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I would need a median calculating method in Ruby, which works with nested arrays too, similarly as "uniq" and "sort_by": with those I can define by the block, which of the nested array values should

(Vanilla JS)用单击事件侦听器捕获数组元素的索引?

So I'm making a simple RPG game and I'm intentionally using Vanilla JS because I want to revisit/strengthen some fundamentals. I was able to access some data of a clicked element, but I specifically


I'm working currently on Redux.js. Loving reading the sources codes, I have immediately dived on the Redux source code. Reading the createStore code, I have fallen on the following code : export

如何用JavaScript ReGEXP捕获特定的组?

Given this sample text extracted from a PDF: Professional Learning - August 31 Labor Day - September 3 Intersession- October 19 Professional Learning - October 22 Thanksgiving Break - November 21-23


Since the gevent/grpc compatibility issue has been fixed, I was trying to use it. I tested it out with a sample script from gevent import monkey monkey.patch_all() import grpc._cython.cygrpc grpc.


1 .here is class for follow class Follow extends User { protected $pdo; function __construct($pdo){ $this->pdo = $pdo; } public function checkFollow($followerID, $user_id){ $stmt = $this-

Android WebVIEW结果不一致

Im working with a web application built on JavaScript and PHP. The application works as expected on desktop and iOS but Android results are inconsistent. I have an Android app that’s basically a

在特定分隔符之间从已损坏的XML /删除文本中删除字段

I have an xml file that has some encoding issues in one field per part, for a file that contains ~ 40,000 parts. I want to either delete that field entirely, or just delete the text contained in


I have a pandas df with two columns (gender, state) State gender New York M New Jersey F New York M New Jersey F New York M New Jersey F I need the count of M and F in each state. i.e. NY(


How should I make the following print statement take consistent number of space for each portion (epoch, time, loss, etc.). Currently, they are not consistent because sometimes some of the float

The following code is used to remove html tags from the string s = s.replaceAll("\\<[^>]*>",""); The following code also gives the same result: s = s.replaceAll("<[^>]*>","");


I have a PHP file that runs my scrapy spider from my linux terminal. It works absolutely fine when I run it in the command line. However when I try to access it from a PHP file ,it prints out simple


I want to use Flask app for getting request to send message Bale users. this code is work! BaleBot respond user message and Flask app respond request. but bot.send_message in def send_to_user not


Things I'd like to do with files stored locally in my OneDrive folder: Trigger OneDrive to "Free up Space" of a file or directory in OneDrive Trigger OneDrive to Download a file or directory for


Could anyone please advice how to plot both positive and negative effect of a group (node) on others connected in a network as attached image.

Ubuntu 18.04的MunGDB zip安装失败

I am trying to install MongoDB from Zip Folder Downloaded From MongoDB site (https://www.mongodb.com/download-center/enterprise/releases/development) I configured log path, data path correctly and


I know the title of the post is kind of vague. Sorry. What I am trying to do is get the total subscriber count of a Twitch user through Twitch's API using Java. When I try to open the connection to


I have the 1.11.57 tag in the upstream which i pushed with master branch code. I forked above repository and locally use the fork repository as my local master branch. But in my forked repository the


What is the difference between the following codes ? def bottom(): yield 42 def bottom(): return (yield 42)


I am trying a regex pattern from a page source, it works well in regex online editors, but when I try in notebook, I am not finding any match here is my regex working properly in online editors:


I am using a Repeater View control, while doing I am getting this exception. How should I resolve this.

为什么谷歌镜头应用程序不支持我的Android 0.0.0设备?[暂时搁置]

Description in my play store app (https://i.stack.imgur.com/0ivdB.png)


I want to toggle my select then show another input based on what I selected. Owned: <select ngModel="selectedValue"> <option value="true">Yes</option> <option value="false">


I am working on a simple example, if a user clicks on element then all the elements above it should have a class and all elements below it should not have any class applied to them. Here is my code:


I am now currently working on an iOS app that has a payment system using stirpe and firebase. However, i am so confused about what am I supposed to do. I want to save the card information in firebase.


I new to golang and I am reading the example from the book gopl There is an example of making thumbnails in parallel, as below func makeThumbnails6(filenames <-chan string) int64 { sizes :=

松弛节点SDK -对话框提交不到达我的端点

Hey thanks for your help in advance. Long story short, I'm using Slack SDK for Node and for some reason my dialog submissions aren't reaching my ngrok event or action catcher what-so-ever. I would


How can timeout be increased so that till response is processed, request does not timeout ? Tomcat settings in Spring Boot - server.tomcat.max-connections=2000 server.tomcat.max-threads=200 server.


I have a DjangoREST web app that has to queue long-running tasks from time to time. I am trying to figure out the best approach for partitioning responsibilities. At the moment, I have 3 docker "


I am using updateText for nText string manipulation. I am getting the following error in defining the cursor: Incorrect syntax near 'length'. (Line 4) Here is my code: DECLARE c CURSOR GLOBAL


Here's how my Elm app is currently structured: Types.elm: import Pages.Login.Types as Login import Pages.Dashboard.Types as Dashboard type Page = LoginPage | DashboardPage type Msg =


newbie here to android/java code fully expect downvotes. but hopefully some other dude will be able to easily find this and not have to ask what the problem is. Trying to get a button when clicked

Apache Spice与地图的发布

writing a simple join operation on spark and trying to retrieve the values of the map. why i'm getting a syntax issue? what is the correct syntax ? Spark 2.x joinrdd = webrdd.join(titlerdd) \ .map(


I generate L number of random vectors. I want to select the vector which have the larger minimum values compared to others, i.e., maximize the minimum (max-min). I may implement this as: sort


function decrypt ($key, $garble) { $combo = base64_decode($garble); $iv = substr($combo, 0, IV_SIZE); $crypt = substr($combo, IV_SIZE, strlen($combo)); $payload = mcrypt_decrypt(


I use following file to encounter the issue https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/java-docs-samples/blob/master/appengine-java8/appidentity/src/main/java/com/example/appengine/appidentity/

HtAccess -索引.PHP/i显示中断样式如何停止

I managed to get the back slash stop if the user types in the browser level that shows the web page without styles ex: home.php\ this stops showing a broken styles web page. RewriteBase / RewriteRule


I have a page on mysite.com that is using an iframe to pull in content from subdomain.mysite.com. I am using the iframe-resizer script (https://github.com/davidjbradshaw/iframe-resizer) to ensure that


Is there anyway that I could initialize my local variable once, for all unit tests, in the same class? If I used [TestInitialize()], the initialization happens once for each unit test. I thought of


I would like to use TensorFlow in Python to create a nn that can predict profiles in time based on a series of parameters. Examples of the profiles I'm trying to predict are in these images: Fig.1,


I have a use case where I need to provide a cache to a Client Factory which needs to implement the following interface ` public interface Cache{ void <T> putData(Long id, T obj); T getData(

在Ubuntu 18.04中安装Syder-VIM

When I try to install spyder-vim in ubuntu 18.04 like this page instructed spyder-vim: The command I use is: conda install spyder-vim -c spyder-ide however, it can't work, the error message is :


i have a syntax error,")"delete this tooken , and if u can give me the full working code guys i will be thankful view.setOnLongClickListener longclickListener = new View.OnLongClickListener() {


I have a geocoding text ap which just stopped working within the last two months. I updated api keys and if i enter the request in a browser results are returned. From the php script it just returns


I'm currently trying to export a jupyter notebook to a gist, however I've come across a couple of difficulties. HTML center tags (as below) display fine in the notebook, however on gist it just shows


I have two custom controls one derived from ContentPresenter and the other one is derived form a StackPanel, of which neither have font properties. I now find that I need to implement font properties


I am using Laravel and I am trying to store information in my database using AJAX but I am getting this error. dev.js:4 POST 419 (unknown status) I


I have a Json link in which there is a link of the article from the official website. What i'm trying to do : { In my app, there are a lot of articles, at the end there is a share button, when

ADS vs ADFS与LDAP:像我一样解释它

I don't work with Microsoft but I'm struggling understanding conceptually how AD, ADFS and LDAP work together. Let's say I have an application that needs an Identity Provider. How does AD and LDAP


I have a form made by contact form 7. After the form data successfully sent i need to submit another hidden form to external CRM. My code is below add_action( 'wpcf7_mail_sent', '