WeChat QR Code


I have an electron app. It uses Bootstrap v4, Electron v2 amongst some other node modules. I have a button which opens an electron dialog, the user selects a folder, and at this point, my


I am using Terraform with AWS and have been able to create an AWS Storage Gateway file gateway using the aws_storagegateway_gateway resource. The gateway will create and the status will be 'online'

I'm securing Spring Cloud/Spring Boot microservices with OAuth2 and all seems nicely wired up in the Authorization Server. But when I send a POST request via postman to /oauth/token to obtain an


I am trying to understand the subs argument in the LogLocator class, which determines where major / minor ticks should be located on a MatPlotLib graph. Here is my code: import matplotlib.pyplot as


Hi I'm new to python and cant figure out why the error 'AttributeError: 'Program' object has no attribute 'frame' is happening. Here is the code: from tkinter import * class Program(): def


Is there any way to use indexed properties with different types. I tried to search this forum, but this question is a little bit different as I simply cannot specify a name to indexed properties. So


I'm noob in sience and informatic, I like to transfer my brain conciousness to a computeur, which language should I use? I tought about javascript or matlab but I don't sure. An other question : which


I saw the example of rehydrating server render state with replaceState() like this: if (window.__INITIAL_STATE__) { store.replaceState(window.__INITIAL_STATE__) } But why not directly use


I have a trivial function that copies a byte block to std::vector: std::vector<uint8_t> v; void Write(const uint8_t * buffer, size_t count) {


I have a home screen with a FAB and when it's pressed I want to display a dialog for user to input. Currently I am using showDialog with SimpleDialog. showDialog( context: context,


I call an api method, and when the response is 500 server error, the axios interceptor function starts, and returns Promise.reject(error); But it stops there so the "then" function never runs.


I am new to Linkedin APIs. I was trying to get company information using vanityName. But I am getting following error: {"serviceErrorCode":100,"message":"Not enough permissions to access: GET-


I am currently using a mailto: form to get and send data from a form. However the email contents isn't nice to read at all. For example a form with firstname, lastname and username inputs would result


How to give a number from 1 to 40 by default and store it in array (seatNumber) How to input a ID Number and store it in array (IDNumber)


Which RMarkdown theme/style is used to get the table-of-contents shown below? Here is the page.


I've made a typeahead that uses hostlistner to listen after focus and then activate focus on the input: <input #inputField type="text" class="form-control" [(ngModel)]="model" [ngbTypeahead]="


I am making a app for SharePoint and have a form with several inputs for text and for files as well. The input for files works fine for regular files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, images etc but

DyLD:不支持XCODE 10错误的

I've updated Xcode to version 10. After running, application crashing with message log "dyld: __dyld section not supported in /var/containers/Bundle/Application/AAAAAA-AAAA-AAA-9337-95F8907E0B50/MyApp.


ios simulator Hi there, i have been trying to fix this for 4 days and still no luck so any help would be appreciated. I am trying to create a table view where workers can upload their profiles and


I have a dashbord-template with a header, nav-bar, {content} and footer. This content calls an .xcdf file by clicking on an item in the nav-bar. The problem is that every time I click on a nav-bar


I am trying to create my own Sms application. Everything is working fine, but I encountered a small problem. How can I get data like number, etc. in my activity, aftere someone click right there.


I'm in the process of of upgrading an existing Xamarin app from PCL to .NET Standard 2.0. I have several sub-projects such as business, data, BDO etc. which were PCL, I've been able to update them to .

在QlineEdit PyQT中设置变量

I need to put a value of an element ( float) of a list into a QlineEdit of GUI i developed with Qt Designer. raw = self.model_lineEdit.text() print('raw : ', raw) ic,E = zip(*[


I have below type of text coming in. foo bar, hello world etc. I created an analyzer using Edge NGram tokenizer and using the analyze api it creates below token. { "tokens": [ { "token": "


I've created a function from a query that fetches the weather forecast from darksy.net API. Basically, I pass the latitude and longitude as a single parameter to the query and I get a weather forecat.


Suggest xpath or css locator to find column counts and headers


I have an existing xamarin forms project for which i need to write test script.I have refereed many solution from here as well as from other sites, but none of those were helpful for me.If anyone have


I get the following error when trying to make an online prediction on my ML Engine model. The key "values" is not correct. (See error on image.) enter image description here I already tested with RAW


I am trying to invoke a command using a Session created from Ubuntu to Windows I am using Ubuntu 16.04, I wrote a project using .NET Core, and installed the following nuget packages: System.


I have used the below method to enter credentials in an application. public LoginPage enterCredentials(String userName, String password){ actions.EnterText(userId, userName) .

403禁止后请求- PHP,Slim

I've build a small CMS and if I try to change the template of the index page, after sending the form using POST method I receive 403 Forbidden. I do not have access to the server and I cannot use


We are restoring data backup for Cassandra using OpsCenter. We are able to store most of the tables successfully but getting failed for few ones. Few tables having types as UDT like ones. What could

CSP PHP需要解决方案,请帮助我

I use script and jquery in my CSS file for making navigation responsive so if I upload this website to the Cpanel will be this site working?


Electron-builder version: 20.11.1 Electron-builder targets: win nsis When I run yarn dist it throws the error Unable to set icon . Googling around I have discovered it is caused by a bug in rcedit


I have a dataframe: singleDF read from an RDBMS table like below: val singleDF = spark.read.format("jdbc").option("url", connectionUrl) .option("

需要在单元测试用例中更改DB——Python Django

I am creating unit test cases now.. I create delete API.. Its working fine with Post Man. Its delete the the Record But Its do not delete Report when I run this in test case.. Its wrong something

Python库,用于向PDF DOC添加数字签名,并给出私钥文件(.PEM)和证书文件(.PEM)。

Is there any python library available by using that i can add digital signature to pdf(using certificate file and private key file).

Iam trying to build source code from VSTS and this required intgration with Bitbucket as source code is in Bitbucket and backend it used git. when i tried with below link Iam getting below exception


on using the FormArray at runtime not getting the correct values of FormArray controllers My Form structure is shown as below this.form = this.formBuilder.group({ trips: this.formBuilder.

MSG 102,级别15,状态1,程序SPGETGYZZITLLL,行36语法不正确

I am getting an incorrect syntax error on line 35/36 in the following query: CREATE PROCEDURE afm.SP_Get_ZINTLL AS Begin SELECT DISTINCT ls_id AS ZINTLSID_0 ,'ARC' AS ZINTSRCCODE_0 ,


I have a pandas dataframe in which one column of text strings contains new line separated values. I want to split each CSV field and create a new row per entry. My Data Frame is like: Col-1 Col-2


I trying to create a method call to a WSDL, but have some problems with the headers class SoapClientDebug extends SoapClient { public function __doRequest($request, $location, $action, $version, $


I use Flask-Admin and Flask-Security to implement admin panel for my Python application. Here are the models for User and for Role: class Role(db.Model, RoleMixin): id = db.Column(db.Integer(),


I need to disable setting status bar programmatically in android.User can't acess wifi ,gps and other shortcut through setting pull down menu.


I have several EC2 instances in my AWS amazon account. I have one specific EC2 instance that I want an outsourcer to use (stop,start, manage security group, resize disk space, etc). I tried to do it


I am trying to display a form using ReactDOM.createPortal(). It works fine for the first time. But if I close and try to open again - it does not show. No error messages - none. Note "main-win" and


Is there a way to fully integrate a ".xmp-file" into a PDFA-3b? I have already found the tool "exiftool" and can thus already change and add metadata. however, I need custom metadata in the PDF. That'


What are those yellow fields and how i disable editing them when doc is protected? It isnt Bookmarks/Fields/FieldForms from what i can tell, only finalizing document helps but its easily removed.


I have built an expo (React native) app and in development it is working great, even running perfectly on my android device. I built an APK and now when i run the apk on the same android device enter


Let's say that I have a very basic form like this: <form action="https://www.website.com/"> <select name="1option"> <option value="A">A</option> <