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Please have a look at my CharArrayToString() below. What is the correct way to declare RtlMoveMemory function for this purpose, and how to call it? [Setup] AppName=EmptyProgram AppVerName=


byte bytes[] = {0x04,0x08,0x0F,0x66,(byte)0x99,0x41,0x52,0x43,0x55,(byte)0xAA}; ch.setValue(bytes); If I log the output of this array I get (note the negative values): [4, 8, 15, 102, -103, 65, 82,


I was searching a solution for an issue which is in my angular project, ng serve --watch was not detecting changes in some of the files. And I got a solution which says use --poll=2000 It really


I have several processes running on a Linux VM. I would like visualVM to capture the profiling information continuously and log it to a file. I do not need the UI of VisualVM. At the end of the day I


Select rows after the maximum minimum valor found Input file 22 101 5 23 102 5 24 103 5 25 104 23 26 105 25 27 106 21 28 107 20 29 108 8 30 109 6 31 110 7 To figure out my problem, I tried to

从模板退出VBA Word内容控件

i'm fairly new to VBA Programming and now stuck with a Problem. I fill a Dropdown Combo Box in a Word-Document from a Excel File. Based on the selection of the Dropdown List Entry other Textfields are


I have a tensorflow model trained in python by following this article. After training I have generated the frozen graph. Now I need to use this graph and generate recognition on a JAVA based


I have a code that gets data from multiple sheets and uploads the summary data to another worksheet (I am using openxlsx library to output data to excel and readxl to read the data). Unfortunately


I want to subtract the present value by the previous value in each line and whenever there is N/A, it will copy the previous available value and subtract this by the previous available value. When I


I use Spring Boot with Spring Data REST for data access and Spring Security for access restriction. Assume I've got simple entity: @Entity public class Person { @Id @GeneratedValue private


I have a gitlab CE installation with Rack_Attack enabled, but I am not able to find the current values set for the following parameters - max_retry, findtime, and bantime. So where can or how can I

如何在KOTLIN Android中从JSON中获取数据

I want to fetch some data from json(see in the image the green arrow) The problem is that the android studio doesn't let me get the data i want.It stops until a step before(i think).In my adapter


I'm trying to update a .bna file, however, I'm facing this issue when I run the following command : composer network upgrade -c PeerAdmin@hlfv1 -n xxx -V 0.0.2 it says the following : Upgrading

使用Express Multer在PostgreSQL中存储图像

I'm trying to save images from my react app to backend using nodejs(express) and multer, I tried from these How to upload image using javascript fetch api and express multer after I got the message


Recently I've started to use gitflow to enchance my git experience. I often do start a new feature, work a little bit on it, and then I can finish it. What git flow does with git flow feature finish


I'm testing the speed of 3 hash functions in Java (Blake2b-256, SHA1, and SHA-256) and I'm getting some results that I'm curious about. AFAIK, Java does not have a built in Blake2b implementation, so


Full error image: error image I am making a fetch request and when I want to set the state to save some errors that happens. How do I fix this? Code: onClickLogIn = (username, password) =>


I have some percentage circles that I would like to animate when you scroll down to them as at the moment they animate as soon as the page loads whether you can see them or not I thought about


I can see two ways to achieve this: (1) Serialize the attachments (with id and url attributes), thus providing an id to the FE that they can use to DELETE /attachments/:id which would then call


I used this function to check if the database already exist to avoid re-copying the file each time you open the application in Oreo.But in Android Pie it only works for debug version ,not working for


I want to disable commits for certain branches in github and only allow merging via Pull Requests. I can do this in VSTS Git repos, but how do I do the same in GitHub? Is this even possible?


I wonder, if it's possible to consider some 'scaling snap' value while using "scale" mode for the "Transform Controls"? The expectation here is to snap "endpoint" while scaling. Thanks, Roman.


Here I am trying to draw a horizontal line between the buttons .I have tried in many ways but I can't get it .I think I need to do some magics in CSS but I am new to HTML and CSS That's why I can't


I have been trying to implement this vue.js template into my vue project and it has been returning "Uncaught ReferenceError: Vue is not defined" despite the direct script set on the first line. <


I'm trying to traing Mobilenet to recognize custom objects. I'm following this guide: https://towardsdatascience.com/how-to-train-your-own-object-detector-with-tensorflows-object-detector-api-


I have the following multi-project structure: -ParentProject -project1 -src -package1 -package1.1 -package1.2 Scan.java Main.java -src -


I have two js files Child.js and App.js. Child.js import React from 'react'; const Child = (props) =>{ <div> <button onClick={props.doWhatever}>{props.title}</button&


To start off with, I'm aware of --squash but that doesn't solve my problem on its own. I have two branches, A and B, where A needs to be merged into B periodically. For all intents and purposes these

空间num,num,2 num值意味着什么?

Hi I'm new to mips and I understand that .space num allocates a space that is num bytes, but what does the second num after comma signify?


I'M probably just overlooking something obvious, but I can't figure out how to insert an image (a png of a chart created by plantuml) into a DOORS attribute. If I drag and drop the image into the

QT5.9中TySerACT OCR应用程序崩溃

I followed this link http://www.life2coding.com/opencv-ocr-tutoiral-build-tesseract-ocr-library-3-02-02-with-qt-5-4-mingw-on-windows/ to build the tesseract library in qt5.9(mingw compiler) under


Relatively new here to TypeScript, so please excuse me if this is a noob question The ability to define a property and set it's type with TypeScript is certainly a beautiful thing for all the


After visiting a page, the visitor is going directly to the checkout page. The product is now added to the cart. This works all fine. Problem: If the visitor decides to add other product(s) and likes


I want just to know why if I typecast — using (bool) — boolean value of an expression — e.g 2 < 1 — return always false even if expresion return true ? An example will say more clear <?php $


I'm reading Eloquent JavaScript's Map section and I'm having trouble understanding its last paragraph: If you do have a plain object that you need to treat as a map for some reason, it is useful to


I am looking for a Gmail add-on which can show the Salesforce page in the Gmail right side panel. I tried using Apps-script but giving an error like "need permissions to fetch the URl". Any help is


How can I catch Notification::send exception? try{ $send = Notification::send($users, $notification); $status = "success"; } catch (\Exception $exception){ $status


my mongodb auth is false but it getting error my mongodb.conf file have no authenication # Turn on/off security. Off is currently the default #noauth = true #auth = true my mongodb user conf file


I'm using the google PHP client library.I created a calendar event then create push notification channel. both created well . but cannot change resourseId with this method $channel->setResourceId(

谷歌Apple API为同一名称的两个不同的地方返回相同的位置

I am using Google place API. While it works fine there is a case where it fails. Place API returns same place for "Gorakhpur, Uttar pradesh" and "Gorakhpur, Haryana". It returns "Gorakhpur, Haryana"


I am using the authentication workflow sampled in this github project: https://github.com/Azure-Samples/active-directory-java-webapp-openidconnect/ Everything looks fine except for the fact that I do


I want to programatically get all the actions a user is allowed to do across aws services. I've tried to fiddle with simulate_principal_policy but it seems this method expects a list of all actions,


I am trying to get a specific character from a String that is received from userinput I'm getting the error message: class 'String' has no member named 'at' while(Serial.available() == 0) {}


[Idea] I would like to add new line of code at the end of the method when it has attribute called "SemanticLog". Example: using adrianProba; using System ; namespace adrianProba { class


JAXBContext.newInstance( "com.acme.foo:com.acme.bar" ) The JAXBContext instance is initialized from a list of colon separated Java package names. Each java package contains JAXB mapped classes,


I have this following code I made to create a social media site. Please tell me how can I add pagination with this code. <?php $query = $conn->query("select * from post_pic where

在iOS应用程序中,RTMP vs HLS vs WeBRTC哪个更适合流媒体直播?

I have to run a live stream on the native swift based iOS app, what should I use? Is Apple recommends or prefer to its own HLS over RTMP?


I have installed tesseract version 4.0 in ubuntu. I am able to perform all the actions of tesseract using Tesseract CLI like simple OCR text generation. I want to train the LSTM. I read this article


Using grunt with a babel task throws following error in IE11: 'symbol' is undefined. Where does the error come from? I tried different babel presets but none of them are working. It is working on all


I'm trying to queue an listener using ˜database˜, it works ok with ˜sync˜ but if i use database and send the variable trough the event it fires an error, i dont know what is happening. the error is: [