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谷歌数据工作室MySQL DATEY格式

We've a connection to a mysql data source for Google Data Studio, but in some cases the date fields are being queried with a DATE_FORMAT and in some cases not. Because of the large data set involved,


I'm working on a Java 9 (10) / maven based project, that realizes a modular architecture, where one core module loads many modules with specific functionality at runtime. Some more details: Core

有人能帮我写一个查询,这样我就可以在SQL Server中获得每月和每年的数据库占用的空间吗?

Can anyone help me to write a query so that I can get How much space occupied by a database per month and year wise in sqlserver. I have tried : SELECT sys.databases.name,CONVERT(VARCHAR,SUM(


How do you highlight a row in a DataGridView without filtering the rest of the data from the view? I can filter a DataGridView on a windows form based on text in a textbox and it only shows me data


Suppose i have a Info.plist which is default plist. I have an another Document.plist. I want to use some preprocessor value for Document.plist. How can i use it?.


Currently I get my coverpage content like : if (document.getBodyElements().get(0) instanceof XWPFSDT) { XWPFSDT coverpageObj = (XWPFSDT) document.getBodyElements().get(0); With this I


I would like to view the colors in my pcd file: # .PCD v0.7 - Point Cloud Data file format VERSION 0.7 FIELDS x y z rgba SIZE 4 4 4 4 TYPE F F F U COUNT 1 1 1 1 WIDTH 1 HEIGHT 100000 VIEWPOINT 0 0 0


While going through A Tour of the Dart Language I see this example in the Constructors section: class Point { num x, y; Point(num x, num y) { // There's a better way to do this, stay tuned.


I had a fallback, clickable image working when no ads were being delivered by Adsense on my website pages. However, today I have just discovered that in such cases Chrome is now automatically


Is it possible to change text of TextView with a method that returns String? For training purposes i created this ViewModel class, it puts User object into List<User> mUserList and i wonder if


This is the code : ggplot(percent, aes(x = user_id , y = percentage, label = final_rank)) + geom_text(check_overlap = TRUE, nudge_y = 5,nudge_x = 1,size = 5, color = "blue") + geom_point(color = "


I have two web project hosted on same server that is One site User & Admin Projects.I want to dynamically change the values of App Setting (Key of app setting) I know how to change the value web.


I have recently built a predictive model(Logistic Regression) on this dataset from kaggle (Shape : 1646801, 150) . However, I get very unusual accuracy of 99.9% after simple preprocessing. Data: https:


Decimal numbers can not be exactly converted to a floating point number format actually. As many of you know, because there are not big enough exponent and mantissa digits in 32 bits. IEEE 754

FunBug错误:Kotlin:不支持的插件选项:org .jtByth.KOTLIN。Android:启用=真

android studio Plugin findbugs enter image description here enter image description here

如何列出Drupal 8的所有块内容

How can i list all custom block contents in block layout page without click on place block in drupal 8.Please let me know if any module is available.


I fitted a logistic model using statsmodel as below: import statsmodels.api as sm logit = sm.Logit(train1['resp'], train1[v]) result = logit.fit() result.summary() ==================================


How can I download a file from db and not from a certain path? I'm uploading a file this way: [HttpPost, ActionName("CandidateCreate")] [ValidateAntiForgeryToken] public IActionResult


I am trying to setup a virtual address mapping with 2 levels of indirection for a Cortex-A v8 64bit in Baremetal. Page Table level 2 will contain Table descriptors and page Table level 3 will contains


I have converted a shapefile to a GEOjson file using d3-geo-projection and am loading the file into the browser. Also to check for errors I have uploaded the file to http://mapshaper.org/. It loads

如何在矩阵中删除第一个n个列/ 0个值?

Referring to this previous question: Remove all-zero rows in a 2D matrix import numpy as np data = np.array([[4, 1, 1, 2, 0, 4], [3, 4, 3, 1, 4, 4], [1, 4, 3, 1, 0,

IIS 8.5禁用虚拟应用重写规则

I have a site with multiple 'virtual applications' running on IIS 8.5. I want to run my main site e.x. www.example.com on HTTPs. The virtial applications should work ONLY on HTTP. e.x. www.example.com/


I'd like to format my Java methods this way: public void methodWithOneParameter(final String one) { } public void methodWithMultipleParameters( final String one, final String two) {


I have tried to integrate HTTP post request. I need to change the default value of the global variable into the response for the post request. getPermissions(permissions: PermissionParam):


I'm try (must) use getOne for get data form DB, and when entity not found, I can not check with obj == null. I want to check if entity found or not, can you help me in this case ? Thanks all!


I have nav tabs <super-tab *ngFor="let page of pages" [root]="page.pageName" [icon]="page.icon" [id]="page.id"></super-tab> .ts pages = [ { pageName: 'Cassava1Page', title:


I created a trivia app using react-native and the navigation relies heavily on react-navigation. I want to introduce to the player the option of continuing from where he left. ie: when reopening the


I am using windows authencation and asp.net impersation is enabled. I have deployed my application on server "ABC" everything works fine except file save.Files need to be saved on server: "XYZ".I am


Please help. When i convert my browser into french language from control panel->region, Its work for me but when i check in user browser who have french browser its not working for him. If user

ASP.NET MVC:大型PDF下载失败,但大ZIP下载成功

I have a code written to download large (around 160 MB) PDF file. I can download large PDF file in local environment without any issue but same failing in production environment. Also application has


I have two protocols: Pen and InstrumentForProfessional. I'd like to make any Pen to be an InstrumentForProfessional: protocol Pen { var title: String {get} var color: UIColor {get} } protocol


How to configure email notification for different network issues in Centreon(Trial-version)server?


I am trying to create a custom domain type to force constraints for multiple tables. Constraints work fine, but I would also like to add custom cast that will apply lowercase before actual cast and


I would like to validate a string format that should only contain only numbers with also following conditions both satisfied: If it is a integer number, the maximum number of digits is 5. For example,


I created a dropdown field in the checkout of woocommerce and gave every one a named key. my question is how to save the named key and show them in my backend. Till now i can't show the named key. $


I get an error (ORA-04091: table DBPROJEKT_AKTIENDEPOT.AKTIE is mutating, trigger/function may not see it) when executing my trigger: CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER Aktien_Bilanz_Berechnung AFTER INSERT


I build a server listen port. I use tensorflow estimator API build a neural network for predict. But each request will be reload checkpoint file on disk. I think it waste the time. Can i load


There are many crashes reported for WebKitLegacy on Crashlytics and I have been using webview in my application. There is no way to figure out why these crashes occur. I have set the delegate and


I'm getting error about Undefined Index on line 2 in this case: if ($_POST['go'] == 'create') { I know I can fix it with isset, but I don't know how to do it inside another if statement. Thank you

XAMARIN Android警告XA0106,无法删除这样的数百条警告

My target mono android version is 8.0 and i am building my app at API level 26 while building droid i am getting about 500 warnings related to nuget packages in Android and IOS is OK. something


I want to add custom input field where user will enter details of bank as required and on click of button all data have to save and display at woocommerce_created_customer detail page from where


I have problems wrapping my head around how to achieve the following Problem with Reactive programming: I want to call a Method getSearchResults(searchterm: string): Observable<Foo[]>. In this

Android Studio LogCAT不显示控制台。日志消息

I am very new to android studio. I have the source code of an android mobile app that is developed using Angular. I am trying to put some debug messages to understand the code by putting console.log


So I have two working .vbs scripts do two different things, one removes the read-only attribute in a file, and the other removes all files with ".v" extension. Both work when a folder is dropped on to


I'm trying to use consumerGroup instead of HighLevelConsumer in a typescript project, but I'm not able to configure consumerOptions for consumerGroup. I am getting the following error when I assign


I m currently working with d3.js. I want to differentiate the lines by giving different color in the chart. But i dont know how to do it even though i added color values for lines in their respective


I want to do AES256 Encryption in .net core 1.1. RijndaelManaged is not supporting with the .net core 1.1. So Im using here AES aes = new AES.create() This part of code create the random private key

IBM Watson基调分析仪

Trying to work the sample code to work. I am using Java 7. I get an error on this line service.setUsernameAndPassword("<username>", "<password>"); The notification is asking me to


I'm trying to remove .navbar-brand>img when the screen size has increased more than 768px using media queries but i'm not getting any luck. The styling that I have applied to the img is removed


i'm tring to do a login with spring security,but it not work, because it return to me this link: http://localhost:8080/login?error and report me on the main page: this is the code: An index in the