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In react native docs(https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/touchableopacity), there is no style props. But I already know using style props on TouchableOpacity component is okay. How it is

I am trying to add a data to dataframe which was created with some headers. Code: OutputTable <- data.frame(matrix(ncol = 7, nrow = 0)) x <- c("Desk","Date", "Symbol","Required Time Mtd", "

I am trying using Google chrome API, example here -> "Web Bluetooth / Device Info Sample". but unfortunately the "BluetoothDevice" object contain only {id, name, gatt}. I need to get the MAC Address

Dear community, I am using maps autocomplete on my website to allow users to filter for a specific city (see screenshot below) Showcase of my Autocomplete UI A lot of users are asking us to define

I've been trying to fill a google spreadsheet column with 7000 static satellite maps giving the coords from latitude and longitude columns. Something like this: =IMAGE("https://api.mapbox.com/styles/

I do not know if I used the correct terms in the title but there's something I've come across recently in TypeScript and I can't figure out what is the difference between the two: class Test {

I as using the following code to swipe next/previous with pages that has a href "next" and "prev"": jQuery(function( $ ) { var keymap = {}; // LEFT keymap[ 37 ] = "#prev"; // RIGHT keymap[ 39 ] = "#

I've a simple post form. Records are saved to database with updateOrCreate function. I've following records to be stored, user_id product_id review rating After submitting form, user_id and

I want to log in with bootstrap_modal_forms via ajax, everything works, but I can not define in the navbar so that if the user is logged in, he added the field and changed it to others, I will add

hi friends I just want to pass a variable from js to modal. I have searched on google for related problems but avariable passed to the modal changes the whole content of targeted id but I just want to

I am trying to use the array functionality in angular 7 but I am facing the error saying, cannot find name 'Array'. Similarly, I am not able to use the simple array methods like push and pop.

I used the botbuilder-js to write a custom bot. At some point it requires the user to sign in, so the bot sends out the OAuthPrompt dialog, which makes user sign in (with google, which I have

How could I calculate the number of exported patches giving the following numbers: 1) Image size: 1024 x 768 2) Patch size: 32 3) Stride: 4 Thank you

I have a multicolumn pandas dataframe, with rows for each day. Now I would like to replace each weekend with it's mean values in one row. I.e. (Fr,Sa,Su).resample().mean() --> (Weekend) Not sure

I have an element with a styling className attribute. Depending on a condition, I want to add a 2nd className attribute. Eg: <div className="tile-details ' + {this.state.tileColor} + '"> I've

C++ implicitly typecasts char to int (a larger data type than char) in an expression, which means the following runs without a compile time error: char a = 'a'; int b = a; cout << b <<

This article describes how Python looks up an attribute on an object when it executes o.a. The priority order is interesting - it looks for: A class attribute that is a data-descriptor (most commonly

As a noob to coding i came a long way with our website that was build in shopify. We have an issue with the currency. We've set our currency to EUR in the settings ( site was based on $ ) but it still

Given a Matrix of a game board in size of m x n, with cells that are free (let's mark them as 'F') and cells that are taken (let's mark them as '#'), I need to implement a recursive function which

I'm setting up a Java project using Apache Ivy for dependency management. The dependencies resolved from Maven Central are fetched correctly, including sources and javadoc packages; on the contrary,

I am trying to build my first Outlook Add-In (not VSTO) and followed the tutorial here. After setting up my Office 365 developer license/environment, I finally manage to compile/deploy the Add-In: 3&

Unable to download JSON metadata: HTTP Error 403: Forbidden What problem ? I Used last version of Youtube-dl youtube-dl -u "username" -p "password" -o "c:\save_video\%(playlist_index)s - %(title)s.%

For whatever reason my database updates as if the function ran, but it never echod anything. When I reload the page it automatically sets the name to "John", but I never clicked the button. <?

I have a program that creates 2 child processes. The Client process sends it's PID to the Server process, the Server process sends a random ID back to the Client process, and finally, the Client

So I have been trying to scrape a value one by one, meaning that I used a for loop to scrape a selected class and then try to print out item by item. The HTML is looking: What I tried to do is

i have a problem in my application when i click back activity called two times , when my application idea is : 3 activities (LoginActivity , MainMenuActivity , and CashActivity ) user signed in from

Good day! I have the following piece of code that is not working const int N=45; long int toc; toc = pow(2, N) - 1; vector<long double > E(toc); I think the problem is in vector<long

I want to build a report that each user see only is raws. For example, I have this report: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GcvTzb8hXCdiVXqjG9rKESqXQLL5lFYRDvF-NKw8FOM I want that each user that

I am a new programmer and I've wrote simply function,but It runs slowly. I wonder if there is any chance that rewrite the code in a professional way? for (int i = 0; i < p.Count; i++) {

try{ stmt=conn.createStatement(); int stdID=Integer.parseInt(id.getText()); String stdName=name.getText(); int stdAge=Integer.parseInt(age.getText()); String

Is there a way to bulk upsert model objects in (Ruby) Sequel? I read about the dataset methods (MyModel.dataset.insert_conflict().import(), but I could not find corresponding methods that allow

Iam using Express.js on my backend. i run this server in, and when i try to fetch data from this backend. i got error like this : TypeError: Network request failed

I'm new on node js develop. I'm developing a Login / Signup process using bycript and verification mail. I have implemented the verification token send by mail using this code: router.get('/

I use a plugin that sends off email notifications via wp_mail(). In the subject and contents we put the website's name, but this gets an automated clickable hyperlink. Is there a way to disable this

The app is getting data from Bluetooth and draws real-time graph. However, the graph often gets the discontinuities. The source of data is Bluetooth module (separate thread) and it fails to send all

I need to write a Javascript function that takes the redirected link from Google's "I feeling lucky" button. The function should take: http://www.google.com/search?q="stackoverflow"&btnI and

I'm creating a React component that I want to update itself every second. I need that this component covers a time span of 3 hours (from 3 hours ago to now) and that is updated every second. So every

Here in the blog Dan Abramov wrote the react elements should contain desired properties for DOM-elements or components. What did he mean by desired? Why desired? Did he mean not strict? If it was

AppNavigator.js import React from 'react'; import { createSwitchNavigator,createStackNavigator, createAppContainer} from 'react-navigation'; import MainTabNavigator from './MainTabNavigator'; import

I'm trying something i guess very simple : <textarea name="ask" class="form-control" v-model="text"></textarea> And the vue : data: { showLabel: true, text: '' },

I am a beginner in LaTeX and I am not able to resolve the problem. Hopefully, I will get the help here. I have the following code: \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{newtxtext,newtxmath}

I know how to export directions in bash_profile, but how can i set variable to open an app? For example, i work with Apache Derby on my project, and already set DERBY_INSTALL and CLATHPATH, so i can

I'm running webpack4 for a simple web express application When I'm running the server in development environment (via nodemon) it's running perfectly, but when I'm going into production I'm getting

currently working with laravel 5.6 and having trouble with updating the form i created. the full error is: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'name' cannot be null (SQL:

I have php script like this $resultx = array("Tiger Nixon", "System Architect", "Edinburgh", "5421", "2011/04/25", "$320,800");print json_encode($resultx,JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK); and i want to get the

I want to modify a certan value from build.prop file which looks like this ro.product.brand=Asus ro.product.name=lineage_Z00T ro.product.device=Z00T Whats the best way to change ro.product.brand

I am trying to get the pointer duration when I click on a sprite with Phaser 3. sprite.setInteractive(); sprite.on('pointerup', function (pointer) { console.log(pointer.duration); }); The

I have the following "PRICE 40,06€ " which contains as I can from notepad++ spaces and tab characters I used something like the following to get the number but nothing happens.. I want to get

I am creating an app, where user can search in multiple languages. Let's say I have a website which host a very big novel. may be consisting of thousands of para graphs. some where between 20,000 to

I am using react navigation to help with navigations in my react native application. My view hierarchy is like this: Navigator = Stack Navigator | | | |