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I'm trying to compare the effect of instruction to different groups at different testing times. I have the following variables: Independent Variables (Learner_Type: 3 conditions-LING, NOEX, TRAD;

I have 2 tables, which have the same columns as primary key. Eventhough the tables have same columns as primary key, based on the significance of information the data is normalised across 2 tables. I

enter code hereE/AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: main Process: jdp.term5.babysittr, PID: 12904 java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{jdp.term5.babysittr/jdp.term5.

I have always used R, so I am quite new to Matlab and running into some troubleshooting issues. I am running some code for a tensor factorization method (available here: https://github.com/caobokai/

Why this line of code does not work in php like as in JS: $id = []; $id = null || []; if (count($id)) { echo 'd'; } Why $id still is null instead empty array []? Therefore count() gives an error.

I'm working on modifying this Flutter app example on Flutter Challenge - Hidden Drawer Menu. Since the main UI layout for the AppBar and body are located in the zoom_scaffold, I'm attempting to add a

I am trying to implement the Classifier training of inception resnet v1 highlighted here. !python src/train_softmax.py \ --logs_base_dir /content/face_data/logs/facenet/ \ --models_base_dir /content/

Good evening, I am currently trying to create a navigation bar where I have an medium sized image ontop of the li tag with text underneath (similar to css-tricks). I have tried background-image and

Can anyone help figure out why my app is persisting that FileOpener plugin is not installed when it actually is? Everytime I try to open a PDF/Image/Docx/XlSX or any other file type I get a

In 2012, I consumed 254 eggs of two types A, and B. Every day I recorded how many eggs broke or cracked. Out of 54 eggs from type A 4 broke and 8 cracked and out of 200 eggs of type B 15 broke an 28

I am trying to grasp the airflow model to orchestrate my ETL spark jobs. I would like to declaratively build the execution graph for my jobs. So basically I have the following: spark job "ds1"

Define a procedure find_last that accepts two strings and returns the last position where the target string occurs

I've been thinking about using Angular Dart, right now I'm using Angular and TypeScript and it's a really good framework, but I tried Flutter and I absolutely loved it, it was perfect, the widgets,

I'm fairly new to nginx, and am just trying to set up a simple static content example on my raspberry pi 3A+ but I can't get it to serve svg files. In the example below, the png image shows fine, but

I have entity framework (database first) created, but the program makes new tables when i import new data. I use Devexes GridControl to show datas, but i can't change the shown table under runtime.

i'm working on a project thas has 2 apps ( client and server side) . i was almost done with client side, my problem happen when i was working on the server side, i have receive an update from android

i am trying to create a VM from ISO using the below pluggin https://github.com/jetbrains-infra/packer-builder-vsphere/releases i have full administrator permissions on the entire Vcenter and the

Does the debug keystore provided in an installation of Android SDK contain the same signing certificate as other installations of the SDK? Meaning, if I generated certificate fingerprints from the

I exported conda environment on OSX computer with conda list --explicit > spec-file.txt. Then, after several days I tried importing the environment with conda create --name myenv --file spec-file.

I'm new to programming Pic-microcontroller. I'm trying to program the pic to communicate to an HC-05 Bluetooth device using MPLAB. The original code I program it using Arduino board and it works but

Can anyone see something wrong in this PHP code? if (!isset($_SESSION['loggedin']) { -something- } I just want to check if the session "loggedin" is not defined but Visual S. show me an error. Or

I installed evdev on my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with pip install evdev. The installation went normally and I ran python /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/evdev/evtest.py to see if it was working.

In Guile's REPL the prompt is scheme@(guile-user)>, but I want it to show my-name@hostname(current-working-directory)>. Is there a way to do this?

I am trying to identify the second table using HTMLAgilityPack <center> <table> <tr> <td>0-A</td> <td>&nbsp|&nbsp;</td> <td>B</td> <

I need to have the following workflow: Third-party company registers new admin user for Office365 (I can't control this process). Then pass credentials of this user to us and we configuring it (add

I have data as follows: In [16]: game_df.head(9) Out[16]: team_id game_id game_date w l wins losses winning% 0 1 1 11/16/18 1 0 20 10 0.666667 1 1

I recently started learning verilog for my first project on CPLS/ FPGA's: trying to replace an old Top Octave Generator (TOG) chip from organs/ string maschines that is not produced any more. An

My layout uses div class="block-s3 light" or div class="block-s3 dark" I would also like to add a variable to slant the bottom line of the block. Something like div class="block-s3 slant-left

So uhh I accidentally put in the code for pi 1 not 3 and froze it and lots of settings are corrupted and I can’t get overscan to work right now.. Context: Default settings Raspberry Pi /etc/network/

I have to write a function that accepts a string as a parameter and return a boolean value (True or False) that indicates whether that string represents a valid basic expression. I have to assume

I am looking to improve my query performance / or a more efficient query design to get the min, max and count per group in a mysql table. My required output is: +---------+----------+----------+-----

i'm trying to do a simple scraping to a local file. The local file is not being created. Even if I create it manually, it won't get updated (append) though the system doesn't throw any error

I am trying to create a simple registration page for my android app. I am passing parameters with URL String and Storing those parameters in Database. Whenever i try to use string directly in browser

hope someone can help i have followed a very simple tutorial o how to make an encryption/decryption tool the encryption works perfectly but the decryption doesn't work. please help. thank you in

I have been struggling with this for a day or so now, I am pretty new to java script and building my first gui for my final project in order to achieve my qualification. I am trying to build a music

I'm trying to setup a firewall container that only allows egress traffic through a specific IP address using iptables. I have a second container (openvpn) that sets up OpenVPN with that IP. The

I am trying to create a basic custom blog with a simple cms. I am accessing my blog poSts from a mysql database and importing them all in to display on the front page of my site (this is working).

I can't understand why if I execute this code, it print true $a = $myobject[0]->myproperty; echo isset($a) ? "true" : "false"; But with this one the result is false: echo isset($myobject[0]->

I'm trying to display every prediction from an image upload. Currently, it only displays the one prediction. If I set score_threshhold to 0, it just displays the least likely prediction rather than

I've read all the similar topics but i can't find the issue. I write a python game and i want my player moving by directional arrows and rotate by mouse. When i write the code about rotation, i

So I'm looking to figure out the daily rate for active subscriptions. For each day of the month, identify which users were active that day Then multiply the number of active users for the day by the

2019-02-24 01:03:22.135 ERROR 5656 --- [ main] com.netflix.discovery.DiscoveryClient : DiscoveryClient_UNKNOWN/<>- was unable to refresh its cache! status = Cannot execute request on

I have a text in my activity that when it changes the application checks if that text has been marked favorite by the user. There's a heart icon on the action bar, that it the text was previously set

I made a website that was done using JQuery but I am now trying to learn react but not sure how I would use axios to connect with my backend API. Does anyone know the equivalent of this to axios.

Have a Pandas dataframe like that: We have timestamps (time column) and 4 different parts of machines in type column: part_1, part_2, part_3, part_4 and the column of activation which only have value

I'm using the profiler to view a network request but it shows me strange characters, Note that the same response is working fine in postman and even I have no problem viewing in the android app or in

What is the shortest way to subset a dataframe with multiple columns and find the number of rows that matches a query. Is there an easier way to re-write the following piece of code. The goal is to

I am having some trouble drawing images with gtk2. I have tried this code: #include <gtk/gtk.h> static gboolean button_press_callback (GtkWidget *event_box, GdkEventButton *event, gpointer

So i am developing a program to simulate a collection system and the main system takes in items but there are different types of items such as those that require an id check etc I am using a

error image Whenever I try to request a post method with some JSON parameter. I got this CORS issue. I am using Laravel 5 for API. It works fine with GET method.