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i have syntax error but The more I look at the program and the code, I can not find its syntax problems. If anyone knows where the problem is, please help me. here is my code Class Circle: def

I’m using choropleth to show geographical locations of places. For instance I can do either USA, or country maps. But I want to write a code where I can specify a specific. Country such as Argentina,

There are quite some questions asked already regarding this issue, but none of the answers resolved mine. I wrote following batch script: powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file "./myps.ps1"

I try to append my form with multiples file from drag and drop action. I would like to submit form to the same php file. When the form is send, $_Post and $_files variables with appends are always

I had migrated my website from Joomla to WordPress with "FG Joomla to WordPress premium" the problem is that I have more than 2900 posts in my website they all are now imported in WordPress version

I want to show an element on mouse hover when you hover on another element. I tried looking for examples online, but there was no example for animations. What i know is that iv'e to use set to make

I'm building a flight search chat bot using, chatfuel, flowxo and google sheets. when I ran the chat for the first time, it worked perfectly but when i ran it again it only displayed the search

I've seen questions about the LWJGL window flickering during rendering, but I'm talking about the full screen flickering here, not just the window. The flickers are ~1.5 seconds long of the normal

So I have a pointer used as a string, and I want to move part of it a step backwards and put one of the letters that are in the middle at it’s ending for example: a,b,c,d,e I want to make it as

I use VS2017, Framework 4.6.2, .Net Standard 2.0.3 (Mobile), Android Emulator 27.3.9 and SDK Tools 26.1.1. I tried several approaches, some even answered here through the site, but none of them

I have string: $string = "<td width='100px' valign='top'>tucson</td> <a href='nickname.php?iddb=363656&server=2'>Walter_Shulz</a></td> <td width='100px' valign='

I looking for a good way to code this: MyCloudDTO saveInCloud(MyCloudDTO dto) { //sync http call :-( return cloudService.save(dto); } MyData saveInDb(MyData data) { //database call

I have developed Angular Application, in which first screen is Login where i am using oauth authentication and getting token from server, after successful authentication i am saving token in local

I have below code. what I am trying to do is apply the CSS class from code behind c# with javascript only without using runat server attribute. in the code behind, I am using below script. but it is

How to get "product_id" values in product array with x items {} to use them in my controller?(PHP) form: { id: null, sale_number: 2, client: null, products: [ { product_id:1,

int main() { sem_t * sem; sem = sem_open("share", O_CREAT, 0 ,1); sem_unlink("share"); int i; if (fork()) { for (i=0;i<10;i++) { sem_wait(sem);

Is there anyway to know how many children a named slot contains? In my Stencil component I have something like this in my render function: <div class="content"> <slot name="content">&

MongoDB allows the indexing of subdocument arrays, as explained here: Index Arrays with Embedded Documents Is this information still valid when the subdocument array only exists in a projection of

The interface appearance on tvOS can be either dark or light, described by UITraitCollection’s userInterfaceStyle property. So I’d like to include two versions of an image asset — a dark one, and a

I had the following questions: a. What is webdriver.io? b. Why do we use it? (What was there before this) c. How does Cucumber/Ghrekin tie is with this? (And can't Cucumber/Ghrekin run on its own

Is any math can sort out date from time-milli? (eg:1544901911) It is possible to get time by a initial modulus of 86400 and dividing 3600 (hour) and modulus by 3600 and dividing by 60 (minute) of

using the pytumblr client i get this type of output { "total_blogs": 2, "blogs": [ { "name": "testblog", "title": "testblog", "description": "A testblog", "url": "https://testblog.

I want know if there is a function in MySQLi that will let me to look for a words that contain a single quote. An example is better than hundren explaination, here is it: -> First I receive a word

I have a map of one layer displaying countries. It is hosted on geoserver and the layer is stored in my postgis database. I need to be able to allow an user to add other countries on the map for

Question 1: The file phone.txt stores the lines in the format code:number import pandas as pd import sqlite3 con = sqlite3.connect('database.db') data = pd.read_csv('phone.txt', sep='\t', header=

Having trouble getting concatMap to make the first query for a user id and then use the id for a second query. This is how how the docs explain its usage but examples demonstrating this working don'

I am plotting a heatmap from a pandas dataframe using seaborn , the heatmap comes up fine but it shows no x=y= values on the screen. Seaborn plot, note blank x=y= values in the lower right corner is

If I am receiving SMS messages through Twilio, is it reasonable to assume that I can authenticate the user solely through the phone number used to send it? Does Twilio perform any sort of spoofing

In an online course I'm taking, I am given the task of experimenting to determine the amount of instructions per second that the Raspberry Pi executes by blinking an LED with the code below. In my

Hey I am having a problem during connecting two Gui together as when button pressed i want the tkinter to open another gui from another file. File one contains the frontend dashboard and when you

I'm writing some code to automatically download files from a website given a set of links. I'm able to make an array of links by passing in the site, but the following code isn't working: public

Does anyone knows an open source alternative for GermaNet (a German version of WordNet)? I need to use said data set to evaluate the suggestion of synonyms in word embedding models.

I have the following code but is not working with the an URL that contains a PDF file. Logs not showing any kind of errors. override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) { super.

I console logged an HTML tag and then I altered one of its property, but what is got logged is the along with altered property in the console how?

This code generates a new EditText each time the button is pressed final RelativeLayout layout = (RelativeLayout) findViewById(R.id.ataque); mas.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @

I have a user interface with: N.2 QGraphicsView N.3 QCheckBoxes as shown below: I am using QWheelEvent and the key CTRL to either zoom in-out inside QGraphicsView (left). This part works well.

Firstly, sorry for the poor statement of the problem. Here is the issue. Using a macro, I created multiple buttons and now there is a button in each cell along the last column of the used range.

I have a Django application setup in docker-compose. I'm currently writing the test for it and I needed some to be in selenium. I'm confused over how to approach it. Based off some reference I

I got the next 2 classes : @Entity @Table(name="questions") @Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceType.SINGLE_TABLE) @DiscriminatorColumn(name="is_sponsered") @SequenceGenerator(name="id_seq") public

What I'm trying to do is searching data within a certain radius in km. Does anyone know how to generate array of geohash for polygon(grid, circle or rectangle) in km from a certain geohash? using

I am working on a project that uses libraries included as subdirectories, however, one of them doesn't use CMake. Here's the directory structure: - src -- tinyxml2 -- ziplib -- [sources-here] How

I am trying to set up notification for my application where user can favorite a tv show and based off the air time, they will get a notification. I was doing some test run with setting it 5 minutes

I have a file that contains lines of string.I need data in 2D format so i am reading my file using following code: with open("User1.txt", "r") as file: Data=[line.split() for line in file] Data in

class Song(models.Model): song_id = models.AutoField(default=1,primary_key=True,editable=False) file = models.FileField(upload_to=only_filename,null=True,blank=True) name = models.CharField(max_length=

I have a react component which can accept children component and decide whether or not to render them. If it renders them, it also passes along a onClick handler to the children. render() {

I'm writing a code in Matlab with a simple windowing function in order to apply a simple overlap and add algorithm to my input signal. So far this is what I have written: [s_a,Fs] = audioread('a.

I am sending two json objects to my Flask app: routes.py: def init_api_routes(app): if app: app.add_url_rule('/census/acs/acs_definitions', 'page_acs_definitions', page_acs_definitions)

I want to invoke some receiver exactly on time, hence i am using alarm clock to set this using the following code. Everything works except on my screen and on top of the screen i see alarm icon and

I'm trying to show a Message box on button clicked for the Checked Checkboxes in Datagridview Here is my code: private void btnSave_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { for (int i = 0; i

In the below code I am using Selection.Find.Execute method next to else condition which is working fine and detecting commas in my selection and parsing my text accordingly. However, I would like to