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On a Windows 10 machine, I'm trying to use emulators for Android development but run into the problem that the emulators do not show any characters: This happens for all emulator types. The one

I am using class based views for my Django viewflow project. However I am getting the below error - _wrapper() missing 2 required positional arguments: 'flow_class' and 'flow_task' Here are my

Im new to ReactJs and wanting to learn more about it. As of right now, im facing an issue where i want to groupBy using lodash and displaying it into the local:3000. When I run the js file, it gives

I have problem with implicit conversions in C++. I'm trying to create some Expression template for vector arithmetics (I know that same libraries already exists. I'm just learning C++ so I wanted to

Does anyone knows why text inputs elements switching their order position based on which one is being typed. It happens only in safari. So far I didn't noticed that in any other explorer. Here is a

I would like to take pictures with the camera of an android, in base64, and send them to a server and get the response in text format. The app is in Unity3D. I do not need to save the photo. This

I'm using a script to work a timer so I can track time on projects. This script currently doesn't start until I click start, which is perfect for starting to track a project but if I've started a

I am trying to build a relase version of a nativescript vue app. I have followed the following instrucitons: https://docs.nativescript.org/tooling/publishing/publishing-android-apps When I put the

I wrote one Golang script and compiled it to "exe". The code works all right if executed manually. But strange thing happens if it runs on boot, that exec.Command() takes no effect and yields no

I'm following a tuto from "Mastering kubernetes second edition". But when i'm trying this script: # -*- mode: ruby -*- # vi: set ft=ruby : hosts = { "n1" => "", "n2" => "192.

So, I am at a loss of words right. I am not sure why this is happening but no matter what conditionals I use they both seem to trigger: // When the auto event is requested socket.on('auto-

Hello i changed the div color with javascript using css. How can i save the changes for ever. Like if color was yellow. After even user gets offline and gets online again , the yellow color will shows

I have a JSON Schema object which I want to save in a .json file. var file = new File([jsonSchemaObject], "filename.json", { type: "text/json; charset=utf-8" }); I use the up-mentioned code to

I'm trying to write python app (for study project) using Electron (because I want to make my app look nice, so I am learning javascript, html and css too). I try to use python-shell to run python

The first window is created on stack in main.cpp FirstWindow firstWindow; firstWindow.show(); return a.exec(); When I simply try to do like this: firstWindow.close(); SecondWindow secondWindow;

I have a proc defined in a file that renders an array of config : strategy.rb : Proc.new do |klass| [ { klass: ::BlockUtils::RSpec, args: [ "model"], } ] end I

So as the title states, I am making a basic program to count the vowels of a string. Now I wanted to try using a boolean function because I felt like it, but whenever I enter the string with vowels,

I'm trying to fix a few issues on an nativescript-vue app. The app was developed on the nativescript-vue version 1.3.1. After arranging the environment i found out that the actual nativescript-vue

I could use your help. First, I am a novice. The App built, during my training WILL run on my device. And, when I begin a new project, I tried running it on my device, from the very start, at EACH

I have a video file split into several parts: part1.ts part2.ts part3.ts I made a playlist "Playlist 1.m3u8": #EXTM3U part1.ts part2.ts part3.ts When I open the playlist with the VLC Player, it

This is such a common error but in this case I have no idea how to fix this. I have a unit test written and have created a new test method. After adding this new test method, I am able to build the

I have seen few of the existing framework which allow users to run its CLI to automate the tasks to generate or create templates. For example: If you are using vue: you have the vue-cli use vue init,

enter image description herepublic class TestMartpublisher { public static void main(String[] args) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub Endpoint.publish("http://localhost:58065/prod", new

I create website with PHP. I want show random posts in related posts section after full post show. Is there any PHP function which generate numbers which can be use for post id's?

Firstly an overview of what i am trying to achieve: I am trying to use a sensor (in this case, xbox one kinect) to determine how full, or empty, a waste bin is. I am trying to figure out how i can

I am using following directive for active class,but this doesn't get appplied to specific id on page .directive('activeLink', ['$location', function (location) { return { restrict: 'A',

I have a working code that uses this great library - react-beautiful-dnd. Everything was fine until I implemented the backend communication. It's goal is not only to store the change but also to

I am trying to create a react package using typescript to be used as a plugin for another package. I am using webpack to generate the distribution files. In my webpack configuration, I use "externals"

Dears, I have a selfhosted Nextcloud server on ubuntu Virtualbox, i would like to access it everywhere but i cant due to CGNAT applied by my ISP. Best solution is to get a fixed ip but this solution

I have some troubles with migrating my database in django Traceback (most recent call last): File "manage.py", line 15, in <module> execute_from_command_line(sys.argv) File "E:\Env\

I'm currently building an app with React, React Router and Firebase. I've encountered a problem while I was trying to simplify my code. This code consists in redirecting the user whenever the

HI Friends I Have This Error Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/firebase/iid/zzf; Tried To Fix Many Times But No Way Project Build Gradle Iam Looking In So Many Problem Posted Here In

I read about the measure Normalized discounted cumulative gain for search result but I couldn't really understand it. For K=10, if I have one Algorithm that yields NDCG@K = 10 and other Algorithm

I am undergraduate and I really love coding especially C++ so much. However, I do not know how to improve my coding ability further. I know the book--introduction to algorithms is a really good start,

I have a two Series which are like the following: Series 1 has str list whereas Series 2 numpy array with Boolean expressions in it. But I have like 50,000 rows in them and I want to see values based

I really have a hard time trying to translate 1.5k responses to an open ended question from french to english. I want to use the R-Package "translateR" with the Microsoft-API. Microsoft because I got

I'm following this tutorial on microsoft.com. It was all working fine till I reached to this page. I've copied the exact code for both Model and connection string but I'm getting the error of Resource

I've a Version (interface, abstract class) and a few implementations of it. Now I'd like to test all the implementations in a single test suit. I suppose that I need to implement a custom class

this might be a bug, i tried to used the new regexp_substr in virtual column definition but got unexpected results, the column value is 0, instead of the expected value CREATE TABLE `test_table` (

I have text file with this example content: 12/13/18, 14:06 - her:IMG-20181213-WA0005.jpg (file attached)12/13/18, 14:06 - her:PTT-20181213-WA0006.opus (file attached)12/13/18, 14:07 - kristal: its

I have do do an exercise for high school and I need help with my algorithm. This is the exercise: In a certain region all places are the one by road. But one-way traffic for all roads; if you are

I recommend following what I have on my codepen to get the full picture: https://codepen.io/shawnkauffman/pen/LMppMV I need to take a user's input about their loan (loan amount, interest rate, length

I have a basic Xamarin.Forms Mac application setup. I hooked up the menu with Storyboard segues to methods in my AppDelegate. How do I open a window within such a method programmatically like this:

Say if I have the document: { accounts: [1, 2] } I should not be able to add { accounts: [2, 1] } but I should be able to add { accounts: [1, 3] } is there some way to create a unique index

I need to set i depending on a condition: let i = null nightmode === true ? i = 1 : i = 0 Is it possible to declare i within the ternary expression, or does it have to be in outside of it (to handle

I'm trying to download files from my server through android using xamarin and I have no error but I don't find any file where it is supposed to be. I'm using that code: System.Net.WebClient

I have this DF: df = pd.DataFrame(data=[[-2.000000, -1.958010, 0.2], [-1.958010, -1.916030, 0.4], [-1.916030, -1.874040, 0.3], [-1.874040,

I'm using Graphics2D.drawRoundRect() to set buttons' borders in order to make them rounded But when I'm changing buttons' background colour, it's fills not only inside area pic of problem

We have two large PostgreSQL 9.4 databases - one used in production, other in testing. Changes made to the production database need to be replicated to the testing database, so that: We should allow

My app has to read some byte stream via USB bulk transfer. Currently I'm reading and writing it in a DataOutputStream as show below (when this method is called, DOS is created and ReceiveLogsThread