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I am using angular formarray to to iterate through the data. Table has 4 columns I want when i select a drop down in 3rd column data respective to that should get populate in 4th column. This is

I have two models, one is just the base User model and the other is Profile model that is used to extend the User model and keep more details. Here's what the UserSerializer looks like: from django.

I was coding my AI project in java while I ran into this problem. I first generate the environment of some game using class "Pasture". Then the intelligent agent which is written in class "Shepherd"

I'm trying a online form in Angular7 which has many sections like personal details, work details etc. Here I want to load the section on click of that particular section if not already visited and

enter image description here I have addToCartButton in UICollectionViewCell . What I have to do is to grab the details of the product of the specific cell when the user tapped the button and list it

Hello everyone i have following table id shop_id start_time end_time 1 21 10:00 11:00 and i want to check whether start_time and end_time exist in table or

I have a really simple query I'm running on a large table (500k rows) to page results. Originally I was using this query, which is really fast: select * from deck order by deck.

List<Integer> lst = Stream.of(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) .collect(Collectors.toList()); StreamExecutionEnvironment env = StreamExecutionEnvironment.

hello everyone i need to know the name of this option How to show content when click on button on website and show another content when visit the link directly we have 2 website and 2 visitor let's

I am developing an Eclipse plugin which is required to read the contents of the editor every minute. So I want a button to start this process and one to stop it. Since I am new to plugin development I

I have a system in which I have multiple subscription plans like monthly,yearly.The thing is if I use stripe's checkout plan system it doesn't allow me to change the plan value(i.e unit cost) if I

This may be a weird question but how can I convert DATE and TIME into the supplied timezone "America/Chicago"? For example: $stmt = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM jobs WHERE job_date = $jobDate AND

I am currently writing a small emulator in C++ using Java as a GUI. In order to achieve this I am making JNI calls from my C++ code passing arrays of data to the GUI application. However due to the

I have a datagridview, it has two columns and I get it's values from my SQL-Server table (3 columns). Can it possible to remove duplicate rows without using a new button? Datagridview looks like that:

How do I de-select an option? For example, the following script is what I want to achieve: choice prompt "

I have written 2 codes, one is the live temperature sensor code and other is the TKinter GUI code. When I click the button in GUI the live temp graph starts and executes on a new window. But how do I

I have created a simple demo app at my local machine. It is running properly at local but when I am getting Error code: 128 Error when try to deploy it on AWS beanstalk. Can anyone please suggest?

I created an e-commerce app using react native and my app is hanging whenever using the device back button. I tried different ways to fix that issue but it still remains as same.

What is wrong with this result? my res.send(dbResult) is not giving me any data. It is empty. /* GET users listing. */ router.get('/', function(req, res, next) { async function getData(){ try{

I'm building a portfolio for websites I've built(for a school project) and I want my images to be vertical on screens smaller than 1100px but make them go next to each other on screens bigger than

i have xml app.config with this code <startup><supportedRuntime version="v4.0" sku=".NETFramework,Version=v4.5"/></startup><applicationSettings> <GlobalERP.UI.Properties.

Steps for a responsive design in Android Studio.

I am Working on video Processing Android Project As My School Project. I have Search on Google About Video Processing . And Found That most of the developers use GLSL file for manipulation video/image

Creating a new VM instance and trying to launch Jupyter notebook on GCP and running the following code in that I am facing the following error. Getting these error message

When attempting a competitive programming question small issue was there for me. code: #include<iostream> int main(){ int x = 5; x = x++; std::cout << x; return 0; }

Following macro get input (Ticker) and translate it into Countries Name. After getting input it go through all If conditions. how could I stop macro from going through all Ifs when condition met at

When Fragment A wants to send data to Fragment B, then Why data is passed over Bundle?

when i add title like e.g my's Birthday calender stop loading Here My script:- $('#calendar').fullCalendar({ header: { left: 'prev,next today',

Is there a better way to write a filter of multiple conditions which are similar in nature on a spark dataframe. Assuming df is a spark dataframe having timestamp columns t1,t2,t3,t4. val filteredDF=

I can connect, and send data from esp8266 to broker(MQTT-server). But in many example on Internet I have tried, all of this is use available server (like ws://broker.hivemq.com:8000/mqtt ), I need

I have implemented the chat functionality with Socket.JS, Node.JS and Angular 5. On input field I have added debounce delay, but the issue is on typing message the app slow down and even when we

I have no more knowledge of python. This is my ANN modal code in python. This code contains to predict customers situation in binary output. Which is customers leave or not. Code: import numpy as

Below is a code to show the issue. Label1 shows that I need to use pady to displace Label1 by 10 pixels. Label2 shows the default effect of ipady. Why does ipady not leave space above and below the

This is purely a theoretical/subjective question about vue and laravel. I need to prevent spamming on public forms/inputs using vue and laravel i.e the forms which are available publically before

I am trying to write tests to call a get route with an id and params. However, the params aren't being sent to the controller. This works in the browser but not in mini test. How can I send parameters

I'm unable to tranfer files larger than a few bytes to my EC2 ubuntu instance. I don't get any usefull error messages and I can't find anything related to this issue in the system logs. When I try to

I have been recently became user of weka. So I took some example data and tried to cluster it with Simple K-means which is provided there with default parameters. Then I wanted to bring this algorithm

I want to make a queryset in my forms.py for an object being specific to user and company. I have done this for normal forms but failed to do in the form which comes in the formset. I have used the

I've looked at so many similar questions on Stack overflow and other websites but I cant seem to figure out why my static files aren't loading. I have created my base template based on a tutorial

I am trying to create an item system in Unity3d. The system relies on saving items as both Prefabs and Scriptable Objects. Whenever I want to load data from a Item Scriptable Object, I have to

I know how to do this if the icon was using the traditional <i></i> tags, but instead I am using the fa icon as Unicode after the link. So my link CSS looks like this: #menu li a:after {

I'm working on a project in which I need to use a few DateTime fields, I have defined DatetimeField in my model and then in the template, I'm using the https://tempusdominus.github.io/bootstrap-4/

I am setting up Hosted Zones with Route 53 on AWS. My domain name is provided by a non-AWS provider. I updated the A-record for the record with the static IPv4 address provided by the domain name

Hello friends I want to develop inshots App type animation in react native so I take reference from this link Inshort UI. Below is my code effort constructor(props) { super(props); console.

It is stated, in this answer : That when you want to receive data from dji-mobile sdk, you set a callback function. Then : The OSDK will call a user-defined callback whenever data is received

I have three different character types of data under Rooms column. So I want to change to one kind. Because it's take effect on filter search. How can I change those columns data typo and make those

so isDog is clearly a function, I tested it with typeof but when I run the program I get a 'TypeError: undefined is not a function at Array.filter.' Am I thinking about this wrong? btw, I do know var

In FFMPEG sofftware, AVPicture is used to store image data using data pointer and linesizes. It means all subtitles are stored in the form of picture inside ffmpeg . Now I want to dump subtitles from

I like icons in my menus, so I have been using a SpannableString with an ImageSpan in my menu item titles. It works fine, but now I would like to tint the icons to reflect whether the menu item is

Hi everyone I have a problem about sentence filtration. Is there any simplest way to filter sentence aside from creating alot of conditions? Example: User1: Do you have any pets? User2: do you