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如何在KOTLIN Android中从JSON中获取数据

I want to fetch some data from json(see in the image the green arrow) The problem is that the android studio doesn't let me get the data i want.It stops until a step before(i think). And


I'm trying to update a .bna file, however, I'm facing this issue when I run the following command : composer network upgrade -c PeerAdmin@hlfv1 -n xxx -V 0.0.2 it says the following : Upgrading

使用Express Multer在PostgreSQL中存储图像

I'm trying to save images from my react app to backend using nodejs(express) and multer, I tried from these How to upload image using javascript fetch api and express multer after I got the message


Recently I've started to use gitflow to enchance my git experience. I often do start a new feature, work a little bit on it, and then I can finish it. What git flow does with git flow feature finish


I'm testing the speed of 3 hash functions in Java (Blake2b-256, SHA1, and SHA-256) and I'm getting some results that I'm curious about. AFAIK, Java does not have a built in Blake2b implementation, so


Full error image: error image I am making a fetch request and when I want to set the state to save some errors that happens. How do I fix this? Code: onClickLogIn = (username, password) =>


I have some percentage circles that I would like to animate when you scroll down to them as at the moment they animate as soon as the page loads whether you can see them or not I thought about


I can see two ways to achieve this: (1) Serialize the attachments (with id and url attributes), thus providing an id to the FE that they can use to DELETE /attachments/:id which would then call


I used this function to check if the database already exist to avoid re-copying the file each time you open the application in Oreo.But in Android Pie it only works for debug version ,not working for


I want to disable commits for certain branches in github and only allow merging via Pull Requests. I can do this in VSTS Git repos, but how do I do the same in GitHub? Is this even possible?


I wonder, if it's possible to consider some 'scaling snap' value while using "scale" mode for the "Transform Controls"? The expectation here is to snap "endpoint" while scaling. Thanks, Roman.


Here I am trying to draw a horizontal line between the buttons .I have tried in many ways but I can't get it .I think I need to do some magics in CSS but I am new to HTML and CSS That's why I can't


I have been trying to implement this vue.js template into my vue project and it has been returning "Uncaught ReferenceError: Vue is not defined" despite the direct script set on the first line. <


I'm trying to traing Mobilenet to recognize custom objects. I'm following this guide: https://towardsdatascience.com/how-to-train-your-own-object-detector-with-tensorflows-object-detector-api-


I have the following multi-project structure: -ParentProject -project1 -src -package1 -package1.1 -package1.2 Scan.java Main.java -src -


I have two js files Child.js and App.js. Child.js import React from 'react'; const Child = (props) =>{ <div> <button onClick={props.doWhatever}>{props.title}</button&


To start off with, I'm aware of --squash but that doesn't solve my problem on its own. I have two branches, A and B, where A needs to be merged into B periodically. For all intents and purposes these

空间num,num,2 num值意味着什么?

Hi I'm new to mips and I understand that .space num allocates a space that is num bytes, but what does the second num after comma signify?


I'M probably just overlooking something obvious, but I can't figure out how to insert an image (a png of a chart created by plantuml) into a DOORS attribute. If I drag and drop the image into the

QT5.9中TySerACT OCR应用程序崩溃

I followed this link http://www.life2coding.com/opencv-ocr-tutoiral-build-tesseract-ocr-library-3-02-02-with-qt-5-4-mingw-on-windows/ to build the tesseract library in qt5.9(mingw compiler) under


Relatively new here to TypeScript, so please excuse me if this is a noob question The ability to define a property and set it's type with TypeScript is certainly a beautiful thing for all the


After visiting a page, the visitor is going directly to the checkout page. The product is now added to the cart. This works all fine. Problem: If the visitor decides to add other product(s) and likes


I want just to know why if I typecast — using (bool) — boolean value of an expression — e.g 2 < 1 — return always false even if expresion return true ? An example will say more clear <?php $


I'm reading Eloquent JavaScript's Map section and I'm having trouble understanding its last paragraph: If you do have a plain object that you need to treat as a map for some reason, it is useful to


I am looking for a Gmail add-on which can show the Salesforce page in the Gmail right side panel. I tried using Apps-script but giving an error like "need permissions to fetch the URl". Any help is


How can I catch Notification::send exception? try{ $send = Notification::send($users, $notification); $status = "success"; } catch (\Exception $exception){ $status


my mongodb auth is false but it getting error my mongodb.conf file have no authenication # Turn on/off security. Off is currently the default #noauth = true #auth = true my mongodb user conf file


I'm using the google PHP client library.I created a calendar event then create push notification channel. both created well . but cannot change resourseId with this method $channel->setResourceId(

谷歌Apple API为同一名称的两个不同的地方返回相同的位置

I am using Google place API. While it works fine there is a case where it fails. Place API returns same place for "Gorakhpur, Uttar pradesh" and "Gorakhpur, Haryana". It returns "Gorakhpur, Haryana"


I am using the authentication workflow sampled in this github project: https://github.com/Azure-Samples/active-directory-java-webapp-openidconnect/ Everything looks fine except for the fact that I do


I want to programatically get all the actions a user is allowed to do across aws services. I've tried to fiddle with simulate_principal_policy but it seems this method expects a list of all actions,


I am trying to get a specific character from a String that is received from userinput I'm getting the error message: class 'String' has no member named 'at' while(Serial.available() == 0) {}


[Idea] I would like to add new line of code at the end of the method when it has attribute called "SemanticLog". Example: using adrianProba; using System ; namespace adrianProba { class


JAXBContext.newInstance( "com.acme.foo:com.acme.bar" ) The JAXBContext instance is initialized from a list of colon separated Java package names. Each java package contains JAXB mapped classes,


I have this following code I made to create a social media site. Please tell me how can I add pagination with this code. <?php $query = $conn->query("select * from post_pic where

在iOS应用程序中,RTMP vs HLS vs WeBRTC哪个更适合流媒体直播?

I have to run a live stream on the native swift based iOS app, what should I use? Is Apple recommends or prefer to its own HLS over RTMP?


I have installed tesseract version 4.0 in ubuntu. I am able to perform all the actions of tesseract using Tesseract CLI like simple OCR text generation. I want to train the LSTM. I read this article


Using grunt with a babel task throws following error in IE11: 'symbol' is undefined. It seams that the variable _iteratorError is undefined. Where does the error come from? I tried different babel


I'm trying to queue an listener using ˜database˜, it works ok with ˜sync˜ but if i use database and send the variable trough the event it fires an error, i dont know what is happening. the error is: [


this is my xhtml code. I need to validate the input field of arrival time after losing focus and not after using the save button. How can I do that? <h:outputLabel for="arrivalTime" value="


I am encountering a problem about intersection functionality. I have the following mapping: { "message": {"type": "text"}, "created_at": {"type": "date", "format": "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss||yyyy-


I want to design database that have 3 tables. 1st table ___> UUID, username, password 2nd table ___> fname, lname, gender, birthdate 3rd table ___> bloood glucose value, date_time In first table,


I`m wondering if I could in a select of angular material 2 hide the selected option. So I have this right now: <mat-form-field> <mat-select placeholder="{{ 'NAVBAR.LANG' | translate }}"


I have a Multiselectorspinner (with checkboxes on the side) and want to get a call when something is clicked on. Now I implemented the OnClickListener, but it only opens once the app starts and isnt


I have read many posts mentioning issues with local issuer certificate, but I failed to find an answer for my case. I have setup a nginx proxy, that accepts client certificates for authorization.


Hi I have created a table in my local dynamoDB. The fields are, id (N) name (S) school (S) classname (S) Now I want to retrieve all the records which school equels to "xschool" and print. Tried the


I cannot share the dataset but i have columns like class , Q1, Q2 to Q28 and so on. Each column has numerical values. Q have values from 1-5 and class have 1-13. I want to check the relation of class


I'm trying to make xml files like this; <root> <a type="AAA"> <value1>1</value1> <value2>2</value2> <value3>3</value3> </a> <b


As seen on screenshot, icons from zoom in, zoom out and street view buttons disappeared The code, i'm using to set the map: function _setMap() { if (typeof google === 'object' && typeof


I'm trying to use HTML5 navigation for AngularJS application. Everything works well, until SEO optimisation. For hashbang sub-urls (example.com/#!/siuburl) most of crawlers (google, facebook) which