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how to retrieve top three docs based on like array size as show in below response from Mongodb. i want to retrieve top three docs based on top likes using nodejs and Mongdb please help out guys


I am trying to get/monitor the API's that are called by running processes on windows not by using any instead by using c# or c++. I have searched from multiple sites how to do this but no don't


the main problem: I have to write a program where I have to create a map on a GUI. In the given task, I have to create a textfile, where the map is written (example at the end). This textfile has to

nativescript ListView的图像渲染

I am new in NativeScript and trying to figure out how to render images with fade/opacity effect. I have ListView with items which includes text and image on the side. When I scroll up and down, images


Bit of background information: I'm using Windows 10 Home edition, and used Docker Toolbox to get Postgres installed. I'm fairly new to both Docker and Postgres so I could be missing something. After


We are using this code to create an extendedProperty class test { val emailExtendedPropDef = new ExtendedPropertyDefinition(DefaultExtendedPropertySet.PublicStrings,"uniqueId", MapiPropertyType.

codility missinginteger JavaScript解决方案(建议)

This afternoon I try to resolve the demo test of Codility. After thinking a lot how to increase the performance (and searching a little bit), I created this code: function solution(A) { let array

NanoMsg vs2017链接错误

I am trying to build a nanomsg next gen (https://github.com/nanomsg/nng) on a windows box. I am using VS2017. The CMAKE worked like a charm. I am getting link errors. I have verifed that the nng.lib

如何配置Travis CI Coverity扫描一个GitHub库?

I'm having problems configuring Travis CI to submit my public project to Coverity Scan. I'm following the instructions from Coverity but when I reach step 7, there is no Configure Travis CI tab.


I had a working BLE app, even archived multiple working versions of it. All of a sudden I am not receiving the callback when a device is connected. I connect to the periperal when the user taps an


I'm trying to upload my app, developed using Xamarin (Visual Studio for Mac 7.5.2, XCode 9.2) and i'm using this script https://github.com/bq/ipa-packager to deal with the SwiftSupport issue. However,


I am debugging my remote server using Webstorm but whenever I am closing my project the remote server is getting terminated as because I am using node interpreter as /usr/bin/node, that's why I


I'm trying to obtain .jhist files when running MapReduce job locally from IntelliJ. I have a Hadoop distribution on my windows machine. I do get some kind of history folder structure after running the


The code works normal but when i click submit it doesn't insert to database and doesn't return any sql error. here is my index code: <?php require_once("functions/functions.php"); $db_handle


I have this content-type that i created titled: "Engineering". 1500 hundred nodes later management wants me to rename it : "Staff". I can easily rename the label but how do i rename the machine name?


So I'm trying to retrieve data in a div attribute in react. JSFiddle shows the problems I'm having. this.state.value is set to an empty string after the event fires. I started off using the data-*


I am new to Python and am trying to use a for loop to add the first and subsequent values, sequentially from a list within a dictionary to a database by using the cursor.executemany() function. here


I'm very new to Python and I have a question. I have a List that looks like this: List = ["B-Guild","I-Guild","I-Guild","L-Guild","B-Gene","L-Gene","U-Car"] All of the words with B-(I)-L belong


I have a pair of stored procedures in SQL Server, "Rollup" and "DrillDown". I want to display them using SSRS. "Rollup" will break down the records in four groups (kind, gender, color,

错误验证使用科尔多瓦LinkedIn的iOS SDK:无法完成作业。(lisdkautherror错误1。)

i m implementing an App with ionic and trying to implement an Authentification with LinkedIn iOS SDK. I test my App unsing Xcode and i#m getting this Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. (


code I fully understand this script, but one part doesn't make sense. In line 13, a new Instance of Circle is declared called base. Furthermore in line 16 base is assigned to r, wich is passed in by


When U make a query JDBC which is faster, order by the query or use a PriorityQueue or any other to sort .


I have a gateway where a request comes from a browser that makes a request for a microservice. Microservice makes a request after back to the gateway. All this communication takes place within the


I tried putting the animated image into a table, but the animation doesn't work in that case. I can only use HTML and CSS to make this work. I'm wanting to center the green, spinning circle on the

SAS EG流程宏观或存储过程

moderate user of SAS EG. I have a SAS process flow in Enterprise Guide that utilizes a prompt and has many steps and queries to arrive at a final Dataset called Data_Final. Data_Final has now become


I use JQUERY Datatable js and SweetAlert.js There is a delete icon in datatable when click id get id and showing sweet alert confirm poppup . when click Yes it deleted fine working. I want to get


I have a requirement where I need to add new classes to be loaded on runtime as well as modify the existing class at runtime. With ServiceLoader I am able to reload & run new classes at runtime;

添加面板JDialog [复制]

I am having touble adding JPanel to JDialog, I don't know why it won't add Here is my code: public AssessDialog() { setSize(300, 200); setResizable(false); this.setModalityType(

方法。getfeatures() ol.source.vector审工作在控制台,而不是在脚本

I'm trying to return the attributes of a vector source in OpenLayers (v.4) using the .getFeatures function some indexing, and the .get('key') method, like so: gdeltVectorSource.getFeatures()[15].get('

C # APP类似于PowerPoint的项目到另一个屏幕

I was wondering if theres a way to embed desktop apps in a c# application, for example the user opens the C# app or enter in a link and the window is divided in 3 parts, and in the left you can see


I fail to either set global or window property or require/import within browser console, which makes live testing impossible. I avoid running this code in SSR with platform.isNode condition.


Have directories in the form of, /a/b/c/d/e/f/exp_dt=YYYY-MM-DD /A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/day_id=YYYY-MM-DD /A/B/C/D/F/E/YYYY/MM/DD Should be able to pass dates & time stamp range to variables say,

跟踪模式的变化(MS SQL或MySQL)

ALL, Consider the following scenario: Software is connecting to the DB and performs some operations. Someone else connects to the same DB and issue CREATE TABLE foo(); Software has to know about the


I have a query SELECT i.IncidentID, i.AccountID, i.IncidentTypeID, i.IncidentStateID, i.CreateDate, i.LastModifyDate, i.LastModifyUser, t.LastModifyDate AS CompletionDate, ( SELECT

麻烦的TLS / SSL使用PIP requirements.txt文件安装

I am trying to install a requirements.txt file that has the following format: build-utils==0.1.1 cffi==1.11.5 fake-rpi==0.6.0 keyboard==0.13.2 numpy==1.14.3 PyAudio==0.2.11 pycparser==2.18 RPi.GPIO==

将一个数组中的整数strigns OT准确elxiir IEX [复制]

I get this when I try in iex. How do I get the actual number not the char representation? ["90", "98", "100"] iex(30)> grades |> Enum.map(&String.to_integer/1) 'Zbd'


I've looked through a bunch of tutorials that talk about push constants, allude to possible benefits, but never have I actually seen, even in Vulkan docs, what the heck a "push constant" actually is


So I am creating a formset with Django and I do validation with clean_variable_name in my forms.py. My problem is when I add to create another form, it will give me the empty form with error message


problem is , In android app i create sockets with ip provided with cellular network it works fine but does not work when i use wifi router as internet connection then its ip is local ip which is

来实现过滤ASP.NET核心Web API的最佳方式是什么?

I have a JobsController that has a GetJobs method as follows: [HttpGet] Task<IActionResult> GetJobs([FromQuery] Pagination urlQuery) return await _dbContext.Jobs .


I am spinning a docker container(alpine base) from a docker file inside a Jenkins pipeline. The container installs: ruby-rake and ruby-bundler and I am able to do bundle with no problem My working

上传Excel表导入WordPress phpMyAdmin数据库

Is it possible to upload a user frontend uploaded table and send it to phpmyadmin database and then display it on the website? I've tried searching everywhere but there simply isn't anything I've


With an enum typedef'd in a global header file used throughout my project, I am unable to refer to the individual enum values by name while using lldb in Xcode. For example, if I am stopped at a


Im new to bash scripting, need some help here. I have to login to a remote machine and run a command multiple times. something like this #!/usr/bin/env bash ssh root@linux123 "for i in {1..10}; do


I've enabled image upload on TinyMCE using the images_upload_url parameter. This works fine in most browsers, but it does not work on Safari in iOS. tinymce.init({ images_upload_url: '/uploadImage'


I wanted to find an intersection between two arraylist that are of byte[] format and return the common indices. I have the code as follows and it works correctly: ArrayList<Integer> intersect =


I have read distributed tensorflow documentation and this answer. According to this, in data parallelism approach: The algorithm distributes the data between various cores. Each core


I have a module in site-packages called MyModule. I can open a Python interpreter and type from MyModule import module just fine. I'm trying to use the MATLAB-Python interface and it says that the


I am trying to establish a websockets connection to a site that uses both Amazon web services and Cloudflare. Navigating to that page and viewing the traffic with Chrome developer tools shows a ton


I have a table with 1 primary key column a, 1 not nullable foreign key column b and 5 nullable foreign key columns c, d, e, f, g. I have to insert the value Y in the row where the value X is the