separate figures. Here is the relevant part of code: f1=plt.figure() f2=plt.figure() ax1=f1.add_subplot(111) ax1.matshow(conf_mat,cmap=plt.cm.gray) ax1.

I need Help in java Code. I need to get the HTML source of website, but I need to wait for it to finish loading. Example https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login/?source=auth_switcher . I need to

(XCode 10, mac os 10.13.6) I cloned a project and tried to run but XCode is giving this error : /Users/cac/Desktop/temp/contact_test/contact_test/ViewController.swift:10:8: Could not build

I would like to aggregate a Pandas DataFrame in order to count the number of children (variable child_name) for each father (variable father_name). The dataframe looks like this (it is a toy example

My objective is to create two sections with a full viewport height in the browser. The code beneath works fine on the desktop version, however in mobile the content of section two (3 bootstrap columns

i have a numbers vector and i need to find the index of the first number that is greater than 24 and divisible by 13, if no number answers the conditions print 0. this is the code i wrote:

I'm using the FedData package to import SSURGO data into R, for Washington state. The current SSURGO version for Washington was collected after my outcome data (2015)-- is it possible to specify

I want to get the users who registered within last 7 days, and meanwhile who have uploaded custom avatar. I've added a function allowing users to upload their own avatar img with a custom meta

I implemented a JS MP3 Player with XML Technology using Bootstrap and JSON. Now that I have implemented this technological deployment, there is an issue displaying Borders around images. The image

I'm trying to run a usb camera (webcam) and a leap-motion 'camera' under OpenCV code: cv:VideoCapture st0 = cv:VideoCapture(); cv:VideoCapture st1 = cv:VideoCapture(); isOpen0 = st0.open(0); isOpen1

How can I first check if a class name is present on a page before jQuery executes? I read you can use the length() method to check this. Right now my jQuery runs on every page and if the class name I

wath is the Wrong!?? C:\holamundo>python manage.py makemigrations App Migrations for 'App': App\migrations\0002_auto_20181216_0745.py - Alter field nombre on tabla resultado: C:\holamundo>

I am creating a entry into my database at a post route, I am leaving most of the fields empty except first_name and email. The first time I fil the info the entry is created successfully, but when I

How to disable a date? I want to disable 20 December 2018, but code below is not working, where am I wrong? $('#datepicker').daterangepicker({ format: 'YYYY-MM-DD', minDate: $.

Using generic types is nice and easy, but since I tryed to implement my own generic types, I came to a problem which I couldn't solve by myself yet. I want to have a static field for a delegate. This

Total_Energy_consumed_1=0; time2=0; pkts_arrived=0; pkt_drop=0; active_nodes1=0; active_nodes2=0; active_nodes3=0; active_nodes4=0; active_nodes5=0; active_nodes6=0; Active_Nodes_List=zeros(

I'm currently working on a website (with Django), where people can write a story, which can be upvoted by themselves or by other people. Here are the classes for Profile, Story and Upvote: class

How is it possible to get postcss-nesting and a @vue/cli v3 project built with the PWA plugin working? So far I've tried npm install postcss-nesting I then created a src/main.css which contains

I am looking for a mail solution (or server) that work only inside an office and only employees inside the office can send and receive the email from each other. I don't want the employee to send

I have a monorepo with many projects and I want to get all the commits for a specific project. For example: I have github.com/owner/repo and under this I have directories, web, mobile and server. I

From this post, Alternate, interweave or interlace two vectors, a convenient way to combine two vectors alternately was shown: x <- 1:3 ; y <- 4:6 c(rbind(x, y)) # [1] 1 4 2 5 3 6 However,

Hi to all i'm trying to do a login authentication from my html code: <form action="primologin.py" method="post"> <div class="form_container">

Hello i'm using Background Worker i'm having problem with RunWorkerCompleted event he is firing too late. My DoWork method finished all operations and then main therad working, after all operation in

If I have a large html markup that gets populated with values from the database and gets echoed containig lots of divs that have classes: echo "<div>"; echo"<div class='className'> {$

I have a Cloudformation template with a Lambda@Edge function. This means I need the lambda function, and a Version (type WS::Lambda::Version). Now, the first time I create the CF template, it works.

I'm looking at the freely available Solar potential dataset on Google BigQuery that may be found here: https://bigquery.cloud.google.com/table/bigquery-public-data:sunroof_solar.

How to store the function name,parameter list of various classes for later use in c++. #ifndef SPI_H_ #define SPI_H_ #include "msp430g2553.h" class SPI { public: typedef void (*foo)(void);

I am trying to implement the border bottom on the active link of the navigation router. But the navigation text gets hidden <a>Link 1</a> while click on the menu item. Have a look at the

I have another Jaccard similarity-related question to ask: As the previous method I tried (calling the jaccard similarity algorithm) gave me strange results (I'll ask the continuation of that

I am a beginner in python . I am trying to modify a numpy array but somehow it is not getting modify. Here is my program def test_numpy(x): count = 0 for i in x: i-=np.max(i)

Apple Watch users can set custom canned replies for the "Messages" app by opening the Watch app on their iPhone and entering the Messages app's settings. Third party app developers can show the

I am trying to pretty print an Java-Object with an ArrayList in it. But the result currently looks like this: Wrong formatting Is there any opportunity to print the JSON like this: Right formatting

HTML <form id = "frm" action = "servlet"> <input type = "button" onclick = "return submit()"> </form> script <script> function submit(){ $j('#frm').ajaxForm({ dataType : '

I have seen this command in a shell script but can not find any documentation about it. Do you know, what is does with the screen session? Best regards and thanks for the help, Johannes

Json data that it results into is not even close to what our location is.

In laravel application I have users, roles and permissions. Roles are attached to users, and permissions are attached to roles. Users: id | name | email ______________________ 1 | saba | saba@

Is there anyway to achieve this view instead of making it using views & imageViews

I have an array of objects (dictionary in Python terms) where the possible values for the FirstValue are _1111_ or _2222_ and for the SecondValue are _first_ or _second_ or _third_. So, in a matrix of

I'm trying to pass some data about a user as JSON, and because the User object has many-to-many relationships, serializing a user as JSON seems to only include the primary key of the m-n object. (e.g.

create table Hotel ( hid integer primary key, naziv varchar(20), godinagradnje date, brojsoba integer, brojzvjezdica integer ); insert into Hotel values(1, 'Bjanka', '06-jan-74', 36, 4);

I am working on a jersey - java project where i have to get the json data in string format and parse each data separately , i am able to get the response in string using post method. when i try to use

I have a table that contains information pertaining to a very large document. The table looks something as follows: ID | Title | Parent_ID | <other columns> --------+-----------

I made a git commit, VCS and then i checked out other earlier from the log. I'm unable to find the new git commit to checkout. I lost all my changes and unable to traverse back to the newest commit

I'm using this Mongodb Data Model: Model Tree Structures with Parent References for a family tree. How Can I get my data printed in html ul and li tag? db.categories.insert( { _id: "father",

I have the following M2M through associations for these 3 models Customer -> Residences <- Properties Also Property model is related to Address: class Address < ApplicationRecord has_one

Is it possible to convert this portion of code to some python code that doesn't require the pycurl module? If yes, what would it be? Sorry, but I'm absolutely new to Python. I've had no luck

My aim: I want to re-create the django development database from scratch / starting over. I am using Django 2.1.4 My method: I delete the development database file ( db.sql3 ) after this, I attempt

I'm trying to complete the loop below where inputs are taken from the user and then sent through the function "shipPlacement" at the top. However, when i run my code, the loop runs for the first term

i was messing around organizing my music files when i asked myself why windows nor linux offer a way to organize a folder by custom tags in a database-likle manner rather than hierarchically. The

I have 2 Entities Item and Image. An Item can have multiple Images. If an Item has more than 4 Image(s) I want to delete the ones above, ordered by id Structure: Item id | name 1 a 2 b 3