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I need to search records by creation date in Laravel my User Model public function scopeCreate_at($query, $created_at){ if($created_at) return $query->whereRaw('created_at', 'LIKE', "%


Basically everything is working great on desktop version but when I switch to mobile mode the button works only once and just doesn't do anything anymore.. if I press "enter" it works fine but


I made a form template (form.vue) in which it contains the save function to avoid repeating it and some parts of the html, I also want to send it there and restart the props of the parent form (


If you bind-mount a non-existent file (on the host), docker will happily create a directory in its place and share it with the container. Upon "fixing" the mistake, (ie, stopping the container,

当使用Naudio AudioFileReader读取WMA文件时,Unity崩溃。

I am reading and playing local audio files through Unity C# using NAudio but whenever the file is WMA format Unity crashes. The code I have works for Wav and Mp3 formats, it is just WMA that doesn't


I have a really basic question. I am new on vbscript so maybe it is easy for you. I have a simple code in a script with a local variable that I am trying to set true within an if condition. But this


I have the following SQL Query select cs.group, cs.code, ISNULL(SUM(CASE WHEN datepart(mm,cs.scheduledate) = 1 THEN cs.amount ELSE 0 END),0) as a_jan, ISNULL(SUM(CASE WHEN datepart(mm,cs.scheduledate)


Grouping col_1 in ascending values of seq column to display values from comment columns in multiple columns for below sample data: col_1 | Seq | Comment | --------------------------| ABC |


I am attempting to simulate keyboard input to programmatically play a game in VisualBoy Advance. There is no response from VisualBoy Advance when SendKeys.SendWait() is used. private const string


#english alphabet size all alpha + symbol "`" #ARRAYS STARTS FROM 1 INDEX NOT LIKE C (FROM 0) englishSize <- 26 + 1 englishFirstElem <- c("`") #ascii number 96 Dec englishLastElem <- c("z")

在Windows 10的Juyter笔记本上倍频4.4.0

On bringing up octave 4.4.0 for anaconda 3 Jupyter Notebook on windows 10 the 1st octave-gui.exe system error is: The code execution cannot proceed becuase liboctave-5.dll was not found. Reinstalling


I have user table like this $table->increments('id'); $table->unsignedInteger('parent_id')->nullable(); // root user will have null parent_id $table->string('name');


I have a small conflict between writing a clean code vs. performance overhead. Assuming I'm scanning a NxN array, using a recursion in JAVA, and my only stopping condition is stay in the array


I am trying to create a website where users login with their google login (https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/web/sign-in). The site has multiple pages and gets data for the user from a


I know the same question has been asked multiple times, but I have not found my solution yet. Android Studio had some major updates last week. There are some functions in the build.gradle file that


How do i hide the id of data_sio2a if the body is clicked? I tried else if and that didn't work i don't want to add a class for the body <script> $(document).ready(function(){ function


Tell me how to exclude categories of products in free "Woocommerce Role Based Price" or "Woocommerce Role Pricing" plugins? I need to specify discounts for users only for certain categories.


import numpy as np import pandas as pd dat1 = pd.DataFrame({ 'Var1' : [1,2], 'Var2' : [3,3] }) dat2 = pd.DataFrame({ 'Var1' : [4,4], 'Var2' : [5,6] }) I want the similar expand.grid.df


I am attempting to put data from a CSV file and put it into a String variable in an HTML file. The HTML and CSV file are under the same local directory on my computer. In Java and C++, I know it is


https://dev.hogarthww.tech/ This ^ is the link to the test. Change the UI and add the new IMG's but have to create new CSS file and then over ride all the original. Not sure what alot of the code


Version: mySQLi PHP 5.4.45 I'm trying to count the number of panels per unique ID. Instead, I'm getting the total number of tests per ID. Before Query: (example) eReq | panel_name | test


I am trying to return a dictionary of values from my cloud code and receive them via my iOS app. The return value is an array of Photo objects and a User object. // Return ([Photos], user) res.


I'm using pycharm to push Pushnotifications to Android apps, But Is it possible to use pycharm to Push Pushnotifications to IOS apps?


I have an application written in C# using VisualStudio 2015 and I want to publish it (eg give an exe or installer to somebody to use it on its PC). From VisualStudio there is possibility to click "


I am wondering to programmatically put a UISearchBar into UINavigationController, rather than replacing UINavBar title, as I want the large title to show up. See Files app on iOS. Here is my .swift


i have live json and i want to display it on laravel blade my controller code is : public function index() { $json = json_decode(file_get_contents('link_of_json_file'),true); return view('


I'm trying to create a lexer for a functional language, one of the methods of which should allow, on each call, to return the next token of a file. For example : func main() { var MyVar : integer


I'm trying to use NLog with an Azure Web App. Everything works on my local PC, but when I deploy to Azure it doesn't work at all. I've tried with different targets like file and Azure table storage.


I am attempting to store a data frame into an hdf5 file, but when I enter the command subInfo.to_hdf('storage.h5', 'd1', mode = 'a', append = True, format = 'table') I get the error message:


I have this docker compose. I would like to route all traffic from app container through openvpn container without changing anything in host server. Is it possible? version: '3' services: openvpn:


In a social app if I were to ban the IP of users who are repeatedly breaking the user agreement will that ban everyone under on that WIFI for example? For example, in a house with 4 roommates, if 1


I am trying to do functional testing of a web app built using angular 5. The appln contains a lot of canvas js based charts. I have to check the mouse over values within the canvas images and also the


I was given a task of detecting 16000 classes for grocery store with 80%+ accuracy in Real Time video stream . Searching all the internet I've found almost nothing about working with detecting large


im trying to pass firebase object data to a different component with react-router , so i can acsses it in a different component for the view page. But im not getting anything displayed. No errors ,


I have read about Centralized configuration in Wazuh. But can the rules be enabled/disabled in server instead of changing in all servers ?


Am trying to learn swagger. To create a mock server for a simple api that returns A) an object of the form {id: someid, name: some name} b) an array of those object I have the first part working


I have a following shema. { id:week output:{ headerValues:[ {startDate:"0707",headers:"ID|week"}, {startDate:"0715",headers:"ID1|week1"}, {startDate:"0722",headers:"ID2|

在Ubuntu中Express的其他依赖项中尝试安装Express Express路径时,错误命令失败

I am try to run this command : npm i express express-stormpath cookie-parser csurf jade forms xtend body-parser --save for install express-stormpath and create a app with node js epxress but I got


I am working with on a project to save Spark dataframe to cassandra and am getting an exception regarding row size not valid (see below). I tried to trace the code in the connector and it appears that


Been battling this out for quite a bit of time and cannot seem to get this working. I am using jQuery-inputmask (https://github.com/RobinHerbots/jquery.inputmask) to make an input field format to


My Site is built 100% using mysql* functions. The server is php7 and I need to upgrade. Where can I find an step-by-step PDO tutorial?


I have 300+ images (all the same except for a signature written on it) loaded into photoshop. I have a parent image on top of all these set to difference blend mode. I want to use the histogram


How can I convert these values? I found that x_week_prediction: The input data, as a Numpy array (or list of Numpy arrays if the model has multiple inputs). This is as Numpy arrays but but values


Very much a newbie here, hello. I have written a most basic webpage in html and css with the purpose of displaying my comics. What is missing is an option to shift through the comics (like in a

如何将自定义标题添加到REST API POST方法中,并使用Spring与McCito测试其值?

How to add a custom header to REST API POST method and how to test the added header using mockito?


I have the following model: /** * @module optikos */ const mongoose = require('mongoose'); /** * Define the schema of the main table(Document) * Needs to be redefined to add user role here */


can someone explain why tensorflow is giving me trouble when running the following code. import tensorflow as tf x = tf.keras.layers.Input(shape=(1,)) y = tf.keras.layers.Dense(1, activation=tf.nn.

i want to get message from custom php page to android app im using this instruction Click here ! and its all okay but when im trying to send message from php client nothing happened im getting this


I have been trying to find a tutorial or resources to integrate google translation into an iOS app I'm building using Swift. I don't know how to start in order to start implementing this feature into


Make a layout template that contains a header and two paragraphs. Use float to line up the two paragraphs as columns side by side. Give the header and two paragraphs a border and/or a background color