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I try to deploy cloudera on centos https://github.com/Azure/azure-quickstart-templates/tree/master/cloudera-on-centos I get the following error. Although there is properties.resources in , but the

i have an stored procedure InsertStudent in MySQL DB which is working fine from database, now i am calling the above Sp from php by giving all the parameter its giving following error Error:

panel.py: import kivy kivy.require('1.9.1') from kivy.app import App from kivy.uix.gridlayout import GridLayout from kivy.lang import Builder from kivy.properties import StringProperty from kivy.

how many codd rules for rdbms are applicable for dbms

I am making a simple dialogue system, and would like to "dynamise" some of the sentences. For exemple, I have a Sentence Hey Adventurer {{PlayerName}} ! Welcome in the world ! Now In code I am

I have issue when compare two array in PHP. For example, I have array A: Array ( [0] => Array ( [option_id] => 19 [sub_option_id] => 57 ) [1]

TreeNode*deleteBST(TreeNode**pRoot, Element key) { if (pRoot == NULL) return pRoot; TreeNode*cNode = *pRoot; TreeNode*pNode = NULL; TreeNode*pVRoot = NULL; pVRoot->right = *pRoot; while (

I have an issue with laravel. Plz help me I have created a database named billing and connection is working fine for all tables. Now I created a new table named as masters. When I am using this table

I was working on a similar issue for woff2 file type and made it successfully. Thing is, the woff2 file exists in the server and was able to reference it in the: <link rel="preload" href="fonts/

I try to make the list of JPanel with edittext fields but cant find the examples of making listviews in swing. I tried to do this with jTable but my edittext fields changes in all jPanel elements.

When I hover over the orange box it transitions a yellow box to the right. When I leave the orange box it transitions the yellow box out. But I want it to not transition out if I'm hovering over the

Why Char *p; *p='a'; Is a errornous . The book only says -use of unintialized pointer. Please can any one explain how is that.

I have an array $array = array ( 'pubMessages' => array ( 0 => array ( 'msg' => 'Not bad', 'type' => 'warning', ), 1 => array ( 'msg' =>

I have Chrome installing my PWA on Android - once it's installed I'd like to automatically close the browser window it was installed from, and open the PWA (so the user doesn't continue in the browser

i'm going to make a program that ask some questions. now my problem is that i cant access to the value of a widget from tkinter import * def maininsert(): na = 5 q = [i for i in range(na)]

My goal is to have a list of labels which are placed inside label frame instances which are placed inside notebooks which are placed inside a window. The window appears and the notebook tabs are

I am fetching my data like this case class MyClass(s: Option[Safe] = None, t: Option[Threat] = None) val myCheck = for { t <- fT s <- fS } yield MyClass(s,

I have 3 php files and one template. By clicking a button link, how can I change from ?php include 'sample1.php'; ? to ?php include 'sample2.php'; ? using the same template. Instead of making

I am looking for solution on how to determine if someone is connected to serial port on the other side. So, I have the client that opens port and just waits for the bytes incomming. I want him to have

Just for the purpose of learning raw sockets in C I am writing a simple server that uses raw sockets to receive and send messages. I create the socket if ((r_sock = socket(AF_INET, SOCK_RAW,

I have been trying to understand the config of the log4net library and I think I have it except for some unexpected behavior. I have a root logger that has a level set to INFO and another logger for

For example, I have x=[1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10]. I would like to select five elements randomly from x to form an array with shape (1,5). Order must be in ascending order. How can I do this in tesnsorflow?

I have an array "complexArray" that I want to sort by the first value of its subarray (String). Sorting works as desired in the "simpleArray". For the complex array in use a custom sorting function

Im using centOs 7.0 I want to track country code in the access log. I have installed and enabled the the geo-ip module. Add the below line for log format. LogFormat "%{GEOIP_COUNTRY_CODE}e %a %l %u

I'm trying to implement a cell-based widget similar to the one in Jupyter Notebook in Qt where multiple cells are stacked vertically. Each cell is made of a QTextEdit and multiple buttons and the cell'

I am new in using Shiny dashboard. I am trying to replicate the following dashboard: So in each line, the location is text, current output, expected output, and last inspection are values that are

I have a script in AutoHotkey (using version 1.1.28) that prints the current date and time in this format: "16-12-2018 08:07" But I need to subtract one hour from the current date, which is not so

Is there a way to retrieve url parameters passed on pages of project built on GatsbyJS? I'm trying to implement a password reset function on my page using AWS, but they can only send the parameters

how to log json or xml request in database or log file before processing in Spring boot using @RequestBody annotation using which class i can perform this or any link would be helpfull

There are double maximize buttons on the satus bar of **ON FEW APPS ** such as The ubuntu text editor, enter image description herefile manager, etc. How shall I fix this. Thanks.

In my angular application, I am taking input from user. The value of the selected input is passed to url which is then assigned to iframe. <div class="form-group row">

I have an array like array = [{name:'john', tag: ['tag1','tag2'] }, {name:'doe', tag: ['tag2'] }, {name:'jane', tag: ['tag2','tag3']

I am working on a solution where messages posted in service bus topics will be passed as events in event grid and those events will be parsed by Azure functions and stored in Cosmos Db. From Db API

I have a Django app that displays tables on the user end of database queries. I would like the admin to be able to edit those models and objects in table form. Ex: click a value and type in the new

I cant install any packages through pip it shows me error:- PS C:\WINDOWS\system32> pip install virtualenv Collecting virtualenv Retrying (Retry(total=4, connect=None, read=None, redirect=None,

I am developing a program using WPF and got a very frustrating bug.I set the Window to "None" Type and resize mode to "CanResize" but I got a white strip in my Application which was not in the

I have various .vbs script that runs smoothly using SecureCRT but I would like to run them using putty however I am having plink and -m "command not found" error. Please advise on other ways to run .

I have an object o with prototype p: var p = {} var o = Object.create(p) It is possible to add a property a to the object o, and then add a setter of the same name to the prototype p: o.a = 1

I use this function in order to make a screenshot of the view and download it as pdf. I have the problem that my second pdf will be cut off for any reason - onePageCanvas.toDataURL("image/png", 0.92);

I want to execute a function every specified seconds, and it should loop forever. When the function is finished I want to start a new setTimeout using a random generated value between 2 and 5 (

I have absolutely no idea why im getting this error message, anyone could help me with that? "syntax error near unexpected token then'" Heres my code: #!/bin/bash IFS=";" while read user mdp nom

I am struggling to get my code to display in HTML. I know I am probably missing something really simple, but I am stuck. I have an Angular 7 app. I want to retrieve the xlsx data (worksheet) and

I have some thousands of blobs with a given suffix I want to assign to a new tier (hot to archive) in bulk. I know it is possible to manually change the tier on portal or through a REST request

I am using the vm2 module, and I have some code with two functions: get_input() for getting some data that I have, and display() for showing some data, but these functions will not be defined in that

I have designed a whole set of hand gestures as vectors and now I want to store them in firebase and retrieve them from android application. Basically I want those gesture vectors to be treated as

i want to use python3 to make a "chat bot", but, i don't want it to be complex, i just want it to say something when someone enters the chat room imvu. Any ideas where to get some docs to read or

I have GoDaddy SSL certificate and it is properly installed on my domain and my domain is working perfectly fine with https but when I open https://.com:6001/socket.io/socket.io.js Then it is

Code is below, Help appriciated :) const ics = require('ics'); var fs = require('fs'); let alarms = [] alarms.push({ action: 'display', trigger: { hours: 0, minutes: 01, before: true },

Been trying to run ionic 4 apk on emulator but it can not seem to get passed the white screen what am i missing or doing wrong? Ionic: ionic (Ionic CLI) : 4.5.0 (/home/yushin/.nvm/

I get error "'Index was outside the bounds of the array" on this line string Open = array[0].ToString(); when array is empty. I used "if" statement to see if it can be by-passed when array is