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I recently wrote a website with ASP.NET MVC 5. The website looks good except that there's always extra white space on the right side of the home page causing a horizontal scroll bar in the browser.


Given the following dataframe : > set.seed(1) > > my_df = data.frame(x = rep(words[1:5], 50) %>% sort(), + y = 1:250, + z = sample(seq(from = 30 , to = 90,


I have decimal columns, and since by default, Formtastic doesn't support decimal numbers, I want to disable it in certain controllers, Even though I've been looking for the info, I hardly found it so


The email was worked , but now is crash because IP is blacklisted ; How to resolve this problem , when i send email using Swiftmailer this error i see Expected response code 220 but got code "550",


I'm using Fos RestBundle that helps me to implement some Rest API resources, The thing that I don't really like the huge block of annotations that should defined above my functionwhere I'm using


hi i need a macro code to accept values of coloum I in a array .And compare each coloum of I weather it contains series or episode.


I am tried like from this response {success: true, result: {picture: "picture-1529913236852.jpg"}} i need to get picture only from jsonstringify,Here is my code this.http.post('myurl', uploadData) .


I have an angular form and I am using select and I want to disable one select tab and reset value. In my component ts file I am using this code: <form #f="ngForm" (ngSubmit)="onSubmit(data)">

如何使用Apache POI删除包含特定字符串的Dox中的特定段落

I am trying to delete a particular paragraph of a document containing specific string using Apache POI. I found a piece of code in the 2nd answer here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/44326734/8504176


I am new in Javascript and I am trying to count the seconds while my users is with the mouse over an element.But I can`t get the interval to stop. Here is my code until now. Thanks var seconds = 0;


Looking for a simplest way for: lazy load JS to load images only on a portfolio site. Should be work on any browser, no jquery pleae, but simple pure js coding. Have CSS class called ".image-box"


Hello everyone, I use prestashop and I have the following problem: I click to an order on dashboard and I cannot see edit button on products section. I want all of my orders to


Here is the link which perform a silent installation of the view client and view agent. Working fine for me.!!! https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/1019862


I want to unselect all tables in model and database differences but I can't there is no options to do that I have that screen : the screen I have to double click on each table this is painful

I'm trying to update a remote table using DataServiceContext like it shown here on other tables, this method worked fine for me but now I'm getting the above error decimal hungerPercent =


I got an error of Cannot invoke 'encodeTest' with an argument list of type '(object: Encodable)', when i invoke the func like test2 with code below. It's the code : //test func func encodeTest<T&


I'm want to build an android app that captures an image from camera and compares that image from the images that are present in the firebase storage. I already have implemented the storage part, and


I am new to webpack. I am learning react and building environment for it using webpack. I have webpack-config.js var path = require('path'); module.exports = { mode: 'production', entry: './


In here Someone says "even if you read from a different follower every time, you'll never see version 3 of the data after seeing version 4." So if I have 3 nodes zookeeper quorum as below: zk0 --

I have been using Cloud9 lately, but it seems I can't make Bootstrap work on it. When I preview my static portfolio page composed in sublime_text in a browser, Bootstrap works perfectly. However, I


I am not able to display the invoice number in the receipt.html models.py class Buyer(models.Model): name_of_buyer = models.CharField(max_length=200,null=True) address_of_buyer = models.


How to remove specific character ',' from String from last index if exist.Is it possible to remove ? { "messages": [{ "a": "a", "a": "", "a": "Title : Test

从字符串中获得自定义类的类型[ SWIFT,Spritekit ]

I have a game script file, which contains names of chapters and/or names of games in it. I am presenting the next scene automatically using this function: func presentScene(from: SKScene, model:


I have a bit of code now that prompt the user to select a range (1 area, 1 column, several rows). This is the code where it prompt the user to do so: MsgBox "Select a continuous range of cells where


I'm working on an android graphics app, and at some point in the code, I need to divide lets say, a rectangle's width into 5 random sizes. I have my randomintegerfunction(int min, int max) in my


In torrent, one/multiple guy seeds and one/multiple guy downloads in pree to pree fashion, but it works well though user don't have public IP on their computer. How they are establishing and


I am trying to make an extension to transfer files. But I cannot find the api to transfer file. I found some api(fileSystem) but it only works with chrome apps, it does not work with extension. I am


I need to display the time within the day and print Morning, Afternoon or Evening. i. Morning (4:00AM – 11:59AM) ii. Afternoon (12:00PM – 5:59PM) iii. Evening (6:00PM – 3:59AM) I used


I have a use case in druid where real-time data comes in the format like, task{ taskno; category; } Here category can be "assigned" or "

升级安装在USB闪存驱动器上的ESXI 6.5到6.5更新2

My ESXi 6.5 server boots from a USB flash drive. How do I upgrade the version installed on the USB stick? Is this any different from upgrading when ESXi is installed on a hard drive? I woendered if


I am new to this field searched a lot on internet but could not find he solution. I want to control LED of Nodemcu using android application via WIFI. But not want to use MIT app inventor neither


This is my current code snippet for the displaying of data in a data table on liferay 7 <c:forEach items="${guestbookList}" var="guestbook"> <tr> <td>${guestbook.name}

向Python WSGi服务器添加自定义路径

I have written a http_server function in my code like this: @contextlib.contextmanager def http_server(app=None, handler_class=WSGIRequestHandler, server_class=WSGIServer, bind=('

AWS成本管理API -描述服务的无限分页

Whenever I send a request to Describe Services endpoint (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/aws-cost-management/latest/APIReference/API_pricing_DescribeServices.html) pagination never ends. The content among


Is there any way to make image compression fast in the mobile browser? For the project, I am using Angular4 as frontend framewrork and using ng2ImgMax for compression image. tutorial link Time taken

The code blocks in my activity_main.xml with the errors are as follows: <EditText style="@style/editText_style" android:inputType="textEmailAddress" android:id="@+id/editText1" /> &


I'm mql Programmer ( similar C++ ) I made program what is play sound by mp3 file. It play sound Through absolute file path. but if file name or path changed, It is not working. I want to compile

在Debug .GETelEntMyByID中处理双引号

I am trying to fetch a JSON String from a hidden html input. JSON string: "{ \"title\": \"Air Quality Details\", \"type\": \"object\", \"properties\": { \"lead\": { \"


So I have a set of positional data that I comes from a factory sensor. It produces x, y and z info in meters from to a known lat/long position. I have a function that will convert the distance in


I have the following SQL query, which is part of a view. The problem is: The time to load the result is too long. How can I change the query, so that the result is loaded faster? select


I am trying to plot panel data with ggplot geom_line. Thereby every observation that gets a new figure over time starts to drop. For example from 900 to 1000 as can be seen in the Graph. I want the


I have a stripe customer already added, I am figuring out to add new card to customer. I searched around but couldn't found anything confirmed to asnwer my following questions. Do stripe have any


Can anyone suggest me a way to intercept communication between master and slave redis and use that buffered data to write in AWS elastic cache


I'm admin of my test app, and my test page. Now I'm doing a function get page's feed realtime by webhook, just only on development mode. But Facebook doesn't send information to my webhook even


I want to write a generic regular expression for the following extractions : a) Carlisle Farm Specialist F-1 Farm Tire - 12.5L-15 LRF/12 ply (Wheel Not Included) Extract: 12.5L-15 LRF/12 b)


I sent below(raw/json) from postman to mongodb and I received filled img, text but coordinates was empty array "[]" { "coordinates": [], "_id": "5b309b5671903722e073827e", "


I am new using Spring Boot and Hibernate and I am working on a project that has a simple Many to Many association. A sport Center has many services and viceversa. When i try to enter a json like this


I have rpt_date, user_id. I am trying to find Weekly Active Users. I get the right numbers without using windowing function: SELECT a.start_dt, COUNT(DISTINCT uid) AS wau FROM (SELECT


Lets say I have this code: abstract class AbstractCar { private $car; public function __construct(CarInterface $car) { $this->car = $car; } } class LamboCar extends


I am using laravel/cahier-braintree package to create user subscriptions from my application and I am now trying to use the braintree webhook feature, to notify users certain days before their