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I'm making an InspIRCd module, and I need some way to attach data to channel messages before sending them off to other servers on the network. I can't seem to find any existing modules that do this,

I do not have any code for this yet as I'm trying to figure out how and where to start. Does anyone here know of a working solution? If so, please point me in the right direction. Is there a plugin

The GraphiQL version I have this query to fetch a gatsby-image: query getImages($fileName: String) { landscape: file(relativePath: {eq: $fileName}) { childImageSharp { fluid(maxWidth:

I have a base ViewModel extended by other ViewModels: abstract class BaseViewModel : ViewModel() { protected val _state = MutableLiveData<Boolean>() protected val state = _state ..

Wanted to convert my dictionary into a list inside of a django rest framework view using the list() built-in, but it raises AttributeError: 'dict_keys' object has no attribute 'META'. Same if I try .

I've been stuck on this for some time and I don't seem to be able to figure out what the issue is. I am making a very simple, basic sign in page for my project, however I can't seem to get my 'else'

I have a circle and a random point I set on it. This random point is currently really random but I want it to be on the center of a division on the grid in the background. I made a snippet with the

so i'm building a java swing GUI application with JInternalFrame Form, the JInternalFrame Form have a JTable inside it which automatically populated with data from MySQL database when it's opened, I

I'm trying to create an application using Python for find out the employees who have been involved highly(likes, comments and shares official posts) in my company's official fb page. I created an

I managed to get a simple image slider exactly how I wanted it, styling it with css grids that I'm learning too. I didn't manage to do 2 things I'd like to achieve: Use arrow keys of the keyboard to

I have a question on how do make a custom css checkbox in a contact form work. After some research I went with the suggested approach to use a ::before and ::after pseudo class on my label-element.

I'm not sure what is wrong in below code. Can someone please guide. from datetime import datetime time = 'Sun Nov 09 19:00:00 EST 2031' dt = datetime.strptime(time,'%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Z %Y') print dt

I've made a LoginViewSet which returns the token if authentication goes fine but I want to return the token at Registration time also: class TodoUserViewSet(ModelViewSet): http_method_names = ['

I'm new to node.js and npm. Many tutorials recommend to install the packages globally (i.e. with the -g switch). For instance, the official react native tutorial uses npm install -g expo-cli However,

I'm little confused in understanding following question exercise of chapter 5 from the Book TCP/IP Sockets in Java Practical Guide for Programmers "The TCP protocol is designed so that

Here is the SQL-query: select user.*, count(call_out_end.id) as calls from user left join call_out_end on call_out_end.employer_id = user.id where user.id = 949 and call_out_end.callstart >= '2018-

So, after searching a lot for a way to access JSON in C#, I found this way where I first store JSONdata in a variable, then loading that JSON into its Classmodel. The problem is that I have no single

I'd like to use my udf in other sessions or in a view so is there any way to register permanent Spark UDF written in Python or scala?

I'm a super beginner with Go and trying to teach myself through playing, so I apologies if I'm not being fantastically coherent. I'm trying to use two files. On file 1, I want to create an instance of

I have ASUS laptop, that comes with subwoofer that connects over jack (2.5mm). Every thing OK on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (with hdajackretask). On Windows, I have installed all vendor drivers, but it does't

I wrote a script, that shows how many days certain food items are opened. It is displayed on an lcd via tkinter. However, when i add a new item, no 7th row is added. One item is overwritten. Where

i 'd like to run T-spline from Git-hub, but this error occurs every time i'm trying to buid the project. I put code and everything else in C:\Program Files (x86). I use pybind/pybind11, laumaya/

I created two IdentityDbContext, one is AdminIdentityDbContext:IdentityDbContext, and another is StudentIdentityDbContext:IdentityDbContext. And I created two controllers, one is: public class

Is possible to use cluster (with master and nodes to pods), but how can I use the services in nodes too? to expose the node to internet and not the master.

I am looking for a way to lock the phone for a certain amount of time. By entering the desired time and pressing a confirm button i want it to lock the phone. It is similair to entering a wrong

I push a element to an array so loop them. How I do a following. I want to click a circle area and then alert something. I found the answer be the rectangle so how the circle do? <script>

I'm trying to get rid of some warnings in my code and can't seem to migrate away from PromiseKit's wrap. Specifically, in 6.0 the release details say I shouldn't use it and should use init(resolver:)

I have problem accessing my mysql db from pipenv (2.7) envirnonment. Outside the environment I am able to execute conn = pymysql.connect(host="localhost", unix_socket="/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock",

I use php-fpm with geo_module for MaxMind GeoIP paid DB. I put a cron script, which downloads a fresh MaxMind GeoIP paid DB every week and replaces the old GeoIP.dat file with the new one. Do I have

I am using PHP, I have a batch program that will process 1000s of records each run.. my boss has a single shot api (i.e. not a batch api) that I would have to call for each of the records processed.

Need to refresh token if status call is 401. I implemented OkHttpAuthenticator and flow looks like: Call for getSomething - 401 (asynchronous call) Authenticator is activated - token is refreshed (

Suppose we have a sparse matrix represented as a Python dictionary, where keys are tuples of (x, y) coordinates and values are "intensity", what would be the best approach to visualize it using

Although I have installed the SSIS Azure Feature Pack 2017 x64 successfully, I don't see the corresponding tasks in Visual Studio's (version is 2017). I do not see the Hadoop tasks too. How can I

Am trying to make a sidebar by using ng-bootrap and i am using collapse ng-bootrap collaspe by collapse i trying to trigger two collapse alternatively example :- 1) if home button is clicked

I have a RESTful web-service with a lot of different resources (endpoints) all of which work perfectly fine when invoked from Postman. However, only some of them work from the browser, while the rest

I have a LINQ request that get data about the users that are present in the Appointments table var patients = _context.Users.Where(x => x.Appointments.Any(a => a.DoctorId == doctorId)) Now I

I'm trying to make an InspIRCd module, and I need some way to store per-server channel data. After looking through the whole wiki and 20 or so modules, I still can't figure out how to do this. I'm

I'm trying to get a user from the usermanger after External Login, using .Net-Core and IdentityServer4 public async Task<IActionResult> ExternalLoginCallback(string returnUrl = null, string

I have a multiindex dataframe like this: Distance Company Driver Document_id Salt Fred 1 592.0 2 550.0

Hi i have a parent report , inside if i have one subreport (subreport1 rdlc) First option: i have a different datasource to be populate in same subreport n no of times.How to do that? i can call same

I was studying when I found a statement about Exported names from https://tour.golang.org/basics/3: In Go, a name is exported if it begins with a capital letter. For example, Pizza is an exported

I wrote a simple UWP app using the ML.NET framework, and it worked on one of my machines without installing any Nuget packages, without any additional setup etc. However, on my other machine, after

I want to click on the tooltipText, such as a link or add html, but the tooltipText always follows the mouse movement (above). I can't click,how to make it stop? Thanks <script type="text/

So, I have a movie table (movie), a category table (cat), and their relation table (movie_cat). The "movie" table has values id label 1 Ironman The "cat" table has values id label

My Title maybe does not make to much sense which is why I have been having a hard time searching for the answer. How do I make www.mysite.com/me/me.html OR www.mysite.com/me.html open just by putting

I'm working on UI testing code for iOS app recently, my UI testing code is using swift, but the project itself has some objective-c code, and I create a singleton object for launch arguments settings,

I wrote a Vue (2) plugin and am about to publish it to NPM. The question is should the plugin's package.json contain "dependencies": { "vue": "^2.5.21" } I'm pretty sure it should because it's

I am extracting lines of text in Java and then identifying certain values within the text. I need to create two getters to obtain them (as seen in Example 1 and 2). How to extract string between

I am requiring two modules to my file: (require sicp) ; contains set-car! and set-cdr! (require (planet dyoo/sicp-concurrency:1:2/sicp-concurrency)) ; contains procedures parallel-execute and test-

I'm looking for a smart way to add white space after special character in a long string. let str = "this\is\an\example\for\a\long\string"; str = str.split("\\").join("\\ "); This would produce: "