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Python Tkinter从浮点读取数据并显示

first of all I'm new to Python and coding overall. I wanna ask, I'm using IDLE and Tkinter together. I'm making a simple calculator. def getInput(): i1 = Input1_Box.get() i2 = Input2_Box.get()


On our production server, periodically we suffer from many CSRF token failures. The site does work fine for the rest, and I am aware CSRF failures may be user-side errors. However, for example this


I have created two tables with bootstrap 4.0: <link href="https://stackpath.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/4.1.1/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet" /> <div class="container-fluid">


I am tracing the asus-laptop driver from 4.17.1 because my keyboard backlight control keys not working. And, I found the driver cannot be loaded, it always reported "No such device". Then I found it'


so when i click my share button, there was no error or my app didn't crash, but there is a pop up message that says this: file//storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.project.sandyapp/cache/sampe.png


I want to use VUEjs with amber together. is this possible? Can I integrate the vue webpack to my amber application and use vue in my amber app?


This is the piece of code. The finalize() method should invoke after the System.gc() command but its not. Any suggestions? class test123{ test123(){ System.out.println("Inside the


I have one question that related system, I have already administrated. the past I so this message how to fix it, so anybody now help me. error inserting : INSERT INTO SCHOOL_ADMIN_ENTITY (


I have issue in datepicker i added a toolbar with done and cancel buttons and everything was right suddenly the done and cancel text is hidden "the buttons exist and is clickable but with no


I'm relatively new to the whole tkinter/python thing and I've just created the following Calculator: import tkinter as tk class theCalculator: def __init__(self, master): master.wm_title("


I have a dropdown in a dynamic form but I cannot see the options of it, I have this in my dynamic-field component: <div *ngSwitchCase="'dropdown'" class="form-group"> <label [htmlFor]="


I have a background image in my React Native application I want to add the ability to zoom in and pan to. I'd like to be able to set a min and max zoom and ideally some other properties as well.


I've got array of fruits: const fruits = [ { name: 'apple', count: 2 }, { name: 'apple', count: 4 }, { name: 'banana', count: 5 }, { name: 'apple', count: 3 }, { name: 'apple', count: 4 },


I need to add a time stored in strong (format: hh:mm) to a date timestamp which before have no hours information (e.g. 2018-06-12 00:00:00). How to do it? I would like to do this: $startTime = "11:


When I'm trying to add a new subView into my window let appWindowView = NSView(frame: CGRect(x: 640, y: 0, width: 960.0, height: 40.0)) appWindowView.layer?.backgroundColor = NSColor.cyan.cgColor


My Shiny R project which worked perfect(without any error) before one month ago its not working correctly at all.I didnt change any of my code still it is giving me a many errors. can anyone help me ??


using lightslider in pretty much standard config I ran into the problem that I can only display captions INSIDE the imageslider and NOT below. How can I achieve such behaviour? <ul class="


I'm a bit simple it seems as I'm not quite able to see clearly the cause of this error on the line marked error below. std::sort and boost::sort picks up the default predicate, but ranges-v3 doesn't

Excel Mac:用100个工作表将100个工作簿合并成一个工作簿

I'm searching for an automated way to merge 100 workbooks (that have only one worksheet each) into one single workbook with 100 worksheets. I have Excel for Mac Ver 15.30.


As per this answer, it is not a security risk to publicly expose your firestore api key, however, as later answers to that question pointed out, people can make excessive requests with it and drain


This is stupid question but I need the answer to continue. First time I use Terminal, and I need to save changes, file Ex.for Apache2: GNU nano 2.9.3 /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dir.

R BooDeWin、FoTaWeSeMe5、渲染失败但文件编织在RStudio很好

Experiencing an odd issue using MacTeX 2018, current versions of all packages, R and RStudio ditto I can knit a file containing fontawesome5 icons just fine in RStudio, however, render() is

解析未在请求标题中设置的LaaLeVE 5.5 cookie,导致登录时页面不活动

I am running Laravel 5.5 application in local development machine and in windows server 2012 production and there is no problem. However, when i deployed my application to Centos 6 Linux, the


For the below code snippet , I am not getting how can we assign a value to names[1][2] since it returns the address of the 2nd column in Row 1 ,so how can we assign names[2][1] which returns address


When i run the file2.py i got an error in 7th line as cl2 instance has no attribute 'a and b'. file1.py class cl1: def f1(self): a = int(raw_input()) def f2(self): b = int(


I am trying to query data from two tables and keep getting a "Column ambiguously defined" error. My query looks like this: SELECT deptno AS "Dept No", dname AS "Dept Name", sum(sal) AS "Sal Cost"


Hello, (I am a beginner) I have a sliding layout with 3 screens, as such: My sliding layout and want to place button1 on screen_1 that will play ritm1 when clicked, and button2 on screen_2 that


I have two scenarios where I want to know which is the caller method of some method I´m executing. These are the scenarios: 1) public static void ExecuteMethod(object obj) { var mth = new


I have the Square Connect C# SDK nuget package that needs: RestSharp 105.1.0 or newer. I have RestSharp and this in my web.config <dependentAssembly> <assemblyIdentity name="

如何编写BLUZ 5.48的特性

I am using Bluez 5.50; 5.48 was the version acquire-write became officially (non-experimentally) supported. Am I using the acquire-write / write feature properly? On my Raspberry Pi Zero W: pi@


I'm trying to output some data to the elasticsearch bulk import format. This requires two lines of JL, like so: {"index": {"_type": "media", "_id": "https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/75247", "_index":


I have the following directive as, import { Directive, Input, OnInit } from '@angular/core'; import {GoogleMapsAPIWrapper} from '@agm/core'; declare let google: any; @Directive({ // tslint:disable-


I just start to write my own checker, and I do not know much about clang static analyzer. I want to report warning if calling open() after access(). My code is as below: enter image description here


As you will surely notice, i'm quite new to EJB and Wildfly, but i'm trying my best to understand, doing some experiments. The problem is, i want to run a simple EJB (a stateful counter), deployed in


For this code, what does the (int)array1 mean? I'm familiar with primitives using int i =0 etc but the use of primitives inside () confuses me. char[] array1 = s.toCharArray(); char[] array2


I copied this block from cppreference template<class T> struct Alloc { }; template<class T> using Vec = vector<T, Alloc<T>>; // type-id is vector<T, Alloc<T>> Vec&


I am currently using ImportJSON to import Sendgrid Email with data Keenio Extraction Query API URL by calling the ImportJSON function in a Google Spreadsheet cell of Sheet DATA. =ImportJSON("https:


Yesterday I configured the relevant file to debug the Homestead-based laravel code,it can debug normally at that time through jonagoldman's answer on this site .But since I installed xdebug under


Hi stackoverflow community! Im expecting different ouputs depending on the class of object to be printed but thats not the case. Ive got the base class Medium: #include "Medium.h" #include <


These are my current security rules: service cloud.firestore { match /databases/{database}/documents { match /tournaments/{tournament=**} { allow update, delete: if request.auth.uid ==


I am trying to retrieve the value of the selected item from a dropdown list at CreateView using Ajax call. For example, when an item has been selected from the dropdown menu, I want all of the related


i created a Trigger on Update wich should insert in my table preishist. //preishist CREATE TABLE preishist ( updatenr varchar(4), preis numeric(8,2), pnr varchar(4), gueltigab date, PRIMARY


How to deploy a Debian package from a Jenkins to the Artifactory Debian repo? I used a command in the Jenkins Freestyle job: curl -uUSER:PASS -XPUT "https://ARTIFACTORY_URL/REPO/pool/package.deb;deb.


I am trying to make a suggestion in a textbox based on the input. I am trying to input a number (50 for example) and make the textbox suggest what I am trying to type. I have the following data


I'm, trying the following regex on regex101.com t(?=s) on tsipras, streets and it match just the first "t" in tsipras. It's cool but pretty unuseful it stops after the first match. How to make it


I'd like to implement a quicksort algorthmus for a 2D array with multithreading. Its working very fast in Single thread, but now i Tried to speed it up. This is my code to sort every part of the 2d


i read rails doc found exclusion and inclusion method this description 2.4 exclusion This helper validates that the attributes' values are not included in a given set. In fact, this set can be any


I have created a gcheckcomboboxwith the items to be displayes in printable: object <- gcheckboxgroup(printable, container=win,use.table=TRUE) and I want to delete the values selected by the user

如何在MVC5 Web应用中使用类库

How to use class library in MVC5 web application, and Creating object for class library inside the controller and accessing the methods i am a beginer so make it simple ,thanks

Table视图单元格应该从iOS SWIFT中的URL随机显示图像

In a tableview every cell displays an image,and every third cell should display set of images Images should display randomly after certain time interval. Image data we get from webservice(Url), Thanks