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how I can emulate specific syscall in Linux? For example, I would like to emulate bind syscall. How can I do it using qemu? another way?

When we develop private code, is it necessary to apply PHPdoc on classes, methods, etc ? In the book "Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin, part "Javadocs in Nonpublic code": As a useful as Javadocs are

I created an opacity gradient to a div in css, but there is still the border of div visible (screenshot attached). Here is my css code: .audio-caption-background { background-color: black; width:

I just want to understand how "multiboxing applications work" and which libraries It's using. I can't find any clean open source applications and tutorials about multiboxing. Or basically How to

I'm using Respect/Validation class and I have custom rule CustomRule() which works fine: use Respect\Validation\Validator as v; // 'email' => v::CustomRule()->email()->setName('email');

i work with Django. i use AbstractBaseUser for create User in models. i create form's for my models . my forms don't save password in my database Forms: from django import forms from django.contrib.

I have a function that takes references as parameters and returns impl Future. The future doesn't refer to the parameters (it takes a copy) so the references don't have to outlive the function call:

Why won't my modal close upon clicking the x or close? It makes absolutely no sense to me why this won't work given the right attributes that I'm using. Also, when I click Preview Image button, I

I know that there exists a way in scala as mentioned below. val joined_df = df1.join(broadcast(df2), "key") How can I do the Broadcast join in Java. Do I have to do sc.broadcast (df2) and use that in

I have the following json output (generated by ansible) and a seemingly easy task of pulling a few key/value pairs out with jq. However, I can't seem to get the output I want. { "custom_stats": {}, "

I'm writing some code in C++ for testing collisions using the separating axis theorem and in certain orientations it wrongly triggers that there is a collision occurring I'm following this tutorial,

In development, my team and I are experiencing 400 Bad request, using Webpack Dev Middleware with .NET Core 2.1/2.2. Our SPA is unable to load as our main script file cannot be served, nor reload on

This question is in regards to a discussion that went on here. I have a collection of urls in an array that I need to parse through using a Firebase Cloud Function. Instead of iterating through the

I keep having the same error "buy handles valid purchase application raised an exception (see log for details)" and I don't have any clue what I should modify in my code to pass the error. ('Aandeel'

I want to build a create function that would create new list, the function will get a 4 "function pointer", The create function will Allocates a new linked-List-Creates a new empty list. This function

notice : My English is not good, While asking questions, keep them as simple as possible. I also try to express it by drawing to help understanding. issue I want to be able to work on another

I need help in a code. The code I have has a play button, and when you click the button it pops up a youtube video and automatically starts playing. The problem I have is that the audio of the video

I have two schema and one of them has a reference ID from the other one. I want to populate the reference but it returns the reference id again. Population Code: const cars = await Car.

I'm trying to compile my program using CLion under Linux (Ubuntu) OS. My CMake file: # cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.5) project(untitled2 C) set(CMAKE_C_STANDARD 99) set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS -

I created table in pgAdmin4: CREATE TABLE public."Aktor"( --tableWithActors "ID" bigint[] NOT NULL, --id "Imie" "char"[] NOT NULL, --name "Nazwisko" "

I have a need to globally replace the pattern: \' with \ ' (i.e. \[space]') in a file. I am trying the following sed command: sed 's/\\\'/\\ \'/g' »In-file« > »Out-file« but I am getting

After updating to version 1.30 of VS Code I'm unable to debug any c++ project, even a simple "Hello World" project. However, all of my projects still work fine on windows using the same 1.30 version.

So, my first question here.. I'm working on a C# coding assignment for college where the player inputs different actions and results of their actions are displayed in the console. Until now, I have

The problem is to count number of non-overlaping pairs of arrays from given set of arrays. For example given, a = [1,2,3] b = [2,3,4] c = [6,7,8] d = [7,10,20] The following pairs are non-

I am looking to copy down the value from a cell above as long as the value in another column is the same and if not use a mean value of the values that exist. Basically i want to create a time series

I would like to be able to authenticate requests where the user has no role assigned. I'm using keycloak core and tomcat adapter to authenticate. Keycloak constraints are specified in the web.xml

im trying to learn python so that i can play around with mathematics. Ive been trying to implement a very simple simulation of a bouncing object with minimal physics but it does not seem to be working

So I am trying to retrieve name and address from class PlaceInfo via getName() and getAddress() . I set the name and address in the class ItemOneFragemnt. But when i try to retrieve those data from a

I have an activity which only contains a toolbar and an EditText. I have been searching for a solution for a while now(a few days),but haven't found anything. Here is my xml: <AppCompatEditText

Is it necessary that Dijkstra Algorithm always finds the shortest part between two veritices?

Hi I'm having a problem with my code. Play button takes 5 clicks to play the movie. My code is every 15 seconds the media player will automatically pause. But after pausing, the play button takes 5

I am using requests to login to Facebook and then sending users messages when it's their birthdays. I was able to log into Facebook just fine. I then went to their birthday page (https://www.facebook.

i have created a fragment and I'm trying to get items from firebase and display them in a recyclerView on a fragment, however it is not showing anything, the fragment is blank. the code of the

I'm not a developer and I will post a job in a Freelancer website but I need help to know exactly what to ask. So what I need: - I need to scrape, every 5 minutes, data from dynamic tables and from

i'm new in python however,I want to convert a formula to cnf. So i'm asking for a library to directly convert the formula in python or any idea to complete my code this is my code i created

I'm working on a simple project with node.js and nest.js. I want to run a function from a service when server is starting. While the service is a @Injectable you have to pass it by the constructor but

I am trying to build a simple list details app using Vue.js but I can't even get the fundamental page transitions to work. Here is what I have so far: In App.vue: <template id="app"> <v-

The following makefile works correctly: name=lucas all: test .PHONY: test test: echo $(name) # outputs variable correctly But when I try defining the variable using the "define" directive it

I am running a model on NetLogo but because I'm so new sometimes my procedures take FOREVER to load. After a certain amount of time I don't really care if the procedure works or not, I just need

How can I calculate the derivative based on the values from Python3? I don't have the function to calculate the derivative.

Hello i need to calculate the following loop in R: for (i in seq(0.004, 0.009, by=0.001)) { M[i] <- mvdc(copula=tCopula(i,dim=2,df=df), margins=c("norm","norm"),paramMargins=list(list(mean=

I am trying to use a disabled control (TextBox or Combobox) within a ScrollViewer with WPF, but I encountered some interessting behavior when using HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Auto". If I start

I've a problem sending an email with chronoforms V5 with a static attachment using some variables for the path: THIS WORKS (no variables) <?php $path = JPATH_SITE.'/avvisi/B/'; $form->files['

Here I am trying to make a simple platformer game in 2D. I try this youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwcC2tIKObU) tuts series for this. After doing same in video, I can not able to

my program works as follow, once the program been run a tableview with one location on it will appear. once the location been clicked it moves to another controller which shows the location on the map.

I'm trying to make a code that sends emails using a gmail with php using PHPMailer library. And when I run I get the error "this site isn't working". HTTP Error 500. The operating system is Fedora and

I was reading this article on Finding Peaks in Noisy Data and stumbled upon an oddity in the examples: for(int i=d;i { /* for this example, not important code */ } Since I am implementing their

I can't find anywhere how to subplot two graph next to each other with differents functions plotting them. Can anyone help me please? I work with Jupyter Notebook. First function: def

Hi I have some problems triying to send the Score of my game to the Bot in telegram .I am using the framework called Telegraf. This is the code const Telegraf = require('telegraf') const config =

if(objectsToRotate[i].tag == "RotateAutomatic") { if (a_Speed == 100) a_Speed -= 1; a_Speed += 1; objectsToRotate[i].